"Are they here? Did I just hear them?" Mark asked, talking out loud.

"Shhhh man! They`ll hear us!" I whispered to him loudly, admonishing him.

"Why are we whispering? This is our locker room too you know," Carter said, whispering.

We were hiding behind the last row of lockers and I was standing there, holding my gym bag which was holding each of our favorite pieces of clothing inside of it. They were slightly wiggling around inside, exercising an anxious desire that was also present in all three of us as we waited for the team to arrive.

"Are you sure you put your favorite type of outfit in here?" I asked Carter, looking at him out of the corner of my eye.

"Trust me man, it`s in there. And I think they`ll love it," he replied back, still whispering. As if to answer, the bag moved around slightly, ready to escape.

"You remember what we`re going to do, right?" Mark asked Carter. They`d developed this "secret plan" while I was in the shower that morning Carter came over, and they wouldn`t tell me anything about it. As much as I begged and asked (and promised), not even my clothes would tell me what was about to happen.

"Chill man, I won`t forget," Carter said. "I`m actually looking forward to it. Speaking of which, we should probably get the clothes ready."

"Good idea," I said to him as I slid the bag off my shoulder and onto the floor. As soon as I`d started to unzip, one of my gloves reached out of the bag and grabbed the zipper out of my fingers, unzipping the rest of the way. What came next was a total surprise to me.

Out of the bag, black lace started to rise up slowly, snaking up into the air like smoke from a just-put-out fire. Looking more closely at it, I saw that it was actually a black lace bra. It hovered up into the air and started to slowly move around, filling out a tiny little bit in places as it came to rest horizontally in the air, hugging an invisible body. The bra straps flew up and over invisible shoulders, hooking into the fabric on the back of itself while the back clasp fastened on its own. Then, the cups of the bra lifted up and over invisible breasts.I looked over at Carter who had the widest, goofiest looking grin on his face.

"I love watching it do that," Carter said. He looked at me and took in my expression. He chuckled a little at my wide-eyed disbelief and shrugged his shoulders in a "hey, what can I do about it" way.

"You didn`t actually think I`d be bringing my own clothing here, did you?" He asked me. "I can`t have the guys seeing that! And besides, Mark and I thought it would be better if the team was initially a little more...curious about all of this, instead of surprised and immediately turned off."

"Is this what you guys planned?" I asked. they nodded, watching the bra as it posed in front of us. I silently kicked myself in my head. Of course the guys would like this so much better, I thought to myself. "So...what then? Are they all just going to gang bang a bra or something? Why`d we bring along the other stuff?"

"The other stuff is to bring all of their clothing to life," Mark said. "Hopefully they`ll react nicely to the outfit here, and then, once they`re more into it, they won`t have a chance to run once everything else starts to come to life," he finished, grinning mischievously.

"Is that all you`ve got? A bra?" I asked doubtfully. As if to answer my question, the bag started moving again as a smaller, matching black lace item rose up into the air. It lifted up until it was about waist level and then paused and started to shift around. I noticed that it was a black lace, see through pair of very revealing, very risque women`s underwear, filled out quite nicely to a curvy proportion, and suctioning itself quite nicely to the frame it was meant to emulate.

Just as I was about to say something else, four long, slender pieces of fabric hovered up, like a snake rising out of a snake charmer`s basket, and shot up into the air, clipping onto the front and back of the panties. I noticed they were positioned right where the person`s thighs would have been.

After they`d clipped themselves to the lace fabric, two hollow, see through tubes started rising up out of the bag.

"Oh I get it, they`re -"

"Shh!" Carter immediately interrupted me. I noticed he was breathing quite heavily. I looked back to the bag and saw what looked like hose, rolling itself up phantom, invisible legs slowly. Sexily. Taking their time to accentuate every bump and movement of a pair of very shapely feminine legs rubbing together as the hose continued to roll up on their own. They kept going up over the knee, stopping mid thigh. The hooks clipped onto the underwear then attached to the leg opening of the pantyhose and tightened up their straps. The outfit then stepped out of the bag, backing away from us slightly. I noticed each piece moved in relation to the other, as if being worn by an invisible, shapely woman.

A pair of black leather stiletto boots rose up out of the bag and, unzipping themselves, walked over to the hose, rubbing their leather thighs against the thin, transparent fabric surrounding invisible legs.

"How much shit do you have in there?" I asked, fascinated by the amount of clothing my bag could apparently hold. After all, I knew there was more than one outfit in there.

"Shh!" Carter yelled me for a second time.

The hose rubbed themselves back up against the boots, and the zippers finally slid all the way down. They positioned themselves in front of the hose, making little squeaking noises as they moved themselves around. The hose stepped into the foot part as the zipper started working itself back up the length of the calf, stopping just under the knee. The outfit looked like some really high class stripper was standing in front of us. I looked over at Carter and saw that he was still smiling, although now it was more sexy -- more desirable. I looked down and saw that he had a massive tent in his pants. Looking back up at Mark, I could see he noticed it too, and was fixated on it -- eyeing it hungrily.

Carter suddenly noticed both of us had turned to stare at him, and he jokingly pushed us away saying, "don`t be getting any ideas, guys."

The lingerie outfit started to walk toward us. It sauntered lazily but with purpose, as if some runway model was throwing her hips side to side as she slowly and methodically walked towards Carter. As it passed the bag, two more final additions rose up out of it and joined the outfit as it made it way over to us. I noticed then they were matching see-through black lace gloves that ended at the wrist. Graceful, feminine hands filled out the inside of them, rising up and rubbing its hollow gloved hands together. As the outfit reached us, it stuck an invisible arm out and pointed at Carter.

