The sun began to set on a penthouse in New York City as a woman named Rosa reclined on a cushion of enchanted air, watching a silly reality program on her friend Jen`s 90-inch screen. Jen, a sorceress of practically unmatched power, hovered in the lotus position, facing the windows and meditating.

The day had mostly been a bore for the two. Between the pints of premium ice cream and the sappy recounts of the day-to-day lives of petty mortals, Rosa felt the need for a little excitement to spice up the monotony.

Suddenly, a shiver went down Rosa`s spine, dropping right through her like a moment of arousal. She shook it off and turned to Jen, who didn`t appear to be affected.

"Jeez, Jen--did you feel that?" Rosa asked.

"Of course I did," Jen said calmly, holding her position. Rosa paused for a few seconds before chuckling.

" wanna tell me what it was?"

"Mmm...something I`m going to leave to you and Bev," Jen said, stretching as she drifted back to the ground. " I believe you`ll find a couple of girls in the basement--and they`re going to need a bit of guidance."

"You believe?" Rosa asked.

"There`s another energy there as well--one I wasn`t expecting. Two girls for sure," Jen thought. "Maybe three? Anyway, they`re going to be a bit surprised at their surroundings, so be a dear and check it out, would you?"

"Awww, but movie..." Rosa groaned, pointing at the TV. "Bev is supposed to take care of the newbies who stumble in here."

"Trust me, you`d be interested in meeting these two, "Jen chuckled.

"And why`s that?" Rosa snapped her fingers, dropping onto the plush couch. She paused Jen`s DVR and shut off the TV.

"They`re Lu`s daughters."

"No shit--" Rosa gasped. "Out of hiding?"

"Mm-hmm," Jen said. "You realize how long it`s been, right? They`re 18." Rosa thought about it, nodding.

"I guess I didn`t put it together...ok, I`ll go get Bev," Rosa said. "She`s always said she wanted to meet royalty."

"No need," a voice called out from the kitchen. Rosa jumped as she noticed a glass of red wine float off the counter and tip, gently emptying into thin air. "I`m here."

"Damn Bev, you could say something!"

"Not my fault you`re so easy to toy with," she laughed. "So what do we say to these two, Jen? I mean, if they`re really--"

"Make them feel at home," Jen said. "Simple as that." Jen phased, looking out toward the harbor as the clothes she was wearing dropped to the floor. "If you`ll excuse me, though--I`ve got a North Atlantic skinny dip to get off to." The barely visible Jen turned and winked.

"Jen," Rosa pleaded, "They`re gonna ask about Lu, can`t be serious about--"

The ghostly form slipped between the molecules of glass, shooting eastward toward the Long Island Sound in a fraction of a second. Rosa simply stared out the windows after her mentor and friend was gone, and Bev`s wine glass bobbed toward her.

"Guess she was," Bev said, patting her on the back with a soft invisible hand. "Come on, Rosa, you know Jen--she`s got a reason for having us handle this, right? Let`s greet our new guests."

* * *

"C`mon," Sadie said, slowly descending closer to the ground to grab on to Gabby`s hand. "There`s got to be a way out of this place somewhere."

"It`s freezing in here," Gabby grumbled, reaching out and grabbing Sadie by the wrist. Sadie returned to her previous altitude as Gabby held on for her life. "Someone must have forgotten to pay the heating bill."

"Actually, we don`t use this area of the building much." Sadie and Maddie looked around for the source of the voice, seeing two women turning around the corner of the long hall. All three of the girls gasped, hovering down to the ground and covering themselves.

"It`s really alright," Rosa said. "You don`t have to hide a thing." She rose off the ground a few inches to reveal her own powers. "And you two don`t need to introduce yourselves; we already know who you are." Rosa pointed a finger toward Gabby. "Though it would be nice if you told us your name."

"U-uh Gabrielle," Gabby nervously replied. "Gabby."

"Well it`s nice to finally meet the three of you," Beverly added, smiling warmly. "I`m Beverly, and this is Rosa. We`re your welcome party."

