Keith Ripper was in the middle of a teleconference when he felt the zipper to his pants slide down. Dr. Haze`s breast, nipple erect, hit him in the face causing him to fumble a word. "Don`t fight it," she whispered, "I woke up very aroused this morning."

He wanted to say no or shake his head but he was in the middle of the teleconference. Instead, he tried to stick to his pitch even as he felt Dr. Haze`s chest and tummy press up against his face. Her legs straddled him as he watched his belt come unbuckled and his pants loosen as his already hardening dick came out of his pants. Two fingers gently held it while Dr. Haze`s other hand reached into his pants to play with his balls and stroke the area between his scrotum and his asshole. The table obscured his erect dick while Dr. Haze of course appeared to be nothing at all. When he felt her wet cunt close over his dick, he thought it might be over soon enough. He could already feel the cum wadding up inside him but then he felt Dr. Haze climb off of him and the next thing he knew a rubber band had been wrapped tight around the base of his cock. The Doctor had been doing that a lot lately. It made it impossible for him to cum and the Doctor would sit riding him for hours often times talking business, pausing only to let out a satisfied groan and announce "˜very good` whenever she`d cum.

Much as he enjoyed a good fuck, he was getting tired of this. The invisible doctor was fucking him everywhere, in his office, in his limo on his way home, even in his bed in his apartment on occasion. As if to make clear that that there was no stopping an invisible woman, she always came out of nowhere and seemed to enjoy doing it public taking full advantage of the fact that nobody could see her. And that, besides the humiliation was another source of frustration. Dr. Haze was always invisible. She would not even throw on a towel or something. It was clear from some of their more lively encounters that she was in good shape and probably had a wicked body. He wanted to see it.

Dr. Haze began to groan softly, too low to be picked up by the mike on the computer just as the camera could pick up no trace of her invisible body. After a few minutes she began to ride him more vigorously, moaning and groaning. Then he felt her climb off him. Her lips closed over his cock and he felt her tongue lick his foreskin. After a few minutes he blew his load. Then he watched in amazement as he heard Dr. Haze gulp and watched the cum trace its way down her gullet. "Hmmmmn, you taste like cottage cheese," she whispered. The door to his office swung open and he hurriedly zipped up his pants before his secretary came in.

He finished the teleconference, assured everyone that that Magnatek was well on track and then picked up a small, cheap cell phone with a cheap pay as you go company.

"Party set?" he asked.

"Pizza delivered." Ted Tite replied.

Sandy Vasquez touched the frame of her Ray bans with her leather gloved hand as her limo glided into an underground parking lot a block from Magnatek`s headquarters. Stretching her six foot frame out across the back seat, she was dressed to the corporate nines, sharp navy blue jacket, light grey slacks with a crisp white blouse, her hair cropped boyishly short. She was back from the airport, ostensibly on a recruiting trip for the college that still employed her but actually back from a recruiting trip for the Invisible Women. Dr. Haze`s evangel was simple. They were to recruit whatever woman they thought might want or need the power to become invisible. There were only a few provisos. The first was that while none of their recruits had to work with or for the Invisible Women and they certainly had no use for what was known as "the law" they were to avoid anyone who might use their invisibility for purely criminal or destructive purposes. A corporate executive who wanted a leg up on her rivals or a blogger who wanted to be the ultimate investigative journalist, even a grand scale thief was one thing. A girl who merely wanted to shoplift or terrorize her rivals was quite another. The other more important proviso was that none of the women share their secret with any man. This did not mean becoming a lesbian, as many of the Invisible Women had and it certainly didn`t mean eschewing sex. Sandy herself had enjoyed a nice romp with the men`s gymnastics team while back on campus. But it did mean avoiding any woman under the thumb of a boyfriend or husband.

