When Maddie walked into the house, she could sense the energy immediately, though she couldn`t exactly say why. The first thing she noticed was that the footwear normally in the foyer was strewn all over the hall.

"Geez, what are you doing Say--" She stopped dead when she caught the dustmop in the kitchen sliding around all on its own. "Rachel`s car is here!" Maddie muttered. "What is she, crazy?"

Maddie followed the animated dustmop and turned to see the pink rubber gloves filled out and hanging in space, one of them waving to her.

"I guess things got a bit out of hand here too," Maddie said.

"Sadie has some explaining to do," said Sadie`s Italian leather boots, walking into the kitchen. "Your poor stepmother saw a little more than she could handle--you might wanna be by her side when she comes to."

"COMES TO?!" Maddie nearly shouted. "I've been gone a couple of hours, and not only does all hell break loose in the house--but you've revealed yourselves to Rachel?"

"Maddie..." Called a voice from the stairwell. Maddie walked back to the base of the stairs to see Gabby--clad in nothing but panties and one of Sadie`s pajama tops.

"Jesus Gabby, you know about this too?" Gabby just shrugged.

"It`s been a crazy afternoon," Gabby said. "Just come upstairs." Maddie slipped her sneakers off and climbed the stairs.

"Why are you undressed?" Maddie asked. "And what`s--" Sadie`s homecoming dress slid behind Gabby, wrapping its gloves around her.

"Hey, quit for a second," Gabby said, slapping lightly at the pink velvet. The gloves withdrew, and one of them clasped Gabby`s hand instead.

"What did she do?" Maddie asked.

"Just...come on." Gabby headed down the hall with Sadie`s homecoming outfit as Maddie and the Italian boots followed. She turned around before going into the loft. "We`re gonna hang out in Sadie`s room," Gabby whispered. "Rachel and her are in there."

Maddie shrugged and wandered into the loft, where Sadie was sitting on the side of the spare bed. Rachel was laying on it, apparently sleeping. Maddie hit Sadie on the shoulder.

"What the hell did you do?" Maddie hissed, trying to sound angry while staying quiet.

"She`s fine, Maddie, she just--she fainted."

"Well, because of what?" Maddie asked. Sadie blushed a bit.

"Things got kind of out of hand here," Sadie said. Maddie simply stared. "Okay--they got really out of hand. I mean, like, REALLY." Maddie`s expression broke to worry now, recalling her own experience with Mitch.

"Sadie, what did she see?"

"A lot. Let`s just leave it at that." Maddie planted her face into her palm and sighed.

"I guess it couldn`t have been any worse than what I did to Mitch." Maddie admitted. Sadie turned to her. "Things got a little out of hand there, too." Maddie said.

"What happened?"

"I don`t know if you already figured it out, but my powers kind of jumped up a few levels under like--emotional intensity."

"You saw I accidentally brought some more things to life, right?" Sadie asked. Maddie nodded. "Well, that was from--uh--Gabby and I."

"Ah ha," Maddie said. "So this is from you guys--"

"Well--you were with Mitch. I`m guessing the same thing happened with you two?"

"Not...exactly," Maddie said. "I found out Mitch was cheating on me."

"Oh, shit," Sadie cringed. "Is he still alive?"

"Don`t even joke about that," She said. "I`m sure he`ll be fine. I wouldn`t be surprised if he checked-in to a psych ward later today though." Sadie started laughing, and Maddie shook her head. "Really, Sadie. The anger just...I let my powers humiliate him. I couldn`t stop them. I`m guessing that whatever you and Gabby did must've been a lot more pleasant."

"Still pretty out of control though," Sadie said. "Once I got going, there was like nothing I could do."

"So--" Maddie turned to the sleeping Rachel. "What did she see, Sadie?"

"Gabby and I," Sadie said. "Right in the middle of everything. She not only saw us, but apparently the effects of my power were streaming all over the house, so who knows what else she saw..."

"What are we going to do?" Maddie asked.

"We have to come clean with her," Sadie said. "I don`t want to lie at the cost of Rachel questioning her sanity. She saw way too much for denial to be an option. When she wakes up, we just have to break it to her easy. The powers, the card, Mom..."

"We can`t do that," Maddie said. "We've gotta just--god, I don`t know. You`re sure that she won`t just--"

"I`m sure what she saw can`t be explained away, Maddie. We owe it to her to be honest." Rachel`s eyes fluttered. "She`s pretty much been our Mom as far back as we can remember. And really--not just for her sake. "

"Shit, I know Sadie. I just hope she accepts this, I barely can."

"S-Sadie...?" Rachel blinked. "Sadie, what`s--"

"Easy, Rae-rae. You`re in the spare bed," Sadie said, closing her hand over Rachel`s. "You fainted."

"I--" Rachel sat up a bit, looking around. "Sadie, you`re okay?"

"I`m fine, Rachel, just relax," Sadie said. Maddie and Sadie both stood over their stepmom, concerned. Something seemed to flood back into Rachel`s memory, and she put her hand to her mouth.

"Sadie, I--how did I get here?" Maddie glared at Sadie.

"Rae," Sadie squeezed her hand. "You remember coming to my door?" Rachel blushed, looking at Sadie and looking quickly away.

"I--" Rachel shook her head. "I mean, the gloves--and the mop, and--you and Gabby...that wasn`t..." Maddie nudged Sadie, who swallowed hard.

"Everything you saw was real, Rae." The two locked eyes. "I didn`t mean for you to...walk in and see that, but--"

"Real?!" Rachel sat up in bed, her eyes wide open. "What happened here, Sadie?!" Things were just moving on their own! Chasing me around the house...then to see you and Gabby, all I could think was--'what are these things doing to the girls'?"

"Well, that was me, kind of." Rachel looked at each of the girls.

"Wh-what do you mean?"

"Something happened to us, Rae," Maddie said. "Some straight out-of-fantasyland stuff." Rachel searched the girls' faces, unsure how to react.

"At our birthday gathering last night," Sadie said, "Remember that last card?"

"I...suppose?" Rachel said, sitting up completely and throwing her legs over the side of the bed onto the floor.

"It was from Lucretia, Rae." Rachel`s eyes went wide, and she shook her head.  

"Lu...your--your...she sent you a card?" Rachel asked, confused. "Sadie, what does the card have to do with--"

"I might as well show you," Sadie said, pointing to the window on the other side of the room. Rachel`s mouth hung wide open as the curtains pulled themselves apart and the window itself slowly slid open. "I guess Lu was a little more than ordinary, and that rubbed off on us."

"O--okay." Rachel wasn`t sure how to process the information she was being given. "That still doesn`t explain how things in the house could just get up and move."

"We`re still figuring that out ourselves." Sadie turned to Maddie. "Why don`t you go check up on Gabby? I think I've got this from here." Maddie shrugged and nodded, heading out into the hallway and making a shooing motion with one hand while holding the other to her lips with a finger up.

The hovering rubber gloves and Sadie`s Italian boots silently shuffled back toward her room, where Gabby and the others were waiting.

"I--I feel like I`m dreaming, Sadie." Rachel lifted her hand to her face.

"Yeah, join the club," Sadie laughed, patting her gently on the back. "But you`re not, Rae. And I wanted to say...I`m sorry."

"Sorry? For..."

"Unleashing this weirdness on you without any kind of warning--and for what you saw...you know, with Gabby and I." Sadie`s face reddened.

"Oh, honey--" Rae let out a single dumbfounded laugh. "Honey, no--I thought you two were in trouble!" She shook her head. "Things were waving at me, chasing me, more and more coming to life...I had no idea what to do, but when I heard you both upstairs--"

Sadie`s face was aglow with embarrassment, and Rachel grabbed her hand.

"No, Sade--I`m relieved...in a way," Rachel sneered. Both women broke into a snicker. "I mean, don`t get me wrong, I haven`t fully absorbed--whatever it is that`s going on here, but I`m glad you`re okay."

"And--me and Gabby?" Sadie asked. Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Oh, Sadie--you`re a woman. Who you wanna be with is up to you. You know your dad and I love you no matter what. Gabby`s the least what`s happening here." Sadie smiled.

"Thanks, Rae."

"Also, I`m not as clueless as you think, miss Serafina...you were never all that boy-crazy." Sadie laughed. "So--let me see again."


"What you did with the window. Do it again."

"Maybe something else this time," Sadie said. She looked over at one of the boxes piled against the near wall of the loft and nodded to it, making the cardboard flaps pop open. Inside was a collection of books. Sadie made a big hardcover lift out of the box and hover forward, flipping it open with her mind.

Rachel watched as the pages fluttered from one side to the other, looking back at Sadie in awe, studying the lack of apparent effort.

"That`s--that`s unbelievable, Sadie. You have total control of it?"

"More or less," Sadie said, making the book flip closed. "I mean, it`s not as if I`m picturing every motion it`s making or anything--I`m just kind of willing the general command.

"Does it--take a lot of focus?" Rachel asked. "You make it look so easy." Sadie grinned, looking back at the box.

"Watch this." One by one, more books hovered out, floating up into the air and suspending themselves side-by-side like a line of dominoes. Five. Ten. Before long, the double-walled box was empty, and at least two dozen books held themselves in midair.

Rachel`s mouth hung open. She leaned forward and finally stood up off the bed, inching closer to the gravity-defying texts.

"This is all so impossible. That`s not straining you?"

"I notice it--a little bit--but no, I wouldn`t call it strain. It doesn`t feel like it`s tiring me." Rachel reached out to the book on the end nearest her, but pulled back, looking at Sadie.

"Can I--"

"Go for it--I promise I won`t drop anything on your toes," Sadie laughed. Rachel slowly reached out again and plucked a novel out of the air, flipping through it and waving it around.

"I can feel the weight," Rachel said.

"I dunno exactly how this all works," Sadie said, "just that it does." She made a little motion with her head, and the book pulled itself from Rachel`s grip to join the group again. Rachel jumped a little and started laughing.

"Sadie--this is...this is magic! Like, capital-M, no-bullshitting magic." Sadie took a deep breath.

"I know," she sighed. "And from the sound of Maddie`s day--neither of us know what to do about it."

"She can do the same things?"

"Pretty much. I mean, I think I`m a bit father along than her, but yeah--she can do stuff like this too."

"So the things that happened earlier--when things downstairs started dancing around..." Sadie waved her hands, and the books rotated and shuffled, stacking on the floor from largest up to smallest.

"It seems like--when intense things are happening, the power just sort of wanders on its own...things just start happening. That`s my guess, I mean."

"The gloves in the kitchen, the mop, my clothes--you didn`t cause that...directly."

