Hi gang!

For those of you with premium accounts, Collected #2 is now posted! (Also for the high-tier subscribers: there's a note sheet associated with the characters in COLLECTED, for easy numerical reference :D) Sorry for the continued delays on PKX--this thing started as an RP between the co-author and I, so the edits had some flaws that I wanted to clear up to keep the prose running smoothly. Free readers: I will be opening up Lilith 4 this coming Friday.

What's next, you ask?

I'm looking at Sadie & Maddie 8, but I believe AoX is long overdue for an update first. Adriksehn is right behind those two 'Heptonne' stories; I'm anxious to finish that first arc and move on to the next big chapter there!
We've hit a new high-water line in terms of writing Patreon subscribers, so thanks to everybody who's contributed!

JUST A REMINDER: If you're subscribed to the upper tier of the Patreon and you HAVEN'T given me your choice of the Chapter & Option of the interactive to add to this month, YOU'RE TOO LATE! I will randomly pick an entry to add to for 3/1 for anyone who didn't pick. Those of you who did pick--the interactives will be posted on Wednesday morning!

SO THAT MEANS high-tier subscribers should get me their picks for March as soon as possible! The more time you give me to write a nice little entry, the nicer I can make it indeed!