Enchanted Panties 8

"You don`t have to shout, darling," Said a sultry female voice from between her legs. "I`m right here."

"What the fuck?!! It talks now?" Jenna screamed.

"Well not completely true. Yes I have possessed your wonderful pussy but know it does not have a mind of it's own. I'll eventually control you completely but until then I have ways to make you do what I want".

A cold chill went down Jenna's spine as she asked "What...gulp....do you want with me?"

Caleb's ice cold grin got even bigger.

"Nothing much sweet thing. I'm just a succubus that wants to fuck, anyone and anywhere. Right now, I wanna fuck my Caleb, and believe me you will".

Jenna gasped as her nipples started tweaking themselves and her cunt juices began flowing down her legs.

"I don't think so bitch. You better find yourself another host".

"Oooo it's so hot when they protest, don't you think so my sweet Caleb? I could just masterbate myself until you pass out". Jenna's breast began kneading themselves again while her labia began massaging her clit with expert precision. "Fuck, not again", she muttered under her breath. As she reached the brink of orgasm everything stopped and Selena held her there.

"Wha...? Don't stop now. At least finish what you started", Jenna panted.

"Not until I get what I want honey. I told you I want Caleb's cock", Selena giggled. Jenna saw her pussy lips form into a smile.

"Fuck you, I'll do it myself!!!!" Jenna screamed as she began to rub her clit with her fingertips, but to her horror it was dodging her touch. Her clit would burrow in her labia to avoid her touch.

"Oh no no. Surely you didn't think it would be that simple." Selena giggled again as she kissed her fingers.

"Selena, as amusing as this is I'm horny as hell, are we gonna fuck or what?", Caleb said deviously.

"Patience love, I wanna break her first." Selena scolded.

Every 30 seconds for the next 30 minutes Jenna's pussy would masterbate itself, denying her orgasm each time. She was determined not to give in and tried everything she could think of, to bucking the air and grinding the bedpost. Her vagina was on fire and she could hardly concentrate as she tried to find ways to get off. She dove for her dresser to grab her pink vibrator when it floated away, dodging her hand. Her dresser drawer opened and a pair of red leather gloves floated up and filled out, shaking it's finger at her. A pair of panties lept from the floor and gagged her while the gloves grabbed her hands, making her bend over the bed. Her bed sheet swarmed her ankles, tying them together.

"Ooo la la, this is getting fun", Selena laughed. "Are you sure you don't want to give in?"

Jenna whimpered as she felt the vibrator bath in her juices before positioning itself at the bud of her ass. Jenna clinched her ass shut as the vibrator dove in, only making the penetration more painful. It switched itself on and another set of black gloves flew from her dresser and started spanking her ass in rhythm with the vibrator fucking. Jenna tried to scream but her panties worked their way to the back of her throat making her gag.

"Okay, panties I'm dying to hear her speak", Selena said seductively. The panties left her mouth.

"Well, my dear Jenna. Can I have my cock now?" Selena giggled.

"Go ahead, just do it", Jenna cried.

"Mmmmm, thought so. Come now Caleb my sweet. Fill me up."

Shaila gasped as she felt the unseen cock ram itself inside her. Her bra was kneading and contracting her breast better than any lover she ever had. The cocktail dress began caressing and massaging her stomach. When she looked down she saw imprints of unseen fingers going down her body. She wanted to scream but everything felt so wonderful.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum!!!” Shaila exclaimed as she arched her back.



Timothy was in awe at house real this fleshlight felt around his member. In fact if he didn’t know any better, it seemed to be gripping his cock tighter and tighter with each plunge.

“Shit this is unreal… wait I have an idea”, he thought as he temporarily pulled the juicy pussy from his dick. He reached into his desk and pulled out two egg vibrators and inserted them into the bottom compartments of the flesh light. He switched them on and the vibrations were so strong that the lips of the swollen pussy began to quiver.

“What the….”, he muttered under his breath as he saw juices begin to flow out of his unusually realistic sex toy. This, however, did not stop him as he slid his erect cock back in.



Shaila laid confused on her bad as she felt the invisible cock retract from her pussy. Now frustrated and at the edge of orgasm, she attempts to reach down and massage her clit, but to no avail. The elastic on her pantyhose would not give and she could not slide her fingers inside. Then out of no where Shaila shrieked as her pussy began to vibrate violently. The vibrations went from her outer lips to deep inside her wet cunt. Her body convulsed as her orgasm suddenly hit her like a freight train.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!”, she screamed. She desperately tried to reach inside her pussy to pull out this invader but the pantyhose would not budge. The sensation was too much but it would not relent. She tried ripping the pantyhose apart but the sash from her robe snaked out of her closet and tied her wrists together.

“WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, GET OFF OF ME I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!!” She screamed as she bucked herself off the bed and into the floor. She yelped again as the invisible cock invaded her vibrating cunt once more. This went on for five more minutes and as another painful orgasm rocked her body, she felt the cock cum inside her. The dick slowly retracted from her and the vibrations suddenly stopped. Out of breath she laid on the floor, sweat dripping off of her.

