"I guess I just assumed they`d drop as soon as you took the necklace off, or stopped coming in contact with it." Dressed in yoga pants and a comfy tee, Alison folded her arms and stood across from Claire`s sectional. The two outfits Claire animated earlier were seated, with their sleeves in their laps. Claire stood nearby, looking at the necklace she had just placed on the coffee table. "So does that mean, like--the power is a permanent thing?"

"Stand up," Claire said to her own outfit. The pants and blouse complied, getting up off the couch. "Huh. Maybe. But let`s try..." Claire peered over at the damp towel on the floor, silently telling it to hang itself up. It flapped into the air, heading to the first floor bathroom. "Whoa. Maybe once you wear the necklace, that`s all you need." Claire looked over at her purse, sitting on a chair.

She expected the bag to hover up and float to her hand, but nothing happened.

"Something wrong?" Alison asked, watching Claire concentrate on the chair across the room.

"My purse won`t budge." Claire turned to the entryway, commanding a pair of heels by the door to walk. Nothing. "And neither will those shoes."

A second later, Alison put together the details and held up a finger.

"Got it. I got it, Claire." She pointed at the window. "Don`t think about the pulldown, but ask one of the curtains to tie itself back." A second after Alison mentioned it, the navy velour curled back, and a sash on the side curled around it and looped into a neat bow. "Ha!" Alison shouted.

"So anything I affected while I wore the necklace is still fair game after I take it off." Finally, a limitation. It was actually relieving to know that everything she thought about wasn`t simply going to happen on its own. "C`mere," Claire said to her outfit. It rose up from the couch, walking over and standing in front of her. "You`re right, Alison." She looked down the empty satin blouse, wondering what it would feel like to be dressed in an outfit that could walk and move on its own. "So...I guess I get the motion of the towel and the curtains...but the outfits--why did they take shape like this? It happened before I specifically directed it--I mean, like, the first time I saw them. What do you think it is they`re filled with?" Alison plopped down on the sectional next to her own outfit.

"Not a clue," she grinned. "But did you notice that the shapes are...eerily accurate? Or that when they walk, they seem to walk like we do?" Alison waved her hand over the empty neck hole of her sweater. "Have you touched one yet?" Claire shook her head.

"Kinda brushed up against one on the stairs, but not outside of that. It`s all still a bit out there for me...even if they seem to be following orders."

"Well, we won`t know unless we find out, right?" Alison slowly reached out and hooked a finger around the collar of her inflated sweater and pulled it toward her. It gave as much as the knit fabric would normally allow, but the whole sweater itself and the apparently intangible body inside it didn`t budge. "Whoa."

"What?" Claire approached, watching closely as Alison let go of the collar, causing it to spring back to it`s shape around an invisible neck. Alison ran her hand down the shoulder and along a slender arm, squeezing the fabric just after the bend in the elbow. It didn`t give much more than a real arm would.

"It`s almost like there`s something substantial in them, but--" Alison`s fingers traced carefully down the rest of the sleeve. She felt butterflies in her stomach as she reached the end of the hollow sleeve and explored the inside. "God, it`s so weird." While Alison slid her hand up the empty sleeve, she repositioned herself and half-straddled her own filled leather pants. She pressed her weight down on the ghostly thighs, feeling a soft but somehow solid resistance.

"Alison, what on earth are you doing?" Claire felt the blood rush to her cheeks as Alison`s manual experimentation next moved to the sweater`s chest. She`d pulled away from the sleeve now, instead occupying both her palms with the fullest part of the spread. "Alison!"

Her attention finally broken from the impossibly realistic intangible form in her work clothes, Alison turned to Claire in awe.

"You gotta feel, Claire. Somehow they make it feel like someone`s really inside--at least from the outside. Try it!"

Claire`s look was somewhere between scandalized and disapproving.

"Oh, come on," Alison sneered. "I don`t think they mind."

