Katy entered the locker room and started getting changed. She fished her leotards and leg-warmers out, and opened her locker to store her street clothes and bag. She saw a package sitting in her locker, and her first thought was panic; someone was in her locker?!

Nothing was missing, so she shrugged, she'd have to take everything home and bring in a new lock the next time she was here. She focused her attention on the package and wondered what was in it. She realized it wasn't a package so much as a bundle. She picked it up and it felt light, like there might not be anything inside it. She started to unwrap the package, and a note fell out:

"I hope you like these, and get a lot of use out of them. Have fun with them."

The note was not signed, and there was no indication of who wrote it. She shrugged, and continued to unwrap it and gasped when she saw what was in it; a pair of beautiful, vibrant red pointe shoes. She tossed the wrapping aside and held the shoes in her hands. They looked and felt new, and maybe a little heavy for what they were. She started thinking, she had the studio to herself, and considered breaking them in. If she was going to break them in, now would be the best time to do it, after all.

She sat down on the bench, put her practice shoes back in her bag, and slipped on the red ones. They felt terrific, exciting, and even sexy wearing this color shoe. Lacing them up, she stood up and headed out to the studio to start her practice and break the shoes in. She spent time doing basic warm-up exercises and stretches, before starting a few dance routines. Eventually working her way up to leaps and pirouettes, she noticed she was actually turned on. She was surprised at herself, she never got turned on by practice before. Maybe, she just needed a fuck, but whatever.

She decided to pack it in and go home, so she did her cooldown routine and went to take a shower. She noticed that her body was still tense, like it wanted to keep dancing, even as she wrapped up her cooldown. She walked, well, almost skipped, back into the locker room and started stripping out of her exercise clothes. She sat down and tried undoing the laces of her slippers.

They were stuck.

She looked at the shoes for a moment before trying again. They didn't seem overly tight, they felt pretty comfortable, nothing was stuck to her, but she couldn't get them off. Getting red-faced, she stripped out of the rest of clothes and headed for the shower; maybe that would loosen whatever was keeping them stuck on.

As soon as the water hit her, she almost came. Before she recovered, she did come, hard. Everything felt incredibly sensitive, the water running down her body felt like scores of fingers softly caressing her, and the water hitting her chest almost felt like something squeezing and playing with her breasts. After another orgasm or three, she got herself under control and managed to clean up.

She got out of the shower and dried off before sitting down to get her shoes off. When she touched the lace, she noticed that the shoes were already dry. She frowned and tried to take them off anyway. They were still stuck. She was starting to get nervous, wondering what the hell was up with these shoes. For the moment, she'd wait it out. She opened her locker and got dressed, hiding her slippers under her socks.

She left the studio and headed back to her dorm, knowing her slippers were concealed. As she walked back, she noticed that was turned on again, and looked at her shoes. Her sneaker were a billiant red, almost a pink, her socks were a dark, dark red. She swore, and walked a little faster back to her dorm.

When she got inside the building, she realized she was fighting the urge to skip In the elevator, she took first position without even realizing it, until the elevator bumped. She got to her room, leaped onto the bed and tore at her sneakers and socks. She was relieved when they came off, and surprised; the slippers were gone. She flexed her toes, finally free of them, and went to pick up her socks and shoes. When she walked over to them, she saw the red drain out of them. She gasped, and looked at her feet.

The toe shoes were back. She swore again and got ready for bed. Changing into PJs, she climbed into bed, and tried to get some sleep; her roommate was a quit bookworm on a studying binge. Waking up in the morning, she killed her clock, got her stuff and headed to the shower. She didn't even remember about the slippers until she dried herself off. She blushed this time, but it was too early for anyone else to be up. She put her pjs back on and snuck back to her room. Her roommate was up and sitting on her bed when Katy walked in.

"Nice shoes," Ashley snickered.

Katy sighed. "I'm stuck."

Ashley laughed, "Stuck? What do you mean, stuck?

"These shoes are magic or something, they won't come off."


"Here, watch." Katy grabbed a pair of Ashley's shoes and put them off.

"Hey, what are you do-" Katy took and Ashley's basic white sneakers turned that deep red.

"...Hunh?" Ashley stared, in shock.

Katy stepped out of them. "Now watch" She took a few steps back, and the color was gone, but Katy was wearing the point shoes.

"Wow, awesome."

"Not when you're stuck in them," Katy muttered.

"Ok, ok" Ashley laughed, "Let me try, then."