We both looked at Carter as the glove continued on its way towards him while the outfit stopped. I noticed his long-sleeved blue button down shirt was rapidly unbuttoning itself, exposing his smooth, tanned, muscular chest heaving up and down with his quickening breath. After a few buttons had come undone, the glove slipped itself slowly underneath the fabric as it lifted itself off his body to allow room for the glove to fit in. The black lace touched his skin so lightly, but in such a determined way. I saw immediately his eyes roll back as he leaned up against the lockers, lost in pleasure, as his hand made its way mindlessly down towards his crotch.

The other glove flew over quickly and slapped his hand away as it started to fondle his tented pants lightly with its hollow fingers. I could see Carter was starting to get lost in the feeling, and I knew where this would go if I didn`t stop it immediately. I was sure that the team was only a few steps away, and I didn`t think that this was what Carter and Mark had in mind when they devised their plan.

"Excuse me," I said, clearing my throat. "Shouldn`t we be getting on with our plan?"

"Oh, yeah, of course," Carter said as his eyes opened and he stood back up, sounding disappointed.

The gloves quickly flew back towards the lingerie outfit as Carter`s shirt buttoned itself back up slowly, as if dismayed by the recent turn of events.

"Not even just a couple minutes?" Carter asked, looking at me with pleading eyes.

"Not even a minute!" I said to him, whisper-shouting. "They`ll be here any second!"

As if on command, we all jumped as we heard the locker room door opening, and in walked the team. They were laughing and carrying on as we all normally did after a practice. Patrick, ever so level-headed, was leading the group into the room.

We looked back at the bag, and the lingerie outfit had made its way back over to it, flanked by mine and Mark`s baseball uniforms on each side--the outfits we`d chosen. We did a double take since we hadn`t seen them getting out of the bag, but they stood there on either side of the lingerie outfit, weight balanced on one leg, the other stretched out to the side as one does when they`re waiting in line for a while. Mark and I both noticed they were sliding their gloves all around on themselves, intimating close sexual contact between us and them.  

We "shushed" them by putting our index fingers to our mouths, to let them know that they shouldn`t say anything. Each outfit gave us a "˜thumbs up` sign, and I turned back to listening to the group, leaning against the lockers listening so carefully.  

"Man, that was a pretty good practice guys," Taylor said as he opened up his locker, throwing baseball gear inside.

"Yeah, I`d say it was very productive," Patrick replied. Why does he always have to be so nice and supportive? I thought to myself, swooning secretly inside. As if my uniform could read my thoughts, it took a few steps toward me, approaching my back and rubbing its leather gloved hands around on my shoulders.

"Good thing Carter wasn`t there to fuck shit up," Brandon said, laughing as he high-fived other guys. Brandon was the other "˜Carter` on the team, so the two were always getting into it. I looked over at Carter and could see that he was seething with anger. He had his teeth clenched together, his face red as sunburn. I`d never even seen him as mad as I had at this moment, even when his anger was directed at me

"Calm down man," I whispered to him. "They`re just having some fun."

"NO!" Carter answered me, a little too loudly and forcefully. I also noticed that the guys had quieted down and were moving closer to us, as if they could hear us. Carter, in his manly, "no-one-gonna-knock-me- down" alpha male way, started to move himself out into the locker area, where the guys were changing. They immediately took notice of him and had some choice words.

"Oh, look who decided to show up," Brandon said, nudging Ty with his elbow and pointing his head in the direction of Carter. "And at the last minute, I see. What, can`t be bothered to actually do any work?" Brandon kept on. I noticed he was really laying into him today. Maybe it`s because I wasn`t there and Carter wasn`t saying anything about me for once. It seemed like Brandon needed a new target.

"Ty played third base much better than you ever have today," Brandon said, moving towards Carter slowly and with a slightly threatening look in his eye.

"Ohhhh Caaar-terrr," a distinctly feminine voice said, echoing throughout the locker room. The guys all turned to look at each other, their stares interlocking and echoing confusion.

Around the corner of the locker room stepped the feminine clothing ensemble. It slowly turned its way around the corner, posing itself against the banks of lockers like some lingerie model. Mark and I turned to look at each other as we heard gasping and the clanking of aluminum bats as they were dropped onto the floor.

Oh, how I wish I could have seen their faces. I slowly maneuvered myself to peer around the corner of the locker bank.

"You promised you wouldn`t leave me all alone, stud," the lingerie outfit said, clicking a commanding pace towards Carter like a model walking down the runway. Carter just smiled slightly, eyeing the outfit up and down as the hose inside the boots walked up to him, pressing him up into the lockers with the filled out cups of the lacy bra. The bra pushed itself into his chest as a boot rose up, wrapping itself around his thigh. the gloves grabbed his wrists and threw his arms above his head as he willingly submitted himself to the living lingerie outfit as it started to take advantage of him.

The guys gathered around to see the outfit, still mesmerized by what was happening. Some had backed up a little looking at the outfit suspiciously, as if afraid of it and what it might do. A select few were more surprised than anything else. No matter their reaction though, they had all backed up away from it as it started to molest Carter.

I looked at Carter and saw he was lost in ecstasy, eyes closed and head rolled back as the panties pressed themselves against his hardening erection inside his pants. He moaned, and started humping against the action that the panties were driving against him. The gloves had released his hands and started to float down, undoing his belt while unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. I saw him smile as he clasped his hands behind his head.

I looked at the group of guys watching the scene so intensely. Brandon had a look of almost fanatical interest and need on his face as he watched the black lace undulating against Carter`s body. He spread the guys apart, and confidently walked up to where Carter and the outfit were starting to get into some more fun.  

"I don`t get it," Brandon said, grabbing the upper arms of the gloves and pulling them off Carter and towards himself. "Where`s the voice coming from?"  The glove in his right hand bent itself inward, grabbing his hand with its own. Brandon cried out in surprise, dropping the gloves and backing up. "It feels like something`s inside the glove!" he shouted, looking at the other guys. The gloves hovered slowly over to Brandon. One rose up in his face and wiggled an index finger back and forth as if it was admonishing him. The other glove had flown to his back and up to the collar of his shirt where it slipped its fingers inside the collar.