"I was playing around with the glove and the mop--and a couple of your bras in the laundry room--but that was earlier," Sadie said. The gears were turning in Rachel`s head.

"And the stuff in my closet?"

"Your closet?!" Sadie shook her head. "No, I didn`t mess with anything else--nothing in your room for sure. What exactly happened downstairs?"

"The gloves were--" Rachel thought about it. "You know what--I didn`t know what was going on, so I assumed the worst in sort of an animalistic fear sort of way. I mean, I thought I was just seeing things at first, but when I knew for sure I was watching the gloves hanging in midair, I ran. I just thought things were coming after me, but they--they were actually just getting me a cup of tea. From there, I guess the others were--I don`t know. Trying to get my attention?"

"Rachel, what else came to life downstairs?" It was Rachel`s turn to blush this time as she thought about her lipstick red boots marching out of her closet, filled to the top with shapely invisible legs.

"Um...well, the things you mentioned, and then--you know, a few things from my closet. I can`t even remember now. It was such a crazy few minutes--that`s about when I bolted upstairs, I think."

"I`m sorry about all that," Sadie said. "You took it pretty well, though."

"With the clothes, though--I mean, like my bras in the laundry room--and the gloves--they moved around like someone was wearing them. They weren`t just hovering randomly. Is that what you made them do when you messed with them?"

"Well, you know--books open, mops mop, clothes get worn. Like I said, I`m not exactly sure how the power works, especially when I`m not directing it."

"But you could...make that stuff happen again, right?" Rachel asked. "Now that I know what`s going on, I kinda want to see more." Sadie laughed.

"I`m glad you asked--cause we've got a bit more to show you."

Down the hall, Gabby watched wide-eyed as Maddie explained how she left Mitch.

"...so he was just there--dressed in her clothes and all tied up?"

"Pretty much," Maddie said. "You know, I`m not even sure he deserved it, but--" Gabby shook her shoulders like she`d just been hit with a bucket of water.

"Oh man, Maddie--that`s--how did it feel?"

"It was scary, dude! I could barely control myself!"

"You wanna know what I think? I think Mitch was lucky to even get to see something like that. I bet you turned him on to things he never imagined. Like, I`m taking notes on the shit you did to him."

"I`m not kidding, Gabby!" Maddie said. "My powers basically had their way with him, and I couldn`t stop it."

"Sounds loooovely," Gabby swooned.

"You`re nuts," Maddie said. Gabby just shrugged.

"Maybe I`m just more adventurous, but I`m telling you--just wait. I bet in a week he`ll be clawing at your door for another magic fuck."

"You`re with Sadie, dude. I know all about your sense of adventure," Maddie said sarcastically. Gabby shook her head and clasped Maddie on the shoulder.

"Maddie, you and Sadie have powers no one else can imagine. Take it from me, this shit can be fun if you let it."

"Hey guys," Sadie opened the door and peeked in. "Rachel and I are headed downstairs. Bring, um--everyone else with you okay?"

"Everyone else?" Rachel asked outside. Sadie waved her off.

"Just give us a few minutes to get situated in the living room first."

"Kay," Gabby said. The door shut again.

"What do you mean everyone else?" Rachel asked as she and Sadie headed down the stairs.

"Well--your clothes, and, kinda the behavior of things our magic effects," Sadie said, "There`s more to it than that." She blushed a little. "A lot more."

At the bottom of the stairs, the pink rubber gloves waved to Sadie from the kitchen.

"Oh, speaking of which--I guess this is as good a start as any," Sadie said. "I take it you guys have, uh--met. Still up and around, huh?" One of the gloves gave a thumbs up. "Interesting."

"That`s them," Rachel said, watching the gloves hovering in midair like open-ended hand-shaped balloons. A glove waved to her. "Hi," She chuckled. "I guess you were just trying to help out earlier, huh?" The gloves responded with two thumbs up. "Well, sorry about the misunderstanding, then. I`m not exactly used to seeing my cleaning supplies so...proactive." One of the pink hands held itself out in front her.

"I think they wanna be friends," Sadie said. Rachel nervously smiled as she reached out and gingerly shook the empty rubber hand, surprised by how solid it felt when it clasped her own.

"Heh...well, maybe I can still take you up on that tea?" Rachel asked. Another pink thumbs-up, this time followed by three fingers. Rachel looked at Sadie.

"Three minutes, I`m guessing," Sadie said. The other pink glove patted her on the head, and she laughed and swatted at it. "Okay, okay. We`ll be in the living room." She and Rachel went back into the hall where the dustmop was taking care of the rest of the wood floors.

"Wow, Sade. Maybe your powers can take care of all the cleaning chores," Rachel joked.

"Or all the chores," She replied. "I`m not even directing any of that. It`s like whatever happened upstairs set them on their own. Who knows? Maybe the kitchen can do it`s own cooking too." Rachel`s mind drifted back to her closet for a moment.

"So if the gloves and the mop aren`t your doing--what about those bras?"

"Well, I dunno. There was stuff in the dryer, right?" Sadie asked. Rachel nodded.

Sadie seemed to focus on something briefly, and a few moments later, a basket full of clothes floated out from the laundry room. Inside were Rachel`s bras from earlier in addition to some other laundry of hers. One by one the bras lifted up and filled out to shape, clipping themselves and bobbing around the basket.

"Guess that answers that; the bras are doing that all on their own." Sadie pointed to the basket, and a few of Rachel`s tees, tank tops, and panties followed suit, each of them lifting out and puffing to shape for a few moments before dropping flat and folding up, placing themselves on the coffee table in front of them.

Rachel watched in wonder as two of her bras bobbed around the room while the third seemed to stand watch over the basket of clothes as they floated out, took shape and folded in a sort of assembly line.

"Wait, Sadie," Rachel reached out to a red turtleneck taking shape. "I just want to--"

Suddenly the turtleneck pulled out of the line of clothes, and Rachel`s eyes went wide as she backed away. The rest of the clothes continued folding themselves except for the bras, all of which seemed to focus on Rachel now. The two floating about the room both faced her, floating closer as the turtleneck reached out to her.

"Is--is this you?" Rachel asked. Sadie smiled and shook her head.

"Not at all. Just the folding. I dunno what`s up with the turtleneck. Are you guys doing that?" A cream strapless bra turned to Sadie and seemed to bob a nod.

"What--what`s that mean?"

"It`s cool," Sadie said. "Just relax. You`re curious about all this, aren`t you?"

"Well, of course."

"When we animate things, they pick up on stuff like that. Emotion, intention--that sort of thing." The red sleeves held themselves up to Rachel, and she put her own hands up, mirroring them and letting out a little laugh.

"It`s...so strange," Rachel said. Just then, quick footfalls came down the stairs. Maddie rounded the corner.

"You guys all--oh." She looked at her stepmother grinning ear to ear, her fingers hooked inside the empty red sleeves of the turtleneck. "I guess you`re already getting used to all this, huh?"

"It--it really is empty, isn`t it?" Rachel asked. Both girls nodded. Maddie came down the stairs, followed by Sadie`s new leather boots, a pair of gloves floating over them, and Sadie`s pink formal dress decked out in stockings, shoes and the pink velvet gloves--one of them clasping Gabby`s hand and pulling her along. Over Sadie`s sleep tee and her own panties, Gabby was draped in Sadie`s red robe.

"Hi again," Gabby said, blushing a bit.

"Well hi, Gabby," Rachel smiled. "So when did you find out about all this?"

"Not--uh--not very long ago. Like, pretty much when I got here."

"So this is new for all of us...but it seems like you adapted pretty quickly to the situation," Rachel said, raising an eyebrow.

"Well--" Gabby turned bright red. "I--uh--"

"I`m sorry Gabby, I couldn`t resist," Rachel smiled. Her attention turned to the boots standing hollow in the foyer. "Are those--?"

"Yeah, the new boots you bought me. They were the first experiment of mine." Sadie took a deep breath. "And--there`s one more thing." Sadie looked down at the boots. "Go ahead."

"We couldn`t be happier that you picked us out for her, Rachel." A voice called out from the general area of the boots. Rachel stood slack jawed before her breath kicked out half-syllables.


"Yeah, we can talk."

"H--how?" Sadie blushed a little.

"Well, Sadie--"

"There`s a kind of ritual for it," Maddie cut the boots off, sparing Rachel the sordid details. "But we don`t really understand all the details surrounding that kind of thing yet."

"That`s--that`s so bizarre. Where is the voice coming from?"

"It`s just energy, darling," The boots said, "The same energy that allows us to move and walk as if we had muscles and nerves."

"Have you done this to anything else?" Rachel asked. The leather gloves floated up into the center of the room.

"Nice to meet you, Rachel," a glove waved.

"Yeah..." Rachel said, trying to get her mind to accept all these strange circumstances. "You too." She turned back to the red turtleneck, then to the girls. "So if you`re not directly in control of most of this--and...certain activities lead to unintended effects--you girls are going to have to be careful and take it easy, don`t you think?"

"Yeah," Maddie sighed. "I just wish there was someone out there who knows how all this works."

"Maybe we`re suppose to figure it out on our own," Sadie replied. "Lu sent us that card--she had to at least figure on our activation and exploration of this stuff."

"Maybe there`s someone that can teach you," Rachel said. "Maybe at some point she`s going to come back and show you more--and tell you why she`s been gone all these years." She shook her head. "I just can`t believe that after all this time--Lu`s out there, living a life I can`t even imagine."

"Were--were you two friends?" Maddie asked shyly.

"I was still in college, getting my teaching degree," Rachel said. "Your father was just getting started in the overseas work, and he didn`t want Lu to be alone--so I was hired as a live-in. If I wasn`t at my grad classes, I was here with you three."

"But...why don`t I remember her?" Sadie asked.

"You and Maddie were so young when she disappeared, hon. Your father was so miserable, so hurt--he just wanted an explanation, anything from her--but any contact she made from there was sparse and apologetic. She never said a word about why--and I guess now...now I get it."

"I don`t," Sadie said, frowning. "She left us, Rachel." Rachel brushed past the turtleneck still hovering in front of her, standing up and clasping Sadie`s shoulder.

"Lu loved you two more than anything," Rachel said. "I know. I saw her with you."

Sadie`s eyes turned glassy, and Rachel embraced her. Gabby gently patted Maddie on the back as they looked on.

"Don`t you see, girls? If you got these abilities from Lu, then there`s got to be so much more to this than we know about. Isn`t it worth giving your mom the benefit of the doubt?"