"Wait, so you know who we are?" Maddie asked.

"Sarafina and Madeline Theyer," Rosa replied with a smile. "It`s been seventeen years since we last saw each other. I`m a good friend of Lu`s."

"Wait," Sadie said. "You know mom?"

"Very well, actually," Rosa chuckled. "Your mom actually used to babysit me, believe it or not." Maddie`s eyes widened.

"So--you know more about what happened to her? Where she`s been?" Rosa looked up, silently cursing Jen for a second.

"I don`t know exactly where she is," Rosa admitted, "But suffice it to say she`s alright, and you`ll meet her again when the time comes." Rosa looked at Gabby, covering herself and shivering. "For now, we should probably find you some clothes."

"And until then," Bev said, "I can help you out." With a snap of her fingers, she vanished without a trace. "Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, very few here would even bat an eyelash if you walked around much of the building naked. But until you`re comfortable with the way things work here..." Bev waved her hand over the three girls, who promptly disappeared.

"Whoa..." An unseen Gabby held out both her arms, looking at nothingness. "We`re invisible?"

"Neat trick, huh?" Bev laughed, once again returning to visibility. "That`s not even the half of it, I`ll show you once we`re upstairs in Jennifer`s."

"Wait, Jennifer`s as in the Jennifer`s?!" Gabby asked. "We`re in New York City?"

"You are," Rosa replied. "Welcome to Sorgina Tower, ladies."

"So shall we?" Bev said. "Elevator`s this way, girls." Rosa and Bev turned back the way they came, and the three invisible girls followed. The elevator doors opened, and the group got on. Without pressing a button, it began to move.

When the elevator doors opened once more, the girls emerged to see an empty storefront. The lights were low and the floor was completely devoid of customers. Velvet curtains were drawn over the interiors of the display windows, concealing the interior of the store from the outside world. Rosa waved a hand, and the lights turned up. The store wasn`t completely quiet; vacuum cleaners whizzed by without a human being behind them, dusters ran themselves through the shelves and a dustmop ran through the tiled aisles of the store.

Sadie felt a bump on her shoulder. Looking to her side, she saw a hard plastic mannequin walking by.

"Oh, I`m sorry," a voice called out from the head area of the mannequin. Its head turned toward Rosa. "Rosa--you should`ve let us know you were bringing guests after hours."

"Sorry about that Kalli; it really wasn`t a planned thing," Rosa replied. Gabby was flabbergasted; a woman she just met was holding a conversation with the same kind of display model she was used to setting up at work. "I hate to be a pain, but I actually have a favor to ask. I have three girls here with me that need some chic couture. We won`t be in your way if we grab some outfits for them, will we?"

"Well"¦" The mannequin moved its hands to its hips.

"Kalli, I`d like you to meet Lu`s daughters, Sadie and Maddie, and their friend Gabby."

"My word! Well--it`s a shame I can`t see you ladies--but by all means, it`s an honor to serve to the daughters of a Sovereign. Take whatever you need, girls. We`ve got something for everyone.."

"Thanks, doll." Bev added, patting Kalli on her curvy plastic ass as she walked by. Gabby chuckled when she caught the joke. "Maybe set them up with some underwear first?"

"Come with me, darlings--we`ve got anything you`ll want from functional to showy." Kalli led the way, rocking from hip to hip in her angular stride as she guided the girls to lingerie first.

The girls followed behind, checking out each section they passed. They left a distracted Sadie behind somewhere in footwear, looking around in amazement at the sections of shoes and boots in front of her.

"Wow," Sadie gasped. "Look at all the high-end brands they have here."

"Well hello...are you looking for anything in particular?" Sadie heard an unfamiliar voice behind her. Her eyes widened as she turned around and saw an empty pair of black leather knee highs standing atop their lucite display blocks. The leather shafts slightly plumped and stretched to fill, leaping off the blocks and landing in the aisle. "I can help you if you like, love."

