Lots of things to be happy about here, ladies, gents and enchanted beings.
We have a lot of content up, some new, some restored chapters that have finally been recovered!

There's a premium post coming tomorrow, but as of yet it's not ready.
Hang in there, premium users, because the first up is a new chapter of INANNA.

Until then, let's start off our return with a list of all this new and resotred content, shall we?

First, some body control and enchanted costume delight with a few shorts from Darkside007:

Magic Panties - RESTORED!
After Sarah finds a webpage claiming to have real magic spells, she tries--half-intoxicated--to use a "simple desires" spell on a pair of her underwear.

The Mary Janes - RESTORED!
"Change your shoes, change your life" takes on a whole new meaning...

The Red Shoes - RESTORED!
Katie is given a pair of new shoes that come with special features.

The Cheer Costume - RESTORED!
Rachel wanders into a stange store and buys an outfit that changes her fortune in extracurricular activities.

The Robot Costume - NEW!
The costume came in the mail, glistening and even better-fitting than she expected. She didn't realize that it came with it's own program.

Then a short and the start of two new exciting serials from JayHawk303...

The Lighthouse
A man finds much more than he bargained for after his car breaks down in New England

The Subservience of Austin
Austin’s girlfriend is a prude and the poor guy hasn’t gotten any in forever.

The Sock Bureau
Chase's sock fetish gets him in over his head when he trips over a wish-granting website.

Finally, a new serial from the mind of Tigerzet, written by myself and Tiger!

Heiress in Bloom
In Zach Ellis' world, something has been inexplicably missing: his past. But six months after his 18th birthday, he's contacted by a lawyer who tells him that he's been deemed the caretaker of a breathtaking estate deep in the woods.