Lilith 7

Elise sat on her bed, letting the black satin gloves caress her. They played over her chest as she reciprocated, running her fingers gently along Sunny’s shirt. Playing with her friend’s clothes didn’t bother her in any way--Sunny was a party girl, and the two of them had a little bit of debauched fun in the past.

Being a good catholic girl, Elise’s employment and occasional nightlife contrasted heavily--but they were two worlds she didn’t really have a problem reconciling. Sundays were for family, for visiting parents and thanking the lord for what she had--and the other days...well, she had stage presence people liked, and talents with certain men that would happily pay to be pushed around. She stayed discreet about it and never had an issue.

She and Sunny had done the go-go dancer thing more than a couple times at a couple of the more alt-flavored clubs, playing up to the crowd and sometimes making a mean night of tips. Sunny had a nice body, and just like her clothes here, she knew how to dance. Elise would eventually give her mamasita grandbabies and do all the other things that a good catholic girl would do--but for now, she had no issues playing.

That went double when her partner was a magically-empowered set of empty clothes that wouldn’t second-guess her motivations or question her commands. That they happened to be Sunny’s...well, that just meant she was in happy familiar territory. It wasn’t as if they were going to go back and tell Sunny all the naughty, naughty things Elise was planning on doing with them...though the gloves might need a wash.

“Quitame la camisa,” Elise told the gloves. They obeyed, grabbing the hem of her tee and pulling up gently on it. Elise lifted her arms, sighing as the gloves pulled the shirt over her heaving breasts, bulging out of a push up bra that accentuated them even more. “Tocame cariño.” Elise put her hands down to her sides, propping herself up on the bed as one glove went to work on her bra, grabbing a handful of tit and making her sigh. The other began pulling at her pants without her saying a word--following the will of her expectation as she mentally accelerated the process.

“Ponte detrás de mí,” Elise said, pointing at Sunny’s shirt. “So I don’t have to sit up. Lemme use those boobs like pillows.” Sunny’s shirt obeyed her, drifting away from the pantyhose to settle behind Elise, pushing their tits behind her neck. Elise laughed, leaning back into them and reaching her hands up behind her head to squeeze them together.

“Sunny would be jealous of your size, sabias?” Elise stared at the front close clasp on her bra, and one of the satin gloves reached down and unclipped it. Elise’s breasts spilled out of the cups, and she drew breath as the satin glove reached underneath, lifting one of her tits before it caressed the flesh, playing over her nipple.

Elise moaned, shifting her body and lifting her hips off the bed as the other glove pulled down her stretch pants. They peeled off her toned bronze legs, leaving her in nothing but a pair of panties once the glove inverted them down over her ankles and tossed them aside.

When it came back, it caressed Elise's face. She let it happen, then she grabbed on to the wrist of the glove, pulling it back and looking at it. She ran her fingers up the black satin forearm, watching the fingers curl as she teased along the fabric.

“That’s so real…” Elise said. But then--she asked it to be. She expected it to be. She took a deep breath, looking down at her panties and wondering how much the satiny gloss of these gloves would be affected if she had to wash them before giving them back to Sunny.

“She can’t really blame me for being curious,” Elise said, nodding at the glove she was holding. “Juega conmigo,” She said to it, kissing the fingertips as its mate continued massaging her breasts. “Con mi panocha…”

The glove drifted down to her panties, hooking a finger inside them and playing along her waist. She gasped as they grabbed the waistband and pulled up on them, showing off the shape of her pussy behind their fabric.

“Mm-hmm…” She coaxed them, asking for more. She thrust against the motion of her panties, and the gloves happily peeled them off of her, freeing her hips of them as Elise wiggled her lower half. She looked at the pantyhose, patiently waiting for a command as she played with the gloves and reclined on Sunny’s hyperinflated shirt.

As one glove discarded her panties, the other teased at her clit, barely touching it. She let out a little moan, her sex pulsating at the thought of Sunny’s leviation trick from earlier. It was a shame that Sunny’s boots wouldn’t fit her--but she wondered how strong the pantyhose might be on their own…

* * *

“I’ve been good,” Cassie beamed as Sunny sat in a comfy chair. “You know, aside from the school thing--which was really my fault--I’ve been...really, really good, actually.”

Sunny smiled. “That’s good. It’s really good to see you again.” Sunny couldn’t help but wonder if Cassie knew about the necklace. It was starting to invade her mind lately--especially in the last hour or so. Maybe it was because she let Elise borrow practically all the enchanted clothes she had on her. But there was something else...something titillating feeling that she couldn’t quite--

“Did you come from a concert or something?” Cassie asked, looking at Sunny’s flashy outfit. Pleather pants, super-shiny black patent shoes, and a black corset top trimmed with pink lace. Even for Sunny it was a little loud for a casual outfit.