"But," Maddie started, "she didn`t call or write, or--"

"Look at this stuff, Maddie--" Rachel said, pointing to the animations around the room. "And, your new--friends there," She smiled nervously, motioning to the boots and gloves. "If you two have powers like this, there`s a world of power and magic out there, and we`re just hitting the tip of the iceberg. Imagine what Lu knows--what she`s dealing with. How do you know she wasn`t protecting you?" She hugged Sadie tigher and then let go, looking into her eyes. "Both of you?"

"Very wise thoughts, girls." Sadie`s boots said.

"Thanks," Rachel said sheepishly.

"No, you`re right, Rae. You are," Sadie said. "I just--I wish we could talk to her."

"I know," Rachel responded, "But listen, she reached out. She will again, I know she will. Until then, I think you two need to come to terms with...with all of this." She chuckled. "Get a hang of keeping what`s happening to you under your control. If Lu had a reason to go--I`m betting it`s important that you keep all of this a secret. At least for now."

"So dad--"

"No, Maddie," Rachel shook her head. "George can`t know a thing. I--I saw what losing Lu did to him once, and I don`t want to open that wound. Not when we still don`t know anything. This has to be between us. The four of us." Rachel turned to Gabby. "We've got to keep this secret, Gabby--no matter how amazing all this is."

"I promise," Gabby said, nodding. "I just wanna know more."

"That goes for everyone, I think," Rachel said. "I`m not going to stop either of you from doing what you want with this or telling who you want about it, but I just want you to be careful." Rachel sighed. "But seriously--this is all getting a bit heavy for me." She smirked. "It`s past lunchtime. Anyone have an appetite?"

"Well, speaking of getting a handle on these powers, why don`t you let us handle lunch?" Sadie asked.

"Totally!" Maddie said. "I think we should try and expand our parameters."

"Awesome," Gabby beamed. The girls headed into the kitchen followed by Sadie`s homecoming dress, and Rachel looked back at the laundry basket.

"So," Rachel said, looking down at the boots, "If those three are 'alive', like you--can they...understand me?" She looked at each of the bras, hanging in space.

"Oh, more than that, my dear," Sadie`s boots responded. "They know your essence and your body. They know you intimately." Rachel blushed a little, not sure how to feel about that. "And tha--er, her?" She pointed to the red turtleneck.

"We know only what we experience, Rachel," Sadie`s gloves said, "but suffice it to say that even though we've only been moving and talking for a short while, we've been absorbing energy since the day we were created. Emotion, intention, action--some component of that soaks into us--into everything. You humans are able to express like nothing else on this planet--but the rest of us--we all absorb that expression."

Rachel turned bright red as a thought crossed her mind. She slowly stepped to the other end of the living room, making a motion for Sadie`s enchanted leathers to follow. They obliged, pacing gracefully over to her.

"So let me ask you something," Rachel said, her voice dropped to a near whisper. "You said you absorb the energy from our thoughts and actions, right?" The gloves and boots both giggled.

"Correct," the boots replied. "Just about anything you humans do with us leaves an imprint."

"What if Sadie and Maddie`s powers touched--" Rachel sighed. "What if they touch an object of lust in the house?"

"There`s no way for us to know," The gloves said. "With the energies we absorb, our experiences and wills are as distinct as an individual human mind."

"One thing I can safely assure though, Rachel," The boots continued, "Apart from the bit of fear of the unknown you felt earlier--you radiate kindness and joy. You make this house a warm place." She blushed.

"Well...that`s great, but, what`s that mean?"

"It means that whatever your interactions with the magic powering us and running free in this house--I guarantee it will reflect that warmth."

"So...what if I wore one of those bras?" Rachel asked.

"You could try one on and see..." the gloves said, motioning to them. They hovered over and bobbed in front of her, their cups filled with invisible force that mimicked the motion of her own full figure. Rachel bit her lip, but shook her head.

"I want to, but...not just yet," She smiled, her cheeks bright red. "You guys should put yourselves away for right now before my mind wanders too far." The bras obediently hovered into the basket, and the red turtleneck seemed to carry it, with empty sleeves, into the hall and back toward her bedroom.

"Don`t be too shy with them, Rachel," The boots purred. "After all--they`re your clothes. They spend more time with you than anyone." Rachel stifled a giggle and shook her head.

"Okay, okay...come on ladies," Rachel laughed, heading toward the hall. "Let`s see what the girls are up to in the kitchen."

When Rachel walked in, the girls were sitting at the counter, looking over the island and watching the busy kitchen. A pot of water was already heating up on the stove, while a hovering tin of olive oil splashed a couple turns into a pan next to it. The burner under the pan turned on, and Sadie shook her head.

"Not yet, Maddie--we've got nothing to put into it," Sadie said, watching a cutting board come off the wall.

"You`re still being specific? My commands were issued a while ago," Maddie shrugged, giving her sister a smug look.

"I--I guess that makes sense, but I was thinking with a knife..."

"Dude, relax. As long as you`re not thinking about bloody murder, just let the stuff do its thing."

"Says the one who told me not to joke about that kind of thing," Sadie said. A bulb of garlic and an onion hovered over to the cutting board, and Sadie sighed. "You`re probably right, though. Worrying about it it probably more problematic than just issuing the command."

"Yeah, just go with it," Gabby said, beaming as she watched a box of pasta float out of a cupboard. "I mean, you've both got a pretty sterling track record so far."

"Listen to Gabby." Maddie added. "Just don`t think about it. Everything seems to be pretty efficient, I bet it all times up perfectly."

"Alright, so let`s just pile it on, then. Let`s get some garlic bread going too." Sadie chuckled to herself. "Feels strange to argue about this and not actually lift a finger." The fresh loaf of Italian bread Rachel brought home hovered up and out of its bag, hanging in space as a bread knife lifted out of the block and sawed through it horizontally. A stick of butter darted out from the fridge as the garlic salt floated in from the spice rack.

A package of chicken cutlets came out of the fridge, landing on the counter and popping open as Maddie looked over to Rachel.

"Should I bread these?" Maddie asked. Rachel smiled and shrugged.

"Up to you, dear," Rachel said. "You can do it Parmigiana style if you want to bread them, or just cut them up and put them in the sauce. Breading`s a bit more messy, but we've got the mozzarella."

"Messy isn`t a concern," Maddie laughed. "Parmigiana it is. Watch this!" Bowls hovered out of a cupboard, and the fridge opened up to let out eggs, parmesean and mozzarella cheese. A canister of bread crumbs and the tin of flour joined everything on the counter as the eggs cracked themselves into one bowl, while flour and bread crumbs poured into the others.

"This is pretty insane," Sadie said, watching the knife on the cutting board expertly mince the peeled garlic and move  right on the onion. The board lifted into the air, dumping most of the cut veggies into the hot fry pan while leaving over some garlic for the bread. "It`s like our powers really do know what we expect. I mean, I can`t even use a knife that well."

"Right?" Maddie said, "And I don`t know the ratios here..."

"You've watched and help me do it more than once," Rachel said, matter-of-fact. "The knowledge is there, but you guys can use it all at once now--without even thinking about it. It`s--pretty incredible. Like watching a restaurant with an invisible staff." The hot pink gloves began washing the cutting board right away, taking care of each dish as it was done being used. A hovering dishtowel dried the board and knives before they hovered back into their places.

"How`s everything for you?" Sadie asked.

"I`m great," Maddie said. "No effort at all." The cutlets were nearly finished breading themselves as a saucepan came from a low cupboard while two cans of tomato sauce hovered into view. Gabby laughed at all the concerted action, standing and walking to the other side of the island.

"Gabby, don`t get in the way..." Sadie said.

"You wouldn`t hurt me," Gabby winked. "I trust you guys." As she expected, everything moved around her fluidly as she watched the finished garlic bread hover toward her. As the oven opened behind her, a mitt floated up and gently shooed her out of the way of the door, Sadie`s robe assisting by pulling her body forward. Gabby laughed. "See? Like a charm."

"Wow," Maddie said. "Seriously easy as that. Everything`s going now." The pasta dumped into the boiling water as a nylon spoon stirred it in.

"Someone want to pour me a glass of red?" Rachel asked, leaning over the end of the island.

"I got it," Sadie said, nodding to the overhead cupboards.

A wine glass gently lifted off one of the cupboards and hovered in space, joined by a white-labeled bottle from another cabinet.  The cork popped out and held itself aloft in midair as the bottle tipped and poured the perfect amount into the glass. While the cork reunited with the bottle and returned to the cabinet in came from, Rachel watched the glass float slowly in front of her.

"Thanks, Sadie." Rachel said, taking a sip. "Mmm, that`s long overdue for a day like today."

"Rachel," Sadie touched her arm, smiling at her, "Thanks for everything today. For the way you handled all this," Sadie motioned to the magic-imbued kitchen, "and for--I dunno--always being so supportive. I mean...I don`t know if you ever felt stuck with us--Maddie and I, I mean, but--"

"Don`t ever say that, Sadie," Rachel said. "There was no stuck about it. You two are it, you understand? I mean, I fell in love with your father--but well before that came to be, I took care of you. It was just Lu and I and the two of you when your father was building his career to provide for you."

"But you were gonna be a teacher," Sadie said. "I mean like, full time." Rachel pretend to look herself up and down.

"What do you mean 'were gonna be'? Do I look over the hill to you?" The girls laughed. "You`re both going to college--I've got experience as an adjunct...I`m not even forty yet, my dear." Rachel kissed Sadie`s forehead and patted Maddie on the back. "I don`t regret a second with you two. I chose all this." Gabby slinked down.

"All this family talk," Gabby said shyly. "Kinda makes me think I should let you guys be." Rachel walked over.

"Clearly you`re family too, dear," Rachel said, hugging her. "Besides, I`m counting on you to keep the wild child in line."

"Me?" Sadie laughed. "Like she`s so innocent," She said to Maddie, play-shoving her.

"Yeah, I dunno who`s the bigger concern after what she did to Mitch," Gabby laughed. Rachel turned to Maddie.

"What did you do to Mitch, Maddie?" She asked. "Does he know?" Maddie looked at Rachel, dumbfounded.

"He either knows, or he thinks he`s lost his mind," Maddie said.

"So what did happen?" Sadie asked. "We didn`t get details."

"I did," Gabby chuckled. Gabby whistled loudly.

"Pretty obnoxious," Maddie narrowed her eyes, and Gabby squirmed as her underwear pulled up behind her, wedging itself in her butt.

"Hey, hey!" Gabby said, resituating herself. Sadie laughed.

"It was...it was a little scary, really," Maddie explained. "I found out he was cheating on me, and...like, things just started happening."

"Like?" Rachel looked worried.

"Nothing awful--nothing really physically violent or anything, but--there must have been a lot of magic pouring out of me, because whatever happened to Sadie`s boots--it was like it happened to his whole house."