Sandy felt a tingle of anticipation as the limo pulled into an isolated corner of the garage. In another minute, Invisible Sandy would be shedding her disguise. Beneath her clothes, her body was in the best shape it had been in since the days when she was still competing. She hoped vaguely, that Clarice would notice. She was not gay but she was gay for Dr. Haze. Sadly, Sandy knew that it wasn`t likely. Dr. Haze was too fond of the boys. Much as she loved and enjoyed women, she found the invisibility gave her a power over men that she found exhilarating. She called the shots now, not them. Straight sex was now daring and exciting, like breaking in wild horses. Sandy, who`d had plenty of fun with the swim team, had to agree.

Seated in the driver`s seat, still dressed in her stewardess` uniform, was Sandy`s recruit. Tina Choy was a petite woman of thirty who looked twenty with thick hair dyed coppery red and deceptively fragile looking features. She was a blogger who had already uncovered plenty of dirt about the airline industry and its hiring practices, and getting her job in danger in the process. Sandy, in fact, had used her ability to disappear to fend off one such effort and then recruited her.

"You`ll have to excuse me Tina while I become nobody," Sandy said leaning back in her seat, "But I`m not officially a Magnatek employee and somebody has to let you in." Her skin and hair faded leaving a brief flash of muscles and cartilage before they unraveled to reveal arteries and veins pulsing over a crystalline skull. Then they faded leaving her shades floating over an empty collar. Tina turned around a big wicked grin on her face.

"Watching me disappear turns you on, doesn`t it?" Sandy said as her left hand glove, only tenuously connected to her collar whipped her glasses away. The gloves reached up and pulled her navy blue jacket away.

"Ooooh, yeah!" Tina answered as the gloves began to rapidly unbutton Sandy`s blouse. Sandy had recruited Tina by doing just what she was doing now. She had become invisible and disrobed right in front of her. Then as now, Tina had become intensely turned on. And yet curiously this had not led to anything physical between them. Nor was it likely to. Tina was boy-crazy and planned to go wild in a gay bar once she was invisible.

Nevertheless, Tina watched as the gloves peeled back the blouse to reveal a form fitting white tee shirt floating over the waist of the slacks. Then the gloves pulled the shirt up, the fabric losing its shape as the gloves crumpled the shirt up and dropped it onto the seat. The gloves floated down and popped the button on the slacks, sliding the zipper down. The fly opened up, revealing an expanse of empty pants as the slacks slid down to the floor. The gloves now hovered over an empty seat with only a barely noticeable depression in the fabric to indicate where Sandy was as they pulled each other loose and dropped one by one onto the floor of the car.

"How do I look?" Sandy whispered. Nothing remained but her clothes scattered across the back seat.

"All gone," Tina grinned.

The back door swung open. "Come on," Sandy said as the back seat seemed to shift, "I`ll show you the way."

"How?" Tina asked as she got out.

"This way," Sandy answered as the back door slammed shut. Tina felt an arm slide across her shoulder.

"Oh," she answered. The invisible arm guided her out a back entrance of the garage and to a freight entrance to the Magnatek building. A key card floated out of her purse and unlocked a back door. Then she went up a freight elevator to the thirteenth floor. The elevator doors slid open to reveal a long expanse of cubicles and glass offices with larger rooms filled with masses of what looked like wiring and electronic parts along a far wall. At first the room appeared to be empty. But then Tina noticed the clacking of keypads and the swivel of chairs. Soft female laughter erupted from where a Styrofoam coffee cup floated in space. The Invisible Women.

Suddenly Tina noticed what looked like glass bones forming out of thin air in front of her. As they did a faint halo, outlining a curvaceous female figure appeared around them. The halo became flesh. A tall woman with chiseled features and long gray hair down to her backside, her face lined but still attractive, stood before her. Completely naked, she stood without even a hint of shame, her hand on her right hip. Tina couldn`t help but notice how full and firm her breasts were. There was something shameless about the way they thrust forward.