“Long story,” Sunny said, smoothing her pants. “So how’s your sister been?” Cassie shrugged.

“You know, she’s been...pretty cool lately,” Cassie said. “Under the circumstances.”

Sunny nodded. Circumstances like a magical necklace that lets you move things with your mind? “You mean the school thing,” Sunny said aloud.

“Y-yeah,” Cassie said. “She was actually a little easier on me than I expected.” Cassie stood up. “You want a soda or something?” Sunny nodded.

“Sure, whatever you got,” She said, pulling out her phone as it buzzed.

As Cassie headed to the kitchen, she jumped a little at the threshold as she heard the fridge pop shut. Two colas were hovering toward her, and she gasped and headed toward them, grabbing them out of the air before they could reach Sunny’s line of sight.

“Everything okay in there?” Sunny asked, hearing Cassie’s reaction and looking up from her screen.

“Uh, yeah--yeah. I just left the milk on the counter, earlier” Cassie lied. She carried the sodas with her as she walked toward the fridge. Did she really just cause that to happen--without the necklace? She’d manipulated the fridge before--but she hadn’t exactly animated every soda. She looked around at the kitchen at something she could test, something she was sure she hadn't messed with when she had worn the necklace before.

The silverware drawer slid open, and a spoon rose out of it. Cassie's jaw hung open as she watched it bend in midair. Cliche, yes, but effective in telling her what she needed to know. A fork and knife danced out of the drawer now. She could use the power without the necklace now! Was this what Alison was trying to warn her about? Was it why she was so elusive about explaining the effects of…doing what she did?

Not wanting to linger too long, Cassie came back out to the living room with the drinks, consciously trying to avoid any physical intentions that would give her away. When she handed off Sunny’s drink, she noticed that she looked flushed--her cheeks glowing a bit.

“You okay?” Cassie asked her. Sunny nodded, smiling as she cracked open the soda and slugged down about half. 

“Uh-huh--just a little hot,” Sunny said. She wasn’t talking about the temperature. She had no way of knowing it right now, but every naughty exploratory step Elise took with Sunny’s enchanted gloves sent back a faint psychic impulse. Sunny was literally feeling the effect, though she didn’t know why. It did have another effect on her, though. All she could think about was the necklace, but she didn’t want to ask about it if Claire’s little sister didn’t already know.

And then it happened. While the girls were upstairs talking, Cassie’s vibrator hit the drawer with enough force to open it. A pair of panties danced out behind them, apparently charged by the same enchanted sexual fluid that affected her toy. Her bedspread was already ahead of both items, fluttering like a fabric jellyfish and drifting up the stairs toward the two voices in the living room. 

* * *

Elise gasped, looking down at the room around her. “Unngh…’Toy volando!” she said, kicking her feet a little. The pantyhose didn’t seem to be straining themselves to keep her afloat. It was as if every part of the nylon was gripping her--the entire surface area of the hose was distributing her weight--not binding or pinching anywhere like she’d feel if the waistband was simply pulling up on her.

She could actually feel the scalloped patterns and soft nylon squirming over her. It was almost as if ghostly fingers were tracing up her calves and over her thighs. She floated through the air, getting accustomed to willing herself up and down when she beckoned the gloves to return.

“Let’s finish what we started,” Elise growled. She arched her back as one of the gloves touched against her clit again--this time right through the pantyhose. The satiny finger traced back and forth, and she propelled herself upward in response, bracing her arms against the ceiling as she made her body bounce up and down. The other glove grabbed her ass, and Elise squealed. 

“Go for it,” she cried, making the glove spank her harder as the other slid a fingertip south of her clit, rubbing her labia through the pantyhose as the top of its palm rested against her now-erect clitoris. She was wet now--there was no denying it. Magical masturbation beat the hell out of the mundane kind by a longshot, and now she was really curious about using abilities like this on an unsuspecting partner...of either sex. “Oh fuck--take me--take me like a slut!” She shouted to the enchantments, her body bouncing and rocking with the motion of the magical pantyhose.

The moment she asked everything to go wild on her, the gusset of the pantyhose was soaked by her honey. Now her sexual contact with the enchanted garment was generating an alchemy she wouldn’t begin to understand until after playtime--when she’d try to control them once more. When the satin glove playing with her pussy pressed against the damp nylon, its ministrations became more insistent, and Elise began sailing back toward the nearest wall.