Brandon jumped a little at the surprised touch. The glove, once making enough room, slid quickly inside his shirt. Brandon let out a shriek as the glove started flying around, close to his body, running its phantom fingers around on his chest, his abs, and his lower back.

"What the fuck is going on here!?" Brandon shouted, trying to reach for the energetic glove. He`d backed up into the opposite banks of lockers. He was frantic and trying to reach inside his shirt to grab the glove, but it eluded his grasp every time.

He looked panicked, and I had to admit, I was getting a little turned on watching him struggle with the glove. I looked over at Mark, who was peering around the other side of the locker bank. His uniform had stepped up behind him, and its gloves were massaging the bulge in his pants while his outfit pressed itself into his back, moving itself slowly against him. The pants of the uniform were pressed up tightly against his own and were rocking their hips in small circles against his ass. My own outfit noticed my arousal and was positioning itself similarly as I looked back.

"Hey, guys, help me out! Get it off me!" Brandon shouted at the group of guys as he continued to struggle. The guys made no motion towards him in order to help him at all. I looked over at them and saw that they appeared a little scared, watching him with wide open eyes. I looked back over at Carter and saw that he had grabbed the waist of the panties on each side and was holding them in place while he continued his humping into them.

"Mmm, this one`s feisty, not like the other three," the glove said in its familiar, feminine voice as it hovered up into the air towards Brandon`s face. He looked at it, and I could see his lips quiver in fear. "We could have some fun with you boy," the glove said as it quickly flew over to Brandon`s head, grabbing a handful of hair. There was a slight metallic thud as Brandon`s head hit the locker behind him, the glove now holding his head in place against it.

Brandon cried out again, this time more out of surprise. It couldn`t have hurt, what the glove did, but it sure must have been humiliating for him. Indeed, his face flushed bright red as he closed his eyes, not able to look at anyone in the face.

Suddenly, the glove that was inside Brandon`s shirt flew out and behind the banks of lockers that Mark and I were hiding behind. It flew over to the bag and I heard a rustling, as if it was searching for something. I almost cried out in surprise myself once I saw what was coming out. The glove emerged with a leather crop. I watched, fascinated, as it quickly flew back over to where Brandon was still held in place by the glove that still had a fistful of his hair.

"We don`t really appreciate the way you were treating your teammate," the gloves said to Brandon, as his eyes grew wide once he saw what the other glove was holding.

"No! No no no please, please don`t," Brandon begged, squirming slightly underneath the grip of the glove on his head.

"What`s wrong, boy?" The glove with the crop asked, as it slowly traced the edge of it down Brandon`s face. I could see him looking at the end of it with slight fear in his eyes. I quickly stole a glance at the other guys, and they were all still huddled together. A couple of them though almost looked slightly excited at what was happening. I noticed they kept glancing back and forth between Carter and Brandon. My eyes fixated on Taylor, who had slowly moved his hand down to his crotch to slowly adjust himself. I was surprised to see a slight bulge forming inside his pants. Patrick was intently staring at Carter, watching as he continued to be pleasured by the lingerie outfit. I smiled to myself as I looked back over to Brandon who was, for lack of a better term, whimpering.

"Aren`t you man enough to handle us?" the long lace glove holding his hair said to him. It let his hair go, and started to run its fingers through his scalp, tousling his hair slightly.

"Fuck that! This is straight up paranormal activity bullshit!" Brandon shouted. Now that he was free from the glove`s grasp, he started to slide down the bank of lockers. He still had a wary eye on the glove holding the leather crop, and he slowed slightly as he watched the other glove join its mate to hover mid-air a few feet away from him. The see-through fingers of the glove that had been messing up his hair fondled the tip of the crop, as the other glove stroked the length of the leather instrument up and down in its hand.

"Not so fast," one of the gloves said. The glove at the tip of the crop made a "come here" motion with its index finger while still holding on to it, and Brandon froze in mid-motion.

"Hey, what the fuck man?" Brandon said, looking down at his legs. "I can`t move!"

I noticed the guys starting to give each other nervous glances again. Even Taylor was a little alarmed at what was going on. I looked at Mark who looked back at me. I could see we both didn`t want them afraid; that we wanted them to stay and enjoy this. We looked back at our uniforms and they both gave us a thumbs up, and motioned that we move out to the main area. We looked at each other again, took a deep breath, and walked forward through the narrow gap between lockers. Our uniforms followed.

As we turned the corner, the guys immediately noticed us. I saw their eyes get big as they saw our uniforms coming around the corner, walking by themselves with no one wearing them. I could see them eyeing the hollow sleeves moving without arms, the empty leg openings of the socks where a leg should be, but wasn`t.

"You`re stuck in place because we want you to be," the gloves said to Brandon, who noticed us as we came into the space where everyone was gathered.

"What the fuck is going on here!?" Brandon shouted as he took in the full view of the black lace lingerie outfit and our living baseball uniforms. His eyes were wild, looking back and forth rapidly between our uniforms and the black lace gloves fondling the leather crop in front of him.

"Brandon, it`s OK," Mark said, smiling. "You don`t need to be so crazy about it all."

"Fuck you!" Brandon shouted at Mark. "You made this shit happen, didn`t you!?" As soon as he said it, he tried to bolt for the locker room door but fell over on to the floor. "Why can`t I move!?" he continued shouting.

"It`s not Mark`s fault," I said to Brandon, "and you can`t move because they don`t want you to."

"What do you mean "˜they don`t want me to?`" Brandon asked, breathing heavy as he struggled to move his legs inside his pants.