"Mitch`s house?" Rachel asked, wide-eyed. "Like, McCune family Estate 'house'?"

"Yeah, kinda," Maddie said. "His mom`s clothes, his sister`s clothes, the housekeeper`s clothes--they were all scolding him, and I wasn`t--like I wasn`t doing any of it. At least, I didn`t mean to."  

"Scolding him?" Sadie asked.

"Yeah--in like, their own voices. They were teasing him, messing with him, talking down to him...like I said, nothing violent, but..." Maddie sighed. "It was pretty cruel."

"Did they make him bleed?" Sadie asked.


"Did they break any bones or mess up his pretty face?"


"Then he probably deserved it," Sadie grinned, patting her sister on the back. "I didn`t ever really trust him anyway." Rachel kept her thoughts to herself.

"No, but you don`t--I mean didn`t want them to...go so far with him."

"So you did want to scare him, then," Rachel asked.

"I felt myself kind of calling out for it, but I didn`t know it would be so powerful."

"So what happened?" Sadie asked. Maddie shrugged.

"I`m dying to say it, but I don`t wanna piss you off," Gabby said, snickering. Maddie threw her hands up in the air.

"Your name is Gabby, I probably can`t shut you up." Maddie smiled.

"Yeah, I've never heard that one. So I can?"

"Well, someone say it," Rachel said, looking at both girls.

"The maid`s clothes--like, think French formal housekeeper wear--dressed him up like a sissy while the others like...had their way with him." Rachel`s hand went up to her mouth.

"Oh my god..."

"I bet he liked it more than Maddie thinks," Gabby shrugged. "Wish I coulda seen that." Sadie burst out laughing, and Rachel had to try hard to fight back a smile.

"Come to think of it," Rachel mused, "Maybe an empty maid uniform or two around here wouldn`t be such a bad idea." She looked over at Sadie`s homecoming dress, one of its gloves around Gabby`s waist. "When you make something like that happen, how long does it last, anyway?"

Maddie and Sadie looked at each other, neither having an answer.

"To be honest, I don`t think we know."

"Wait...really?" Rachel asked, turning to the leather boots and gloves. "Any ideas?"

"Our power comes from Sadie," the boots said, "but while my inclination is that there`s an element of permanance--if we`re dismissed, we can return to our normal state. Maybe something like your sleep?" They bobbed on their toes, pantomiming a shrug as best boots could. "Outside that, we`re unaware of how their powers affect other things given will."

"Last night I got really tired after trying too many things at once," Maddie said, "But today I don`t feel that..at all." Sadie shook her head.

"No, me neither."

"Energy," Rachel said, looking at the boots. "You said you all absorb energy--whether you`re moving around or not. Right?"

"Absolutely," the boots said.

"Maddie, you got upset with Mitch, and...well, you two know what you did," Rachel said. "So maybe the will of expression came from the girls, but from there--once you can move and talk...it doesn`t matter where the energy`s from." Sadie thought about Maddie passing out last night.

"That`s--she`s right, isn`t she?" Sadie asked her boots. They bobbed another shrug.

"We only know what we feel," They said.

"Maddie--you passed out after lifting yourself into the air. You weren`t giving anything a will or a mind of its own--you were just plain exerting."

"Hey, that makes sense," Maddie said. "That`s why it seems easier to pass tasks on to something instead of controlling things directly."

Sadie looked over her shoulder, noticing their meal nearing completion. She nodded at cupboards and drawers which dutifully opened, plates and silverware dancing out and setting places for the four.

"If that`s right, then we`ve really gotta direct things carefully," Sadie said, "but it`s pretty clear that if we`re not using the energy for something, it starts finding places all on its own--so, weird as it sounds, I think we should be using as much power as we can--so long as it stays in the house."

"If it means the cooking, cleaning, and laundry are all going to do themselves, I won`t complain..." Rachel said, laughing. She headed toward the cupboard to refill her wine glass, and Maddie pointed to it. The bottle hovered out all on it`s own.

"Allow me," Maddie said. Rachel`s glass was quickly refilled, and she nodded a thanks and sat at the table. "Is everyone ready to eat?" The other chairs around the table pulled out as the smell of parmesan chicken and garlic bread wafted through the kitchen.

"Totally," Gabby said, sliding away from the homecoming dress.


Dinner was the most normal part of the day. Aside from their dishes clearing and washing themselves and the red wine taking it upon itself to fill Rachel`s glass twice more, the four had a carefree meal that ended with coffee and tea back in the living room.

For Rachel, the caffeine was no match for the wine, though. As the girls got to talking, she drifted off in her chair with thoughts of magic swimming through her head as she slept.

"Oh man," Sadie said, noticing Rachel passed out. "We should get her to bed."

"Yeah," Maddie replied, coming up with an idea. "Hey, if lifting Rachel herself is a chore, why don`t we try influencing her clothes instead?"

"That works for everything except her head and neck," Gabby said, lying against the pink tube dress.

"Her head`s on a pillow," Sadie said. "It can move with her outfit. Try it, Maddie."

Maddie stood over Rachel`s chair, willing her shirt to sit her up. As Rachel`s relaxed body started moving, she let out a comfortable sound and yawned. Like Sadie suggested, the pillow behind her head stayed plumped against her, even as her clothes stood her up. At first, her feet made light contact with the floor, but when Sadie joined in, Rachel was softly lifted right off the ground in her clothes, drifting up and over her chair. Their focus on the task dropped to a bare minimum as Rachel began to drift gently through the air, down the hall and toward the door to her bedroom.

"You`re not gonna make sure she gets there okay?" Gabby asked.

"She`ll be fine," Maddie said.

"Like you said, Gabby--go with the flow," Sadie grinned. "They`ll put her to bed and carefully take themselves off. Besides, I don`t think she`s in danger of waking anytime soon." Gabby was awestruck.

"It`s so cool that you can just do that," Gabby said. "I wanna float around like that in here." She looked up at the vaulted ceiling and bit her lip. "You guys wanted to practice anyway, right? Practice on me."

"I could do that," Sadie replied. "Just be ready for anything..."

Gabby felt a slight swaying motion as she felt the carpet slip from her heels.Her body became lighter still, and soon the balls of her feet and her toes left ground as well. Now she looked down and noticed her feet were a few inches above the ground. She felt butterflies in her stomach.

"Higher," She giggled. "Plenty of room up there." Sadie sent her flying higher as Gabby kicked her legs, laughing as she approached the ceiling. Suddenly, she slowed. Gabby looked down to Sadie, who appeared to be straining just a little. Maddie noticed it too.

"Sadie?" Maddie looked up at Gabby, ready to intervene in case gravity found her body again.

"I`m fine," Sadie said. "Gotta learn to crawl before you learn to walk." Sadie narrowed her eyes as Gabby shifted direction, hovering over toward the railing of the guest bedroom. She situated herself on it as she felt the ground pull at her once more.

"You`re just gonna leave me up here?" Gabby laughed.

"Gimme a second, I wanna try something." Sadie turned to the homecoming dress. "C`mere." The outfit obeyed, and Sadie wrapped her arms around its waist tightly, looking inside the hollow chest of the tube dress and down through the stockings. She turned back to her boots. "You've pretty much got magic all your own--right? I mean, it came from me, but I`m not powering you directly right this moment."

"That`s our understanding."

"So then this should be a bit easier," Sadie said, reaching down and squeezing the dress' butt. "Do it."

The pink gloves reciprocated, grabbing Sadie`s ass and lifting her into the air. Sadie started laughing.

"Awesome," Sadie smiled. She and the dress rose higher and higher as one of the translucent white legs traced a soft toe around her ankle and curled its phantom foot around her leg. "Much easier," she said, turning to Gabby. "I`m not sure why, but it is."

Slowly, Sadie loosed her grip on the dress until their contact was the lightest touch. Sadie felt more and more of her own power compensating until she was holding herself aloft in the air once more. She closed her eyes in concentration, playing back the intensity she experienced with Gabby earlier that day.

She wandered over Gabby`s awe and ready acceptance of her powers. She thought about the soft black leather of her enchanted boots against her pussy. She thought about the taste of Gabby`s cunt, assailing herself with a chain of delicious memories.

"Ok up there?" Maddie asked, bringing her back to reality. Sadie could feel the warmth in her sex, electifying her body and making the magic flow. She looked down at her sister and nodded.

"Better than okay," she said. "Watch this." Her gaze shot over to Gabby. Sadie`s eyes were narrowed like a predator`s--filled with intention and burning with will.

"Unnngh..." Gabby felt invisible fingers under her clothes, playing at her clit. In another split-second, she was lifted from the railing and sent through the air toward Sadie`s body. Sadie reached out for her, pulling their bodies together and kissing her.

On the ground, Maddie looked away, sighing.

"Wow," Gabby said, breaking from the kiss and looking down around them. "Looks like you`re doing fine now..."

"It`s a balancing line between summoning up the magic and keeping it under control," Sadie said. She looked down at Maddie. "Pretty great, right?"

"Mm-hmm," Maddie agreed, nonplussed. "Just be careful, okay? I`m pretty sure we`re still susceptible to broken legs." Sadie rolled her eyes and directed a hand toward Maddie, gritting her teeth and pulling her into the air as well.

"Jeez--Sadie?!" She scowled at her sister as she was lifted a couple of inches off the ground against her will.

"Relax, Mads. Just proving a point." As quickly as it happened, Maddie was set on the ground again. "One more of these for reserves," Sadie said, looking back at Gabby and going in for another kiss. Her arms were wrapped around Gabby`s upper back, but Gabby felt additonal advances. The soft fingers flicking her clit returned, and two strong hands squeezed her ass, making deep impressions that even Maddie could see from the ground.

Sadie released her, and the two divided in the air. Gabby bit down on her lip as the magic ministrations continued with Sadie happily watching a few feet away. Maddie shrugged, realizing she was really a third wheel in this situation.

"Okay lovebirds--I think it`s time for me to turn in," She said.

"Really?" Sadie asked. "You don`t want to practice?"

"Come on Maddie," Gabby smiled at her. "If you want--you can do things to me too. I wouldn`t mind."

"Yeah...I think I`ll just practice in my room for a bit," Maddie said, "I don`t want to keep you two from...whatever. Just keep it under control, okay Sade?" Sadie shrugged and nodded. "I`m serious. If things all over the house just start springing to life again, I`m coming back down to rein you two in."

Maddie left the room, climbing the stairs without waiting for a response.

"Spoilsport," Gabby whispered to Sadie under her breath. Sadie shrugged.