"I guess I`m just not as anxious to feel up my own clothes," Claire said. "And how do you know they don`t mind?" With a flicker of a thought, Alison`s outfit was suddenly no longer passive about its owner sitting on its leather lap. Knit sleeves wrapped around Alison`s shoulders and tackled her onto the couch. Now the shiny black legs were straddling Alison, pinning her down with the weight of intangible force as she roared with laughter.

Alison reached for the necklace on the table, looking up at the magical outfit wrestling with her, then back to a smiling Claire.

"Hey! So it`s not cool for me to take advantage of magic clothes, but you've got no problem using them to pin me down?" Alison joked, slapping a tightly filled leather thigh. "I want in, Claire. My turn to wear the necklace now." Alison`s outfit relented, letting her up and returning to it`s seated position on the couch. She took the necklace from the table. You gonna give me your blessing on this, or what?" Claire`s expression turned serious.

"We don`t know anything about this," Claire said. "We don`t know who sent this or how we`re able to do these things with it. What if it`s, like, sucking out our life force every time we use the power?" Alison`s eyes went wide, considering it.

"Well, you've been holding these two together for a few minutes--how do you feel?" Alison asked.

"I feel shaky," Claire admitted, "but I think that`s an excited shaky. I don`t feel weak or anything..."

"Then...I guess my advice is to take it one step at a time and just be careful. This is all too crazy to just ignore without exploring it more." Alison played with the chain between her fingers. "It would be nice to know where it came from--and maybe what exactly we`re getting ourselves into, but if you feel okay..."

"Then you at least agree that we need to play this cool for now? " Claire asked. Alison nodded. "Good. So we`ll take some time to learn the ins and outs before we do anything crazy." Alison nodded.

"For damn sure." She looked over at her empty sweater sitting next to her. "This stuff took us--what, under an hour to figure out? I can`t imagine what else this thing is capable of."

"So let`s find out, then," Claire said. "Cautiously, and in private. Deal?"


"Good," Claire said. "So put the thing on already."

Alison unclasped the necklace, looking at the deep red jewel dangling in front of her. She knew that as soon as she wore it, she`d be a part of the impossible things she witnessed tonight. She just promised Claire she`d keep herself under control, but then, she had no idea how it would feel to wield that kind of power. She took a deep breath and looked over at Claire.

"You`re sure you feel okay?" Alison asked.

"I feel fine, Al," Claire shrugged. "All that talk, and now you`re hesitating? Don`t make me explore this alone, dude--put it on." Alison the practical joker--the goof-off--would think twice about giving herself these powers? That actually set Claire at ease. Pragmatic as she was, Claire knew she needed someone else in this, someone else to help her keep perspective. Someone else to...share the weight of this reality-bending phenomenon. She wondered if it was selfish fear or generosity that made her want Alison to wear the jewel. Maybe both. "I need you, Alison. If I kept this all to myself, I could get dangerous. Right?" Alison laughed.

"Yeah, like we can`t be dangerous together," Alison said. "So what should I expect?"

"I feel...the same, basically. Like I said, a little excited, but I don`t think that`s the necklace. Not directly, I mean."

"Well, here goes." Alison clasped the chain around her neck, and the same momentary surge hit the lights in the room. "Whoa."

"Yeah," Claire said, looking around. "That happened when I did it too." Alison stood up, shaking out her hands and moving her body around.

"Okay...so now what? I just--say a command or something?" Alison eyed her outfit on the couch.

"Or think it, really...and just concentrate on the intention for a second."

Alison directed her focus to her outfit sitting on the couch. In a moment it was standing and approaching her. She let out a little laugh, smiling and wide-eyed. As she held her arms out, her sweater held its own sleeves out, wrapping them around Alison and gently squeezing as her arms did the same. Testing out the stability of the ghostly form, she bared her weight down on it, wondering how well it could hold her up.

"Claire--they`re pretty strong." Alison was slumped against the soft, hollow form, letting more and more weight off of her feet as she held the sweater tighter. "It`s practically carrying me."