"It means we`re not done having fun with you," my baseball uniform said, as it rose up into the air and flew over to where Brandon was lying on his back. As it hovered close by, Brandon somehow regained control of his legs and stood up. He turned and started running towards the door, but as soon as he started running away my uniform`s gloves flew ahead rapidly and grabbed his biceps, pulling him off the floor and through the air, into the chest of my uniforms` shirt where they held him tightly against it.

"Let me go!" He shouted, as he squirmed inside the gloves` grasp, trying to break free. The gloves were holding him down very tight against my baseball pants as they started to rub their crotch against his butt.

"Mmm, the girls weren`t kidding. You are a feisty one," my baseball pants said as they started to hump themselves against Brandon`s ass. My uniform was still in one piece, as if someone was wearing the whole thing as it had grabbed him, pulling him into itself. He looked at me as if I was going to save him, but I only smiled as I watched. I started to stroke myself inside my jeans.

The other guys started looking around, possibly for other avenues to escape. I saw a couple start to head towards the doors to the hallway, but I knew that they couldn`t leave.

Suddenly, the lockers burst open and each and every piece of the guys` clothing started filling the open air. I saw gloves, socks, shoes, shirts, pants and (above all) worn jockstraps filling the air between us.The guys looked around with wide eyes, stunned at the sudden turn of events. A few screamed and they started to try and leave like Brandon had, only they were stopped at every turn. As soon as they tried to escape they found that they were inexplicably frozen in place as the clothing they were wearing betrayed them.

I looked over at Taylor, who I`d been watching a majority of the time, and found that he was rather enjoying himself. Even though he was frozen in place, he still didn`t seem to mind what was happening. In fact, he had a look of smug satisfaction on his face. Mark`s gloves had floated over, ready for action. Then a few guys had stopped fighting with their clothing momentarily in order to view what was happening, watching Mark`s hollow gloves as they started undoing Taylor`s pants.

"This is so weird, but, it`s kinda cool at the same time," Taylor said, smiling as he watched the hollow, magic gloves. His cock bounced inside his pants, and one glove noticed, moving down to rub its fingers over the bulge that was forming in his pants. I was getting excited myself, watching Mark`s gloves sliding their hands over Taylor`s welcoming body; they moved up and over his chest, where they flew under his shirt. I could see the imprint of them moving underneath Taylor`s shirt. Their hollow hands feeling every bump and ridge of Taylor`s sculpted abs and tight chest, causing him to let out a light moan.

Taylor`s belt started magically moving by itself, unfastening and slipping out of the belt loops of his pants. The seemingly magically induced clothing was now drawing more attention by some of the other guys as Mark`s gloves floated out from underneath Taylor`s shirt and hovered in front of his crotch, wiggling their fingers in anticipation of what was hidden beneath. Taylor looked down, mesmerized by what was happening. Most of the other teammates were also intently watching the sensual attention that Taylor was receiving.

Taylor`s pants undid themselves. All the guys in the room watched the zipper slowly descend its tracks. Once unzipped, they started to slide themselves down his legs, revealing tan muscular thighs and a nice tight ass. When the pants reached his feet, they flattened out and slipped underneath his shoes, causing him to lose balance for a moment, but helped by more gloves to regain it. The pants then inflated to his muscular shape, and moved so that they were standing behind him, rubbing the hard fabric crotch into the crack of his round , exposed ass.

Astonished, the other guys continued to watch as similar things started to happen with them and their clothing. Gloves grabbing crotches, shirts tweaking nipples and massaging, pants squeezing and grabbing, causing some small shrieks of delight.

As Taylor`s pants continued their sensual rubbing, his baseball tee started to get more active. The sleeves reached his arms up into the sky, allowing the shirt to easily slip off of him, revealing that nice tan muscular chest. The shirt regained its original form, floating in front of Taylor and flexing, almost like it was showing itself off to him. Taylor stood in nothing but his socks and obviously bulging jockstrap with his mouth open, practically drooling at his muscular shirt.  Apparently this wasn`t enough for the shirt, because it got closer to Taylor, and moved his hands onto the sleeves, so that he could feel its muscles.

His shirt broke away from his admiring grip, coming to rest on top of his baseball pants which had moved to stand in front of him, forming the outfit that he was previously wearing. The outfit stood facing towards him, running its gloves over the growing crotch that was catching the eye of most everyone in the room, some quite nervously. Looking at his outfit, he reached out his finger and made that "come here" motion, signaling his outfit to approach him. When it got close enough, Taylor moved his hand down to the crotch to assist in rubbing the massive bulge. Reaching behind, Taylor felt a nice big ass that bounced underneath his loving touch.

"I`m gonna have some fun with you, I can tell," Taylor said, looking at his uniform rubbing itself up against him.

Satisfied that Taylor was perfectly fine, I decided to check out what was happening with the other guys in the room, just to make sure they were alright.

Walking towards the back doors where most of the guys were gathered, I could see they were all in varying states of acceptance of what was happening with their -- and their teammates` -- clothing. Adam was restrained by his cleats standing next to his arms, shoelaces tied tightly around his wrists and his socks stepping on his legs, lying on the ground, spread eagle and stripped of everything except his jockstrap. Two pairs of black leather gloves lightly traced their hollow fingers over his chest and legs, making soft squeaking noises as the fingers moved and rubbed over his heaving, undulating chest. Every now and then he`d let out a laugh as the gloves found a ticklish spot. He made eye contact with me as I walked by and smiled a little sheepishly.

"Man, this is fucking weird, dude," he said a little nervously, "but, like"¦" He was smiling, his face getting red.  

"I`m glad you like it," I said to him as I walked away, smiling.