"You can see me?" Sadie replied.

""˜See` isn`t really the word I`d use," The boots said, rocking on their soles. "It`s more like I can feel your aura."

"Is that so?" Sadie said sweetly, an invisible smile curling over her lips. "I`d love your help.  I guess I should`ve followed the others to lingerie first though," Sadie said.

"Nonsense," The boots said. "I can bring you whatever you like."

"Maybe you could get me something classy, but not too stuffy? 32 C."

"Happy to," The boots clicked heels and wandered off. "You just take a seat on the bench right there and I`ll take care of the rest, okay?"

"This place is a-maz-ing," Sadie said to herself as she watched the hollow black boots turn a corner and disappear into the aisles.

In lingerie, Gabby and Maddie walked side by side, following behind Kalli as she took them to the fitting rooms. All around them, the bras, panties, and negligee on the shelves seemed to wiggle and whisper on their racks as they passed by.

"Everyone seems pretty anxious to help," The smooth voice came from the mannequin. "All you really need to do is reciprocate interest and any item here should be at your service." Kalli waved her plastic arm around at the racks. "From here, denim`s that way," she pointed behind her, "casuals are this whole area to my left, you`ll see some dressier stuff over there, and if you need any help, just ask. Have fun!" The mannequin strutted away, leaving the girls to their selections.

"This is crazy, isn`t it Sadie?" Gabby asked. No answer.

"Sadie?" Maddie echoed.

"I`m taking care of her," said a pair of leather boots, strutting into the department and walking over to scalloped lace sets. "She`s got good taste," they flirted. "Apparently she couldn`t resist scoping out the boots first."

"Sounds like Sadie," Gabby laughed. "So--is everything here alive?"

"Lively and ready!" Shouted a red satin bra, breaking away from its rack and puffing to shape. "Let us hug you, honey"¦"

"Careful not to get swarmed," the boots joked. "Word gets around quick here, and you girls aren`t the kind of VIPs we see every day." Gabby watched as an intricate set of black lingerie danced to life and rose over the boots, filling to Sadie`s perfect curves and positioning above the boots as if an invisible woman was wearing them.

"Come on, legs," The lacey panties said to a package a pantyhose on the opposite rack. They lifted off and exploded open, the lycra inflating to a pair of shapely legs and ass that matched Sadie`s own.

"Coming"¦" the sweet voice said, brushing by the invisible Gabby as they walked. "See something you like, honey?" Gabby didn`t know how, but apparently they could detect her stare.

"Uh-huh," Gabby nodded, looking back at the rack. "I--uh--I think I want some hose too." As a package of tan hose tore open and hovered toward Gabby, Sadie`s hose slipped effortlessly into the shiny leather boots and headed back toward footwear.

"Ciao, girls," the leather boots said. "Come over and see my department when you`re all dressed."

"So how do you ladies like what you see?" Rosa asked, stepping into view.

"It`s pretty amazing," Gabby replied. "But how do you keep all these enchantments a secret?"

"Well, there are some dynamics to this place that I`ll wait to explain," Rosa said. "But I think you`re seeing everyone a bit more excited than normal due to it being after hours." Rosa watched as Gabby approached the satin bra trying to get her attention. "Don`t take too long on your selections, though--we've got a lot to tour, and you can always come back for more shopping later." Rosa looked to where she sensed Maddie`s energy. "Besides, I know you and your sister are probably anxious to know more about Lu."

"For sure," Maddie replied, looking over a turquoise shelf-bra which happily filled to shape for her.

"Oh, please please pleeease pick me," It squeaked, hopping in front of her. Maddie laughed, reaching out and sweeping her fingers over the swell.

"Sure," She giggled. "You look pretty comfortable."

"I am!" It bounced over to a rack of panties, where a similar thong lifted and inflated its straps. "Come on, we`re outta here!" The lingerie danced over to the invisible Maddie, the bra fitting around her as the panties held themselves low enough for her to step in.