"She`ll get over it--she`s just jealous that Mitch wasn`t as excited about our powers as you are." Sadie licked her lips. "But hey, now that we`re alone..." She pointed a finger at Gabby, whose pants started to shift a bit before pulling straight down her legs. "You like this stuff?" Gabby felt her chest grabbed by invisible hands. She looked down to watch her perky tits deform with the touch of unseen invading fingers.


"Well, I love watching that tight little body of yours squirm without me even touching it--so let`s see how much you can handle." Sadie flashed an evil grin as she hooked her finger, and Gabby gasped as she felt a soft, warm digit slide into her pussy. She leaned down to see her labia pucker open just slightly, even as the caressing hands continued working over her tits.

"Oh, fuuuuck Sadie...more. Do more." Gabby closed her eyes and threw her head back as her body was invaded by Sadie`s magic.

Maddie stood just outside the door of the guest room loft, listening. She didn`t want to seem too excited about it in front of her own sister, but like the night before when she was in the bath--like her drive home earlier, before she knew what Sadie and Gabby were up to--she could feel the magic in the house around her, crackling like electricity through her nerves.

"Maybe Gabby`s right about all this," she said to herself. "Maybe I ought to just let things happen." She crept into the guest room, feeling the energy humming even stronger from the balcony overlooking the living room. She carefully sat on the bed, looking down at her jeans, which popped themselves open and silently unzipped. Letting her power carry her thoughts, she felt soft invisible fingers slide beneath her panties and play against her clit.

I bet Mitch liked that more than you think, Gabby`s voice echoed in her head, reminding her of the scene earlier that day. Mitchell--that confident pretty-boy; that strong, athletic body; that cocksure head--he was brought to his knees by her power, and she barely had to think about it. She thought about what must've happened after she left--the total embarassment, the powerlessness...

Maddie smirked as she closed her eyes, grabbing her own chest as the phantom fingers massaged her clit.

You like that idea a lot more than you`ll admit, she thought to herself, pinching her nipples and biting down on her lip. You loved that power--out of control and turning your self-assured guy into a sissy. She had to keep herself from laughing. She didn`t just like the idea. She loved it.

As Sadie and Gabby purred and moaned in the background, fueling Maddie further, she felt her consciousness drop into fantasy--with all her focus on Mitch.

She pictured him alone, sitting in his palatial living room, reclining on plush furniture. Every texture, every color was vivid, right down to the program on the TV. Closer and closer to him, she saw his blue eyes shift, looking around the room. He sat up.

"H-hello?" Mitch whispered.

"Ohhh...more, Sadie!"

Gabby`s moan brought Maddie back to the loft, her hands still gripping her chest, her phantom friend still caressing her pussy.

What just happened? Maddie thought, amazed.

She closed her eyes again, letting her imagination go. Once again she found herself in Mitch`s living room. Her vision was so detailed that Maddie couldn`t believe it was just a figment of her intrepid fantasies. Paired with the fact that Mitch was still sitting up, alert and suspicious, she realized what was happening...

This is real, she thought as her ears caught another loud moan from Gabby. This time, however, it didn`t pull her back to the loft--she was still in Mitch`s living room. No way. She looked around the room, wandering out the door effortlessly as if she was a ghost.

Through the kitchen and into the darkened grand entrance, she looked out the front windows at the moonlight, wandering to the other side of the house. She passed by the laundry room, down the hall to where she heard another television set. Passing right through the closed door, she saw Alaina in black satin pajamas, bored and clicking through stations. As Maddie got between her and the TV, her head cocked a little bit, her eyes narrowing.

"Hmph..." Alaina shrugged, standing up and heading to her door. She opened it slightly, peering out into the dark hall and then shutting it again. "Strange," she muttered, sitting back on the bed. "The house does not feel the same today..."

Maddie was giddy. Not only was she invisibly present, but they could sense her somehow--even if they didn`t understand what it was they were sensing. It was time for some real fun.

As she passed back by the laundry room, she noticed a basket just inside the door. Atop a pile of Mitch`s clothing sat a maid`s outfit--the same one Maddie`s rampaging abilities had forced Mitch to wear earlier.

Well, it`s been a long day for both of us, Mitchell... Maddie thought, but if you've got half the curiousity of Gabby, maaaaybe I can forgive you.

Maddie focused on the maid`s outfit, which started stirring in the basket. She floated closer to it, lifting it up by its shoulders as her sight hovered just over its collar. Looking down at the outfit, it began to inflate, assembling itself as the fabric tightened. As the outfit took shape, Maddie could feel her consciousness infusing the fabric. She looked down in awe as the satiny white palm of one of the gloves lifted and turned over. The fingers articulated, and when the glove made a fist, she could feel the slippery satin-on-satin feeling in the fingertips and palm.

I possessed it! She cried out silently, getting the hang of a brand new power. The floating gloves smoothed out the rest of the outfit, and the slender stockings lifted of the ground and sailed just above the tile floor. Inside the ghostly uniform, Maddie sailed back through the grand entrance and into the kitchen, slipping into the pantry as Mitch turned toward the doorway.

Maddie giggled, but this time it wasn`t just in her head. The sound reverberated off the cabinets and countertops, and a white satin glove covered an invisible mouth.

Mitch turned the TV down and sat totally still in the livingroom, listening. That certainly wasn`t Alaina laughing, and after what happened earlier that day, he had reason to be worried. After a minute, he sighed and shook his head, turning the volume back up. He was hearing things.

When she heard the TV blaring from the next room again, Maddie carefully thought out her next move. She was possessing the outfit, but she could speak. She floated over against the wall until she was right next to the doorway, out of sight. Seeing the uniform walking on its own would certainly set him off, so...


He jumped, sitting up straight and shutting the TV off this time.

"Who`s out there?"

"It`s Maddie, Mitch."

"Maddie?" She heard the squeaking leather shift under him.

"No--stay there," she commanded. "Stay right there." He slumped into the couch again, determined not to disobey.

"Maddie--Maddie, listen--I don`t know...what happened earlier today. I don`t know how you did it, and I have no idea what else you can do--but...I`m sorry, Maddie." Sincerity in his voice.

"Needless to say, I overreacted myself," Maddie said. "Something happened to me, Mitch--something I can`t really explain--but I want to apologize too--for doing what I did to you." Maddie paused. "It doesn`t excuse you cheating on me, but you didn`t really deserve that."

"Can I see you?" Mitch asked. "Come out so we can talk face to face."

"I can come out," Maddie said, "But it won`t be...exactly face to face. Promise you won`t freak." After what he`d seen today, this had to be easy, right?

"C`mooon, I`ll be fi--" Maddie stepped into the doorway. "Dear lord, is that...you?"

"Actually, I`m sitting at home right now. Just figured out how to do this. I`m fine, I promise." Mitch looked up at the collar.

"How is that possible?" Mitch asked.

"You`re asking that after what happened today?" The satin gloves put their hands on the hips of the empty outfit. "I`m a witch...or a sorceress, or something," the maid outfit shrugged. "I found out yesterday."

"That`s...well, that explains a lot," Mitch said nervously. "So--you`re here for closure, right?" He frowned. "I mean, if you apologized you`re not here to do..."

"No," Maddie said. "You certainly got more than your share of punishment. But how could you do that to me, Mitch? Wasn`t I enough?"

"It was stupid, Maddie," He said, approaching the outfit. "I knew it was stupid when I did it. It happened once--a while ago."

"You kept her underwear lying around," Maddie said.

"It was under the bed! You know how worthless I am for things like cleaning--" he said, disparaging himself. "Around here, we practically need Alaina to get a glass of water for us."

That smile, Maddie thought, that stupid adorable charm.

"I want to forgive you, Mitch," The outfit said, hovering up to meet his height and bumping its chest against his. Mitch`s face reddened. "I still care about you, and I want to know if you still care about me."

He grabbed a gloved hand and squeezed it.

"I`m sorry, Maddie," he whispered. "I still care about you."

"Even if I can do things like this?" The gloved hand squeezed back, and Mitch`s pants popped open and unzipped. His heart raced.

"Ummmm...maybe even more," he said, "b-because, to tell you the truth..." Maddie laughed as the white gloves lifted up and shoved him, throwing him back onto the leather couch.

"I was wondering why you hadn`t checked yourself into a psych ward," Maddie joked. Mitch sat on the couch, his pants now around his thighs and his boxers visibly tenting.

"You`re all I could think about," Mitch said, abashedly resituating himself. "It was like I was in love with a force of nature--and I fucked it up. I didn`t just betray my girlfriend, you know? It was like reality was telling me that I had to shape up or pay the consequences."

"Oh, you`re still gonna pay the consequences," Maddie chuckled, raising a hollow glove to him. Mitch gasped as he rose off the couch, watching his pants slide off of him before his shirt flew up over his head.

"Maddie...Maddie?" He stuttered, watching the empty uniform approach.

"You`re right about the closure," Maddie said. "You`re not gonna be my boyfriend anymore." His face twisted to worry.

"I`m--I`m not?"

"Uh-uh. 'Boyfriend' seems so below me now, don`t you think?" Maddie let him sweat out a few seconds hovering in the air as his boxers pulled themselves down over his legs. He was bulging and rigid. "No no no..." Maddie sighed, wrapping white satin fingers around his cock and tugging. "I don`t need a boyfriend anymore, Mitch. I need a pet."

Mitch smiled, sighing both relief and pleasure as Alaina`s hollow glove began stroking him. Maybe this wasn`t going to be so bad.

"Y-you`re a...g-goddess," He breathed. The other satin glove lifted to his face, stroking his cheek before playfully slapping it.

"Again," Maddie growled. "Convince me."

"You`re a goddess!" He shouted, groaning as she stroked harder.

"And you`re going to worship me, Mitchell," Maddie said. "You`re going to be my prime supplicant." He nodded, grinning ear to ear.

"Oh god, I hope I didn`t just dream this day..." He said. "If I w--" His cheeks were squeezed tight by the satin glove.

"Quiet," Maddie hissed. "You`re going to prove yourself to me...by making an offering to the altar. Her gloves still gripping him, Maddie pulled the stocking legs out from under her and into the air, spreading them wide before Mitch`s throbbing self. The satin gloves released him, gripping his shoulders and pulling his hovering body closer. As his tip disappeared under Alaina`s skirt, he felt warm, silky magic engulf him, swallowing him up to the root of his shaft.

"Oh fuuuuck...Maddie, that`s am--" A satin glove closed on his throat, stifling his for a second.

"Goddess. My worship. My queen..." Maddie moaned, feeling him inside her. "Treat me with respect." He nodded, grinning as his cock hardened even further.

"You`re amazing, my queen," he moaned. "I`m--I`m not worthy to receive you." Maddie let out a long, dark laugh as she coiled her translucent legs around him, grabbing his pecs with her satin gloves.

