Multi-chapter stories and series.

by Vestiphile

Never has office work been so much fun! Staying late for work reveals a night of impossible pleasure for Adam, but when it's back to work the next day, stranger things are in store. Is there a coven of witches at work trying to harness Adam for some greater design, or is he simply being vetted for the role of number-one fucktoy?

by Calx86

Vanessa unknowingly saves a disguised fairy from a group of kids. When the fairy shows herself, she reveals that she can no longer show her face in front of her kind, having been injured and exposed to humans. The fairy, Alexis, offers Vanessa a lifetime of companionship as thanks for saving her life.

by Vestiphile, JayHawk303 and Tigerzet

Could be a strip mall in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere on the overlay from the plains, the rust belt and the bible belt.
A drug store, a couple clothing boutiques, A party store, sporting goods, antiques, a seedy little adult shop unattached, built right next door--and a second hand clothing store.

Maybe it's some kind of cosmic ray shower. Something about a radio disturbance in space that's messing up cell signals and making the tech freak out.
But it's more than that--because it's not just the tech that's freaking out.

by Vestiphile

Greg's a charmer, but his game has finally run afoul of the wrong person. He's gotten used to being a wild-and-free bachelor for a while now, and he's going to learn what it's like to be...collected.Before he knows it, he's earned himself a one-way ticket to an otherworldly type of charm school.

by Vestiphile

After being captured by mysterious entities possessing his better-half's belongings, Derek tries to piece together the insane events of the last month. With the reasons for his kidnapping unclear, he can't determine if his actions in the last few weeks resulted in being taken away from the life he knows, or if the forces toying with him decided his fate from the beginning.

by Anonymous

Dr. Clarice Haze is a brilliant researcher at the cusp of an eye-popping discovery when the sleepy campus she's employed by decides to fire her for ruffling one too many feathers in the dimwit-mill athletic department. After she tests a groundbreaking experiment on herself, she'll never be seen on campus again--but it doesn't mean she's not there. With her new abilities, she makes bigger and better plans, seducing men and women alike as her plans to empower the better half of the population unfold...

by Calx86

Everyone knows not to play with old spellbooks, especially when they warn against casting certain kinds of spells on certain kinds of objects...but not Kate. When she casts a spell on a worn pair of her own panties, she unknowingly provides the enchanted garment with everything it needs to make the spell recursive. When pieces from her wardrobe start wandering the town looking for more sources of energy, will she ever be able to get the spell back under control?

by RookBartly

(Based in the "Enchanted Panties" continuity by Calx86)

After disappearing from Kate's house and finding a lovely new target, the growing power of the spell brings still more clothes to life. A pair of freshly enchanted panties belonging to the new victim find their way to a college with enough untapped power to inflict living clothing on the entire campus, starting with Viki. Surprised and overwhelmed by the phantom forces, Viki and a friend become the two newest recruits to help spread the rogue magic.

by McK
edited by Vestiphile

A restricted site irradiated with strange energies after the largest industrial accident in the United States is revealed to a new class of trainees, freshly employed by the Howlett Corporation. One of the trainees wants more than just exclusive and lucrative employment, though--she wants answers. When the research facilities in the former city of Gold Ridge become her new home, she discovers ghosts of a well-hidden recent past--both figurative and literal.

characters and concept by Tigerzet
written by Vestiphile with assist by Tigerzet

In Zach Ellis' world, something has been inexplicably missing: his past. But six months after his 18th birthday, he's contacted by a lawyer who tells him that he's been deemed the caretaker of a breathtaking estate deep in the woods. When Zach arrives, there's something oddly familiar about the empty house, and soon Zach realizes why: it's the estate of his real family. Together with his friend Mary, he comes to realize the entire house is pushing him toward his destiny.

by Vestiphile

A massive supercomputer is being launched by the mysterious and powerful information company known as BluGreen. With their new acquisition of a quantum computing giant and a promising new power source, BluGreen launches a highly anticipated general intelligence tasked first with helping to run the facility. The launch appears to be a success, but as the system known as INANNA tries to piece together its taskload and the world around it--especially the strange organic beings apparently responsible for its awakening, INANNA's curiosity becomes dangerous and causes her to reach so deeply into the real world that the line between the virtual and the actual can no longer be trusted.

by Vestiphile

This silly meta-fiction started years ago with me in a bout of writer's block, but once it was re-read and edited, I decided that maybe it might be something you guys like.

A writer of online erotica has a conversation with an anonymous someone asking him to stop writing. When the writer refuses, his new online friend's conversation takes a surreal shift, leaving the writer to wonder just what kind of rabbit hole he's fallen down.

by Vestiphile

For me, a revival of the story that started it all.
An amulet that bestows mysterious powers falls into the hands of a twenty-something woman. As she tries to navigate her life and take responsibility with her inheritance and her younger sister, she has more than ever to deal with when the necklace she wears allows her to affect objects around her--granting them a will to perform tasks just by thinking it.

