ZeroConfidence's OC, transformed into a naga.

Moleskine 2-58 Pussy Willow

Oct 2013.

Magic Boots (37)

Likely posted on Y!Groups, but I'm unsure when.

Possessed Gloves

Published on Tumblr no later than 2010.

Moleskine 1-76 Restrained

March 2012. Working with depth.

Mistress Nyxe 7

Melissa laid on what appeared to be an endless plain of black satin, stretching all directions to infinity. The satin glowed under an ominous purple sky as its surface seemed to flow like rippling lake water. The ground was pillow-soft, like laying on a mattress. Melissa sat up and realized she couldn't see a distinguishing feature in any direction. Wherever she was, it appeared to go on forever. Warm, sweet air moved over her like a July breeze at dawn. This place was comfortable for now, but what if she got thirsty?

Dark Mistress 9 - Ambush

She felt the boots beginning to loosen on her calves. “Do it, Tiffany,” They comanded. “Stop them now!” Tiffany couldn't focus. She'd never had to fight these things before. The last time it happened, she wasn't even really aware of what was going on.

Household Magic 9

Erin had no idea what Susan had gotten into, but it wasn’t entirely clear that she was acting under her own power. She might not have noticed at all if she hadn't been a recent student of the mana stream, but between the shift in Susan's attitude and the amount of power being demonstrated, she had to be cautious.