"You aren`t," she moaned. "But your goddess is generous."

The house seemed to tremble with magic as Sadie and Gabby lapped at each other`s pussies, tied in a sixty-nine position and oblivious to any inhibition or hint of gravity. Sadie`s leather gloves groped the chest of the homecoming dress as her boots slid between invisible thighs, one at the crotch of the dress`s white stockings and the other playing beneath the living robe.

Maddie couldn`t make good on her promise to keep things under control; her own body was hovering in midair, penetrated forcefully by an invisible cock emulating Mitch`s shape and size. She was moaning here without knowing it, joining Gabby and Sadie in their passionate songs, each unaware of the other.

As Rachel slept soundly, her closet doors opened, silently releasing some of her clothes that had come to life earlier. Instead of disturbing her, they fluttered to her shape and danced with each other, supercharged by the magic flooding into the house. A tightly filled pair of jeans and one of Rachel`s bras were laid out on the kitchen counter, groped and petted by the pink rubber gloves.

Everything in the house began to absorb the excesses of the two goddesses, discovering more and more power through their growing sexual appetites. Unbeknownst to the three pleasure-flooded girls, a symbol matching that on Lu`s card began to glow in the living room. The projection was so large that it seemed to spread beyond the floor, continuing on the walls. As Sadie and Gabby swam in the ecstasy of each other`s pussies, Maddie`s nearly catatonic body hovered over the railing of the loft and into the living room`s vaulted space.

Gabby looked up, breaking from Sadie`s cunt to see Maddie hovering nearby, bobbing up and down as if she was penetrating an invisible cock. She looked down and saw the glowing symbol on the floor. All around the room, Sadie`s clothes were stroking and grinding against each other.

"Sadie...mmm...what`s g--" Sadie snapped her fingers, and Gabby felt her head pushed forward, mashing her lips against Sadie`s pussy.

"Don`t fucking stop, Gabby!" Sadie growled. "Lick me..."

The symbol glowed brighter, and the power surged again. In Sadie`s room, article after article jumped to life, filling to her shape and joining others in insane combinations of pantomimed sex. Gabby`s work outfit drifted through the air, sandwiched between two of Sadie`s advancing outfits.

Sadie`s panties and bras burst from their drawers, some filling to her shape and some straining beyond it. Sadie`s moans were soon being echoed by the clothes that best knew the signature of lust saturated in the air. Her entire collection of boots had been brought to life, some of them joining up with outfits and others riding between the thighs of tightly filled leggings and jeans. Overinflated tops seemed to paw at their own breasts with invisible hands while ballooning panties stretched tight with cameltoes that parted and squirmed under naughty unseen fingertips.

Maddie`s room was undergoing the same treatment. Sweaters and dresses couldn`t keep their sleeves off of each other, and pant legs tangled together in lewd displays as her disembodied moans seemed to come from the clothing itself. Before long, when both the rooms were crowded with oversexed outfits, each sister`s clothing began wandering into the room of the other, displaying taboo affections that the two would never shower on each other. The energy had nowhere to go but up.

"What is he doing?" Alaina muttered to herself, walking down the the dark hall and through the entranceway. Through the kitchen she saw there wasn`t anyone on the couch in the living room, but the TV seemed to be blaring the most lascivious drivel straight out of a BDSM flick. With a reddened face, she marched through the kitchen to shut the TV off. It was one thing to live with a teenage boy, but quite another to have to deal with the level of weird perversions she`d seen today.

"I swear, Mitchell," she muttered, not expecting to see anyone in the room, "if I find one more--" Alaina squealed. "Mitchell!?"

"Unhhhh--Alaina!" Mitch was pinned against the wall, his cock throbbing--inserted between two translucent stocking clad legs. "Maddie--I mean--my q--" Mitchell`s mouth snapped shut as a satin glove covered it.

"Mmm...Alaina. You`d make a good little acolyte," a voice said from the empty space above Alaina`s uniform. "Care to sign up?"

Alaina stood staring at the sight for a few moments before anything registered. She was watching her own clothing, filled by a ghost, riding the 18-year-old son of her clients like a pro. When the voice coming from it finally registered, she pieced together Mitchell`s state from that afternoon with Maddie`s earlier departure.

"M--Miss Madeline?"

"Mmm...you see, Mitch? Alaina speaks the language of respect. She could teach you a thing or two."

"I--I don`t understand. Wh-what`s going on in this house?"

"The same thing that happened earlier to my little boy-toy here--except that now, I`m feeling quite a bit more forgiving." Mitch moaned into a satin glove as the maid outfit rode him harder, and as the skirt bounced up and down, Alaina caught glimpses of the invisible pressure surrounding him. "Hope you don`t mind me borrowing your clothes, by the way," Maddie giggled. "But I figured since I already got this one all dirty anyway--"

"How are you doing this, Miss Madeline?" Alaina asked, still frozen in the doorway with a hand raised to her face.

"Magic, Alaina. Sheer will is responsible for everything you`re seeing." The satin gloves at the ends of the outfit`s empty sleeves pulled away from Mitch and hovered in front of her. She trembled as the delicate white hands caressed her face. Part of her wanted to pull away--to run back to her room and lock the door--but she couldn`t pull her thoughts together enough to move.

"Wha--what do you want from me, Madeline?"

"I want you to relax, Alaina." One satin glove reached down and gently held her hand while the other stroked her cheek. "I wasn`t very nice to Mitch earlier, but that`s why I`m back. I wanted to make it up to him--as you can see." She heard Maddie`s voice moan with Mitch as the outfit pushed against his body.

Alaina looked down to see Mitch on his tiptoes, pressed against the wall. As the ghostly body in the uniform rocked against him, his feet tensed up, leaving him nailed to wall and no longer touching the ground. Alaina stared wide-eyed as Maddie`s unseen presence rode him harder and harder.

"But now that you've seen all this, Alaina...I figured I`d invite you to the party too." The white glove at her cheek swept around behind her trailing down her neck and rubbing the juncture of her shoulder. Its mate released her hand and flew behind her as well. Alaina`s eyes closed as her own gloves began to massage her back.

"I've...I've got to be dreaming," she said, looking back at Mitch. He was halfway up the wall now, his hands wrapped around the butt of the skirt as his rigid cock penetrated slicked empty space.

"You must have the loveliest, dirtiest dreams, Alaina," whispered Maddie`s voice in her ear as the gloves continued their massage. "I can make them all come true." Alaina loosened, letting out a sigh as gentle, satiny fingers worked over the muscles in her back.

As Alaina swayed with the ghostly massage, she felt something silky and slippery brush up against her hand. Looking down, she saw a pair of hovering gold panties she`d never seen before. The metallic fabric was filled to the shape of lovely hips, rounded at every edge. As she reached her hand out to explore them, they started grinding their crotch against her index finger. Spreading her fingers to either side of the thin gold material, there were no invisible legs to be found--only empty space.

As she let the strange living underwear play against her extended fingers, she reached up with her other hand, pressing on the rounded strap of fabric at the hip and feeling a soft give that would only compress so far. When she let up, the panties inflated back out, and the amber crotch pushed against her harder, sliding up and down under her finger was swallowed up by a fold that emulated pussy lips. A quiet moan seemed to come from the panties themselves, and Alaina`s mouth hung open.

"Ma--Madeline, is that you as well?"

"Uh-uh," came Maddie`s whisper again. "Not exactly. I've given them the power to act on their own whims...and it looks like they like you."

"Th-they?" Alaina asked, watching the seemingly horny panties go wild against her touch.

"Mitch brought another girl over here," Maddie said. "That`s who they belonged to." Alaina`s eyes flashed with realization as she remembered the wild-looking dark-haired girl from a few weeks ago. The way she`d looked at Alaina was almost predatory; she seemed to be the epitome of the term 'oversexed teenager'.


"Mm-hmm, but that`s okay. He`s a filthy little thing, but he`s my filthy little thing--and now I've got you to help me keep him in line."

The moans from the gold panties became more distinct as Alaina played her fingers against the top of the fold, stimulating it like she would a clit. The panties rose higher and higher, bouncing themselves against Alaina`s fingers.

"They want to fuck, Alaina...I can feel them calling for you." The white satin gloves reached around Alaina`s sides and grabbed her tits, squeezing them through her pajamas as Alaina cried out. "I wanna fuck too, Alaina."

"I--I don`t..." She gasped as one of her white gloves dove down and slid under the waist of her pajama bottoms, running fingers over her slick pussy.

"You like it, Alaina," Maddie`s voice moaned. "Much of a spoiled little brat as he is, that doesn`t matter when he`s rutting like a stag and tensing that toned body, does it?" Alaina bit her lip, moaning as the satin fingers worked against her clit. "God, I can feel the sex in the air, Alaina...I can feel all the pent up energy in this house, and mmmmm....so much of it`s yours." Alaina moaned again, watching as the buttons of her pajama top unbutton themselves.

"Madeline...wh--what are you going to...unnnghhhh..." Now the glove at her chest dove under the pajama top, grabbing a handful of tit and tweaking her pink, erect nipple. As Maddie breathed life into her pajamas, the bottoms slowly walked her into the living room, forcing her onto the couch.

Alaina`s hands braced against the leather cushion. Craving stimulation, the metallic thong hovered up and slid against her lips, pressing itself madly against her face. Alaina moaned into the fabric, breathing in another woman`s scent as she watched Mitch against the opposite wall.

"Mmmmmmmore..." Maddie moaned into the vaulted living room, her body twisted and groped by phantom fingers. By now, both Sadie and Gabby were aware of Maddie`s presence, but Sadie was in the same deep meditative state, feeling the pleasure all around her as her power blossomed into the house.

Both she and Gabby were hovering nude, fucked and groped by invisible force. Even as Sadie`s pussy opened wide for an intangible cock, Gabby slurped and licked madly at her magical clit while the double ended pink toy from earlier stuck both its ends into Gabby--one in her pussy and the other gently coaxing into her ass. She moaned as her eyes darted from Sadie`s angelic face to Maddie`s otherworldly grin, both their eyes closed as they absorbed an ecstasy reserved for sorceresses and goddesses.

Gabby looked down. Everything seemed to be fucking. Furniture trembled as outfits ravaged each other. The television flickered as electronic displays flashed and faded--and all the while, the glowing symbols on the floor went from a pale grey glow to a hot white.

"More!" Sadie screamed out, echoing her sister.

"Givvvvve me powerrrrrr...." Maddie hissed into the air.

At Mitch`s house, Maddie couldn`t get enough. She had no idea how out of hand the situation had become back home. She couldn`t see the glowing symbols or the out-of-control magic fucking all three of their nubile bodies; she only knew that even in her ethereal state, her will spread as easily as if she was really there.