Other guys were in various states of undress, as their clothes had better ideas about what they should -- or shouldn`t -- be wearing. Rounding the corner to the other side of lockers, I found Dylan, who was currently completely naked and being satisfied by his street clothes. His ripped, torn and stained jeans had kneeled down in front of him, one leg flat on the ground while the other leg balanced with a foot on the floor. His black and white DC skate shoes were at the end of his jeans where I noticed a hint of his white socks showed between the end of his jeans and the beginning of his shoes. The jeans were sagged low, and his white American Eagle boxers were hanging out the top. His long sleeved black-armed white-chested t-shirt he always wore was situated above the jeans. At about the top of where a head would be, his black Yankees cap sat, switched backwards, just like he always wore it. At the end of the sleeves were a very non-skater outfit addition -- his own white leather batting gloves, which had grabbed his erect shaft in both of their hands, and were slowly pumping him with pleasure. He had his arms behind his head and his head back, eyes closed, slightly humping into his gloves. His eyes shot open as he heard my footsteps approaching.

"Dude, you scared me a little," he said. "You know it`s so crazy but, if I close my eyes, it`s like I`m back at home doing this to myself."

"You are. You don`t think I know how you like to jack off?" his outfit said in his own smirking voice, letting go of his cock and standing up, grabbing his exposed biceps. His outfit advanced on him until it was pushing him up against the lockers. If it had a head, the two of them would have been only inches from each other. "I`ve spent years watching crumpled up on the floor as you pljack that cock, wishing I could do it for you. Now that I can, you`re going to enjoy every second of it," his outfit said as his glove playfully slapped at his cheek a couple times. His gloves then spun him around, grabbed his chest and pulled him tightly into his t-shirt as his gloves passionately manhandled his chest and abs as they slowly slid their way back down to his engorged cock. His jeans were grinding themselves against his ass.

"I know everything you like. I know exactly how to get you off. I know how to touch you like you`ve never felt before" his street clothes growled to him sexily in his ear as Dylan went weak and a moan of pleasure escaped his mouth -- his gloves continuing their slow slide down his exposed, tight body. Dylan gasped and shuddered as his gloves cupped his balls in one hand, kneading slowly while his other glove slid its fingers delicately onto his cock -- slowly, smoothly jacking him off. The gloves had separated from the sleeves of the shirt, which were holding him tightly across his chest as his jeans made slow and sensual humping motions against his ass.   

As hot as it was, I decided to leave Dylan alone to the will of his clearly capable, seductive, and evidently horny outfit. Looking down the room, I could see Patrick hovering face-down in mid-air. His shirt had taken itself off him, and he was lying on top of something. As I left Dylan to the will of his overtly sexual outfit, I could see that Patrick was lying on a few different pairs of pants and shirts. Jeans and Baseball pants were wrapped around his legs while two different shirts, one baseball tee and another short sleeved t-shirt that I could only assume was his own was supporting his upper chest. His head was laying on its chest, turned to the side facing away from me. I stopped to watch what his own baseball tee was doing, and saw that they had his gloves at the end of its sleeves, and were giving him a proper, full back massage.

"You worry too much, man," his shirt said as it kneaded and prodded his back muscles.

"MMmmmhmmmm"¦" was all Patrick could muster. His shirt chuckled a little at his state of relaxation.

"You`re looking forward to this every day from now on, aren`t you?" his shirt said as it moved both of its gloved hands to his sides, running them up and down his body so smoothly.

"Oh...yeah, I guess you could say that. I hadn`t even thought of it," Patrick said, slightly groggy. "This is all so strange, but...ahhhhhh," he moaned, "so nice at the same time."

I thought to myself that it seemed like most of the guys had taken this fairly well, better than I expected, until I heard him again.

"No, I won`t!" Brandon said forcefully from the other side of the lockers. Patrick stirred a little, trying to see what was going on, but his shirt calmed him down again, telling him that Brandon will be just fine, soon enough.

Curiosity took over me, and I walked through the break in between the lockers to see what was going on.

Brandon was now tied up with two belts, one tied around each forearm sticking straight out to the side, supported by nothing but their own living leather in mid-air. He was kneeling on the ground in front of the outfit Carter had brought which was almost completely assembled, except for the pantyhose which I noticed were still hugging Carter`s hips with their invisible, shapely legs. Carter was also now completely naked and getting slightly carried away with the hose hugging his waist. In front of Brandon stood the tall black boots, black lace panties, corset and gloves about two feet in front of him, still holding the leather crop.

"Confess," the outfit said in its sultry, feminine voice.

"Confess what!?" Brandon asked, looking up at the outfit incredulously.

"Confess how much you want to have me," the black lace outfit said as it spread its invisible legs in front of him, sliding its gloves down into its crotch, touching itself insanely inappropriately in front of so many others and fondling the two small ridges there.

Brandon watched the gloves as they teased the two mounds between where a woman`s legs would have been intensely.

"Don`t you want to feel what this is like?" The outfit asked. "Don`t you wish you could touch me too?"

The outfit stood back up, and slowly walked towards Brandon, who was looking up at it approaching him with a nervous fear in his eyes. He tried to move his arms, but the belts tightened up even tighter on his arms.

"No, let me go! Please!" He shouted, pleading with the outfit as tears started streaming down his face.

"You know exactly what you need to do to get out of this, little boy," the outfit said to him again as it swung the crop and made contact with Brandon`s side. It made a dull slapping noise, not enough to hurt, but Brandon`s cheeks flushed red with embarrassment, and his cock bounced in his jeans, growing slightly larger.  

"Stop!" Brandon cried out.

"I already told you. You know what to do. I will not repeat myself a third time," the outfit said, as it swung the crop again, making contact with Brandon`s other side. Again that dull slapping noise, and again there was a bump against his crotch by his growing cock.

"Yes, I know," Brandon said as he look up as the hollow black lace glove fondled the tip of the crop again, inches from his face.