Her body crashed against it hard enough for her to feel the force, but she took it as part of her own intention for them to lose control. She was ecstatic by the idea of her magical friends dialing up the intensity of this impossible self-play. The glove that had been spanking her was displaced by her move against the wall, and now she dropped down from the ceiling just low enough so that she could no longer reach it--but she also wasn’t touching the floor.

The satin glove at her mound plunged a slicked finger into her through the nylon, soaking itself. The other pulled at the waistband of her hose, reaching down inside the nylons and plunging thier middle finger between her lips. The hose curled Elise’s legs, folding them up against her as she was rocked up and down--bounced against the wall by an invisible force.

“You’re so fucking dirty!” Elise shouted, thrusting her hips against the pantyhose. The satin glove retreated from the waistband of the pantyhose, and now both gloves went straight for Elise’s chest as the crotch of the pantyhose started inverting itself and expanding into her.

The soft nylon pantyhose were fucking her. Elise just placed her palms flat against the wall, letting the enchantments carry her weight, drilling and manhandling her as her pulse quickened.

Magic clothes. Magic gear. Magic anything. Magic that would bend reality to her will--that could put her in control of anyone. She could become the ultimate dominatrix. Wherever Sunny was, she knew who had the necklace...and Elise needed it. As she bucked against the air, licking her lips, she mentally commanded the rest of Sunny’s enchanted outfit to stand in front of her.

The plaid skirt sauntered over, fluttering above Sunny’s boots. Her exaggerated shirt yawned over her filled-out bra and tucked itself in, retaining its ridiculous proportions. 

"Quiero que me traigas ese collar,” Elise said, panting as her lips curled into a smile. “Con cuidado. Sin que nadie lo note." Sunny’s shirt dipped toward her, and Elise could see right down inside the collar of the tee as the skirt hems rose, flaring on their sides in a mimic of a curtzy. “Mmmm...buenas chicas,” Elise hummed, pushing her hips away from the wall as the pantyhose answered back--burying their gusset deeper into her. She told them to get her the necklace--carefully. Without anyone knowing.

Experiencing what she was doing right now made her believe they could do it.

There was an energy--a power tied to this sexual act that made the magic stronger. Elise could feel it. She tried to use it to code her intentions deeper--imagining herself with the necklace. Imagining a room full of gorgeous thralls--men and women--made to obey her with collars, cuffs, bindings and clothing that controlled their very bodies.

“Now ven aqui and come play with momma,” Elise purred to the outfit in front of her.

* * *

“Um...Cass?” Sunny pointed to the bedspread hovering through the hall. “What is that?” It looked like Sunny had her answer. There was a blanket suspended off of the ground, floating around from a point in the center--as if someone was under it and pretending to be a ghost with a violet bedspread instead of a sheet. Clearly the necklace’s work. Cassie turned and gasped. She was blown already. 

“Oh, fuck!” Cassie tried to quietly tell the thing to drop on the floor, but it didn’t. She tried a subtle hand-signal next, gritting her teeth and waving her palm toward the floor, but the bedspread continued hovering toward them. “Damn it--stop!” Cassie shouted.

“Is” Sunny and Cassie were both trying to out-feign each other’s knowledge of the necklace, but this hovering blanket had made that a little more difficult. “Ooh..” Sunny whispered, moving a hand to the crotch of her pleather pants, feeling something binding against her. Apparently Cassie was too worried about the bedspread to notice.

“It’s, uh--” Cassie went right for the bedspread, fearlessly pulling on it. “Why won’t you just...dr--heyyy!” The bedspread lifted into the air when Cassie grabbed onto it tightly, and she let it go before it could pull her into the air along with it.

“The...necklace, right?” Sunny finally said, staring at something else entering the room. ”You used the necklace.”

“You know about it?” Cassie asked as the bedspread dropped back down, curling around behind her. Sunny nodded, giggling a little now.

“Yeah--Allison showed me. She let me wear it.” Sunny stared Cassie down. “Do NOT tell your sister that, because I don’t think Al was supposed to tell me anything about it, and right now, I’m trying to patch things up with Claire.” Sunny blushed a little, watching a couple other animated things bobbing into the room. “Cassie, are you, um--doing this?”

“It--it won’t listen to me!” Cassie said. Now the bedspread swirled around her. “I don’t get it...everything should listen to me now!” Cassie looked behind her at the TV stand, glancing back to her toy and a pair of panties, dancing into the living room. “Hey, hey, hey, hey! Get...get back in your drawer!” Cassie spouted.

“Cassie--what’s, um…” A vibrator and a pair of panties--clearly moving under their own power. “Is that what I think it is?”

