After getting back to writing a couple of weeks ago, I'm proud to bring you Tigerzet and I's next installment of Heiress in Bloom, Chapter 4: Overnight!

STARTING NOW, I will be bringing you new updates from myself once a week! (Even more often until about Thanksgiving!) I also have some things from Calx86 that need to be posted, some more co-writing with Tigerzet and JayHawk, and possibly some others!

I've taken the perfect part-time job that will allow me to focus on writing and drawing instead of worrying about where my next two-to-six months of pay are coming from as with freelancing. With the stress in my life limited to showing up to some good-old fresh air labor 3-5 days a week, now we can get back to building the fantastical universes I've been playing with in here ever since I took my first media job back in 2005.


To those of you in the Patreon, please remember that I will begin charging for membership again on November 1st. I will be posting the upcoming writing schedules there.

IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES WITH YOUR ACCOUNT, whether you're a Patron or not, please address them to vestiphile {at} gmail {dot} com. I get a lot of fake sign-ups, so it's more than likely you will need to be activated on my side.

I'm working on a new site update to make everything a little more friendly and accessible. I am also upgrading our host server sometime around Christmas.

I've been plugging right along with the Vestiphile illustration account, so if you'd like to see visual exclusives and support me further, check it out!