"Hmm..." Claire watched Alison closely. "I don`t know how friendly I`d get with them. We still really don`t know how they interpret commands, so be careful what you think about." Alison smiled back at her, looking over the sweater`s shoulder as it softly whirled her around a quarter turn and took a step back, appearing to lead her in a kind of dance.

"And what exactly are you thinking about, Claire?"

Claire gasped, feeling her striped navy blouse move on its own. She looked down at her chest to see one of the buttons dip into its hole and come undone.


Alison watched Claire try and hold her defiant blouse together. As soon as she grabbed each side of the blouse and tried to hold the next button in place, the bottom of the blouse began shifting, tugging its sides from each other as the last button popped open.

"Oh my god, you really can`t stop it from happening, can you?" Alison said, laughing. Claire sighed and let go of the shirt, giving up and letting it magically unbutton without resistance.

"Apparently not," she said, watching the blouse gracefully flutter open, exposing her black satin bra. "So I guess I won`t be wearing this blouse around you anymore." In playful retaliation--and to see if she maintained any influence over it after Alison`s commands--Claire focused on Alison`s dancing outfit. One of its sleeves reached down, and with a folded cuff at the wrist, pinched Alison`s ass through her clingy yoga pants. Alison squeaked as Claire started laughing now. She glanced at Claire`s waist, a devilish smirk on her face.

Claire went up on her toes and shrieked as her underwear wedged between her cheeks, straining upward.

"Damn it, Alison! Mercy!" Alison nodded, and instead of going limp, Claire`s panties pulled themselves in the other direction now, sailing clear down her thighs. "Quit! You`re soooo asking for it!"

Alison expected to be scolded, but she could tell from the look on Claire`s face that she was taking it all in fun. When Alison felt her own sweater goose her, she upped the ante, and Claire didn`t seem all that reluctant to keep playing.

And that`s exactly what it felt like--despite what this power could be used for. They were playing like kids.

"Do your worst, Roland. I`m the one wearing the necklace!" Alison stuck her tongue out and Claire gasped again as she felt the cups on her bra shift. She reached up to hold her tits, bobbing on their own under the control of her now-animated black brassiere.

With only a couple things in her control, she had to out-think Alison if she wanted to reassert herself. She wasn`t sure that Alison was ready to strip her bare, but if Alison figured that underwear was fair game, it was time to think big. Claire wasn`t positive that the sleeves of her red satin blouse had the dexterity for what she was about to try, but if Alison`s sweater could manage a pinch on her ass--

"Ooh!" Claire moaned. Her bra was getting detailed in its fondling now. The cups were pinching and twisting her nipples ever so gently, just enough to tease and distract her from her intended commands. "Alison, you freaking perv--what are you telling them to do to me?!"

"I told your clothes to play the way you like it," Alison said, giggling. "So it`s not really my commands...it`s your preferences, superfreak. And it sounds like you`re enjoying this more than I--hey!"

Alison`s sweater and leather pants pulled her back onto the couch, still clinging to her in a soft but unbreakable embrace. When Alison fell forward into her own living outfit, Claire`s red satin blouse and black pants followed behind, the satin sleeves reaching up behind Alison`s back to the necklace`s clasp. Before Alison could react, the necklace was unfastened and slipped from around her neck, its chain pinched in the folded cuff of a satin sleeve.

In a smooth underhand arc, the sleeve flung the necklace to Claire, who caught it despite the distracting sensations being generated by her animated black bra. As she brought the ends of the chain behind her neck again, though, her sleeves went tight around her arms, holding them in place and stopping her from putting the necklace back on.

Claire gritted her teeth and turned back to Alison, who began laughing uncontrollably, sandwiched between the two outfits Claire brought to life. Alison`s own sweater sleeves held back her arms as the red satin sleeves of Claire`s animated blouse went for her armpits.

"Stop--stop...!" Alison`s eyes darted back to Claire, whose bra cups continued shifting around on her as the front corners of her unbuttoned shirt curled up to her sides and began softly sweeping over them, tickling her in return.