“They’re not--urgh!” Now the bedspread constricted, wrapping around Cassie’s body. Cassie narrowed her eyes at the TV stand again, and a drawer pulled itself open. The necklace lifted out as the bedspread wrapped around Cassie. “Well, at least that worked,” Cassie said. “Sunny, grab it! Help me out here.” Cassie directed the necklace to hover over to Sunny, who grabbed it and clasped it around her neck. 

“Let her go,” Sunny commanded the bedspread. It didn’t. “I said let her go!” Sunny even waved her hands at the thing for effect--but it didn’t listen. “Cassie, it’s not listening!” The bedspread turned itself and lifted into the air, carrying Cassie along with it this time as it started toward the threshold again.

Cassie mentally commanded all the doors in the house closed, which seemed to work. The reaction from the house was audible. “Sunny, it’s trapped in this room, at least--try to peel it off of me by hand!” 

Sunny looked down at the necklace. Cassie must’ve had the same idea she did at her own house--command everything at once so that she could command things without the necklace later.  “Cassie, did you do that?” Sunny asked. “HEY!” Sunny turned around abruptly to see the hovering vibrator floating behind her. It had just played itself against her ass, humming over her pleather pants. “Drop to the floor! Stop--stop...being animated!” Sunny shouted, trying any command she could. Unseen above her, Cassie’s panties dropped over her head, pulling themselves down over Sunny’s face. “Oh, what the fuck! Get off me!” Sunny pulled at the waistband, but the enchantments were strong as ever. As she breathed in, she caught Cassie’s scent--disturbing her a little as the vibrator came back at her, running over her nipples in quick succession before diving down to the crotch of her pleather pants again. “Cassie--this ISN’T YOU doing this, right?” Sunny shouted.

“Ungggh...uh-uh,” Cassie moaned a little. “Sunny, it’s, like...feeling me up or something!” The waistband of Cassie’s panties were pulling themselves lower and lower behind Sunny’s neck--stretching toward the clasp of the necklace. Cassie didn’t understand why these things weren’t listening to either of them--but then she remembered Alison’s warning again.

The toy. The bedspread. Her panties. They all had something in common…

“Oh, shit…” Sunny whispered. She could feel her animated panties playing gently against her clit. She was wet--she could feel that, too. She didn’t know it, but miles away, Elise had just come for her magical companions, sending a final psychosexual shockwave back to Sunny.

“S-Sunny...?” Cassie was levitated against the ceiling by the bedspread now, as if she was stuck against it. Even if Sunny could break from the other enchantments long enough to help her, she couldn’t physically reach the girl now.

Sunny turned, feeling the necklace shift on her. Cassie’s underwear had the clasp now!

“I’m--I’m gonna try something, okay?” Sunny said, trying to think quickly. She moved toward the kitchen and looked at the knife block. 

Cut these underwear off of me, but make SURE you don’t cut or poke my skin, and DON’T CUT MY HAIR! Make sure you don’t hurt me! Sunny projected with as much insistence as she could. The knives and the meat scissors from the block lifted out of their places, making her shudder a little as they hovered over. If this didn’t work correctly, it was going to get ugly, but…

She stayed as still as she could. The scissors wiggled between the bridge of her nose and the panties at an angle, and with one snip they stretched down over her face, mostly releasing her. The waistband tried to wrap itself around the necklace, but with a drawing slice from a paring knife, the elastic was cut.

“Now go free her!” Sunny pointed to Cassie. “Same rules! Don’t cut her, don’t hurt her!” The knives and scissors retreated from Sunny, who was pulling at the panties now. Unable to cover her face and without any loops or holes in their cut-up structure, they didn’t seem to be as strong now, but the fabric at the back of her neck was still holding fast to the necklace clasp. “ of me, you--fuck!” Sunny slapped away the vibrator at her crotch, but like a persistent insect it just came back to tease at her cleft from behind her.

“Whoa--whoa--careful!” Cassie said as the half-dozen or more sharpened utensils approached her. The bedspread seemed to be aware of the danger and pulled Cassie away from the ceiling, flying her toward the staircase now. “What the fuck!? Where are you taking me?” Sunny looked back to Cassie, sailing up the stairs as she continued fighting with the other two enchantments. Her phone buzzed.

“Oh, for fucks s--” Sunny muttered at the phone before yelling out to the form hovering up toward the second floor. “Cassie, they cut your panties off of me without hurting me! Just be as still as possible and they’ll cut that thing off of you!”

Sunny grabbed at the vibrator, finally gripping it tight with both hands. It pulled her arms around as she tried to hold it still, and before long it raised up to her face, starting to push itself against her lips.