Katy fidgeted a bit, and then nodded "Ok", and sat down Ashley's bed, with her feet pointed to Ashley.

Ashley leaned forward a bit and to unlace Katy's shoes. Katy gasped when Ashley touched her, the feeling was an electric, almost erotic tickle.

"Hey, hold still."

Katy felt herself get flushed as Ashley continued trying to get the shoes off. After a few minutes, Katy got wet, and tried to pull off, "Hey, maybe we can try again, uh, later?" Ashley looked up and started rubbing Katy's feet.

"No, I got it."

Katy stifled a moan and started squirming. "I can't, uh..."

Ashley groaned quietly and kept rubbing.

"Wha-what are you doing?" stammered Katy. All she got back in response was "Shh".

"Ashley, I- oooh" Katy melted under Ashley's aggressive touch, and moaned. She could feel herself reaching her limit from, of all things, a footrub. A few seconds more, and she cracked that limit and exploded. When she recovered her senses, she saw Ashley on her back, spent too.

Ashley grinned, "I don't know how that happened, but I liked it." Katy just looked at her. "Oh come on, you got off better than I did."

Katy continued to stare. "Why did you do that?"

Ashley looked down. "I-I dunno, I just did. I couldn't not do it."

Katy glared at the shoes. "I have to get to class."

She got dressed, put on a pair of pumps, grabbed her stuff and had her hand on the door when Ashley spoke, "Um, I wanna try getting those shoes off again later, ok?"

"We'll see," Katy sighed. She headed out in her newly-red pumps and went to class. Katy walked across campus, painfully aware of her shoes, every step turning her on, and the red catching more than a few eyes on the way. Approaching the building, she could hear some music. The sound seemed to burrow into her hips and they started twitching with the music. Katy's eyes widened, and she hurried inside, shutting the door with a little twirl.

The music gone, she tried to calm herself down.  Even that little twitch had really excited her, and she couldn't stop it. Her shoes felt a little warm, and her feet felt really sensitive. She took another deep breath and stretched. When she realized she was putting herself on display, she blushed almost red enough to match her shoes.

With that realization, she fled to class. It passed uneventfully, and she timidly stepped out of the room when it wrapped up. At least, she felt timid, though she couldn't manage to stop her confident stride.

“Hey!” A voice from behind her her called out. She turned and saw one of her classmates, a good-looking guy.

“Um, hey.” She responded.

He fidgeted. “Well, I, uh, just wanted to say, uh, I think your shoes are kinda cute.”

She was taken back a bit, but at the same time she felt, oddly, that this was expected. “Uh, thanks.” She tilted one heel back and started swinging her toe back and forth.

He swallowed and offered his hand, “I'm Jared.”

She took it. “Katy, with a Y.”

He glanced down when they shook hands and saw her shoe waving, he seemed to get absorbed by it. Her foot felt warm as she watched him for a minute or two and an idea popped into her head. “Say hi to me next time you seem me.”

She got a weak “Ok” in response, and forced her foot down. She cleared her throat and he jumped. “Sorry, I must've spaced out for a second.”

She smiled. “It's ok, I guess I'll see you around?”

“Sure, sure.”

They parted ways and, for a little while, she didn't even try to stop her strut back to the dorm. She was worried about being out with these shoes, they kept doing unexpected things. Outside of the strut, which she eventually made a half-hearted attempt to modify, nothing really happened on the way back.

She got back to her dorm and closed the door, kicking off her heels and and flopping down on her bed. Before she landed, those pointe shoes were back on, and she wondered how long this was going to go on. How was she supposed to know the damn shoes were cursed when she put them on, anyway?

Ashley walked in and Katy caught her eyeing her feet. Katy sighed and wiggled her toes, frustrated.

Ashley spoke up, “Hey, you wanna try getting off, er, them off again?”

Katy rolled her eyes and said “Sure.” It was worth trying, anyway.

Ashley sat on the bed and reached for Katy's feet, Katy pulled back. “Hang on, I got an idea.”

“Um, what?”

“Just hang on a sec”

Katy hopped off the bed and grabbed a pair of shoes, they happened to be open-toed miles, and slipped them on. After a few steps, they went from brown to red and her toenails were a deep red too.

“Hey, that's kinda cute.” Katy said, looking at her toes, “Anyway, here,” She sat on the bed and kicked the mules off. “Try them on.”

Ashley looked wide-eyed. “I, um, I don't want to get stuck too!”

“Oh come on, pleeeeease?” Katy dragged her ruby toes over Ashley's denim-covered leg as she dragged out that “please”.