"Yes, what?" the outfit said, bending down in his face. A glove flew forward and grabbed hold of his hair, pulling his head back so that he could look directly into the outfit. Brandon could see all the way through it, to the other side of the lockers on the opposite wall. His eyes lit up, and he looked a little excited.

"Yes...Mistress," Brandon said.

"Good boy," the outfit said, releasing its grasp of his hair and stepping back to look at him again.

I looked over at Mark, who was still standing and who had been watching the whole exchange between Brandon and the black lace outfit with wide eyes and gaping mouth. A glove had been massaging the bulge inside his pants for him while his shirt was wiggling around on his chest. He saw me looking at him, and walked slowly over to me, with a look I`d never seen in his eyes before. His eyes bore into mine, smoldering my insides with passion and desire for him that I`d never felt before.

He stopped, inches from my face, and wrapped his arms around me, bringing me in for an electrifying kiss. As soon as our lips touched, it was as if the power grew inside our clothing tenfold. We could almost feel what the other guys were feeling, and the look we were both giving each other was driving us mad with pure, unbridled lust.

He walked me backwards towards the benches where we first had our encounter in this very same locker room. The back of my legs hit it, and I fell down onto the bench, slightly losing my balance. He looked down at his jeans and said, "Now" and his jeans started to unbutton themselves, while the zipper descended in its track all on its own. I licked my lips in anticipation of his cock inside them, only he took my face in his hand and brought it up so I was looking up at him.

"I have something else planned," he said. That was all he needed to say, and all I needed to hear. He took a condom out of his back pocket and opened up the wrapper. Once it was open, the condom floated out of the packing into mid-air all by itself, and hovered over to the tip of Mark`s cock where it slowly unrolled itself down his smooth shaft. My clothes hurriedly tore themselves off of me, flipping me around on the bench in the meantime and leaving me so my ass was up in the air.  

Mark stepped up close to me, lifting a leg over to the other side of the bench, and slid his hands over my now exposed ass. He pressed the tip of his cock against me, and I arched my back in anticipation of what was to come. I heard the gym bag moving again, and a bottle of lube was carried out by another glove, owned by someone. It opened up the bottle and turned it upside down, squirting some lube all over Mark`s cock and my ass. It then set the bottle down and hovered back up, and started to move itself around on Mark`s cock, covering it with the lube. It gave a thumbs up sign, and went to take the bottle somewhere else from what I could see.

Mark leaned over me, sliding his hand up the middle of my back and breathing deeply. He bent down over me as his cock met the hole of my ass again, and this time, he pushed. I inhaled sharply as his cock spread my ass apart, sliding in slowly so as not to hurt me. He was breathing so fast already, and trembling slightly. Light lit up my field of vision as the painful pleasure and pressure of his cock entering inside me made me go momentarily weak. As he kept sliding in, I pushed back against him, moaning my pleasure at having his cock finally inside me. I wanted him all. I didn`t want this moment to ever end.

He fell down onto my back as he slid his cock in the rest of the way, and started to slowly slide it back out.

"Are you OK?" he asked breathlessly.

"Yes, keep going," I said to him as I pushed back onto his cock in my ass. "I need you inside me so deep that your cock hits the back of my teeth," I said to him.

He pushed back inside me, and slowly again started to take it out and slide it in, fucking me ever so slowly. So sensually. I could feel our bodies connecting in a way we had never done before, and every touch of our bodies together while he was inside me sent nerves of fire up and down me. I growled with desire, and started to move my hips in relation to his, in order to try and get him to go faster.

"Whoa, slow down man, let`s enjoy this," he said to me, running his hand across my back as he leaned back up again.

"Lick me," I heard a female voice say. I looked over at Brandon and saw that the panties had floated over to him by themselves, leaving the rest of the outfit behind and they were hovering right in front of his face.

"Yes Mistress," Brandon said, as he stuck out his tongue onto the black lace fabric. He licked apprehensively at first, and then licked again a little more confident the second time.  He moaned as he continued to lick, more forcefully each time. He was moving his head back and forth, twisting it every which way while he massaged the crotch of the panties with his tongue, waving and flicking at an invisible clit and pussy lips inside the fabric. The panties kept humping against his face as he continued to moan and attempted to hump at dry air while I could see, every now and then, he would stick his tongue inside the mounds made by the lace fabric, enjoying the tight feeling against his tongue.

One of the black lace gloves pointed over to Carter`s clothing that was flung across the floor, and they started to gain shape as they rose up into the air. The glove made a "come here" motion with its finger, and pointed at Brandon. Carter`s jeans and long-sleeved button down flew over to Brandon, where they each grabbed a section of scared man, lifting him up into the air. The jeans grabbed his thighs, holding them shut from behind, Carter`s jeans` crotch pressed into Brandon`s ass, as the long sleeved, button down grabbed his biceps in a hold and lifted along with his jeans.

Soon, Brandon was hovering about six feet in the air, high above us. The panties at his face removed themselves and slowly moved down to his crotch, where his pants started to unbutton and unzip all on their own.

Mark and I were both watching, my neck straining to see what was happening while Mark continued to slide in and out of me, quickening his pace slightly, but still keeping it rather slow.

Brandon`s pants shimmied down his legs, helped by Carter`s jeans, and soon, his whole, erect cock was exposed to the world.

"Freeballing, huh?" the panties said. "I knew you were a feisty one."

"Wh-what`s going on? What are you going to do to me!?" Brandon suddenly shrieked.

"Quiet boy, I`m just gonna make you feel the best you`ve ever felt," the panties responded as they slowly came into contact with Brandon`s cock. They hovered briefly, and then started to slide down his rock hard shaft.