“You’ to be fucking...kidding me!” Sunny said, struggling against it. The cut-up panties were tugging at the necklace now, and Sunny could still feel movement at the back of her neck. She had another idea.

Cassie was taken all the way to the back of the upstairs hallway, where the bedspread had nowhere else to escape to. The knives and scissors set themselves on the bedspread, which tried to defend itself with a flapping corner. A boning knife pierced the flap and held it out, and the scissors cut from the bottom end. The moment the fragment was separated from the rest of the rest of the bedspread, it fell lifeless to the floor.

“Nice!” Cassie cried out. “Keep it up, just be careful!”

At the entry, shoelaces in Sunny’s line of sight unthreaded from a pair of Cassie’s sneakers and from one of Claire’s spare pairs. Sunny commanded her new outfit to life as well. Her panties were very gently humming against her, but at the moment she chalked it up to her own physiological excitement--and the necklace’s effects. She hadn’t considered her own arousal as any threat; she was only thinking about stopping the rogue objects.

“Get em!” Sunny grinned as the laces snaked over to her. She let go of the vibrator with the hand clasped around the back of it, and though it forced its way toward her lips, it was quickly caught by a strong, coiled length of shoelace. The magically imbued lace pulled back, and with enchantment fighting enchantment, Sunny’s single hand was enough to drive the vibrator away.

And then--the clasp released. Sunny gasped as the cut-up panties shifted, pulling the necklace away from her as one of the laces began attempting to coil around the shredded panties. They pulled away quickly, wound up with the necklace’s chain and the lace itself. They twisted around the lace, catching the trailing end of the other lace as the panties began knotting themselves up with both enchanted laces and flying away with the necklace.

The moment the necklace left her body, though, something else happened. Sunny’s panties were no longer being passive. “Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding…”

The bedspread released Cassie. It had a long cut up the middle, but it let her go before the knives could deprive it of almost half its mass. Once the thing let her go, it swooped over the banister, flying downstairs toward the twisted laces and knotted panties holding the necklace.

“Sunny, it let me go!” Cassie said, looking at the knives hovering in space. They just hung there with the scissors, and Cassie watched them. “Sunny, you wanna send these things back to the kitchen?” Cassie called down, “Or…”

“No way, no way--” Sunny groaned, her panties playing against her clit. She watched as the vibrator uncoiled itself from the enchanted shoelace--which was caught up with the knotted panties. By now, the bedspread had joined in balling itself around the mass, and once again the rogue enchantments were overpowering Sunny’s commanded shoelaces. “COME DOWN HERE AND SLICE THAT NECKLACE FREE!” Sunny shouted, her mind on every knife she brought to life.

As Cassie watched the knives and scissors sail through the banister slats, she ran around to the top of the stairs, running down and watching as the blades went to work.

“Sunny--you okay? I--oh, shit!” Sunny was against a wall in the living room--her hips squirming as her living panties played against her clit and began inserting themselves. She was already psychically aroused from Elise’s play, and now between her own panties working her over and the humiliation of Cassie’s vibrator violating her mouth--impeded now except for her futile grip on the thing--she was being driven toward her own release.

She could feel Cassie’s eyes on her, and the embarrassment did nothing to abate her arousal. Before long, the slick honey in her panties had soaked through to her pleather pants, and now the rogues had yet another ally.

“Mmm..mfgh!” Sunny pointed to the wad of fabric on the ground behind Cassie, where the knives were deftly cutting a path to its core. Every time they sliced off a portion of bedspread from the point at which Cassie’s enchanted fluids had touched it, the shred fell lifeless. Before long, the center remnant of the bedspread released the rest of the tangle, retreating to a high corner. As the knives sliced at the panties, the charged laces gained control of it, coiling it up as the now-isolated crotch of Cassie’s panties retreated with the bedspread.

The laces held it out to her, and a surprised Cassie took hold of the necklace.


“Oh--fuck!” Sunny shouted, her eyes rolling back as the pleather pants unbuttoned and lifted her off of the ground at the same time. Cassie’s toy retreated from its attempts at her mouth, and Cassie watched in shock as Sunny’s pants drew down just under her ass enough to expose her. Her own panties pulled aside, and Cassie’s toy dove downward, plunging into her pussy. She squealed as the pleather pants pushed her skyward along the wall. “Cass--Cassie--you’ve got the necklace!” Sunny cried out.

