Maddie woke to sunlight pouring into her room, her eyes slowly blinking open and adjusting to the morning light as she heard what sounded like scrubbing going on behind the door leading to the bathroom.

"Unnnnh?" She groaned, turning over beneath her covers, watching the light play under the door. Since when did Sadie take up cleaning the bathroom--on a Sunday morning?

Maddie stretched in her bed and stared at the ceiling, trying to remember exactly how she got to bed. The last thing she remembered, she was in Sadie`s room, showing her...

Her eyes popped open, and she sat up, looking around her room. There was the birthday party, the strange card, the bath, and--she put a hand to her mouth. Was she remembering right? How much of it was just a dream?

Just then, her bedroom door squeaked open, and as she was about to chide the intruder for not knocking before entering, she froze. It was her sister`s...clothes?

In walked a form-fitting t-shirt and an equally tight pair of Sadie`s jeans, tucked into maroon pleather knee boots. Against its hollow hip rested a small laundry basket, which seemed to contain clothes of Maddie`s. Her closet doors and a couple dresser drawers both opened on their own, and outfit apparently let go of the basket, because now it hovered in mid-air as Maddie watched with wonder as the short sleeves of the curvy tee seemed to conduct the motion of folded clothes bound for their proper places.

"It wasn`t a dream," she whispered, looking back at the bathroom door. Like she remembered doing last night, she mentally commanded the door to open, and watched with delight as the knob slowly turned itself and opened the door to the girls' shared bathroom.

Inside, an old white lacy bra and well-worn heather panties were filled out to the shape of an invisible woman, hunched over the tile floor. The seat of the panties and cups of the bra were bobbing back and forth with the motions of inflated rubber gloves holding a small brush. Sadie`s underwear was scrubbing the tile grout!

Maddie looked back to the outfit magically putting her borrowed clothes away, watching as her drawers and closet closed up again. Now the empty basket hovered toward the bathroom door as Sadie`s tight outfit sauntered behind it. She watched the items pass gracefully over the skimpy scrubbing underwear and head back into Sadie`s room, where her sister laid on the bed, her head propped up by her hands as she watched her lingerie cleaning the bathroom.

"Sadie?" Maddie called.

"Uh-huh," perked her sister`s voice. "In here," she said. Maddie`s eyes traveled to her white satin robe, which shuddered a bit before billowing off its hook and drifting over to her like a soft satin cloud. She grabbed it out of the air and slipped it on. Once she was covered up, she got out of bed and stepped carefully over the hard-working lingerie into Sadie`s room.

Sadie focused on the outfit in the bathroom while the one holding the laundry basket stood in front of her bed.

"Sadie--did I pass out last night?" Her sister held up a finger, turning to the outfit standing neaxt to her. She nodded to it, narrowing her eyes as it split into its components, deflated, folded, and stacked itself atop her dresser.

"Did it!" Sadie said, impressed with herself. "And check it, the other one`s still cleaning." She and Maddie both turned back to the bathroom, where the lacy lingerie was, sure enough, continuing its detailed work on the floor.

"So, last night--"

"Yeah, you more or less passed out," Sadie said, "but it was more like you were in a deep sleep. Your head was responding--like you were kinda talking to me, still--but your body was out pretty cold. You overexerted yourself with the little levitation trick, I think." Sadie sighed. "Which, I gotta admit, I wanna try...but I wanted you around before going crazy with anything."

"But..." Maddie looked back at the enchanted lingerie, cleaning like a hard-working maid. "How is it you`re not overexerting yourself right now?" Sadie smirked, looking just a tad guilty.

"You really wanna know?" She asked, raising her eyebrows.


"Well, you remember us talking about it yesterday, right?" Sadie shrugged. She made a pulling motion with her hand, narrowing her eyes. Maddie wasn`t sure what she was doing until she heard a bed stand drawer squeak open on its warped tracks. Into the air hovered a small vibrator, and Maddie gasped a little, looking back at Sadie. The vibrator dropped back into the drawer, and Sadie pushed her hand out quickly as the drawer slammed itself. "Yow...gotta work on the fine motor skills."

"Sadie...are you serious?"

"Well, we figured it out yesterday, apparently. Arousal didn`t just activate our abilities, Mads--it also makes them stronger." Sadie nodded at her closet doors, and one of them budged open.  "Like, a lot stronger--and it seems to be directly related, how willing you are to get down and dirty with your own fantasies."

Maddie gave her a suspicious look.

"The catch seems to be that in the heat of the moment, things start ramping up without, like, direct requests." Sadie made a face.

"Yeah..." Maddie said, looking away and thinking about the invisible force touching her yesterday. "But how far does that go?"

"Well, to be honest..." Sadie looked around the room for a second, stalling. "Something pretty unexpected happened at the--uh--

"Mornin`, Maddie." A voice said, coming from the boots. "Are you feeling better this morning?" Maddie stared at the boots for a while, slowly turning to her sister. Sadie blushed.

"Well, at least say "˜Hi`," Sadie said nervously.

"Umm...Hi," Maddie said, looking down at the boots. "I`m--I`m okay today." Maddie caught herself staring as the boots wiggled around. " did--you two do this?"

"There was just this power that came with--well, I mean, I guess the power came when I did." Sadie shrugged."

"I had the honor of being between Sadie`s legs," the boots stated, matter-of-fact and they leapt up onto her bed. Sadie blushed. "She concentrated her power into me."