Brandon`s eyes rolled into the back of his head as the panties forced themselves onto his cock, and they twisted around a little as they slid down, expanding the fabric and making a black lace sheath that enveloped his cock.

"Mmm," the panties moaned as they reached the bottom of his shaft, "I think I may have found a new toy already."

"What do you mean "˜new toy?`" Brandon asked, bolting his head back up to look at the panties.

They responded by clenching up tightly on his cock, enough to make him squirm as they said, "You will address me properly, boy! Until then, you need to be silenced."

A black lace glove appeared out of nowhere and clamped shut Brandon`s nose as one of Carter`s socks rose up off the floor and hovered over in front of Brandon`s face, wiggling its toes against his mouth. He shook his head back and forth, face turning beet red as his body was slowly deprived of oxygen. Still, he refused to open his mouth to take a breath.

"Open up man. Let me inside," Carter`s sock said to Brandon as it rubbed its hollow, ghostly toes against his lips.

"Mmmhhpph! MM MM!" Brandon struggled, shaking his head.

Finally, the other black lace glove flew into Brandon`s field of vision, wielding the crop. It swung, faster this time and nailed Brandon right on the ass as he let out a cry of surprise.

"Owmmph!" Brandon said, as Carter`s sock flew into his mouth as soon as it was open.

"There, that`s much better," the panties said, as they resumed their slow up and down motion on Brandon`s cock. He was fighting with everything he had, but there was no use as the clothing was too powerful for him to overcome. Brandon was forced to taste, and now smell, Carter`s sock as it wiggled its toes around inside his mouth.

Mark and I were watching with intense lust for the scene unfolding above us. Mark responded by pumping into me faster. I stopped him, so that I could turn onto my back and lie on the bench, looking into his eyes as we fucked passionately. He resumed his thrusting, making grunting and moaning noises as he drove himself deeper inside my ass. I moaned loudly too, as I felt him deep inside me, pleasure filling his eyes.

"Sounds like a good idea. Why don`t we take a ride too," I heard Dylan`s clothes say from the opposite site of the lockers.

"Wait...what?" Dylan`s voice could be heard, panting breathlessly.

"Just trust me. I promise, I won`t hurt you," his clothes said to him. I heard some movement, and watched out of the corner of my eye as Dylan was carried into the space where we were fucking and set down, facing the lockers again. One of Dylan`s gloves grabbed another condom out of the back pocket and ripped it open. The condom floated out again, just like Mark`s had, but this time it rolled itself down an invisible dick that looked just like Dylan`s. HIs jeans unzipped by themselves and opened up the space, allowing the condom to situate itself in the opening of Dylan`s skater jeans.

The same glove flew over and lubed up the condom just as it had done with Mark`s, as well as squirted some onto Dylan`s ass.

"Uh, I don`t think we should --"

"Shut up, slave," Dylan`s clothes said, as his shirt sleeve extended, his glove grabbing the back of his neck and pushed his body against the lockers forcefully, making a slamming sound. The other glove flew over again, rubbing Dylan`s ass, as the outfit held him there against the lockers, arm outstretched, twisting to watch us for a moment.

"Mmm, yes. Do you see that?" His street clothes said, the glove on his ass thumbing over at us momentarily. "You`ve been dying to know what that`s like, haven`t you? It`s OK, don`t say anything. I know," the outfit said as it slowly slid Dylan`s head down the locker, making his ass extend out into the air, closer to the living condom in his jean`s opening.

"I can`t wait to try you on for size," Dylan`s outfit said, as the legs and shoes took a wider stance, its knees bending slightly causing his DCs to step onto their tiptoes so it was at just the right angle.

"I can`t wait to be inside that ass that I`ve only got to feel from the outside," his jeans said as they rubbed the condom back and forth across Dylan`s exposed ass.

He gasped as the condom inserted itself into his ass, slowly sliding in. His eyes winced as he got used to the feeling, breathing deeply as his ass was slowly being assaulted with a condom filled out to his own dimensions.

"Mmm, yeah you feel that?" his shirt asked asked as it pressed into his body. "Those tight muscles feel so good on the other side of me," it said as it rubbed its hollow sleeves around on Dylan`s chest.

His clothes were being so gentle that in no time they were balls deep inside Dylan`s ass. They walked him back towards the lockers so that Dylan was standing upright again, his clothes pressing themselves onto his body. Dylan`s face was pressed to the side into the lockers, and his fast breath was sending steam waves onto the cold metal of the locker.

"You`re mine now bud," Dylan`s empty outfit said to him as it slowly fucked his ass. "How does it feel being a little slave boy to your own clothes` desire?"

"More," Dylan whispered softly. "I want more, please."

"And that`s what I`m good at giving," his outfit responded back to him, pumping in and out faster. Its legs were spread open wide while the jeans made a rocking motion with their hips, fucking Dylan with renewed vigor.

Dylan`s acceptance was like a landmine went off in Mark, who also started to pump himself faster inside of me. Around us, it sounded like more activity was getting closer. Looking around, it appeared the guys had pretty much accepted whatever was about to happen with them and their clothing, even though a few didn`t seem to be too terribly excited or into it. However, one look at Brandon hovering in the air, being worked on by the black lace panties, restrained by belts, and a sock in his mouth while the crop hovered dangerously close sent convincing shivers throughout them, and they appeared to be a little more willing to accept the invitations of their clothing, lest their own outfits get any ideas.

Carter was now lying on the floor with the tall black leather boots standing on their own on either side of his head, while the black lace corset was pressing itself to his chest. His arms were wrapped around it, and he was furiously bucking away at the pantyhose that had a hold of his thighs.

Taylor was also floating nearby, surrounded by all manner of different types of clothing. Jeans, Baseball pants, socks, shoes, underwear, gloves and shirts were all pressing into him on all sides, an orgy of clothing in muscular male form completely devouring him. And he was loving every minute of it.