Cassie trembled, snapping out of her frozen astonishment and putting the necklace on. “Stop!” She commanded, looking at her toy and Sunny’s clothes. “Put her down!” The necklace had a red glow, but the objects weren’t listening. “EVERYTHING I BROUGHT TO LIFE--” Cassie shouted, “DROP LIFELESS!” Cassie’s toy pulled itself from Sunny’s cunt, allowing the enchanted panties to take over again--but it didn’t fall lifeless in the least. Cassie considered the knives still hovering next to her, realizing that Sunny had activated them. “Sunny, what do I do? They’re--not listening!”

Sunny moaned, actively grinding her hips against the panties as she was dominated by her own clothes. She was hovering--fucked mad by unstoppable enchanted objects--and they knew just how to tweak her clit. If she just came, she wondered if that would end this. Meanwhile, she heard Cassie’s command and saw that something about the command worked--in the opposite corner of the room, the two retreated shreds of sexually-affected fabric had fallen lifeless. Sunny pointed to them as they fluttered down, and Cassie turned to see them drop out of the air.

She ran over and grabbed each, seeing they were inert. Looking back at Sunny, though, the vibrator was still as lively as ever, teasing itself against Sunny’s nipples. Having been soaked in the charged fluid of Sunny’s pussy, now her corset reacted. Apparently being painted in fluid by the tip of the vibe was enough, and the top constricted around Sunny’s waist while the corset cups began playing with her tits.

“I’m gonna--I’m...oh fuck--” Sunny muttered, finally realizing the connection. “It’s the fucking fluids, Cassie!” She cried out. Cassie’s jaw dropped. It all clicked now. Cassie’s rogue objects ONLY obeyed once she had the necklace on, but now her vibrator had Sunny on it too. That meant the fluids made enchanted objects act on some undirected will until…

Cassie clutched the necklace. Put yourself on Sunny’s neck--and don’t let anything stop you from getting there! The necklace unclasped itself, flying toward Sunny. 

“Sunny, when you wear it--everything should listen to you again!” Cassie said.

Nothing tried to stop the thing from approaching. Sunny was biting her lip, moaning through it as Cassie’s toy returned to fuck her again. She cooed as she was pulled away from the wall by her pants, and her toes curled inside her lacquer ankle boots. Cassie backed away, running into the couch behind her as she watched the necklace fix itself on Sunny’s neck.

Things were so far along now that Sunny didn’t ask for a reprieve. She could feel the glow of the necklace behind her closed eyelids--and by now she wanted to finish. Cassie or no Cassie--she needed to.

“Fuuuuck…” Sunny cried out, her back arching as her pussy contracted around Cassie’s toy. She trembled, bucking against it she felt vibrations from the illuminated, humming necklace. Cassie’s hands were raised to her face. She caused this. All of it. Sunny was...more or less victimized by Cassie’s failure to listen to Alison’s warning. Her body tensed, and she turned to look at the throw blanket on the couch--commanding it underneath Sunny’s hovering body in case she suddenly lost control.

“Sunny, are you--” Sunny raised her hand toward Cassie, nodding as the impulse of her orgasm echoed through her. She’d mentally dialed everything back, and Cassie’s toy retreated, just barely parting her lips as her clothes let her begin to descend. “I’m--I should have listened to Alison, I’m really s--”

“Shhhh…” Sunny giggled a little. “Shhh. Stop. We got it, hon.” She took a deep breath as she felt the blanket stretching under her. “Please tell me that’s you,” Sunny asked, pointing under her as Cassie’s toy shut off, placing itself on a buffet cabinet behind Sunny. Cassie nodded. “I need--I need a second here. And...some other clothes, I think,” Sunny said. “Something a little less binding...if you can help me out.” She reclined on the blanket as her boots untied themselves.

“Uh...yeah! Yeah, of course.” Cassie had a spare robe and a pair of loose-fitting sweatpants in mind. She called to them in her bedroom as she watched Sunny’s boots jump off of her feet, marching over to the entry way. “You--you’re sure you’re okay?”

“I want...everything that has touched my pussy to either follow my every command...with or without this fucking necklace on,” Sunny said, gritting her teeth, “Or to fall lifeless NOW if that’s not how this works.” It was probably the most abstract the commands had gotten to this point, but neither her corset nor her pants had gone totally limp. She wanted to see if they could communicate back to her. “Squeeze my left ankle if you get it,” Sunny said, looking down at her pleather pants. They complied, and Sunny shrugged at Cassie.

“I’m sorry, Sunny,” Cassie said again, worry in her eyes.

“Kiddo, stop. Just--get me some clothes.” Sunny took a few deep breaths, commanding her corset to untie. “Under any other circumstance...this would be...completely horrifying, but like I said, we got it. I’m just, um...a little weirded out that you’re seeing me in this state,” Sunny said. “If that’s the worst of it, I’ll trade it for the fact that we have this,” Sunny held up the amulet, “And not some psychopathic warlord.” Sunny’s loosened corset unclasped itself from her top, pulling away from her body as she covered up with both hands. She shifted her weight and dangled her legs over the side of the hovering throw, letting her enchanted pants remove themselves.