"How about knee socks?" Maddie asked. "Same color if you have them." A couple racks away, a pair of socks jumped to life and dutifully ran to the girls as Maddie`s new underwear snuggled up to her.

"Oh my goodness," The thong said, wiggling its back strap between her cheeks. "This energy is too much." Maddie giggled, pulling out the wedgie.

"Hey now, ease up," Maddie chuckled. "You`re gonna have to control yourselves. We've got a tour to do."

"We`ll try not to distract you too much," The bra said, gently squeezing her. "Just don`t get too excited--remember, we can feel it." Maddie rolled her eyes, laughing again.

"I`ll do my best if you will," she said, lifting her feet as the ghostly blue socks swallowed them up, sheathing her in soft cotton up to the knee.

"So where to next?" The socks said.

"I think I just want jeans and a tee shirt," Maddie replied. Right as she said it, the socks and lingerie pulled her toward denim.

"Leave it to us!" Maddie`s expression turned to surprise as the soft cottony socks and her blue lingerie guided her body all their own. Feeling the living underwear against her most sensitive parts and being more or less commandeered by clothes, she realized that keeping calm was going to be a chore.

Meanwhile, Gabby was teasing a whole group of satin bras in different colors, each of them vying to be her pick. Gabby tapped a stocking foot against the ground, wiggling her hips back and forth as she tried to decide.

" those moves of yours," The translucent hose said. "If I start tasting you on my gusset, I won`t be liable for my actions." Gabby laughed, blood rushing to her unseen face.

"Sorry, sorry!" She said. "It`s just...all this magic attention--ever since I learned my best friend is a witch, I can`t get enough of it."

"Sorceress," the satin bra in black said, pushing itself against her nude invisible chest. "And honey, your friends aren`t just sorceresses. They`re the daughters of one of the most powerful forces in the universe." Gabby licked her invisible lips, wrapping an arm around the back of the black straps and pulling it toward her.

"I know," Gabby whispered. "And the more I learn about it, the more turned-on I am by it." The bra whimpered as Gabby reached into the bra, feeling one of the cups from the inside and pinching her own invisible nipple through the soft padding. "You," Gabby said. "I want you." The bra unclapsed and swooped around her, scooping up her tits and clasping.

"And some more of this?" The bra asked, pinching her nipples on their own now. Gabby looked down to see the apparenly hollow bra, now filled by her own invisible body.

"Uh-uh," Gabby said, biting her lip. "Don`t--ooh..." She felt a squeeze on her ass as the hose joined in the groping, showing their appreciation for her pick.

"I know what you need next, sexy," The hose said, walking her out of the lingerie department and rubbing her clit with every step. "Come on, let`s go find you a nice tight skirt."

In the boot department, Sadie`s lacy black entourage had already fitted itself, and now the invisible girl was sitting in her bra, panties, and hose, teasing against her as the black leather boots strutted, modeling a couple choice outfits for her.

"What do you think?" The shiny knee boots asked.

"Super hot," Sadie said. "Let`s go with the leather skirt and that tight long sleeve v-neck."

"You like everything a bit dark, don`t you dear?" The boots said, strutting toward her in the tight skirt.

"Dark and mysterious," Sadie flirted, sliding a hand up inside the tense, hollow skirt and making it yield to her touch. "Absolutely." Her invisible feet were pulled up by the living stockings, letting the skirt slip away from her caresses to slide up her legs. As the rest of the outfit put itself on, the black boots fitted themselves to her feet, massaging her while she waited for the others.

Soon after, two shapely invisible girls strutted over, both of them giggling with the advances of their living outfits. Gabby was in a tight red lamé miniskirt and white blouse, while Maddie had second-skin jeans and a simple graphic tee boasting her curves.

"Nice butt, cutie," Maddie`s jeans said, hugging her rear. She looked over her shoulder, watching the jeans shift on her even as they walked her toward a pair of pink-and-white tennis shoes.

"Heh...thanks," Maddie giggled, letting the jeans and socks do all the work for her. "Guess you already picked my shoes out for me?"