"Okay, okay--truce..." Claire said, commanding the outfits handling Alison to stop. Claire`s own clothes stopped shifting over her shortly after. She took a deep breath. "Wow." She held the necklace out in front of her again, then looked at Alison, reclining on the couch in the lap of her leather pants. "You keep expecting to wake up from this?"

"Like any second," Alison said, looking up at the sweater. "You?" Claire nodded.

"It`s gonna take a while for it to set in, I think."

"So...what do we do in the meantime?" Alison pulled up the waist of her inflated fuchsia sweater and stuck her hand inside, between it and the leather pants. Claire watched her fingers trace up the inside of the sweater`s abdomen and explore the threshold of the invisible breasts, the knit conforming to her fingers.

"Go to work tomorrow, maybe take some time off in the near future to explore this more thoroughly..." Claire plopped down in a chair, staring at her ghostly outfit as she put the necklace on the table again.

"Tomorrow? I mean like right now, Claire. You don`t think you can sleep, do you?"

Claire yawned.

"Does that answer your question? Amazing as all this is, it really just made a long day even longer." She caught Alison eyeing the necklace. "Aren`t you gonna sleep?"

"Well...I mean, if you trust me, I kinda want to know a little bit more about how this works." Alison pulled her exploring arm out of the phantom outfit and sat up. "Only if you`re cool with that, though. Far as I`m concerned, it`s your necklace." Claire shrugged.

"Cool with me. Just don`t get in over your head, okay?"

"You mean it?" Alison`s eyes lit up.

"Course I do. We`re a team, right? We gotta trust each other. Besides, best to learn as much as we can. I've just..." Claire stared at her satin blouse and black pants, content with sitting quietly on the couch. She laughed. "I've just...absorbed about as much weird as I can for the night." Claire stood up, holding a hand out to her outfit. "C`mon, we need to get you on a hanger." The sleeve reached for her hand, the end wrapping around her fingers before the outfit stood up. Claire shook her head. "So weird..." The outfit headed toward the stairs ahead of Claire, and as she took the first step up, she looked back at Alison. "Hey--thanks for coming. I dunno what I would've done if this shit started happening with me here alone."

"I`m glad I got to see it firsthand," Alison shrugged, chuckling. "There`s no way you could've explained it on the phone. And you`re welcome," she beamed. "So, guest bedroom, or...?"

"Or down here. Whatever you want," Claire said. "Plenty of blankets upstairs in the linen closet if you need them." Claire started heading up the stairs. "Night, Al."

"Night, Claire. Set an alarm!"

"I will," she called back, out of sight now. "And remember, take it easy if you play around with that thing..."

Alison`s eyes were already fixed on the necklace the moment Claire headed upstairs. She didn`t want to seem too anxious to exploit some of the more interesting possibilities, but they had been running through her head since the moment she realized its effects weren`t just a hoax.

She looked at her outfit sitting on the couch and thought about the curves inside it. How it was happening was obviously beyond her understanding...but why did it happen? Claire mentioned that she hadn`t specifically commanded the clothes to look as if someone was inside them, so why had they defaulted to a human shape?

And not just any human shape. Their shape. Hers and Claire`s.

She took the necklace off of the table and clasped it around her neck, looking at the outfit next to her again.

"So, I wonder how direct the command needs to be," Alison said. She wondered, for instance, what would happen if she asked for Cassie`s clothes to present themselves to her. Realizing she might do something overwhelming if she wasn`t specific enough, she scaled back the intention.

Show me everything in Cassie`s top dresser drawer.

Downstairs, in the finished basement where Claire`s sister stayed when college was out-of-session, a dresser drawer slid itself open. The first item to hover out was a pink satin bra, followed by a lacy black strapless bra. Before long, they were joined by six more, in blue, white, cream, silver, orange, and red. The procession made its way to the stairs as panties began lifting out of the drawer and following behind them, far outnumbering their upper counterparts.

Alison headed to the basement staircase, wondering if her command worked. When she opened the door, she had her answer.