Ashley managed to stammer out an “OK” before unlacing her sneakers, pulling her socks off and trying the mules on. “They, uh, feel nice?” Ashley looked at Katy with confusion as she dangled her feet over the side of the bed.

Katy was looking at the dangling mules, however. “Stand up.”

“I- Hey!” Ashley leaped off the bed and stood in front of Katy. “Ok, this isn't funny Katy.”

“Well, you can take them off, right? Back up and let me see.”

Ashley took a few steps back, staring at her feet. Once she stopped, she slid each foot out of it's shoe. “I- I think I can take them off, yeah.”

“So why don't you?”

Ashley blushed. “You didn't tell me too.”

Katy grinned, “Good.” She wriggled her toes in excitement, and noticed Ashley's wriggling too. Focusing on Ashley's toes, she imagined them stretching, and they did. Katy grinned a little more when Ashley looked down.


Katy played with Ashley's toes for a few minutes, slowly working her way up Ashley's legs and hips. Ashley just stared in shock as her legs and hips slowly began rolling and dancing apparently on their own. After a few minutes, Ashley looked up at Katy,

“Come on, knock it off!”

Katy grinned, but Ashley's legs stopped dancing. Katy nodded, “Put your hands on your chest.”

Ashley again went wide-eyed, but her hands stayed at her sides. “So I can still strangle you for this, right?” She glared at Katy.

“Maybe, but you'll have to reach me.” Katy giggled. “But we'll see. Take those off.”

Ashley stepped out of the shoes and flexed her toes. “Hey, my toenails are still red.” She took a few steps back, and simple ballet slippers appeared on her feet. “No! No, I don't wanna be stuck!”

Katy looked at the slippers for a moment. “Come here and gimme your foot.”

Ashley's legs walked over to the bed and put up one foot. “I can't stop it either way.” Ashley muttered.

Katy took Ashley's foot in her hand and ran her fingers over the slipper. Ashley moaned and almost lost her balance. Katy slipped a finger inside the slipper, slowly pulling it off. Whispering “Don't fall,” she removed Ashley's slipper and let it drop to the floor. Katy leaned in and kissed Ashley's exposed foot before ordering her to switch feet. Ashley nodded, and did so slowly. Katy smiled and stroked Ashley's slippered sole. Ashley giggled, but instead of pulling back, her shoe slipped forward into Katy's crotch.

Now Katy moaned, and ground against Ashley's foot, which rubbed back, Both girls moaned now, and the toe of Ashley's slipper stroked Katy through her pants. Something about that feeling was enough, and Katy came. Pulling herself together, and Ashley's foot off of her, she slipped Ashley's remaining slipper off. Free of the control, Ashley fell forward onto the bed and sighed. “Wow, I love your shoes.”

Katy grinned. “Yeah, maybe these things don't suck after all.”

Ashley shuffled her bare feet. “Could you, uh, gimme a pair before I have to go to class? Please?”

Katy laughed, and stuck her feet back in the mules, got up and walked a few steps to make them red again. She sat back on the bed and kicked them off gently towards Ashley. “Here.”

Ashley looked a little helpless. “Those, um, don't match my outfit.”

Katy started changing out of her outfit into something cleaner. “Well, fix it.” Pulling a knee-length skirt on over some newly-red stockings, she grabbed Ashley's sneakers. “Because those are the shoes I'm giving you.” She put the sneakers on and tied the laces. “I'm off. Bye!” Ashley was left standing there, trying to figure out how badly she wanted to wear them.

Heading to her next class, Katy was stopped by a tap on the shoulder. When she turned around, she saw it was Jared.

“Hi. I have to get to class, but I saw you and wanted to say hi.”

She grinned again. “Hey, thanks. See you later.”

Jared started jogging off to a different building, and Katy went to her next class. Afterward, she decided to stop for a snack at one of the vendors scattered around campus. On a whim, she looked into the crowds of student, and almost immediately spotted “her” mules. It took her a moment to recognize the girl wearing them, since the short skirt and tight sweater were so unlike Ashley it didn't immediately register.

Katy focused for a second and smiled as Ashley sashayed over with a look of panic before spotting Katy.

“Oh, hey Katy, uh, I need to get back.” She stammered, her face red.

“Where'd you get that outfit?”

“Oh, uh, I've had it for awhile, I just, er, never planned on wearing it, but these, um, heels kinda demanded it. Brown mules I could pull off with a lot of other stuff...”