The only person missing, I noticed, was Patrick. He was probably still getting his massage, I thought. Poor guy was so tense.

Just then, I noticed another person floating through the narrow space between lockers. It was him, still supported by clothing on the bottom, only now he was lying face up, hard as a rock.

"Come here," I said to the clothing carrying him. I shifted again so I had a leg on each side of the bench, facing away from Mark as I put my arms down, lowering my body down. Patrick was brought near, watching all around him at the activity with wide eyes. He saw me being fucked by Mark, and smiled. He was set down on the bench, and I looked down at his throbbing cock.

"It`s not gonna suck itself," Patrick said. I happily and quickly complied. As I bent down to envelop him inside my mouth, it was like the activity in the room kicked up a notch. Dylan was fucked faster by his own clothing, Mark was also sliding in and out of me at an ever increasing rate. I bobbed my head up and down on Patrick`s shaft, taking him to the hilt and deepthroating him like I`ve always wanted to do.

Brandon started moaning too. I couldn`t see what was happening, but I could only imagine the panties had increased their speed as well.

ALl around me there were guys moaning, hands grabbing, clothing flying around and bringing to life every guy`s deepest, darkest desires and fantasies. Dylan was loudly moaning each time his jeans pushed inside of him, which was frequent. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw that they were taking all of the condom out, and shoving it all back in again all the way to the base.

Dylan was also moaning, I could see, because his cock was also being furiously jacked off by his glove that had been feeling up his ass earlier. Watching the hollow leather moving so quickly was sending me into a whirlpool of emotion and intense craving. I started humping against Mark`s thrusts as I bobbed up and down on Patrick`s cock, working every trick I knew in the book to draw out his cum.  

The cries of male lust and horny desire around us were reaching a level I`d never heard, not even in a gay porn video. Taylor was madly moaning and grunting, being touched and fondled by who knows how many different items of clothing. Even Brandon was completely given over to his own submissive desires and fantasies as this point, and was completely, finally overtaken with his own desire.

I felt that familiar feeling on my cock again, and looked down to find the original baseball socks I`d first purchased wrapping their arches on either side of my cock. They started moving up and down in time to Mark`s fucking. I looked up at Patrick, and he just smiled and put his hand on the back of my head, pushing my head down onto his cock as he let out a loud moan of ecstasy.

All around us, the air in the room had grown thick with the smell of sex. The guys were on the verge of orgasming, I could feel it. I moaned loudly, sucking Patrick`s cock like I`d never see another one in my life and grabbing Mark from behind me, pushing him deeper into my ass.

I could feel him start to shudder, and He ripped his cock out of my ass, tearing off the condom and sprayed his load all over my back. I could feel the warm streams hitting my flesh, and cool immediately as they hit the air.

Inside my mouth, Patrick tensed as he too blew his load into my mouth, down my throat. I swallowed every drop as the baseball socks worked my own dick to a frenzied finish as well. It didn`t take long. I was so horny from seeing all the activity around me that I shot ropes and ropes of my cum onto them.

Dylan was cumming too, splattering it all over the lockers. His clothes were super satisfied, telling him to say how much he liked them, and how thankful he was they knew how to pleasure him.

I could hear Taylor, Carter, Brandon, and all the other guys orgasming at the same time. SHouts of pleasure radiated and echoed throughout the walls as the activity slowly came to relax. Guys were set back down on the floor, clothes flew into gym bags while towels flew out of the showers, cleaning up each guy and their mess they made. Some clothes put themselves on their owners in order to dress them for the rest of the day.

I watched as Dylan`s clothing quickly put themslves on him. His shirt flying on, slipping into place and his jeans sliding up his tight muscled legs. He let out a laugh as they came all the way up, hugging his butt.

All around me guys were in various states of cleaning and changing. Some were talking about what had happened, some were talking to their clothes about scoring their own set of women`s lingerie. Brandon, however, was the only one to remain quiet and reserved. He wouldn`t look at anyone and dressed as quickly as his misbehaving clothes would allow. He left, not making eye contact with anyone. I felt bad for him, I truly did, but the clothes know what`s best, and they always know our deepest, darkest secrets.

Mark and I let our clothes we arrived in dress us while we stared at each other. We couldn`t take our eyes off each other.

"You two lovebirds gonna need a best man, or what?" Carter said jokingly as his button down shirt buttoned itself back up his chest.

"Well it won`t be you," I shot back.

He looked mock hurt, and asked Patrick if we had practice next week.

"Yes, make sure you guys bring your A-Game too! We`ve got a lot of practicing to do!"

"I`ll say," Dylan`s outfit said as his pants grabbed his ass.

Carter came up to where Mark and I were standing. The other guys had finished changing and, from what I could make out, were discussing plans to visit a Victoria`s Secret store in the mall later.

"I just wanted to say"¦" Carter said, looking down at the ground.

"That"¦?" Mark asked, raising his eyebrows.

"I just wanted to say that I`m sorry," he said, looking back up at us and making eye contact. "For everything."

"Thank you," I said. "That means...actually, coming from you that means more than you know, Carter."

"Alright, catch you guys later," he said as he quickly made a hasty exit out the locker room doors.

Mark and I were the only ones remaining. "Well, what should we do now?" I asked.

He thought for a moment, scratching his chin. He looked over at the doors, then looked back at me.

"You know, I could really use some more gear, and maybe some new clothing too," he said, eyes lighting up as a smile crept onto his face.

I thought about the implications of what he just said would mean. We`d be bringing our clothing out into public, just begging it to infect everything else, and with enough power it had just taken in from all of us, who knows what might happen.

"I`m in," I said. "To be honest, I think I need some more gear too."

We grabbed each other`s hands, took a deep breath, and left the locker room ready to face the world.