"Oh, damn!" She stood at the top of the stairs, watching Cassie`s underwear bob up the stairs to meet her. Like the outfits, the items were filled as if Cassie was invisibly occupying them. Alison took a few steps down, halting the collection mid-way up. When she focused on the collection and pointed back down the stairs, they complied, sinking back into the darkness as Alison followed. Before she headed in, she looked at the door at the top of the stairs. She smiled as it slowly shut itself.

Sure that she wouldn`t disturb Claire two floors away, Alison stepped into Cassie`s messy room in the basement--which was basically the entire finished floor minus a bathroom, a laundry room, and the house`s heat and hot water systems. It was a nice open space for some experimentation, and--unlike the rest of the house, which Claire kept pristine--Cassie`s room was messy enough to put the necklace`s power to the test with some complex tasks than Alison simply beckoning objects to move or come to her.

Alison flicked the lights on, finding herself staring at dozen bras and three times as many panties. What she didn`t expect to see was a vibrator, hovering alongside the clothing, plain as day. She blushed.

"I suppose that`s a pretty standard place to keep it," Alison muttered. A smirk from her set the vibrator running, hovering in midair and weaving itself through the cloud of underwear. Now it was eerily suspended a couple feet from Alison, waiting patiently for her next command. Don`t even think that way, Alison thought to herself, trying to avoid any implication that it might be fun to see what an enchanted vibrator could do on its own. After all, when she animated Claire`s bra, she mentally commanded it to play with her in a way she`d like...and that appeared to be enough information for the necklace to do its thing.

"Super, super dangerous..." she said, almost teasing herself. Looking around the disorganized room, she wondered if just one command...

A pile of clothes on the bed jumped to life as closet doors and dresser drawers opened. The sheets and blankets on Cassie`s bed righted themselves, with an extra blanket folding into quarters and placing itself at the foot. Alison heard another door open, and a second later, the vacuum could be seen wheeling its way into the room. Alison watched in awe as the cord snaked away from the device, looking for a power source. Alison commanded it to stop, and the cord hung in midair as the rest of the things in the room found their places, excluding the underwear and sex toy she`d brought to life a minute ago.

Now Alison watched as a basket of dirty laundry rose into the air and sailed past her, out to the laundry room. She passively commanded the vacuum to put itself back as she followed the laundry basket down the hall to the washer and dryer.

It was amazing. She asked for the room to be cleaned--no particulars--and the actions started performing themselves. Was it based on expectation? She certainly didn`t specifically call for the vacuum or for the laundry to do itself...but maybe, subconsciously, that`s what the command entailed. As the basket of clothes dumped into the washer, the detergent added itself, and the dial cycled to colors.

"Every detail..." Alison said, astounded. Recalling the concern she mentioned earlier, she noticed that even after all the physical tasks performed by the enchanted room, she didn`t feel any different--not weak, tired, or overwhelmed. Like Claire said, she was just giddy with excitement.

She wandered back to Cassie`s bedroom and looked at the ghostly underwear...then back at the vibrator. She bit her lip as an evil grin came over her. If it fulfilled subconscious expectations so accurately...

I can`t do that, Alison thought, staring at the toy and thinking about its history. If it were new, that would be one thing, but...

And then a brilliant idea crossed her mind. If the clothes filled up to the shapes they expected as if someone was wearing them, wouldn`t that extend to other things that might be 'worn'? She felt a flutter in her stomach. Her well-intentioned practice was inching closer and closer to something a bit more recreational with every following thought.

Alison was blushing. She and Claire hadn`t found out about the power of this necklace but a couple of hours ago, and already she was considering using it for the most carnal purpose she could think of.

But--was there any harm? What was the difference between play-wrestling some clothes and doing something a bit more--intimate? It was already clear that the objects affected by the power were exceptional at taking orders, and without specific thoughts, no less. She figured that it was only a matter of time before either her or Claire tried something freaky with it. Why not here and now?