Katy giggled when Ashley blushed deeper. “You look hot, Ashley, don't hide it.”

Ashley's eyes widened a little as her legs stood her straighter.

“Gotta get back, Ashley? You need to hurry!” Katy teased, and sent Ashley sauntering off. But then she was struck with an idea, and Ashley whirled around and came back,

“Katy, come on! Lemme go home.”

“In a sec.” Katy bent down and unlaced her sneakers.

“What're you doing?” Ashley asked, but then her own feet kicked her mules off. “Hey!”

“Sorry, I'm taking your shoes, you can have your sneakers back.”

“I-I guess.” Ashley slipped the sneakers on as Katy stepped into the miles.

“Ok, get going.” Ashley took off in a light jog and Katy headed towards Jared's building. She managed to spot Jared a good bit away. Trying to get his attention, she waved, but she had to chase him a bit before he noticed. Once he saw her, he smiled and walked over to meet her.

“Hey, you looking for me?”

She smiled back, “Maybe. Are you free?”

“For the rest of the day, pretty much. Why, what's up?”

She ground a toe shyly, and leaned back. Taking a cue from her body language, he looked down. As soon as he saw her toes pressing down and swinging the heel back and forth, he zoned out again. She kept it up for a few moments before whispering, “Why don't you come and spend the day with me?”

The response she got was a slow “I dunno.”

“That's right, you don't know, so just let me decide, ok?”

He nodded. “Ok.”

She grinned, “Good, now wake up and follow me.”

He stared at her toes for a little longer before blinking and looking up, “Sorry, I keep spacing on you, don't I?”

She took his arm and began to lead him, “It's ok.”

Together, they walked back to her dorm. Ashley was already there, still in her skirt and sneakers.

“Um, hi Katy.”

“Hey Ashley, I brought a friend, his name is Jared.”

He looked at Ashley and they both blushed. Ashley looked away and swung her feet, which caught Jared's eye.

Katy grinned, “Don't be so shy, Ashley, you look cute. You think so, right Jared?”

“Um, well, yeah.” He stammered.

Ashley turned almost as red as her sneakers, while Katy kept that catlike grin. “Hey Ashley, do you want the mules back?”

Ashley looked at the shoes, and swallowed when Katy teasingly wiggled her toes.

“Um, sure.”

Katy sat on the bed. “Well, will you guys take them off for me?” She struck a cute, helpless pose, and Ashley and Jared walked over and each took a foot. As Jared slipped the shoe off, he slowly stroked her sole. Katy giggled and jerked a tiny bit.

“Hey, watch it.”

Ashley took the other shoe, and kissed the top of Katy's foot, which made her moan and squirm a little. While Ashley changed shoes, Jared started rubbing Katy's foot. Once Ashley was back in the mules, she knelt and started rubbing Katy's other foot too. Katy leaned back and groaned softly. After a few minutes, Jared kissed the top of her foot, and slowly worked his way up her leg. Katy started writhing a little as Jared reached her thigh.

Ashley took both feet as Jared moved to the side and started sliding Katy's skirt down. As he pulled, he let his fingers brush her legs. When the skirt reached Katy's knees, Ashley moved out of the way. As Jared slowly worked back up Katy, he continued dragging his fingers across her legs. Katy writhed and moaned, jerking when he hit her ticklish spots.

When he reached the hem of her shirt, he slid his hands underneath and pushed it up with his wrists. Katy giggled as his hands ran over her stomach and breasts. As he kept climbing, she raised her arms above her head. When the shirt covered her head, Jared hovered right above her face. He lifted the shirt just enough to expose her lips and leaned in and kissed her. Katy pressed herself into the kiss as she felt it. He pulled the shirt up to her wrists, and broke the kiss and grinned.

He traced his fingers down her exposed sides, and when he reached her panties, he hooked a finger inside the waistband and slid them down. With Katy naked and exposed, Jared sat up and began working on his pants. She sat up, tossed the shirt away, and grabbed him. He froze as she pulled him into a kiss. Her hand darted down, unbuttoning his pants and slipping inside. She started stroking him as she pushed his pants down with her elbows.

They stood without breaking the kiss, and his pants fell. He let himself fall back onto the bed, and pulled Ashley with him.

After, they laid next to each other and just cuddled. Ashley had slipped out at some point. Jared eventually noticed the time and muttered something about needing to go home for the night. Katy laughed and stretched.

“Ok, get going, but say hi next time you see me.”

After he left, Katy laid in bed checking out her red toenails, smiling blissfully. “I love these new shoes.”