Cassie saw her clothes from downstairs approaching, and directed them toward Sunny. “Let her put you on--and inert after that,” She said.

“Those--need to be washed,” Sunny said, looking at her panties. “And...sorry about yours.” Sunny looked over at the tatters of Cassie’s bedspread and the panties. “I’ll get you a new bedspread,” She smiled, letting her breasts go as Cassie’s robe flowed over her shoulders. The laces that had come to her aid earlier were busying themselves with threading back into the shoes they’d left behind.

“I don’t like that bedspread anyway,” Cassie smiled. “It’s the one I left here.” She walked over to the remains to let Sunny dress herself, and the front door unlocked. “Oh, fuck--” Cassie reacted, and the door locked itself again.

“What the hell?” She heard Claire say on the other side. “Cassie! Was that you?” Cassie looked back at Sunny, who gritted her teeth and pointed at the floating blanket. Cassie commanded it to fold itself up on the couch, and Sunny waved a hand at her enchanted clothes, which folded and piled themselves on the buffet next to Cassie’s toy.

“Oh fuck...go--go downstairs into her room or something,” Sunny whispered to the toy. It sailed away through the kitchen, heading toward the basement stairs.

“S-sorry, Claire! One second!” Cassie said, picking up the scraps. The door’s lock retracted again, and this time the doorknob wrenched as the door burst open. Claire and Alison stood on the other side, and Claire stared down at Cassie just as she was picking up the shredded panties.

“One,” Claire said sardonically, looking down at her sister. “Well, now--what have we gotten up to this evening?” Cassie looked up at her with a sheepish grin.

“I, um…” Claire looked back to Sunny as Cassie tried to come up with something.

“I was hoping we’d beat you here,” Claire said, looking at Sunny’s outfit--which she recognized as Cassie’s clothes. “but from the looks of things you’ve been here for a little while.” Sunny just shrugged and nodded.

“Hi, Claire.” Sunny walked toward the entry. “I’m...uh...sorry. Alison said it would be okay, and since Cassie was here, I just thought…” Claire put out her arms, sneering a little.

“Hi, Sunny. I’m sorry we stopped talking because of a douchebag.” Sunny hugged Claire, who hugged back with all the sincerity Sunny could have hoped for. “Alison was right, I guess,” Claire said, noticing the necklace. “If anyone could take all this weirdness in stride, it’d be you. From the looks of things, I’m glad you were here.”

“Me too, Claire.” Sunny said. “And...I’m sorry I never got in touch afterward,” She released her old friend, and the two looked each other in the eyes. “I mean with--”

“Maybe the space was good for us,” Claire said. “Whatever. It’s’s good to see you.” She looked down at the necklace, shaking her head. “She told you--everything, didn’t she?” Claire looked at Cassie, who gritted her teeth and mouthed Sorry. Sunny looked at Alison, who made a quick ‘cut’ gesture with her hand behind Claire’s back.

“She really didn’t tell me much,” Sunny said. “But we did, um--have to work together a little bit to take care of an issue before you got here.” Sunny gestured to the shreds Cassie was still picking up, and Claire turned back to Alison.

“I thought you warned her, Al,” Claire said. Alison shrugged.

“I did! Cassie--tell her!” Cassie struggled to start her explanation when Alison continued, looking back at the folded outfit on the buffet which screamed Sunny’s style. “Wait up. You two didn’t--”

“No, Alison!” Sunny scoffed. “Gross! That’s practically my little sister.” Claire put up her hands.

“Okay, okay. I’m going to just…” Claire looked at Sunny and pointed to the necklace. “May I--have that, please?” Sunny nodded, unclasping it. She dropped it into Claire’s hand, and Claire shook her head. Sunny could see the ire in Claire’s eyes, despite maintaining her calm demeanor.

“Alison, I’m sorry...but I’m not restarting this relationship on anything but blunt honesty,” Sunny said. “I think--given what I just experienced…” Claire nodded.

“Yeah. I agree. This thing,” She held up the necklace, “is amazing. It’s groundbreaking. It’s also absolutely dangerous, and it seems like--we can all see that now. Right?” Nods came from all around. “I wanted to keep it a secret, but for us--for the four people in this room--we’re involved. And we owe it to ourselves, to each other, and...I hate to be fucking melodramatic, but honestly, to the safety of the outside world, at this point--to be totally honest with each other in terms of what we know about it, what we’ve seen it do, what we’ve been able to do with it.” Claire looked around. “Can we all agree on that?