"Uh-uh, baby--we picked you as soon as we saw those slender little feet of yours," The tennis shoes said, loosening their laces and yawning open to let her blue stocks to place her feet inside. Maddie looked down, watching the bright white laces magically loop and tie themselves. "Too tight?" The shoes asked. Maddie was about to answer when the socks made their muffled reply.

"No waaaay," the cotton tubes said. "That`s perfect."

"Perfect," Maddie nodded as the soft sneakers and socks hugged her feet just right.

Gabby`s tan stockings walked her over on her toes, teasing most of her weight off the ground as a dainty pair of shiny red mary-janes circled her.

"Goin' my way baby?" Gabby`s stockings said, lifting one of her feet and wiggling her toes at the shoes. Gabby stared in awe at her hollow-looking stockings. With her body still invisible, it was like she was nothing but a ghostly ride-along for these enchantments, flirting with each other and using her invisible body as their finery.

"Mm-hmmm," The mary janes answered, undoing their normally ornamental buckles. "Slip those little piggies in here." Gabby cooed as her stockings lifted into the shoes, one after the other, her toes clutched playfully by the living hose as the soles of the mary janes pressed against her soles, stroking her arches.

"Ohhh, whoa..." Gabby sang, making her footwear laugh. "Yow--you guys gotta cool it!"

"No way, sugar--you`re ours now," the stockings replied, rippling up her legs. The nylons and sexy red shoes walked her over to the invisible sisters as her whole outfit joined in the prodding and fondling her.

Seeing them walk over, Sadie couldn`t help but notice the invisible fingers all over the breasts filling the blouse and tee.

"Jeez, guys," Sadie sneered. "You know I can see you feeling up your own tits, right?"

"Shaddap," Maddie said, grabbing the hem of her tee and invisibly pulling it down. "It`s not me--it`s them!" A giggle came from beneath her.

"I`m sorry," The tee said. "I've just never held tits so nice, you know?" Maddie gasped as her tits bounced in the t-shirt, and now her own unseen hands pressed against them to hold them still.

"Mmm...come on--at least be more subtle!" Maddie cried.

"Like this, maybe?" Now she felt light fingertips just barely swirling her nipples. She let out a slow groan, biting down on her lip.

"I kinda like it," Gabby said dreamily, her eyes rolling back as the black satin bra kneaded her tits.

"We like it, too," her tight, shiny skirt said, bending her over and making her ass stick out. "It`s like you don`t even want control." The fabric tightened and relaxed around her butt, massaging it as her pantyhose played against her labia.

Gabby let out a little squeak, curling her toes inside the red mary-janes. They responded by tapping one of her feet against the carpeted floor, then silently coordinating with her living pantyhose to make her spin a 180 toward Sadie.

Under the volition of the pretty red shoes, she took graceful hop-steps toward Sadie`s chair, ending with an arm extended to her thanks to the white blouse.

"Are you asking me to dance?" Sadie laughed.

"`s not a request, cutie." Sadie`s leather skirt pinched her ass hard, making her jump up. Her black v-neck pushed her into Gabby`s arms, sending the two twirling through the footwear department. Their tops embraced each other, squeezing their chests together even as their lingerie continued fondling them. Gabby shuddered sweet laughter, reaching her hands down to grab Sadie`s leather ass while Sadie`s black boots kept perfect pace with the mary janes.

Bev laughed when she came over, watching Sadie and Gabby`s impossibly graceful coordination while Maddie simply panted, looking down at the manipulations of her clothes. "So are we all set here, girls?" She asked, taking in the scene as Rosa approached.

"I`m--ready...if these outfits are going to cooperate!" Sadie said. Her outfit twirled her away from Gabby as all three outfits loosened their control over their new wearers.

"You`d better watch who you`re taking advantage of, ladies," Rosa said. The girls didn`t realize she was addressing the clothes, but something did.