"So--" Maddie thought, pointing at the drawer, "What if

"I dunno. It`s not like I knew how to do it--but I think If I`, finished with that, I`m pretty sure I would`ve steered the power a different way." Maddie looked at the boots, then back at her sister.

"So--now we`re not just talking telekinesis...but like, bringing things to life, too?"

"Well, we really don`t know what the limitations are," Sadie said, putting her hand on an inflated leather shaft. "I mean, that`s what Mom`s message said, right?" Maddie nodded, thinking the same thing.

"And about Mom," Maddie said, "I--I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she must`ve had a good reason, but think about it: up until now, we were just left to thought she abandoned us. I think we should find out more about her. Maybe we should call Dad."

"That`s not a bad idea," Sadie said, "but you know how he and I are lately. It should be you." Sadie let out a sigh.

"But what do we tell him?" Maddie asked. "Hey Dad, we don`t want to keep you but we think Mom was a super-powerful goddess and, by the way, her powers rubbed off on us."

"Well--we can tell him about the card, can`t we?"

"You mean the weird glowing card that appears to have activated our superpowers?" Maddie asked. "Sure."

"Well, don`t tell himwe are. If he knew that, he`d have to reveal

"You don`t think he`d be upset? I don`t want to break this kind of thing to him when he`s so far away."

"Maddie." Sadie clasped her shoulder. "I`m a bit upset. Aren`t you?" Maddie shrugged a bit, and then reluctantly nodded. "Like you said--maybe mom has a good reason for all this...but whatever that is, we deserve to know. We need to at least try." Sadie stood up, folding her arms and looking squarely at Maddie. "Tell dad we got a card from her. That`s all. Let him react to it."

"I just..." A look up at Sadie told Maddie it needed to be done. "Well, we`re not lying, and if it was just an ordinary card--"

"We wouldn`t second guess asking him about it," Sadie said. "Not for a second." Maddie nodded..

"Alright. You`re right"

"He`ll say something," Sadie said. "I`m sure of it."

"Kay--what time is it?"

"Pretty late at night there, but he might be awake. Do it up. He left the number for the hotel with Rachel--I think she put it on the fridge."

Maddie`s heart was pounding when she picked up the phone and dialed the number on the fridge. Sadie took a seat at the table, focusing on the cabinet underneath the sink. A pair of pink rubber gloves emerged and inflated to slender hands--turning the sink on.

" 2230 please?" Maddie said, half-distracted by Sadie`s practice. As the gloves grabbed a sponge and started scrubbing the sink, Maddie laughed a bit. If Sadie kept this habit up, Rachel would eventually credit them with making the whole house sparkle.

"George," said the voice on the other end of the line.


"Maddie! Perfect timing." She cupped her palm over the handset and lot out a sigh.

"You`re not busy?"

"No, kiddo. I finished a late dinner and just walked into my room. How are things?"


"How`s your sister?" Maddie looked over her shoulder to watch as Sadie followed the gloves with her eyes, wiping down the counters with the sponge.

"She`s...uh--she`s great," Maddie shrugged, smiling at Sadie.

"And the rest of your birthday was good?"

"Actually...that`s exactly why I`m calling."

"What`s on your mind?"

"Dad, a card came for us--in the mail..." she lied. "No return address, but--it was signed 'your mother'."

There was silence on the phone for a few seconds.


"Still here. I`m sorry, honey. It`s hard to know what to say." His voice was choked up immediately. "I guess I can only really say that I`m sorry."

"I`m not, dad. Neither of us are."

"Sadie`s seen it?"

"Of course. I couldn`t keep it to myself."

"And Rachel?"

"Well, I`m not totally oblivious...I didn`t want to make her feel bad. But--why would she...I mean, if she knows where we are, then--"

"I don`t know, baby..." George croaked. "Your mother...well, she was a complicated person. I don`t understand why she`s done most of the things she has. We both loved each other very much when we were together, but I felt like she had a whole life I didn`t know anything about--even after we were married."

"Really?" Like the fact that she was a superhero or an alien or something? Maddie thought.

"I always tried to be supportive--to never pry, and just listen...I mean, I tried give her all the room she needed." George sighed. "I never really worried about it until you and Sadie were born."

"And then what happened?"

"At first, honey, I thought she grew up. When you and your sister were born, it was like nothing else mattered to her but your tiny little faces. After a couple of years, I thought that mysterious side of her had just...evaporated." Another long pause. "Do you...remember her?"

"I`m never really sure. I mean, I think I remember things about her, but--sometimes I just see Rachel`s face."

"Well, I knew this would have to come up eventually," George said, "But I was hoping she wouldn`t be the one to provoke it. You have to understand, the only reason I never said anything--"

"No," Maddie`s eyes got glassy. "It`s not--I mean, I--

"Rachel was a godsend," George said. "I mean, your mother and I hired her to help when I started traveling for the firm. You weren`t even a year old when she started. But after your mother left..."

"We only had our Ray-ray," Maddie let out a little laugh, her eyes welled with tears. "I guess that`s why we never had `momma' in our vocabulary."

"Lu hand-picked her," George said. A tap on Maddie`s shoulder made her turn around. Sadie pointed to the other handset, and Maddie nodded, putting a finger up to her lips. "Rachel was going into education in college, and she was our au pair for you two." Sadie clicked the phone on. "Did someone pick up?" George asked.

