My God, has it really been TWO YEARS since I updated this story? Pathetic!
Y'all deserve a new post every week, so here we are: ADRIKSEHN 1.6 - Driven Underground!

Having captured our hero after smuggling a Vestian into forbidden territory, the Syntyche have just as mysteriously released Kalin and returned him to his employer's hands.

But things go from bad to worse when Kalin learns that it isn't just his IDOX passport that's been he's locked out of his home, too, and his closest contacts have apparently cut him loose.

All except Bailey, who seems to know much more than she's letting on.

With the Syntyche effectively monitoring Kalin through his Neuropause, he barely trusts his own thoughts. The only thing he can do is ride the path in front of him, return to Vestinia and go to Nyxe to claim his payment.

Just one problem: how the hell is he going to get there?

The new chapter is open to paid subscribers only until 2/11, when it will open to the public.

Bear with me, gang--more fun stuff to come. There's a new chapter of Heiress in Bloom in wait, and a whole new story that hasn't been posted yet!

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