"Awww, come on--we`re lucky to have any fun at all, let alone wrapped around such lovely pussy," Gabby`s pantyhose said. Bev burst out laughing at the lewd living hose before being nudged by Rosa.

"Sorry, sorry," Bev laughed.

"You`re in control, girls," Rosa said. "Sometimes you have to remind them of that." Bev shrugged.

"And sometimes you just wanna go with it," She said, winking at an unseen Maddie. "Ah, but since we`re all decent again..." Bev waved her hand, turning the girls visible again. All three of their faces were bright red.

"Hmmm..." Gabby looked at herself in the mirror. "I was kinda getting used to seeing through myself." Bev laughed.

"Well, that`s a trick that should catch right on with these two," Bev said. Sadie and Maddie looked at each other.

"Seriously?" Sadie asked. Bev nodded.

"Invisibility`s just the beginning," Rosa said. "With your potential, I bet Bev could teach you both a slew of tricks before the day`s out." The sisters' faces lit up. "But one thing at a time--let`s continue the tour." Nods all around.

The group headed back to the elevator as Rosa began explaining the nature of Sorgina, being half in one plane and half in other--represented by the parallel aspects of the building.

"So you mean, like, there`s a whole other universe?" Maddie asked.

"In a sense," Rosa said. "It`s technically the same universe, but there`s simply another side to it. The energies of the magical side flow into the world you know as the forms of the mundane side inspire the base architecture of the magical plane."

"I`m lost," Gabby admitted. Her pantyhose pulled up in the back, wedging between her legs and ass and making her coo.

"I found you!" The hose said,  squeezing her from ass to clit.

"Let the poor girl catch her breath," Beverly gently scolded, getting a giggle from Gabby`s hose.

"Sheesh, I`ll be good..." They said.

"So...basically both sides mostly appear to be the same, right?" Sadie asked. Rosa nodded. "Except one side is full of magical potential."

"Smarty pants," The leather skirt said, swaying Sadie`s hips as the v-neck patting her on the back. Rosa smiled.

"Right. And as I said, the mundane side only provides the basic shape of the magical side," Rosa added. "For instance, many of the floors of Sorgina have their equal on both sides--but there are some extra spaces in the magical side that have no parallel in the common world. It`s the same way with any of the anchor points--and of course the spaces that we augment with enchanted architecture."

"So like, back in Hexham for instance, there`s an enchanted version of my house on the magical side?" Gabby asked.

"Your house, their house--the entire town," Rosa said. "The whole world." All three girls took this information in. "And since you know how to pick friends," Rosa winked at Gabby, "You`re a lucky girl that gets to see more than most humans ever do." Gabby beamed, taking Sadie`s  hand and squeezing it.

"I am lucky," Gabby blushed. Reacting to the affection, her pantyhose couldn`t help but slide their gusset back and forth over her clit. This time Gabby bit her tongue and kept quiet, not wanting to get her magic pantyhose in any more trouble with her guides. She also didn`t actually want the fondling to stop.

As the elevator doors opened again, the girls stepped out into an unbelievably massive space that seemed to take up multiple floors of the entire building.

Some of it was wide open with ceilings that exceeded thirty feet, and humans and enchantments alike acrobatically flew around floating structures with plush mats and lounges. Other areas were divided by glassy, transparent floors, where the girls could see people practicing spells and rituals, telekinetics playing with building blocks and practicing martial arts, people teleporting place to place, others materializing objects, and enchantments, humans, and elementals playing together. On the far side was a gigantic pool, part of whose volume of water seemed to rise unnaturally out of the walls as it was manipulated by magic users and the nymphs inhabiting it.

Needless to say, the girls were speechless. This wasn`t just walking and talking clothes; all around them an entire system of magical skills were at work, their practitioners ranging from casually playful to painstakingly focused.

"This is...mmm...unbelievable," Gabby said, taking it all in as she controlled her reactions to the attention at her pussy. Beverly chuckled, detecting the break in Gabby`s focus.