"I switched to the cordless," Maddie said. "Go on."

"Well, she and your mother both spent a lot of time with you--but she was the one that took care of you most of the time right after Lu left. She was so great with you guys--and you both clinged to her after a few days of being without your mom."

"And you two started--"

"No, not immediately. I loved your mother, Maddie. I wanted her to come back so badly. I was even weak enough back then that I would've even forgiven her for hurting you two. I`d sleep in a chair in you and your sister`s room, hear a noise and think to myself 'Lu`s home. She`s finally home.' I--probably wasn`t very good to be around then. But that`s why Rachel was so perfect. She`d play with you, she`d get you both laughing...even while I still pined away for your mom."

"So what happened?"

"Rachel told me that if I were psychologically as absent as Lu was physically--I`d lose both of you, too." Sadie and Maddie exchanged knowing looks of pity for their father. "I got a divorce lawyer, we held a hearing in absentia, and your mother`s actions constituted abandonment."

"How did you know something didn`t happen to her?"

"She packed up a suitcase, Maddie. She took one of our cars--which I just let go of in the divorce hearing--and...she sent me a letter." George was crying on the other end. He wasn`t wailing or hysterical, but his voice was broken of its usual metered stillness.

"And Rachel?"

"Was right there for you both--the whole time. I mean, of course Rachel`s beautiful, and intelligent, and interesting...but I fell in love with her because of how she was with you two. She loves you both very much." Sadie smiled at Maddie, tears welling in her eyes.

"I know, dad. I think Sadie knows too."

"I didn`t ask Rachel to marry me until well after the divorce was finalized--when I was sure about us. But I imagine some of your earliest memories are from that wedding--you and your sister were our flower girls."

"Kinda hazy," Maddie said, "I think there are peices I remember. But--you haven`t heard from Mom since the divorce?"

"One last letter a few months later. She said sorry in as many ways as it could be said--to me and to you both--and told me that she was happy that Rachel was what she couldn`t be for us. She thanked me for not being bitter and for going on with my life, but honestly--I`d never been so angry at anyone. But I had to move on--to make things right for you and your sister. Maddie, the best I could do was be happy with Rachel, let go of Lu, and just try to forget."

"I`m...I`m so sorry, dad."

"No, I`m sorry, Madeline. I`m so sorry it`s all coming up now. I never wanted to lie or hide things from you and your sister, but...I just had no idea what to do."

"It`s okay, dad. You did your best." The kitchen was quiet now. Through a face of sympathetic sadness, Sadie gave Maddie a thumbs up. The slightest smile of pride for her father shined through her tears.  

"I`m sorry I haven`t been around much for the past couple years, kiddo. It`s just that--with construction on the decline since you two were in junior high, I had to leap stone to stone to wherever the designs were still being bought and sold--whether that meant Singapore, or Shanghai, or Mumbai--I had to make sure I could still give you three the life you all deserve." Maddie and Sadie were both glassy-eyed by now. Their father gave them far more than they expected--and somehow it was exactly what they needed.

"You`re doing great, dad. We both love you. A lot."

"It`s been hard with Sadie lately. I feel like--"

"She felt awful for being so terse with you yesterday, dad. She still loves you--just like I do." Sadie nodded.

"I hope so."

"I know so." George and the girls recovered from the emotional torrent for a few seconds before George spoke again.

"I`m actually happy I had to say all of that. I didn`t want to hide Lu from you forever. It`s just that when you were young, I just thought it was the best way. Just--it`s probably better not to let Rachel know. At least for now. They were good friends, and when Lu left--she left Rachel, too."

"Sure thing. But, Dad--what if she tries to get in touch with us? Like, directly?"

"That`s up to you, kiddo. You`re both adults now. If your mother decides she wants to come back into your life, I`m not going to tell you to stay away from her. Just remember that she walked away from us once. Just...just don`t get your hopes up." He sighed. "I feel like there`s so much that I never knew about her--and after 15 years, I have no idea what kind of person she`s become--so I won`t speak ill. Just remember that Rachel held us all together. So if it comes up, whatever you decide, just--be sensitive with that. Rachel cares about you both as much as I do."

"Okay." Sighs on both ends of the line now.

"Well...heavy talk, kiddo."


"Do me a favor and...pass some of this on to Sadie? I don`t know if she would want to hear any of it from me right now, but--maybe if you talk to her first, she`ll give me a ring sometime."

"I think she will, dad."

"You okay?"

"I`m great. I`m actually...really great. Thanks."

"Call me again next week? Around this time you`ll usually be able to catch me."

"Totally. Love you, dad."

"I love you too, sweetie."

Maddie and Sadie hung up the phones at the same time, and Sadie stood up.

"I feel like an asshole," she said, shaking her head.

"Aw, come on. Neither of us coulda known. Besides--this makes it all better, pretty much."

"What do you mean--`all better`?"

"I mean--mom had some reason for leaving that she couldn`t tell dad--no doubt relating to whatever we've inherited from her. Dad`s always had such a hard time with that whole situation, and his quiet shame about it--it was the noblest thing he could do for us...and Rachel--we know she`s got the best intentions."

"I never doubted Rachel," Sadie said. "But...what about mom? Okay, so--fine, we have these powers. Shouldn`t it have been MORE important for her to stick around?"

