Hi gang.

While the security warning you may have been getting from Goggle and Firefox should be gone now, I`d like to just a review a few points about the problem we had yesterday, which is a reprisal on an attack we had about one week ago. This problem is related to the database that holds update articles like these as well as the story-by-story chapters. Essentially someone found a way to serve advertisements to you through this site by running a script that is snuck in to the site`s database.

I've fixed this in a more robust way than I did last week, but I am just one man, and that man does not have an IT degree. Stay on the lookout and listen to your AV software or any browser warnings that you see. 

We are working to resolve any future issues through a change to our software platform on the mainsite. While we have our platform up-to-date, it isn`t really as good a publishing solution as it was in '08.

For any further news related to sitehealth, see the forum.

Sorry for the boring administrative news. More creative things to come this weekend, including some chapter teasers to prove to you that I am not just being a lazy fuckbag over here :D