“Thank God it stopped”, she said under her breath. The top drawer of her dresser slid open and her winter gloves floated out and beckoned her to sit at her desk. She reluctantly stood up and the gloves started typing on her computer:

We have a new game we would like to play with you. It’s called “Find the Vagina”. The rules are simple, your vagina is located inside an enchanted fleshlight somewhere on this campus. You must find the fleshlight before it fucks everyone on this campus haha. Sounds fun right?

The gloves stopped typing and gave a thumbs up when all of a sudden her pantyhose slid down her legs. She screamed when she looked down to see that her genitalia was gone. It was as if she was a live mannequin that was not anatomically correct. She fell down to her knees, wondering when this strange dream would be over.



After Timothy came, he slid his dick out of the enchanted toy and switched off the vibrators, then all of a sudden he lost his grip on the flesh light when it sailed out the window.

“….the fuck?!”

Kate is at a loss for words as she continues to lay restrained inside her robe as her red panties play with her clit, just enough to keep her aroused.

“Your clothes sure are naughty my pet, they should have been back by now but it seems they’ve found a fun game to play. I’m not impatient though seems I’ve gathered enough energy from their random encounter to increase our fun a little bit.” Penelope giggled.

“What do you mean? What do you plan to do?” Kate inquired.

“What do you want me to do my love? What playful, sexual games can you come up with in that pretty little head of yours?” Penelope said in a playful yet sultry voice.

“Anything I desire?”

“Of course, as long as it’s of a sexual nature I’ll grant you any wish you desire”, Penelope leaned in and wiggled her tongue on Kate’s left nipple and a jolt of magic shot through her. As she retracted her tongue Kate noticed that her left nipple continued to flick on its own as if it were being licked. She moaned and tilted her head back as the magical licking continued. Penelope leaned in again licked the same tit, and it stopped.

“You see, I have many talents my love. Your only limit is your imagination. So tell me, what would you like?”

Kate’s panties stopped molesting her for a moment while she made her decision. She stared this beautiful sex genie up and down and thought of the infinite possibilities.

“Is there a limit to what you can grant me? Like number of wishes or things you can or can’t do?” Kate whispered.

“Oh sexy Katie, I told you the sky is the limit.”

“Okay, I wish for infinite stamina and the ability to cum multiple times without pain.” Kate grinned

“Oooo I like where this is going, Penelope pointed at Kate and her body began to glow. Kate felt a surge of energy flow through her like she had never felt before and it felt amazing. She felt sensitive to the touch and her libido was out of control.

“Now my pet, what is your next wish? What would you like to do with this new found stamina?”

“Your very existence is the result of my greatest sexual fantasy; living clothes and living sex toys. To elaborate I would love to see you bound and molested by my living clothes while my sex toys mercilessly fuck you, but while I watch you, I want to feel everything that you feel.”

“Damn honey you really are a kinky little slut but I like it. This is gonna be fun”. Penelope began to glow and a magic haze filled the room. Once cleared, Penelope’s bra unsnapped and set her breast free. Her panties followed suit and slid down her legs as she stepped out of them. Kate was in awe of this beautiful goddess in front of her and became wet just at the site. Her red panties slid down her legs and off her feet and over to Penelope. Penelope began to float, allowing the panties to slide up her legs and secure themselves over her waist. The panties wasted no time and began caressing her ass cheeks while lapping at her clit. Kate gasped as her ass was also caressed while her clit was flicked by an invisible force. A red lace bra floated out of the closet and cupped Penelope’s breast. After snapping themselves into place they caressed and massaged her breast like an expert lover. Penelope arched her back and began to moan.

“Fuck, this is amazing!” Kate exclaimed. She watched her breasts move on their own accord and then glanced back over at Penelope. Her chest of drawers popped open and a pair of long, red and white stockings rolled out and filled out to her shape. They walked over to Penelope and rolled themselves up her feet. The stockings began massaging Penelope’s calves and both girls began to pant as they began to cum.

They both bucked and moaned as their first orgasms hit. Their pussies spasmed as they came, sending a wave of sexual energy throughout the room.

“Shit love, I should’ve given myself that stamina”, Penelope said as a red dildo floated out of the closet. A tube of sexual lubricant floated out of her dresser and squirted onto the dildo. The crotch of the red panties slid to the side and the dildo eagerly began to fuck Penelope as screamed from both pain and pleasure. Kate hollered in ecstasy as the dildo rammed Penelope. She couldn’t help but look down again in amazement as her pussy opened and closed on its own, mimicking Penelope’s fucking. They both came again, causing the room to quake as magical energy hit once more.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!” Penelope exclaimed as her sensitive pussy could take no more. She tried to reverse the spell, but it seems that this last orgasm caused her to lose control of her magic. They both came again and Penelope passed out on the floor. A sparkly cloud flowed from Penelope and enveloped Kate. The magical fucking stopped and it looked as if the enchanted clothes was waiting for her command. She bit her lip and grinned as she beckoned for her naughty clothing.