"I wanna believe she had a good reason for what she did, Sadie. There`s so much we don`t know," Maddie said. "Maybe we just have to follow the abilities; there`s got to be more information. Maybe she wants us to figure it out for ourselves." Sadie huffed.

"Well, I was obviously wrong about Dad. For now, I guess I should give Mom the benefit of the doubt too."

"Yeah..." Maddie looked down at herself, still in her pajamas. "Shit, what time is it?"

"Almost 11AM?"

"I`m meeting Mitchell for lunch. You wanna come?" Sadie shook her head.

"Uh-uh. You have fun. I`m gonna chill here until Gabby`s out of work. Play around with the new skills a bit more."

"I`m not gonna pry into your day plans, but please keep it toned down when you`re not alone."

"Ha! Says the girl about to visit her boyfriend. Remember, dude--these powers magnify when you`re getting all steamy, so YOU remember to keep it toned down. I`ll be fine."


Maddie pulled up to Mitch`s house in Emerald Estates, a recent development track that was beyond even her own father`s earnings. His parents came from old money, and with his father already semi-retired, much of his family was often away living the jet-set lifestyle.

She waited at the door a few moments after ringing the bell. Of course Mitch couldn`t be bothered to answer it himself, she thought, snickering. It was probably a quarter-mile walk to the front door from his room.

When the door finally opened, a graceful-looking woman smiled and dipped her head slightly to Maddie.

"Alo, Miss Madeline...Master Mitchell told me to expect you. Please come in." Maddie smiled back at the adorable face framed in shining straight dark hair, eyes to match, and a cute, slightly-upturned nose.

"Nice to see you again, Alaina." She lowered her voice. "Mitch`s parents here?"

"No one but Mitchell and myself," she smiled, also lowering her voice. "A peaceful Sunday for us both, no?" Maddie laughed. "If you`d like to wait a moment, I can--"

"It`s fine, Alaina," Mitch said from the balcony, looking over a whirling grand stair. Mitch was in a tight tee, athletic shorts and slippers. He couldn`t be wearing that to lunch, Maddie thought. "Mad, you don`t mind hanging out here, do you? I didn`t really feel like getting ready."

"I guess that`s fine," Maddie said, shrugging. Even though I just spent the last hour prettying myself up and getting ready for YOU, she thought. It wouldn`t be the first time Mitch came up short in effort.

"Cool. Hey, Alaina--you got things to do outside the house?"

"Well master Mitchell, it is a Sunday. Anything that requires my attention elsewhere would be limited outside a weekday."

"So take a paid day off," he shrugged. "Until maybe dinnertime?" She raised an eyebrow, holding her tongue from blurting the response she wanted to give him.

"Of course," she curtzied. "Allow me to change, and I`ll be off." She turned to Maddie. "Wonderful seeing you again, miss." Maddie smiled sheepishly and waved.

"You too, Alaina." The live-in maid retreated down the hall toward her room, and Maddie started up the stairs. "Don`t you feel kinda bad disrupting her schedule?" Maddie asked. "Seems like she`s always running around here."

"Yeah, I feel just awful giving her time off," Mitch rolled his eyes. "And just think, she`ll have to take

"You know that`s not what I meant, jerk."

"She`s fine," Mitch said. "Worry about me." With a shit-eating grin, he held his hand out to Maddie and pulled her along when she reached the top of the stairs.

"So where is everyone?"

"Tenerife," Mitch shrugged. "If you've seen one Carnival, you've seen them all."

"You`re so freaking blase, you brat," Maddie said, playfully shoving him "I, for one, would love to see the Canaries."

"Maybe spring break next year," Mitch smiled. "But trust me, you don`t wanna go anywhere when it`s with my parents." Maddie giggled. "Mom`s got nothing better to do than plan that shit out to the minute."

He and Maddie walked into his room, spacious and luxurious. He pulled her onto his huge circular bed.

"Mitch, maybe we could talk," she said as he started pulling at her shirt.

"Sure. I can hear better without all these clothes in the way," he laughed.

"No," she said, brushing his hands off of her. "I`m serious, Mitch. I wanna talk about what happens with us next year. We`re both going to college, and--"

"And we should cross that bridge when we come to it," he said flatly. "It`s February, Mads. We've got months." He grabbed her wrists and pulled them to her sides, leaning in to kiss her.

"I just...I wanna know where we`re at--where we`re going. You`re headed to Reed--I`m staying on the east coast..."

"And I've got the money to fly over the continental US EVERY two weeks. We can spend every other weekend together--my expense." He went back at it, lavishing kisses on her neck and down her collarbone, making her coo.

"But...but," she held him back again. "We`re going to be in college, Mitch. Lots of new people. Lots of new opportunities. And you`re rich, and good-looking, and charismatic..."

"And taken," Mitch said. "And that`s what I`ll tell all the granola-eating hippie girls from Oregon, and all the dumb pretty things from California. Okay?" He went down for her shirt again, pulling it up and kissing her stomach.

"Alright," Maddie said softly, smiling as she let him go this time. There was still something she couldn`t put her finger on, but as his advances started turning her on, she felt her powers running through her nerves like raw electric. She`d have to find a way to control herself as he got her going. His fingers reached for the button on her denim skirt, popping it open and pulling the zipper down.

Maddie was getting turned on. He was all over her in a few seconds, kissing her, pulling her clothes off...she was desperately trying to keep her mind from producing any reciprocal effects that couldn`t be explained by good old physics.