A mass of muscle and blood vessels seemed to erupt out of the air beside her and suddenly Sandy stood at her side, her lean brown body a nice contrast to the other woman`s voluptuous figure. "Tina, this is Dr. Clarice Haze," she said.

Dr. Haze offered her hand, "You must excuse our lack of attire. But the entire process is based on an electromagnetic field that is only generated by living tissue."

"That`s okay," Tina said as she pulled off her jacket and tossed it onto a table, "I don`t have any problem with getting naked." Within a minute, she too was naked. Dr. Haze nodded and smiled in a way that suggested appreciation, rather than lust. "But how do you guys keep warm?"

"We have a special blood antifreeze that keeps us warm in all but the most extreme conditions," Dr. Haze said. "Come," she took Tina by the arm and began to walk her towards some of the larger rooms along the far wall. "Ripper and his people think I`m up here alone trying to find the way back to visible woman. What they don`t realize is that I`ve already found it. I just prefer to be invisible." Dr. Haze grinned and rapidly became transparent. Within a minute Tina found herself staring at a complete set of teeth hanging in mid air in front of her. Then the teeth began to turn glassy and the Doctor completely disappeared. Sandy smiled. Tina felt an arm slip round her shoulder and a warm body press against her, guiding her to some equipment. "Come on," Dr. Haze said, "Let`s get you started. We`ve set things up so that we can process as many women as might come in on a given day."

"You mean you`re making any woman who asks for it invisible?" Tina asked.

"Yes." Dr. Haze answered from somewhere beside her.

"Our goal is to give every woman in the world this power," Sandy said.

"We have only one requirement," Dr. Haze added, "You can do whatever you want with your invisibility. You`re under no obligation to join us or help us. In fact many of the women we`ve given the power to have gone off to pursue their own interests whether it is to amass money and power or simply to engage in the ultimate drop out from society. But we do demand one thing." At this Tina felt Dr. Haze pause and tighten her grip slightly, "Under no circumstances must you reveal any of this to a man. Bewitch them, befuddle them, use this power to seduce them. But under no circumstances reveal to them the secret. Invisibility is meant to be a power women have over men not another weapon in the hands of men."

"I can still fuck "˜em though?" Tina asked.

"Ah, a girl after my own heart. Of course you can Tina. And it`s a lot more fun when they don`t know what`s happening to them. Shall we begin the process?"

"Ooooh, yeah!" Tina answered. She followed Sandy`s gently swaying backside to what looked like a small chemical laboratory set up next to examination table. Next to this a chair jerked and swiveled in front of a computer screen, the keypad clattering beneath it.

"Tina, this is my associate, Dr. Devi Pradesh," Dr. Haze said, "She`ll oversee, if that`s the word, your transformation."

The chair swiveled round and a short woman with full hips, fuller breasts and dark brown skin appeared as if emerging from the shadows. Dr. Pradesh reached out and took Tina`s hand, "The process has three steps," Dr. Pradesh explained, "First the initial treatment. This will render you completely invisible with no way back. So there better not be any place you need to go for the next day or so. Next, a retrovirus that will alter the structure of your eyes. You will be able to see yourself and us. Finally the introduction of nanobots that can process, from chemicals regularly injected into your body, both the catalyst for the invisibility process and it`s antidote allowing you to shift from visible-" at this Sandy smiled and rapidly unraveled herself into nothing. "-to invisible at will with control over any part of your body." At this Sandy`s ass and legs reappeared. The legs squatted giving them all a bird`s eye view of Sandy`s asshole and vagina. Devi frowned and Sandy giggled as the ass and legs faded away. "So are you ready to disappear?"Devi asked.

"Let`s get started Doc."

Several hours later, Tina stepped, sweaty and tired from her experience, stepped into a small room furnished with a chaise lounge, small tables and a small refrigerator stocked with champagne and light wine. The floor was covered with plush carpeting and the walls with full length mirrors. With her was Donna, a buxom blonde of about fifty who was helping Dr. Pradesh on some project. While Tina was naked, Donna wore a nothing but a blue silk robe. "This is sort of a transformation room," she said, "We set it up so that you can wait here for the process to take effect. After all, we can`t have you dress and go outside. You`ll be completely invisible in little more than an hour."