Alison waved the vibrator and ghostly underwear back into Cassie`s top drawer. When the vibrator hovered back into the dresser with the enchanted clothes, Alison went to sit on Cassie`s bed.

Alright, she thought. Bring it down here. Let`s just see, at least.

Her heart was thumping with anticipation as she thought about the contents of her purse, considering one little foil-sealed item in particular. In another couple of seconds, she saw the tiny object sail through the doorway, hanging in space.

She found it a little funny and a little pathetic, watching the wrapped condom floating in front her. What kind of pervert discovers magic powers and immediately considers the auto-erotic implications? She took a deep breath.

"Well, let`s see," she muttered. "Let`s at least see." Alison bit her lip and nodded at the wrapper, which tore itself open, leaving only the covered torus of hovering latex. Alison couldn`t help but laugh. "This is so ridiculous," she sighed, staring at the condom.

Overcoming her hesitation, she imagined a fantasy lover donning the latex sheath. She watched as the form magically rolled down a nonexistent form, taking a familiar shape. Alison`s eyes lit up at the strange sight, and she had to cover her mouth to hold back her laughter.

As she quieted again, her eyes were fixed on the ghostly phallus, taking in every perfect detail of the disembodied condom. The gently bulbing end, the reservoir tip, the slightly upturned shaft--Allison still chuckled at the silliness of the manifestation, but the perfection of the shape only charged her curiosity.

She carefully reached out to the strange inflated latex, touching it with a fingertip and pulling back. It held steady. Steeling herself, she reached out again and stroked downward with two fingertips.

The form moved, making her quake and pull away again, giggling.

"Oh, god...what am I doing? This is just too weird."

For the next couple of moments she could only stare at the thing, hovering before her and awaiting her next command. Freaky as the situation was, there was something hauntingly arousing about the invisible shape, apparently waiting patiently to react to whatever she had in mind.

"Hold still," she commanded, taking a deep breath. Now she reached out with slightly curled fingers, slowly moving in to grip the hovering shaft. When her delicate fingers tightened around the lubricated latex shape, she trembled a bit from the uncanny feel of it, squeezing the form inside and feeling a curiously accurate representation of the real thing. She laughed again, sliding her slicked fingers up toward the end and clasping the soft tip between her thumb and forefinger.

She self-consciously looked around, reassuring herself of privacy in Cassie`s basement room. The only window was well obscured by a tacked-up blanket, no doubt to keep the morning sun from disturbing late-sleep.

Alison was blushing, despite being alone. Her hovering, shiny pet phallus still seemed so silly, hovering in place as she tended to it like the real thing. Still...if she was alone, what was the difference between wrestling with outfits upstairs with Claire and exploring a little more intimately with the rubbery emulation in front of her?

"Perk," Alison giggled, stroking the rubber again. As commanded, the imitated shape stiffened and lifted in her hand, making her squeak a little. She let go and watched it, almost seeming to pulse slightly as if she`d excited the invisible man. "Oh lord lord lord lord..." Alison sighed. "I can`t believe I`m even considering this."

It was as if she was saying the words solely to downplay her involvement. When she reached for the rubber a third time, she gripped it boldly, grinning as it pulsed up again. The possibilities of the bizarre magical novelty seemed less silly with every touch.

"Thicker," Alison whispered through smiling lips. With her fingers wrapped around it tightly, she gasped as it obeyed, swelling in her grip as she kept pumping her fist. She put her other hand to her lips, scandalized by her own thoughts.

I can`t stop now, she giggled. I've gotta know.

"Here`s what we`re gonna do," Alison whispered, releasing the phantom rubber and standing. "We`re gonna try this out--carefully--and you`re going to be very, very gentle with me. You got it?" The rubber bobbed up and down as if nodding, and Alison laughed again. "This is just so fucking out there..." She slipped her fingers under the waist of her yoga pants, pulling them down with one fell swoop and stepping out of them.

Now she stood in her tee and blue cotton panties, looking at Cassie`s bed. She waved a finger at the blankets, making them peel back to the sheets.