"Welcome to the Sorgina Tower`s main gymnasium," Rosa said. "This is one of the most popular spots in the city for magic users."

"But--you`re not worried about people seeing?" Sadie asked, motioning to the wall-paneled glass all around the space between the steel support beams.  Rosa shook her head.

"In the mundane space, these are all apartments for usual people," Rosa said. "This gym is one of the architectural exceptions to the usual mirror space, as are about a quarter of the floors in the tower."

"Ahh, so in the real world," Sadie said, "when people in nearby buildings look in on these floors--"

"--they only see luxury apartments," Rosa nodded.

"Yeah--we can get away with a lot in here," Sadie`s leather skirt said, pinching her ass. Her eyes bulged as she slapped her own butt to get the skirt to stop. "Ooh, I like your style," the skirt said, emulating a few spanks of its own as the leather quickly compressed against Sadie`s backside, sending a delicious sting through her.

"No!" Sadie said, grabbing her own ass with both hands now. "Come on--I`m trying to listen!" Bev stifled another laugh.

"Fine..." The skirt let up, smoothing itself against her again.

" what about Jennifer`s?" Gabby asked Rosa.

"It`s mirrored," Rosa answered. "Magic users of a certain caliber can utilize the cross-points any time they like, but it takes a special kind of someone from the mundane to even be clued in on anything out of the ordinary."

"Wow," Gabby said. "So I could've seen Jennifer`s on my own visit to the city, and I wouldn`t have even suspected...

"I dunno about that, cutie," Her shiny red skirt said, making her squeak as it wiggled her hips. "You have a certain curiosity about you that might've convinced one of the staff to let you in on our little secret." Gabby smiled, rubbing her own butt.

"Which brings me to another question," Maddie said. "Our lovely clothes here..." Maddie`s outfit hugged her gently. "Is...everything sold in Jennifer`s enchanted?" Bev made a so-so sign with her hands.

"Kind of an advanced concept," Rosa said. "Everything on the mundane side has the potential for enchantment--things passively absorb memories, gain personality from use or abuse and so on--but it takes a magic user or a wild magical spark to give them animation, will or speech on that side of reality."

"So..." Gabby tried to piece it together. "In Hexham--on the magical side--my whole closet`s already filled with enchanted clothes?"

"You got it," Bev said.

"What a lovely world that would be, hmmm?" Gabby`s bra said, jiggling her again.

"Hey," She giggled, covering her chest. "But doesn`t that mean there`s a magical version of me living a magical life there too?" Both Rosa and Bev shook their heads no.

"Biological life is one of a kind," Rosa said. "We humans don`t have analogs here--nor does any other living, acting thing. Only the inanimates occupy both spaces that way."

" animals either," Sadie said. Rosa nodded.

"That`s right. The tree of life is a kind of physical potential all its own on the mundane side--but the magical side has a sort of equal in terms of the elementals, nymphs, and essentias--some of which you can see working and playing here."

"It``s so incredible," Gabby said, wide-eyed and looking all around like a kid on Christmas morning. "I had no idea that the world was so incredible--that there was another whole world filled with magic just running parallel to our day-to-day life..." She looked at Sadie in awe, knowing that if it weren`t for their relationship, she wouldn`t find herself here.

Gabby abruptly pulled one of Sadie`s shoulders and turned her, planting a kiss on her that quickly went from a simple thank you to a passionate tongue-wrestling. Even the typically-unphased Sadie was blushing, and Bev nudged Rosa, excitedly watching the affectionate display. Maddie did her best not to groan or otherwise dampen the moment.

"Gab..." Sadie said, her eyes shooting at Gabby`s dreamy gaze. Gabby just grinned.

"I`m sorry," She said, pulling her in for a big hug. "I`m sorry, you guys," Gabby said again chuckling as she looked at the rest of the group. "It`s just I` fucking happy to be here experiencing this."

" can say that again," her blouse said, making her hug Sadie`s v-neck even harder.

Bev put a hand to her chest, smiling nostalgically and squeezing Rosa with her other arm around her back.

