A couple important things have happened since we last caught up, Gang!

Firstly, I've been back on the ArtStream again, and adding to the Interactive for three days in a row (see the latest forum posts)!
And thanks to CalX and Chepedufrain for the recent posts to DragonicMan's Manacite contribution that got me back into it!

Secondly, (and this ties into the reason for firstly,) I quit my full-time job!
This means freelance project work closer to home, and it means more time to fulfill my responsibilities to you guys!

So we're starting off December with a premium writing post: the latest chapter of INANNA! No spoilers...


(Only premium members will be able to see the chapter at this link. Patreon Subscribers with PREMIUM level accounts should log into their MagicMystique.com account to see Premium updates. If you'd like to sign up for a premium account, be sure you've registered here, and contribute to the Patreon. [Use the same email, or let me know your username when you join]. If you have questions, get a hold of me through a message here, on my deviantArt page http://vestiphile.deviantart.com/, or email admin /at/ magicmystique /dot/ com.

Coming up later this month:

A holiday image pack next Saturday, Dec 17th, a week from now...
A new chapter posting on Christmas eve, Dec 24th...
And a year-end image pack posting on New Year's Eve!

I will also be doing various art streams, taking commissions and maybe even running a $5 sketch request stream! In the meantime, I'm also working on new free content with a couple of writers and will continue posting to the interactive--a day per post if I can keep it up!

Happy December, gang--and remember, if you need any assistance, shoot us a note on the forum, or send an email to admin /at/ magicmystique /dot/ com.