Hi Gang!

I'm very backed up, as many of you may have seen from my video post on the forum or Patreon. I have a lot of things that are close (and you can check out the updated story list, which should be open to everyone), but the first thing to wrap in the way I liked was Phenomenology on the Precipice 2.

Subscribers, read it here!

Lilith 5, S&M 8, and the edit I owe you are next.
Unless I hear otherwise from the paid subscribers, my priorities stand as you see on the list.

Thanks for your patience, sorry for the hold up!

All readers: Adriksehn 7 is now open.
Once I crank out two more finished chapters, I've got interactives to hit!

Plenty to do, plenty to do. As the weather warms up...so do...your pants.

Or something.
Next update in less than 48 hours...