Anyone that's registered here has been given an account at the image site. This was an experiment in porting database users that worked spendidly, so I just ran with it. If you don't want to use it and are just waiting for the writing, no worries...but if you DO want to use it, you just have to reset your password at the login screen. The reason for this is that I can't port passwords--they're locked in special data packets called 'hashes' that aren't human readable, which makes it so that no one, not even your trusty admin, can reverse engineer them. is both your image sharing site for the community, and a place for my art archive.

Registration and sharing are free, but I'm also offering premium tiers for those of you that like the art more than the writing.

Over at the Art Patreon, I'm releasing image packs every two weeks.

For $3/image pack, you get access to a 10x14 full color image and two additional sketches only available but the Premium Access level.
For $9/image pack, you get the above, AND priority in presenting content ideas for these image packs. You also get access to the WHOLE archive stack and updates to all my WIPs, including anything I'm currently playing with on my phone.

Yes, I'm shilling my art. Since I don't pelt you guys with banners or adwords, I'm comfortable with this. :D

Next up, shilling my writing! More news on that Saturday.

P.S.: Rook has new comic pages for us! These will go up over at the registered (free) area of the image site soon, so be sure and activate or register!