Mitch didn`t hesitate to pull her black lacy panties aside, kissing her just above the clit and lightly spiraling his tongue down over it as she sighed and grabbed a handful of his brown hair, pushing his face into her.

"Geeez, Mitch--what`s gotten into you?" Maddie giggled, her arousal spiking as Mitch began to eat her out. He lifted his head for a second, smiling at her.

"Whole house to ourselves," He said. "I couldn`t wait to get you over here." He want back to working her over with his tongue, and Maddie moaned as she stared at his athletic shorts. The waistband shifted and began sliding down over his ass. Maddie`s eyes went wide, and she quickly responded by shifting her legs and sliding her toes under his shorts. Mitch didn`t seem to notice anything out of place.

Maddie shifted, lying against his pillows and reaching her free arm under them. As she pulled on them to prop herself up, her fingers caught on a strap of some kind. Confused, she pulled it out and gasped a little.

Mitch, of course, took the sound as a sign that he was doing wonderfully, so he kept it up, slurping and licking at Maddie`s cunt faster. But her hand in his hair gripped tight and twisted, pushing his face into her crotch hard before pulling it up to look at her.

"Ow--Maddie, easy!" His eyes were big as saucers as he saw what his girlfriend was holding up. It was a skimpy, gold lamé thong. As any girl would, Maddie knew immediately that it wasn`t hers. She scowled at Mitch, realizing immediately what the look of horror on his face meant.

"Easy Mads," he said, his eyes pleading with her.

"Shut up," Maddie said, gritting her teeth. She pulled his hair to the side, and he whimpered, rolling off of her. She let go and shifted to the other side of the bed.

"Maddie, hold up!" Maddie`s face reddened. She closed her legs, straightening out her panties and sitting up. "I--I can explain."

"I don`t think you need to," Maddie said, looking away from him and pulling her skirt off the ground. As she threw her feet over the side of his bed, she stepped into the skirt, standing up. She could feel the rage bubbling up in her, and suddenly her skirt zipped and buttoned itself.

don`t pull shit like that now--I can`t think straight!

She turned to Mitch, who was standing on the other side of the bed, pulling up his shorts.

"Maddie, it`s not--"

"You`re taken?!" Maddie shouted at him. "Is THIS what a taken guy has lying around in his bed?"

"No--no, I can explain...they`re--"

"Mitch, I may not live in a mansion--that doesn`t mean I`m fucking stupid. Those aren`t a present--these are worn panties. They`re skimpy, slutty..."

"They`re, um...they`re from months ago, Maddie," He pleaded. "From before we were even dating. And I know it was stupid to keep them, but..."

Maddie`s volatility was at maximum. Her sexual energies from Mitch eating her out, her frustration at this terrible interruption and her absolute rage at Mitch`s betrayal were shooting invisible waves of energy everywhere around her--but all she knew was that she was pissed at her boyfriend.

"Are you lying to me, Mitch?" She asked, staring him down. She looked at the gold thong, turning it over in her hand, disgusted by the residue on the inside of the fabric. "Am I supposed to believe you've been keeping an old, dirty thong of some other girl in your bed for months?"

She held up the shiny thong--the symbol of his betrayal--and the potent mixture of arousal and anger kept flowing out of her every nerve ending and into the entire room. Whoever he was playing around with--Maddie didn`t care. Knowing his charm, the girl probably had no idea Mitch was in a relationship. No--the blame for this was all his.

"But--it`s true!" Mitch said, brushing her hand down and looking her in the eyes, mustering every ounce of sincerity. "I haven`t seen that girl since we started, Maddie. I promise."

Maddie was about to relent--to give in to this devilish charm and give him the benefit of the doubt...but it was too late. Her energy had spoken.

"Liar." A voice spoke, but it wasn`t Maddie`s.


"Uh-uh, playboy..." Said the disembodied voice again. Mitch took a step back. He didn`t see Maddie`s lips budge when the words pummeled him. The tangled straps of the thong pulled against Maddie`s fingers, and she squeaked, dropping the glossy gold fabric and pulling her hand away.

"Oh my--god..." Maddie said, bringing a hand to her mouth.

"M-M-Maddie, how the fuck are you--what the hell is--" The two watched in awe as the underwear spun itself in mid-air, turning right-side out as its thin straps rounded and bulged with ghostly voluptuous hips.

"You cheated, Mitch," came a sultry voice from the shapely underwear. "You`re gonna try lying your way out of that, too?" The thong slowly drifted toward him, approaching menacingly with every word.

Mitch visibly jumped at the sight, backing up and tripping over the other fixtures in his room until he was against the wall. His lips trembled, his eyes fixed on the hovering, filled out thong. He turned to Maddie.

"M-Maddie--are you seeing this?" She just stood and stared, in shock of what was happening. Just then, the door to Mitch`s bedroom clicked open.

"Maybe you should pay attention, Mitchell." Now Maddie and Mitch both turned to the doorway, where a busty red satin blouse was tucked into a pair of tight, full-figured designer blue jeans. The outfit clicked into the room on empty red high heels, and now Maddie had her hands at her cheeks.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Maddie asked the empty outfit.

"Oh, my poor dear," Maddie immediately recognized the voice and plump, curvy profile. It was Mitch`s mother Sandra. "Darling, you deserve much better." She was frozen in place as the red sleeves reached out and wrapped around her. As it pulled her into a big hug, Maddie could feel the soft curves pressing against her. "I don`t know where I went wrong with this petulant boy, but all I can promise is that he`s going to get the punishment he deserves."