Sorry, Cass--but this is for science, She grinned. I promise I`ll clean up. Alison climbed back into the bed, sliding back against the headboard and propping herself up. She raised an eyebrow at her floating makeshift toy, calling it to her hand once more. The rubber complied, sailing into her grip, still wiggling and pulsing just slightly.

She felt heat rushing through her as she anticipated breaking all new ground with this strange power, reorienting the see-through member by hand and coaxing it down to her junction, still covered by her blue panties.

"Remember, you promised to be a gentleman," she chuckled, shaking off the silly feeling she got for talking aloud to this disembodied condom. As she looked at the crotch of her panties, the slightest twist of her head peeled the blue cotton, pulling it aside and revealing her trimmed pussy. After another deep breath, and a final moment of hesitation, she guided the bulbing tip to her clit, sliding the lubricated rubber over her sex.

It was warmer and more pliant than some plastic vibe, that was for sure. She held it steady, staring down at the translucence as she watched her labia pushed and pulled by the motion of the rubber. She quivered out a pleased little sound, not at all disappointed by the first moments of contact. She licked two fingers of her free hand and reached down to her labia, gliding the wet digits up to her clit and lubricating herself further.

It wasn`t even necessary. Once her fingers breached the moist passage, she was already well wet inside. Much as her mind might've resisted this mischievous plan to start, her body seemed signed-on from the start. She let out a tender moan, biting down softly on her lip to quiet herself.

"A little thinner," She whispered, watching the rubber shrink back down to its original size. She smiled, gripping and pulling the shaft toward her body, guiding the tip slowly inside her. "Oh fuuuuuck."

Focused on the rubber and her quickening pulse, Alison didn`t see the first hints of a glow coming from the jewel clasped around her neck. She arched her back, pushing herself away from the headboard, letting her recline a bit. More accessible now, she guided the invisible cock deeper, still gripping the lower shaft with her fist.

With another moan through closed lips, she pushed the rubbery form more than halfway into her, grabbing one of her breasts through her sleep tee. Only now did she see the faint red sparkle of the jewel, glittering against the light in the room as she brazenly pleasured herself. As she guided the supple shape slowly in and out of her pussy, she realized she didn`t need her hand to do the work. She didn`t need to raise a finger.

"Ffffuck me," she whispered, "fuck me just like this. Keep going." She gradually performed less and less of her demonstration by hand, letting the living rubber slide in her hand and wiggle in her cunt. "Oh, fuck!" She squealed, watching the hollow latex fill her as she gradually moved her hand away. "Fuck, that`s sooo right."

Magic. She was fucking herself with magic, and the necklace was reacting. Some critical echo told her to hold back--that there was some effect she was having on the mystical jewel that she didn`t understand. It didn`t matter, though--her body wouldn`t let her stop; the enchanted cock felt too good. She waved her hand over the open end of the rubber, passing over nothingness as she expected.

"Deeper. Deeper inside me," Alison demanded, growling the words. "Thicker."

She cried out as the magic rubber abided, driving further inside her and inflating, tightening against the walls of her pussy. She watched in awe as the glossy, slippery form did its duty, making her hotter and intensifying the glow of the jewel bouncing against her chest as she began pushing her hips into the otherworldly cock. She grabbed the pendant, holding it against her as she felt a surge of power inside her.

"Oh, god--what was--that`s...that`s so gooood!" As the rubber continued pulsing and sliding inside her, she reached down again, reaching two fingers right inside the creamy, hollow shaft.  Curling them against the inflated rubber, she could feel her fingers pressing against it from inside her pussy, lost in the surreality of the moment. In this pliant, enchanted rubber, she`d found the perfect toy--obeying every command spoken and unspoken, filling her deeply and succulently, lighting up every nerve in her sex.