They talked and drank wine for about an hour until Tina suddenly noticed the bones of her right hand glowing through her skin like bright crystal. She put her glass down and watched as first her arms and her legs, then her head, then her shoulders and chest and finally her pelvis and bush vanished into thin air. Tina let out a triumphant laugh. The mirrors all showed an empty room.

"So what do you want to do?" Donna asked, "The door to the right leads to an elevator that will take you straight to the street."

"I wanna get laid," Tina said, "Do you know where I can nail a couple of guys?"

"Sure," Donna answered, "Can I join you?"


In an instant Donna faded away leaving an empty robe still filled out by her curvaceous figure. The sash came undone and the robe flew open losing shape as it fell to the floor. Tina`s laughter mixed with Donna`s giggling as a door flew open and closed.

* * *

It was a busy lunchtime at The Blue Oyster Bar where the cheapest item on the menu was a twenty five dollar slice of garlic bread. Brad Bannister, looking blonde and boyishly fit in his new Armani suit was having a ninety dollar hamburger at a small table by the bar. An executive at Magnetek, he considered himself to be worth vastly more than he actually was and was paid somewhere in between. Even so he was thinking about getting a license plate that read "˜one percent` for his new Hyundai when he felt the jacket of his suit come unbuttoned. He felt soft skin over hard bone, like a woman`s cheek, brush against his face. "Hi there!" a thin girlish voice whispered, "Coffee, tea or me?" At once he felt fingers fluttering over his crotch. He looked down to see his pants coming unbuttoned. Instinctively he reached down to button them up but his hands were slapped away. "Naughty boy!" the voice teased, "Don`t be scared. You`re about to fuck nobody."

He was too stunned to even react but his dick wasn`t. By the time the unseen fingers slid it out of his pants, it was already hardening. Then he felt something warm and soft press against his face and a hardened nipple pushed between his lips. His tie loosed and his shirt came unbuttoned as a phantom cunt slid over his dick. As brad began to moan one of the waiter`s pants slid down to the floor and he fell back into a chair. His uniform seemed to fall away as he thrust his sizeable dick into the air. His shirt and jacket slid to the floor and scratch marks appeared across his back. The whole restaurant stopped and stared as the two men sat across from each other, virtually naked, thrusting their dicks in the air as if making love to someone.

Suddenly Brad groaned and shot a wad. It billowed up like a plume and hung in the air before fading away. "Asshole!" the voice hissed. A champagne bottle flew off a table and shook itself vigorously. The cork shot off and the bottle exploded, the spray hitting a still naked Brad square in the crotch, causing him to retreat into the rear of the restaurant.

Just then, the police arrived. Two uniformed officers came barreling through the door. A chair flew up and flew right into them, knocking them to the floor. The waiter felt two sets of hands pull him up onto the floor. "Don`t worry," a deeper, more mature voice said, "We`ll get you out of here."

He was pulled into the kitchen and then out into a back alley, the cooks all staring in amazement as his naked body was pulled and jerked past them. A black limo pulled up in front him. The back door swung open and he was pushed in. He felt a leg kick him gently and he was pushed to the other side of the seat. Two depressions formed in the fabric beside him. The door slammed shut and the car started. He looked up through the gap in the partition and saw that there was no driver, the wheel turning itself.

"Don`t worry," the more mature voice said, "You aren`t going to be arrested and we`ll see to it that you`ll get another job."

"How?" he asked looking at his naked body and the nothing beside him.

Soft laughter came from next to him, "Silly, we can do whatever we want." Fingers began to gently finger his dick making it hard again, "Now, there are three women in this car, including your driver. And we are all very horny."