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This site is primarily a home for fiction and art depicting themes like supernaturally or super-powered beings (usually women), strange things like sentient objects and disembodied intelligence, and surreal scenarios usually involving normal people thrown into bizarre or mind-bending situation. In terms of easy-to-digest keywords, we host works having to do with magical women, invisible women, living clothing/living clothes, body control, power play, and more--many of these works ranging from mildly titillating to explicitly erotic. This site contains content that is not appropriate for all audiences, which is why we have that little module pop up and ask if you're 18 or older!


Hey there! Welcome to the site. We're cleaning some things up, so be sure and check back frequently as we have big developments coming this month. New fiction in the Ontoverse and from a guest author, our PATREONS are active again, and more!   If you'd like to check for Content Updates, you can CLICK HERE.   If you'd like to see what else is new with the site, CLICK HERE.