As she rocked her hips against her ghostly lover, she cascaded through waves of pleasure she`d never known. Now the slick elastic cock was swelling and driving all on its own, taking Alison`s silent whims and turning them into her fantastic reality. With a hand still clutching the jewel and the other playing against her clit as the rubber swelled and stroked inside her, Alison looked down at her t-shirt, demanding more.

"My tits," she muttered. "Play with--unngggghh!" She hadn`t even needed to vocalize it--the tee knew exactly what she was asking. The soft cotton tightened around her breasts, scooping them up and gently rolling them with the rhythm of the rubber`s drive. Gentle, svelte weave teased at her hardened nipples, and arousal rumbled through her body as the pendant`s luminous glow grew, shining in every gap between her clenched fingertips.

She wasn`t just riding closer and closer to orgasm as she splayed on the bed, begging her loving agents for more. She was calling to the jewel clasped around her, her body readily accepting the power flowing into her cells. Luscious phantom cock filled her pussy while power filled her entire being, racing through her like magical static.

Before long, Alison was rocked against the bed, clutching the bedding under her in both hands as her carnal mind demanded climax. What started as silliness and experimentation quickly became a deadly serious hunger; whatever the glowing jewel was doing to her, she wanted it as deeply as she wanted the sexually possessed rubber to send her body over the edge. The closer her orgasm inched to manifestation, the more she realized--with whatever remained of her focus--that the effects were one and the same.

She had no idea what was going to happen, but she had neither the intention nor the presence of mind to stop. Her trembling body moved in rhythm, dancing with the energy--accepting it.

"More," she panted. "More, more...harder!" The pliant latex pulsed in her, arching to rigidity as it followed her commands like a lover both dominating and submitting. Alison`s decision to move to the basement was a wise one--her experimentation was far louder than she`d first expected.

The jewel beamed dense rose light from every facet as Alison squirmed on the bed, moaning her pleas for release. Just as she came to the moment, the latex sheath inside her mimicked its own climactic moment, behaving like its unseen male counterpart was on the threshold just as Alison was.

Alison howled, gripping her own thighs as she convulsed with sexual fulfillment. Now her ghostly lover stroked slowly and deeply, emulating the final moments like a spent male as she felt a hot explosion through the latex, filling the reservoir tip with the same sweet illusion that filled the shaft.

She panted deep, heavy breaths as the trembling in her body gradually subsided. The shape in the latex contracted little by little, its motion deliberately slower and softer as Alison settled into her intensity. She looked down at herself through narrowed eyes at the sweat beading inside her thighs and the shining gloss of the rubber as it gently pulled itself from inside her.

As she calmed, the jewel`s glow was slowly swallowed up by the light in the room once more, leaving Alison to contemplate her act. Even in her afterglow, the bobbing rubber coaxed a subdued laugh from her.

"Well," Alison said, catching her breath, "That was unbelievable." She regarded the hovering rubber for a moment, almost reluctant to discard it, silly as it seemed. "I think it`s time we call it a night."

The open end of the latex rolled back up over itself, returning to its original shape as the wrapper hovered up off the floor and joined it. Alison smiled, shrugging. She was sorry to see it go, but no alternative would do. Besides, it wasn`t really the rubber that did it. It was just what she wanted from it--what she expected from it that gave it its drive, right? She waved the used rubber and its wrapper toward Cassie`s wastebasket before reconsidering.

"Oh no--upstairs. Use the bin in the kitchen. I don`t wanna get Claire in trouble with her sister." The discarded toy obeyed, hovering down and slipping under the door as Alison let out a sigh. She sat up a bit, reaching behind her to unclasp the necklace. She held it by its chain, watching the dense pendant gleam in the light of the room. "What on earth are you going to do to us?" She asked. More importantly--how on earth was she going to tell Claire what she`d done?

Alison set the necklace on the nightstand beside her, peeling off her sleep tee and panties next. Just as she was about to reach down to pull up the sheets and blankets, they acted on their own, swooping over her body and gently hugging against her skin, eliciting a coo.

"Too much..." Alison said, her eyes fluttering shut as she yawned. "This is all just too much."