“Absolutely,” Sunny said.

“Yeah. Yeah--for sure,” Cassie added.

“I promise not to get angry?” Alison asked. Claire rolled her eyes.

“She told you right away, didn’t she?” Claire asked Sunny.

“I’m pretty sure she did,” Sunny said. Claire snorted a laugh, seeing Alison mouth traitor at Sunny.

“Listen, I’m serious. No more secrets,” Claire said. “This thing is...too important for squabbling. And the more we know about it, the more I think that someone, somewhere, is going to come looking for it--or maybe want it back. So, yes, Alison. I promise to just move forward with whatever situation we’ve got now--but please, please please PLEASE tell me you only told Sunny.

“Swear to god!” Alison said.


“No one,” Cass said. “Not a soul...yet.”

“Good,” Claire said. Sunny wasn't asked the same question, and she didn't offer anything. At the moment, she didn't want to upset Claire any more than she was. “Cass--don’t worry about it. Let me clean this up...and you two can explain whatever the hell it is that happened here.”

“Actually,” Cassie said, swallowing. “If we’re gonna be honest with each other--lemme just show you something.” Cassie tilted her head at the utility closet, which produced a broom and a dustpan. They headed toward the hardwood floor where some of the fabric scraps were and began sweeping them up as Cassie dropped her share into the living room wastebasket.

“Okay, so what are you showing me?” Claire asked.

“I never touched the broom closet with the necklace on," Cassie said. "I don’t...need the necklace anymore, Claire.” Cassie nodded at her sister, and Claire’s hair-tie pulled itself out, and her bun tumbled, letting her hair down.

Alison shook her head. “Cassie, I told you not to.” Cassie shrugged at her, giving her another terse look. “Claire--remember how we had...issues with the, uh, thing?”

“Uh-huh…” Claire said, listening.

“Well, once you um...once you--” Alison stuttered. Cassie sighed and spit it out.

“If you come with the thing on, you keep its powers,” Cassie said, looking away from her sister.

“Holy shit--really?” Sunny asked. Cassie and Alison both nodded. Claire just stood, stunned.  “Oh, wow. So that means…” Sunny looked at the bookshelves on the other side of the living room, and the books began rearranging themselves. “Oh, fuck. That’s…” She snapped out of it, mentally let them go.

“Anyone want coffee or tea?” Claire asked the room, taking a deep breath. “I think we all have a lot of talking to do.”

* * *

The gloves were massaging Elise’s shoulders as she reclined in an armchair in her living room, drinking a beer.

Sunny’s pantyhose were on the extended foot of the recliner, filled out to her shape as Elise’s toes played against their crotch. The nylons reciprocated this as Elise made delighted sounds, tipping back her beer.

“Eres insaciable,” Elise said. “Sunny didn’t tell me you’d all turn even naughtier if I played with you like that.” Sunny’s boots, bra and skirt swished in front of the television to the music video Elise had on. She was wearing Sunny’s tee now--stretched tightly over her bare chest and keeping her in a constant state of arousal. “Otra!,” Elise said, holding up the bottle. Sunny’s gloves took the empty and brought back another after opening it in the kitchen. “Eaaasy con las niñas, okay?” Elise said, grabbing her chest. “Puedes jugar con ellas--but switch it up a little. Maybe just some fondling. You’ve gotta let me sleep sometime.”

It was like a fantasy bleeding into the real world. After their playtime, these clothes truly had a mind of their own now. Elise had to plead with them to ease up on her. She promising them all the playtime they could get if they helped her with what she wanted.

The necklace.

The clothes seemed to respond positively to that promise, as if they knew the necklace's significance. Elise had some idea of how it could be done. She didn’t want to say anything to Sunny, though. Whoever had it was bound to try and keep it--and if Sunny had any inclination that Elise planned to take it, there’d be a question of who she might choose. If Elise got the necklace first, though…

“Mmm...las cosas que hariamos, Sunshine. We could have every VIP in the city as our own personal toys. The ultimate domina team.” Elise sipped from the frosty bottle as she reached down to massage the ghostly foot stroking at her pussy. “And you’re going to convince your momma to join me, aren’t you, babies?” Sunny’s tee lifted Elise’s chest, bobbling her breasts as her mouth hung open. “Oh Dios...una más! One more orgasm tonight, and THEN you owe me some sleep. Got it?”

Elise smiled, loving every second of the enchanted clothing’s touch. If this wasn’t a dream that she’d wake up from, there was nothing but a world of pleasure and power in front of her.