"Wh-what kind of fucked up dream is this?!" Mitch screamed, looking at the hollow form of his mom and back at the bobbing gold thong. "Maddie--speak to me...please..."

"Typical, oblivious think you can just whine and plead your way out of this?"

"I don`t--this is fucking cr--" The thong danced up to his face, mashing the shiny gold trangle of fabric against his mouth and grinding against him. He struggled to pull the dirty panties away from his face, but even pulling with all his might, they wouldn`t budge. Dodging was just as useless--wherever he turned, they stayed right up against his lips and nose, forcing themselves on his senses.

"You`d say or do anything just to get into these..." The thong chided. "You don`t even care who you hurt, do you?"

"Now wait," Maddie said. "Don`t--" Invisible fingers at the end of a billowing satin sleeve shushed her.

"Don`t you worry about a thing, Madeline. I know just how to handle bad behavior." As the full-figured outfit let Maddie go, it called out toward the door. "Stacie, Alaina--come and help with Mitchell." The gold thong backed off of Mitch, letting him speak.

"Maddie!? Maddie, what the fuck is going on here?"

"QUIET, Mitchell!" His mother`s outfit said. "You've brought all of this upon yourself."

"Oh god, what the fuck is happening?!" Mitch squealed, bolting for the door. At the threshold, he slammed into someone--or something. He fell backward onto the floor, looking up at his sister`s empty clothes.

"Watch where you`re going, dumbass," Said the voice of his sister Stacie. "Hey, I think if this pig wants to get into other girl`s panties so badly...maybe he should be obliged." He watched in horror as pink translucent stockings walked in, with a white miniskirt and short-sleeved pastel blue scoop-neck top fitted over them. Now Maddie stared at the new outfit, wondering how much more of this she could take before she slumped to the ground.

"You can`t--where are you all coming from?" Maddie asked. Stacie`s outfit giggled as it ran up to her.

"Sorry for barging in, but we wanna help, Maddie. We just want Mitch to get what he deserves. Isn`t that what you want?" As the short blue sleeves rose toward her, Maddie felt invisible hands slide up her stomach and cup under her breasts.

"Ummff--no, hey...come on!" Maddie protested, trying to swat the hands away. "All of this is gonna drain me dry like last night!" Stacie`s outfit stepped closer, pressing against her body and sliding a pink stocking foot up her ankle.

"Not if you let us help you..." Stacie`s voice purred. "Come on, Maddie. I promise we`ll all have fun--except for Mitch," the outfit laughed.

"I--I didn`t ask for help..." Maddie said quietly, letting out a little moan as invisible hands kneaded her chest.

"Oh, I think you did," came another voice from the doorway, "And you

Maddie stepped away from the carresses of Stacie`s empty clothing, throwing her arms up.

"Stop!" She cried, looking over at Mitch, cowering away from the hovering gold thong and the intimidating pose of Sandra`s blouse and jeans. "Stop it--all of you!" Alaina`s outfit strutted over to her and held up a white finger, wiggling it in front of her.

"No, no, no..." Alaina`s french-tinged accent said. "We only want what you want, Maddie. Mitchell must be punished." Maddie looked at him on the floor, using his legs to slide himself out of the way, and back against the wall.

"F-fuck this!" Mitch said, defiantly. "I was just being a teenage guy!" He propped himself up against the wall, slowly convincing himself of the impossibility of this experience. "I dunno what kind of bullshit guilt my head`s producing right now, but--" Alaina`s outfit pointed a gloved hand at him, and his athletic shorts sailed to the ground, exposing him from the waist down, making him instinctually cover himself. Maddie looked on, still bewildered, but absolutely hurt by his justification. She trusted this slimeball.

"Yeaaaah," Stacie`s outfit said, circling around behind her and pressing up against her, reaching an invisible hand into her skirt. "Let yourself feel it, Maddie. You`re angry. You`re frustrated. You neeeeed something from us. Let us make it right." Maddie shuddered, feeling invisible fingers dancing against her clit. She swooned.

"We`ll take care of everything," Sandra said, turning to Maddie and reaching a red satin sleeve to her cheek. Maddie felt the soft, touch of an unseen hand and nuzzled against it, her defenses weakening.

"Take care of what?!" Mitch demanded, trembling despite his defiance. Alaina swiped another finger at him, and his shirt ripped clear in half, falling away from him.

"That nasty attitude of yours," Alaina`s outfit said, sauntering up to him and grabbing his dick. Mitch gasped.

"Uh--no, don`t--oooooh..." Maddie looked on as Alaina`s pristine white glove began stroking Mitch`s cock, intermittently squeezing it between hollow fingers as it began growing. Mitch looked up at Maddie, then his eyes rolled back. "Ohhh..."

Maddie swallowed hard, feeling her own pussy stroked by the invisible hand against her panties.

"No..." She said, feebly denying herself at this point. "I can`t just let this happen--and you--you have to listen to me," she sighed.

"Maddie, you`re such a good, sweet girl," Sandra`s voice said as her outfit walked over to Mitch`s dresser. The red satin sleeve lifted to the handle, pulling out the top drawer. The other satin sleeve reached in and pulled out a pack of condoms. "But this time, you`re not going to put the comfort of an undeserving pig before your own desires."