She felt Alaina`s slicked, hot pussy. She could feel the pulsing girth of Mitch`s primed cock. Even in his sister and parents' bedrooms, she could feel the latent energy being activated, drawing itself to her and reflected back into the house itself.    

Alaina was on the couch on all fours, her pajama pants around her knees holding her in place as the white satin gloves hovered behind her, one stroking her pussy and the other slapping her ass. The gold thong drove itself against her lips as she licked and moaned, lost in the sexual chaos happening all around her.

Suddenly, just above her gaze, she noticed two figures standing in the doorway. It took her a moment for her to realize they were clothes belonging to Sandra and Stacie.

"Madeline!?" Alaina moaned, muffled by the thong.

"It`s a party..." Sandra`s voice came from the stacked red blouse standing in the doorway. "And even our stuffy French help has joined the fun."

"Everyone`s invited," Maddie`s voice said as the gold thong backed away from Alaina. "There`s more than enough energy to go around." The white satin gloves hovered over to the thong, grabbing on to the waistband as the material plumped further. "Ohhhhh--wow, that`s interesting."

As Maddie`s energy invaded the golden panties, a hazy white gloss took shape, centering itself in the hovering underwear. Soon, transparent arms and legs took shape, and a glass like face seemed to examine the light`s glare against the shapely limbs.

"This must be your fling, Mitch," Came Maddie`s voice from the glassy transparent face. She reached up and jiggled her tits, looking like a clear, hi-tech blow up doll come to life. The form laughed, turning to Mitch. "You know, I kind of empathize with you now," She said, reaching a ghostly hand down and stroking her gold-covered pussy. "I can`t really resist myself either."

The ghostly form walked over to Sandra`s outfit, reaching a hand out and teasing its fingers across the chest of the red blouse.

"Hmmm...Mrs. Evans--you've really got a hell of a body," Maddie said from unearthly clear lips. "I wanna see it inside some more of your lovely wardrobe." Hazy fingers snapped, and upstairs, Sandra`s closet obeyed, opening up as a line of outfits filled to her voluptuous shape and began marching out the room and down the stairs.

In the massive entry, long red drapes drew themselves to obscure the ghostly procession, and Maddie`s new form grabbed Stacie`s outfit in the doorway and pulled it through the kitchen toward the huge room.

"You too, Stacie," Maddie said. "I know you've got all kinds of hot, slutty clothes in your drawers just soaked with impure intentions." As the phantom wrapped her arms around Stacie`s tee in a tight embrace, her room upstairs rumbled to life, with drawers opening and ejecting lingerie while her closet produced tight jeans, tighter miniskirts in leather, denim, and plastic, and a collection of tightly filled t-shirts, tank tops, and bandeaus.

Alaina gasped as she felt her weight rise right off the leather couch. She found herself drifting right behind the ghostly shapes, anxiously awaiting what was coming next. In the entry hall, the transparent girl turned back to her hovering body as Stacie and Sandra`s outfits marched down the stairs in the background.  

"What do you think, Alaina?" Maddie asked. "I can feel the excitement just bubbling up in you."

"How--how many of their clothes are going to do this?" Alaina asked. "What`s going to happen with--" Maddie`s ghostly form sailed to her, silencing her with a kiss as she reached a hand down to stroke Alaina`s pussy again.

"Mmmm...don`t worry, hon--all your belongings can join the fun too..." As Alaina let out another loud moan, the flats and heels in her room stood at attention. A pair of ankle boots clicked themselves together, and soon all of Alaina`s clothing was marching on its own. A few casual outfits headed right through the entry toward the livingroom, while dressier ensembles seemed to curtzy to a few of Sandra`s more formal clothes. Alaina looked around, trying to keep track of what was happening as a whirlwind of ghostly clothes filled the house, pairing up and behaving badly and Maddie`s laughter filled the corridor.

"Everything...everything!" Maddie laughed, holding Alaina`s body tighter as they both sailed into the air. Now a few of the maid outfits appeared from the corridor, performing housechores even among the dense crowd. Stockings, black ruffled skirts and aprons sailed through the air with feather dusters and laundry baskets in tow.

The two sailed up to the balcony, watching the near militaristic march of empty clothing pouring from down the hall. Sandra`s best dresses were already flirting downstairs. The last of her tightly filled jeans, skirts, shorts and curvy tops from blouses to sleeveless halters made their way toward the steps. Her lingerie was content to drift right over the railing, sending tightly filled panties and double- and triple-D-cupped bras into the air.      

"M--Maddie?" Mitch whimpered as he was flanked on all sides by the clothes of his live-in maid.

"Not anymore," Said the outfit riding him. Now it was Alaina`s voice. "She`s off to play with the others, Mitchell...and now we get to babysit." The skirt floated up off of his engorged cock, letting the other outfits at him.

"Oh, you've grown to be such a big boy," Said a pair of black gloves, grabbing his dick and tugging it. He howled a moan as a pair of pantyhose hovered in front of him, spreading their legs.

"Let`s make a deal, brat. Show us how you can use that mouth of yours, and maybe we`ll do the same for you." The pantyhose drifted toward him, wrapping their sheer thighs around his head. He breathed in, intoxicated by the scent of Alaina`s perfume. As he worked his tongue against the nylon, Alaina`s voice purred delight. He felt invisible hands through his hair.

"Ooh, that`s a goooood boy--there`s hope for you yet. Now keep it up, and we`ll reciprocate." Through the translucent thighs grinding against him, he looked down to see one of Alaina`s lacey bras drifting just under his cock. As the black glove let him go, he realized he was looking at a pair of disembodied lips painted onto the air above the bra. His eyes rolled back as he felt their soft, magical wetness surround him.

"Madeline," Alaina panted, "Magic or not, aren`t there limits to this?" She looked around, taking stock of what she was seeing. Some of Stacie`s clothes were tangled with her own, making their own sounds of pleasure. Some of Sandra`s couture seemed to dominate and direct the others, giving sexual orders to Alaina`s serving outfits. A tight pair of khakis paired with a sweater even had an outfit of Stacie`s bending over its lap as it smacked a tight leather skirt with an unseen palm. Alaina wondered how out of control this would become. "Shouldn`t you hold yourself back a bit, Miss Madeline?"

"And why would I want to do that?" Maddie held back a laugh. "You don`t really want me to tone things down, do you?" Maddie felt a dense aura of lust coming from Sandra`s room now, even though it had practically been emptied of clothes. Now there were only spare pairs of pantyhose marching out alone, glossy magical shapes filled with with her thick, tight thighs and child-bearing hips.

Then Maddie saw what was next.

"Oh, Mrs. Evans. You seemed so straight-laced. Who would've guessed you had that kind of side..." She purred.

"Mon dieu, not those..." Alaina gasped, trying to hide an excited grin.

"Those?" Maddie asked as they both stared. Marching out of Sandra`s room was a full latex catsuit with double zips. It was fire-truck red, complete with an open-faced hood, gloves and knee-high boots. Her shape filled it beautifully and left nothing to the imagination, even emulating her perking nipples from the front of massive ballooning breasts. "You know about this stuff?"

"A maid knows all the house`s secrets," Alaina shrugged as Maddie`s glossy form carried her onto the balcony. Behind the catsuit, black leather crotch-highs, a tightly-filled laced corset and long opera gloves comprised the next outfit.  "Let`s just say Mr. And Mrs. Evans have a very active alternative lifestyle."

"Been eavesdropping?" Maddie joked, letting go of Alaina and drifting over to admire the black outfit.

"She`s seen it happening," The catsuit said, strutting over to her. "Haven`t you, girl?" Alaina stared up into the empty hood, mesmerized by the eerie hollowness penetrated with Sandra`s voice. "We even invited you to join us,but you were too ashamed of what you saw." Maddie belted out laughing.

"You walked in on them?" The translucent girl in the golden thong drifted over the railing again, watching a fishnet bodysuit in clear thigh-high boots and white latex elbow gloves. It wore an imposing black strap-on.

"She entered without knocking," said the black outfit, "For which she still hasn`t been properly punished." The outfits began surrounding the naked Alaina. To one side stood the catsuit, to the other, the corset. The bodysuit paced over.

"Mmmm, sounds like they've got some business with you," Maddie said, hovering as she watched the outfits approach her.

"On your knees, Alaina," The fishnet bodysuit said. "You`ll pay your respects to this." A white latex glove began stroking the strap-on. The red catsuit pressed on her shoulders, and she dropped to her knees, cushioned by the plush padded carpeting on the balcony. She looked up at Maddie`s ghostly form coyly as the strap-on thrust itself into her mouth.

Maddie grinned, watching Alaina suck the rubber cock. A paddle trailed out of the bedroom, hovering on its own and positioning itself behind Alaina`s ass. As it struck, she moaned--muffled by the strap-on in her mouth.

What a good little slut you are, Alaina," Sandra`s smoky voice said, reverberating in both Alaina and Maddie`s bodies. "Suck it harder, you little Bordeaux whore." Maddie hovered in midair, stroking the cleft gold fabric as she watched.

"And what do you think you`re doing, you dirty little witch?" Maddie grinned at the black outfit, pointing to her with a leather opera glove. "Look what you've done to my house. This place is a mess, and poor little Alaina`s going to have to clean it all up." Maddie giggled. She was going to have a little fun with Mitch, that was all. She never intended for her powers to spread this far and wide. "You`re going to have to make it up to me, you know that right?"

"Of course, Mrs. Evans," Maddie said, drifting back over toward the outfit.

"Missus Evans?" Sandra scoffed. "You`re to address me as `mistress,' or even better--'your worship'." Maddie felt a rush of sexual elecriticity running through her ghostly form. Not only had she brought Mitch`s mother`s fetish gear to life--but it was more than happy to shout commands at her--sorceress or not. She now understood why Sadie was so easily drawn to this particular gift. "Well?"

"Yes, your worship," Maddie purred, bowing even she hovered in front of the empty corseted outfit.

"Enough," the bodysuit said to Alaina. "Now stand up and present yourself." Alaina was dripping as she stood, the leather paddle backing off of her. She bent over slightly in front of the bodysuit, gripping the railing. "You, witch--you`ll make her fly." Maddie smiled and nodded, lifting a translucent hand to Alaina. The nude maid squealed with delight as gravity left her body, sending her into the air. "I wish to have a ride."

The bodysuit mounted the hovering Alaina, burying the strap-on deeply into her pussy from behind. She moaned as she hovered over the railing, pounded by the bodysuit as they flew through the air. The white latex gloves massaged, kneaded and slapped her ass as they rode through the entry hall, speeding by countless outfits moaning and groping each other with invisible hands.

