It's been nearly TEN YEARS since I started adultcollapsingfiction on blogspot while I was living in a rented room in South Carolina, eking by as a hotel night auditor over a sleepy winter. came sometime in mid-2008, when I started buying domains and hosting my own sites.

I've had plenty of encouragement and inspiration from other artists and authors since we started, but I've only started taking Paypal donations and Patreon subscriptions in the last couple of years. I was buried in deskwork until I worked out an arrangement that let me drop my day job--at least for a few months--while taking freelance work and GETTING BACK TO MY WRITING and DRAWING.

Only through your support has this been possible. Even my wife was encouraging me to make some changes to my schedule when she saw us pass a handful of subscribers after just a few months. It was her that really pointed out that you guys were waiting to support me--if only I would get back to the writing.

I wanna give you all a heartfelt and humble thanks. Whether you're a reader in the shadows or a someone I've been talking to for a dozen years, you guys have helped me break that confidence block. I've come to the conclusion that joy and storytelling are pretty much what I've got to offer to the world. Y'all helped me get the message a little clearer.

There are more than a few folks worth mentioning here, but 

This place wouldn't be as it is without them.

Misterdoe - for being a long-term inspiration to the genre I play around in, and for the years of many encouraging words and sharp notes.

Cor - for writing things that broke reality for me at a critical stage in my creative development.

McK - for being my first real "writer's room" companion and a wellspring of brainstorming fun.

Darkside - for being an dick of an editor on my good days and the pragmatic guy on my bad days.




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