When she grudgingly lets her sister and a couple of friends in on the secret, things spin out of control, and a string of world-changing events are set into motion.

by Calx86

A bored fairy gets her kicks by getting a little naughty and revealing herself to a human. Her new friend is surprised to find she's been given some intimate company in the form of her pussy--which now apparently has wants, needs, abilities, and a voice all its own.

by Calx86

Arianna finds a guy closing a clothing store and decides that he deserves an interesting enchanted evening with one of the shapely merchandising displays.

by Calx86

Arianna the fairy has some competition when her evil counterpart, Celeste--has an idea to enchant a human pussy of her own. Unlike Arianna, though, Celeste's spell isn't going to be so much a gift to her host as it is calculated justice springing from the dark fairy's magic. 

by Jayhawk303

Trevor has spent all his life being quiet and reserved while secret desires cloud his mind. But all that changes once he finally receives the mail-order clothing that completes his baseball uniform for his recreational league. Will this new force overpower him and make him succumb to their will? Will he fight back and overcome this strange, new power? One thing's for sure, Trevor's never seen anything quite like this before.

by Vestiphile

Wes had a plan for a lazy day at the end of the summer. At the end of the day--if everything went as planned--Wes wouldn't ever have to make another plan ever again.
Then Kayla came along.

by Limitless Lover

Olivia's been having strange dreams lately--dreams of forbidden sexual fantasies and out of control passions that begin to spill over into her waking life. As she begins subconsciously communicating to forces from an unseen world, they supply her with otherworldly pleasure as they prepare her to accept her destiny.

written by Vestiphile with assist by Tigerzet

The PsychoKinetic eXperience.
Dave's not sure when or how he got his abilities, but he'd better learn to control them quickly, because they're spreading in scope and power--fast!

Created by Misterdoe
Written by Misterdoe and Vestiphile

When the narrator gets a ride home from a lovely, but selectively-tangible new friend, he recounts the recent events of their introduction and the details of his journey to a strange new part of the world with entities he never knew existed.

by Vestiphile

Lucas wanted proof. Gina wanted power. Felice just wanted something to do on a Saturday night...until she was part of the Ritual.

by Calx86

Kate finds a magic book and messes with an advanced class of spells that she can't keep control of. (Rebooted version of Enchanted Panties.)

Kay has found her perfect match--the one to fulfill her potential. Now all she has to do to keep feeding her growing abilities is have her way with him--as much as possible, in as many ways as she can think of. 

by The Living Socks

Lexi, A nineteen year old student with the most unusual of fetishes, finds a way to make her dreams come true within a quaint little props shop. Thinking the spell she is casting would give her the power to animate the footwear she adores, Lexi ends up finding herself under their heel as their own pet. Lexi struggles with her own desires, and her condition, trying to think of a way to have her cake and eat it too, by discovering away to wrest control once again; all while those red striped knee highs work to transform her entire world. Forcing her to get used to being called Their Doll, and speaking of Them to the public while people look on, confused and certain Lexi has gone insane.

by JayHawk303

Chase's sock fetish gets him in over his head when he trips over a wish-granting website. At first he doesn't believe his eyes, but when unexplainable things happen, it's clear the supernatural forces aren't just a dream. 

initial chapter, author unknown
all other chapters by hypocriticalme, reposted with permission

A handful of coeds use a spell and a ouija board to make contact with something not of this world. When that something uses their bodies and desires to create a means to influence the door between their worlds and exercise its power over this interesting new reality, the girls attempt to figure out the mystery behind the entity and discover their own inroads to the entity's form of power.

An active story, originally published on

by Vestiphile

In a grand old house extravagantly built with strange proportions, odd parapets and exotic materials, roommates that discover a cosmic secret lying in wait for over a century.

concept by JayHawk303
written by JayHawk303 & Vestiphile

When a spirit jar is found on the Bascombe Farm, no one recognizes it until the force within it is unleashed. As everything on the property seems to gain a mind of its own, one young stable hand tries to reconcile this new bend in reality. Set upon by an unknown force with questionable intentions, at first, he fears for life and limb...but when it becomes clear what the force really wants, he soon finds himself torn between his modest midwest upbringing and forbidden--possibly dangerous--desire.

by Misterdoe

Marla, a semi-retired spy who happens to be invisible, has to leave her significant other unattended when she\'s out on business. When her clothes come to life while she\'s away, it seems they have their own agenda...

by Calx86

April, a college-age witch with a lot to learn about magical control, gets over her head while tampering with animation spells that begin to effect her clothes--to embarrassing effect.