In the den, Mitch was hovering free of the wall, caressed on all sides of his body by unseen fingers from Alaina`s outfits. In every room of the house, all three women`s clothes--casual, formal, intimate and otherwise--were succumbing to a ghostly orgy of epic proportions.

"And now you`ll eat me out, witch--" The red catsuit said as the double zipper came undone at the crotch. "But first, I wish to be more substantial." Maddie laughed, and a red glove reached up and grabbed a handful of the long, ghostly locks that weren`t hers. She gasped as Sandra`s catsuit pulled her head toward her rubber hood. "You dare laugh at me?" Sexual fire ached through Maddie`s form--her gold covered pussy puffing out.

"Unnnngh--of course not, my worship." Her head was pulled toward the hood, and she felt Sandra`s full lips against her own, parting them and darting an aggressive tongue in her. Maddie shuddered pleasure as she was commanded, controlled by Sandra`s demanding energy. The catsuit`s tits and ass swelled bigger as its latex arms enveloped Maddie.

She wasn`t in control of her magic. She didn`t want to be.

"Fuck...fuck fuck fuck fuuuuck," Gabby hovered in the air between the two sisters, one above her, one below her. They were parallel to the ground now, each of them positioned over the center of the projection. "Do you--do you two even know what`s happening?!"

Pleasure consumed both of their bodies as they seemed to both be in the same trance state. The chaos around the house didn`t seem to penetrate their unearthly focus, and now everything in the house that could carry a human form was ballooning with lust, grinding against another, moaning, squeezing and massaging. Something big was coming.

In Rachel`s room, she hovered feet over her bed, sleeping and suspended in the air as she let out sweet moans of pleasure. Some of her clothes were out in the house now, mingling among the girls' and fucking with the rest of them. Others simply gathered around her hovering body, seemingly watching her as they would a master performer.

"Now taste my heaven, witch--and I shall make you feel yours." Maddie watched in awe as the exaggerated red catsuit hovered into the air, laying horizontally on a bed of air. Maddie knew it was her power doing this, but she`d gone from directed telekinesis to willing abstract commands--and now it was as if her power was plucking hidden fantasies from her head and making them play with her. "I said taste me, witch! Don`t force your queen to wait!" Maddie`s translucent body hovered over the catsuit, and she hovered closer, burying her face in the unzipped opening.

She could feel the soft, shaven pussy against her lips, invisible and intangible as it was. She tasted Sandra`s musk even as it invaded senses from body parts that weren`t even present for either of them. It was pure fantasy, playing out as beautifully as Maddie`s expectations--the sweet nectar of Mitch`s gorgeous mother flowing in her emulated lips.

"Goooood little witch. You deserve a reward." The catsuit pointed to the bedroom as the black corseted outfit hovered over Maddie`s glossy body. All three of them floated over the entryway as moaning clothes and flying lingerie drifted all around. The leather gloves coiled around her thighs, lifting and spreading them as the cups of the corset pushed against Maddie`s lower back. She heard a giggle as an inflatable rubber dildo entered her pussy. The pneumatic ball on the end began squeezing itself, making the rubber dong grow.

Maddie moaned louder, eating out the phantom pussy, licking deeper and sucking harder. Sandra groaned. The red rubber gloves pulled on her form`s hair harder. "Come, little witch--come. You deserve it." The black gloves around her thighs coiled tighter, and suddenly Maddie felt a tongue bury itself in her ghostly ass.

She gasped, crying out with her whole voice as she became aware of everything. The copy of Sandra worshipping her ass; the copy of Sandra bellowing forbidden delight as she sucked on her pussy; Alaina floating through the air as she was fucked by another ghostly form of Sandra wearing a strap-on; Stacie`s entire wardrobe, fucking Alaina`s clothes and each other; Mitchell, who had no less than a dozen invisible copies of Alaina sucking his dick, toes and fingers, riding his face and massaging his chest; Sandra`s outfits fucking each other in every room of the house; Her own body and her sister`s, ravaged by the raw sexual energy dispersed through the house; Gabby, whose body now seemed to be a toy for the living pink dildo to play with, and the whole of the house`s energy all of which cried for release.

All three girls shrieked as their ghostly lovers quickened, shooting intangible magic into their pussies through invisible cocks. Mitchell, Alaina, every fantasized body in the living outfits and even Rachel herself came with such force that a hole tore into reality, just above where the symbol was projected in the living room. With a few seconds of unearthly moans and shudders and a blaze of light, the three in the living room simply ceased to be--sucked to the other side of the gap they`d opened between their world and the one running parallel.

* * *  

Back at Mitch`s house, the clothing that had been grinding against its fleshy inhabitants had gone lifeless. All the evidence of what had happened only moments before were the massive piles of garments strewn about the living room and all over the entry way. Alaina, whose riotous magic flight had taken her several feet in the air during her orgasm now found herself drifting back to the carpeted balcony--the strap-on still inside her as the limp outfit lay lifeless at her back. She shook everything off of her and grabbed a nearby robe of Sandra`s, throwing it over her.

"Madeline?" Her voice echoed into the quiet hall. "Mitchell?"

"Alaina?" Mitch`s voice came from downstairs. Draped in the blue satin robe, she descended the stairs and headed into the living room. Mitch was still panting from his release, nearly engulfed in Alaina`s discarded outfits.

"So..." He sighed, "Now do you believe me when I say that wasn`t my fault?" Alaina rolled her eyes, nodding.

"But where has she gone?"

"I--I think she`s just at home. She technically wasn`t really here to begin with." Mitchell stood up from his slumped position.

"Oh, look at this mess. It`s going to take me all of tomorrow to clean this house up..." Alaina looked over at Mitch. "For goodness sake, Mitchell, put something on." Mitch grinned, puffing out his chest.

"Your outfits didn`t seem to mind..."

With those words, Alaina noticed one of her slumped-over maid uniforms wobble and lift into the air, resuming a human shape. They grabbed Mitch`s clothes with a satin glove and held them out to him. Alaina watched in awe as each one of her uniforms puffed to life and reformed themselves, each heading in a different direction and grabbing a pile of clothes.

"Apparently even they know there`s a time for work and a time for play..." Alaina said. She looked back out to the entry way, thinking about Sandra`s more obscure collection. "And thank goodness for that." Mitchell slipped on his shorts, and the two watched as the fleet of Alaina`s work uniforms made short work of the mess.

"Maddie`s magic might put you out of a job," Mitch chuckled. Alaina shoved him.

"Don`t make jokes, brat! You have to talk to Madeline before your parents return. We can`t simply have clothes walking about the house doing as they will..." Her face reddened. "Especially when they seem to be very...uninhibited when it comes to certain activities."

"I`m not about to give Maddie any orders," Mitch chuckled, waving his hands. "But maybe you should talk to her. You guys seemed to get along pretty well." Alaina blushed bright red.

"Well, we have another week before your parents and sister return. If my uniforms are content to clean, I may as well let them keep up the work."

"Amen to that," Mitch said, watching a black-stocking clad uniform saunter in and take the remaining clothes in the den out to the laundry room.

"Stop looking at my clothes that way, brat," Alaina smirked.

"Like you`re in a position to talk," He laughed.

* * *

Sadie was the first to awaken, feeling nothing but air below her. The place looked alien to her, strange runes and glyphs lined the walls and were scribbled on the floor. Across from her, Maddie was finally coming to in the same bewildered state. Between them, Sadie noticed Gabby on the ground.

"S-Sadie?" Maddie said, looking around the chamber before turning back to her sister. "Wh-where the hell are we?" Her voice echoed through the place. Sadie placed her hands up, guiding herself to the ground and walking to the edge of what looked like a raised circular stage. All around it were stepped concentric semi-circles, with the gaps leading to black double doors.

"It...it looks like a stage, or like an altar," Sadie said. Hearing the girls' voices, Gabby`s eyes fluttered. When she saw the distant, unfamiliar ceiling, she sat up like a shot, looking at Sadie, and then Maddie, who was lowering herself to the ground.

"G-guys?" Gabby looked worried. "Guys, where are we?"

"Shhh..." Sadie said, walking over to her and crouching down. "I dunno why, Gabby--but it`s alright. Like, I know it is." She looked at her sister. "Do you feel it too?" Maddie looked around at the lights, which seemed like they were from a modern stage construction despite the ancient-looking inscriptions around them.

"Yeah, I can feel it. It`s almost familiar or something--but I know I've never seen this place. Whatever`s going on here, it`s powerful. But at the same time--it feels warm, almost inviting. Like we`re meant to be here."

"I`ll trust you guys," Gabby shrugged, "But like--are we meant to be naked?"

"Suddenly Gabby`s modest," Maddie joked. "What do you think, Sadie? Do we just head out one of those doors?" Sadie shrugged.

"Not much else we can do, I guess," She responded. "You alright, Gabby?" She smiled.

"Like I said, I`ll follow your lead," She shrugged. "Sudden gravity 15-feet over your living room worried me more than this place..." she looked around. "And I`m sure I`m not getting what you guys are getting--but you`re right...it doesn`t feel sinister."

"So let`s go," Sadie shrugged, stepping off the raised stage and drifting slowly to the ground. Maddie followed, sailing across the stage and landing on the aisle next to Sadie. Gabby headed to the ledge and sat on it.

"Wait up, you dorks! Some of us can`t friggin' fly..." Gabby pushed herself off, landing deftly on the dark berber aisle and running to catch up.

* * *

Rachel blinked her eyes, jarred awake by an absolutely luscious dream. She felt disoriented and strangely relaxed, and as soon as she reached a hand between her legs, she knew it wasn`t from the wine alone. She looked at her floor, noticing an arc of clothes in tiny piles around her bed.

"Oh my goodness..." She put a hand to her mouth, smiling wide as she looked back down at her body. She sneered, shaking her head. "Okay, as nice as that must have been for you," She said to no one, "we`re going to have to lay out some ground rules here. For one, I`d like to have been awake for it..." She sighed, throwing her legs over the side of her bed and standing. "This is really going to take some getting used to."

As she headed toward her master bath to clean herself up a bit, the closet door next to her slid open. She jumped a bit, but immediately stopped to watch, anxious to see what was coming.  Her heart fluttered a little as she caught a brief flash of something red and shiny. She stood mesmerized, watching as her thigh-high platform boots strutted out. They moved as if they were choreographed, making slow, sensual motions toward her. Rachel decided to put her plans for a bath on hold, taking a seat on her bed. She had a feeling her empty boots had other things in mind for her tonight.

Not that she was going to complain. Not at all.