"You asked for this," Alaina`s outfit said as her white glove stroked Mitch into a hardened erection. "Perhaps you just aren`t ready to admit it to yourself." Maddie shook her head, biting her lip as she felt more and more energy pouring into her.

"You`re stronger than you realize, Maddie," Stacie`s outfit whispered into her ear, the phantom arm around her side holding her tighter as Stacie`s invisible form grabbed her tits and fingered her. "Can`t you feel it?"

"Nngggghh--no...I c-can`t let this..."

"Open your eyes, dear," Sandra`s empty shape said. "Listen to your body. Listen to the desire you've been denying yourself." One of the condoms ripped open, the foil fluttering to the floor as the latex disc hung in the air.

"Noooo," Maddie said, squirming under the ghostly ministrations. "I promised I`d--mmmm--stay in control..." A chorus of laughter now, from every living thing in the room but Mitchell.

"You are in control," Alaina`s outfit said, approaching her even as the single white glove continued stroking Mitch`s cock. "That`s what we`re trying to tell you, Maddie."

Sandra`s outfit walked over to Mitch, leaning against the wall as his cock stood at full attention.

"This is to help Maddie with what she wants," she said. Then the sleeve pointed to the floating disc.

"What--why are you...unnngh..." He had to believe he was dreaming. Was there any other explanation? He looked over at the red, satiny blouse,  filled with hollow force and stading beside him. "That`s too fucking bizarre. Just--why can`t it just be Alaina?" The disc floated in front of Mitch`s face, grabbing his attention. "And what`s with the...ugh! No!"

The latex was unrolled over a familiar invisible shape now, hovering in front of him and swinging back and forth.

"You've been very bad, Mitch..." Sandra`s outfit said, wagging a sleeve at him. "And today, you`re going to stop treating women like toys."

"Oh god, let me fucking wake up. Let me fu'uh--!" The ghostly condom smacked him across the face, shutting him up. He looked up, horrified as the invisible member threatened again.

"You`re gonna learn that it`s not very fun to be someone else`s toy, Mitch." Another condom ripped open, immediately rolling down an unseen shaft this time. It was thicker than the first.

"No, no, no, no..." Mitch shook his head back and forth. "Wake up, wake up, wake up, fucking wake up..." Laughter again from around the room.

"Nooo," Maddie said, moaning. "Let him go!" Alaina`s outfit stood against her, toe to toe. Maddie looked down into the hollow uniform as Alaina`s other white glove hiked up her denim skirt and slapped her ass.

"You don`t want us to let him go," The ghostly voice said. "And you don`t want us to let

"Longing for it," Stacie`s outfit said.

"And that was before payback even entered your thoughts," Sandra`s outfit said, holding up the strip of condoms as another tore out of its package and inflated. "But once the anger of the most intimate broken trust coursed through you..." Mitch looked from outfit to outfit, watching his girlfriend writhe and coo under her invisible molestation. His cock was still hard as steel from the phantom satin hand stroking him, and he was on the edge of his sanity as he tried to grasp what was going on.

"Maddie--what the fuck are these things talking about? What`s fucking happening here?"

Sandra`s outfit reached a sleeve toward him, and he felt the grip of a slender hand pulling him away from the wall and toward the center of the room.

"You messed with the wrong girl, Mitchell..." His mother`s voice chided. "And now you`re gonna be punished for it."

"No! Nooo! Let me go! Let me--mffff!" One of the hovering hollow condoms jammed itself into his mouth, sliding in and out between his pursed lips, trying desperately to eject the rubbery phallus. "Mmmppph! Mmmmfffph!!"

Mitch tried biting down on the ghostly cock, but it happily jammed itself straight into him--forcing him to deepthroat the shape until the open end passed his teeth.

"BE NICE, MITCHELL," Sandra`s outfit commanded. Mitch opened his jaw, nodding until the cock pulled back out of his mouth. "There now," the voice above the red blouse said. "That should be enough." Mitch looked relieved as the saliva-soaked hovering condom flew away from his face.

"What do you think, Maddie?" Stacie`s outfit asked. "Are you ready to ditch this loser and accept your destiny?" Alaina`s outfit stepped back as one of the enchanted latex cocks hovered down toward Maddie. The white apron, black blouse and skirt all flew straight into the air, leaving a black bra, panties, and the dark, shapely stockings beneath. The single white glove stroking Mitch released him, and now Alaina`s lingerie, shoes and gloves stood in front of a panting Maddie as the floating uniform held its curves and floated up and over Mitch`s head.

The latex cock positioned itself at the crotch of Alaina`s panties as her satin gloves hiked up Maddie`s skirt and swept her panties aside.  

"Oh, fuuuck--what in god`s name is happening?" Maddie moaned. "Why can`t I stop this?"

"Because, Madeline," Stacie`s outfit whispered, hovering into the air and wrapping its translucent pink stockings around her. "Nothing on earth can stop your desire--even when you try to hide it." The translucent pink legs flexed themselves against Maddie`s own, forcing them open as Alaina`s lingerie thrust against her, pushing the phantom cock between the lips of her pussy.

Maddie shrieked delight, crying out in pleasure and wrapping her delicate arms around the ghostly bra floating in front of her. Sandwiched between Stacie`s living outfit and Alaina`s lingerie, she pushed her hips against the emulated cock, impaling herself on it as she finally gave up saying no to the out-of-control magic.

"Maddie!?" Mitch cried, watching her being fucked by hollow versions of his sister and maid. "Maddie, I--" A latex cock gagged him again as satin sleeves flew next to his wrists and pulled his arms into the air. Alaina`s empty uniform descended on him, stretching to capacity to accommodate his broad, athletic body. He muffled pleas behind his phallic gag as the main uniform situated over him as best it could. The front of the pleated skirt coiled up and squeezed his cock as the back lifted up, exposing his bare ass. Sandra`s outfit stood in front of him as the hollow condom continued pistoning in and out of his mouth.

"No more fighting now, Mitch. Are you ready to see what it feels like to be someone else`s toy?" A red, glossy sleeve reached down to the crotch of the tight jeans, where the remaining condom bulged. Mitch looked down, shaking his head back and forth. Sandra`s outfit stepped behind him. He looked up at Maddie, his eyes pleading with her to save him.

"Fuuuck, fuck!" Maddie pulled at the bra straps, fire burning in her eyes as she pushed against the magic force bulging inside the condom. The two outfits squeezed her tighter and tighter as Maddie cried out passion, watching Mitch`s punishment. She felt satiny hands grasp her tits as Alaina`s uniform forced Mitch to bend at the hip. "FUUUUUCK!" Maddie screamed as Sandra`s outfit forced its full hips against Mitch.

He cried out behind the enchanted condom fucking his mouth, pinned between pleasure and pain as the magic cock entering him from behind. his eyes rolled back as Maddie`s powers magically pegged him, pushing against him from inside and making him her toy. Mitch squealed behind the latex as his own cock pumped higher and higher, turning even his own embarrassed arousal against him.

"I`m gonna come...I`m gonna fucking come!" Maddie cried out, thrashing against Alaina`s magic-imbued panties. Every thrust ignited more intensity inside her, every motion bringing her closer to orgasm. She looked down at Mitch in Alaina`s outfit, watching the hard bulge under the pleated skirt. As she stared, the skirt lifted itself up, revealing Mitch`s steel-hard cock.

"Come. Come with me..." Maddie commanded. "Come, come, come! Fucking commmmmmmmme!

With Sandra`s curves bouncing against him, practically lifting him off the ground as the enchanted condom fucked his ass, a horrified Mitch was on the verge of orgasm. He felt all the stimulation flood him at once. Maddie`s scream made him explode, firing hot cum all over the inside of Alaina`s skirt, and even flying all the way over to the enchanted underwear fucking Maddie.

There delicious fear flowing through Mitch, Maddie`s intense anger and the force of both their orgasms washed over Maddie all at once. She wailed as she came, feeling white-hot energy pouring out of her and filling the ether surrounding her sweating body. God, it`s soooo good, Maddie thought, letting a full-body orgasm ride through her unabated.

Maddie let the feeling sweep her up, closing her eyes and letting the whole of reality fall away. Mitch, the enchanted cocks, the outfits dominating them, the mansion--her awareness of it all simply slipped away as it was replaced by warm, white light.

As the intensity faded, Maddie found herself seeing--her own body? Yes, it was her for sure, lounging nude with closed eyes, soaking up pleasure as she was reclining on a bed.

No, not a bed, a fluttering cloud...a sheet of pure white satin, billowing atop a cushion of empty space as her body sank deeply into it. And now she saw scantily clad bodies around the hovering mass--fanning her, massaging her, feeding her, brushing her hair--perfect bodies, some man, some women, admiring her beauty and adoring her as if she was a goddess.

She felt it. As the scene went wider, she saw a form standing over her, watching her throng of servants cater to her every need. It was a diaphanous gown in white satin, an unearthly breeze dancing over the material and revealing the shapely invisible form filling it. It was waiting...for her.

It was waiting for her to step into it--to seize her destiny.

* * *

When Maddie awoke, she was on the floor, atop Stacie`s clothes. Alaina`s lingerie was draped over her. Mitch was across from her, still dressed in Alaina`s outfit and fast asleep on Sandra`s lifeless outfit. Maddie shook her head, realizing what she`d just done.

She stood over him, wondering what was next.

And what`s worse--he didn`t even try to apologize. He just made excuses. She didn`t want to admit it--but he this, Mitch," She whispered almost silently, doing little more than mouthing the words as she surveyed the used condoms, the incriminating clothing belonging to his sister, his mom, and Alaina herself. As she walked down the hall and back down the grand staircase, she knew one thing for sure.

Before anyone else pissed her off, she was going to have to get a handle on these abilities.

* * *

Alaina called for Mitch a couple of times before walking up the stairs. Maybe he`d left for the day. She headed down to the bathroom, seeing everything still in its place. It was nice to have the rest of the family out of the house for once--even if cleaning up after Mitch alone still represented half of her work.

When she turned the corner to his room, she gasped at the sight. He was on the floor, in her own imported lingerie?! She took a single cell photo for good measure, furious at what she saw and what she`d have to deal with. Her credentials were too good for this--even for what she was being paid. Babysitting a boy at the age of majority behaving like this would call for a big, big bonus.

"Master Mitchell, this is UNACCEPTABLE!" She shouted, finally rousing him. Mitch bolted awake, sitting up and looking down at himself. He was still wearing Alaina`s uniform. Blood rushed to his face as he saw the real Alaina, scowling at him from his bedroom doorway.

He sat speechless as the full gravity of his fuck-up came upon his shoulders.