"Reminds me of Jen and I 50 years ago," Beverly whispered to Rosa. "That`s so cute..."

"I`m glad you`re having fun, Gab," Sadie said, feeling the white sleeves tighen. "Okay, girls--let up..." outfits holding the embrace finally let go.

"So hey," Maddie finally said, breaking the sentimental sap. "Can I uh...can I give this space a quick try before we move on?"

"By all means," Rosa said, holding her hand out. "We've still got a lot to see, but if you wanna just stretch out a second, go for it."

"Now`s your chance to play," Maddie whispered, directing her intentions to her outfit. "Gimme a little boost."

"Mmmm, leave it to me, babe," her tee quietly responded.

Maddie quivered, smiling as the pale blue triangle of her thing played against her pussy. The thin strap behind her teased at her asshole, and Maddie felt her arousal blossom into pure power as she lifted to her toes, then straight off the ground.

"Well, well," Rosa said. "You`ve barely had powers for a day and you`ve already figured out levitation. That took me weeks to get the hang of."

"Well that`s "˜cause you slacked off when I was tutoring you," Bev replied with a smirk.

"What can I say?" Rosa shrugged. "I was a spoiled brat when I came of age."

"Par for the course when mommy owns the building," Bev chuckled. She looked over at Sadie, watching her sister glide higher and higher before perching on the floating island high above the gym. "How about you, tall, dark and gorgeous?" Bev smiled. "You wanna show off at all?"

"I could," Sadie shrugged, looking over at one of the simple courts partitioned away from the open space. "Is that what I think it is?"

"Racquetball?" Bev said. "Yeah. They can convert as needed." Sadie looked at Gabby, raising her eyebrows.

"Wanna be my guinea pig?" Sadie asked. Gabby shrugged and nodded. "Where`s the equipment?" Sadie asked. Rosa pointed to a closet on the near wall behind them--the only one that wasn`t all glass.

"Some users can just materialize what they need," Rosa explained, "but that`s kind of advanced, so most of what you`d need is stored in there."

Without even needing to see inside it, Sadie used her gaze to call for two Racquets and a ball. A couple seconds later, they hovered out, one of them heading for Gabby.

"Take it," Sadie said. Gabby laughed and grabbed the floating paddle.

"You`re kidding, right?" She joked. "You've seen the limits of my coordination."

"Don`t worry," Sadie grinned. "It`s not so much about your coordination. Just keep yourself loose. Girls?"

"Why do I not like the sound of--hey!" Gabby`s outfit strutted her over to the court while the other racquet and ball hovered over all on their own.

"I guess she should be wearing different shoes," Sadie said to the women.

"Yeah, we`re not so strict on the dress code as a country club might be," Beverly laughed.

"Service!" Sadie called out to a nervous Gabby.

"Sadie, wait! I--" The bobbing racquet pegged the hovering ball hard, bouncing it off two glass walls and sending it careening toward Gabby. The girl simply closed her eyes, waiting for the impact until her racquet pulled her arm up to counter the shot all on it own.

"Whoooa," Gabby`s outfit swooned. "She`s--she`s got both of us!" Her outfit tightened against her body as it shifted her again.

Sadie beamed, clearly impressed with herself as the volley continued. With both racquets under her mental control and Gabby being led around by her wrist and the cooperation of her enchanted outfit, she looked back at Rosa and Bev.

"I didn`t really expect that to go so well," Sadie said.

"Great goddess," Rosa sighed, laughing. "I certainly know where you get your attitude from."

"You mean mom?" Sadie smiled thoughtfully, increasing the intensity until poor Gabby was sent making impossible diving shots without ever hitting the ground.

"Absolutely," Rosa said. "Confidence in spades."

Sadie snapped her fingers and froze the spinning ball in midair. Released from Sadie`s magic, Gabby took a deep breath.

"Wooo!" Her outfit howled. "Mmm...I like your friend," It said, walking her back toward the group as her paddle slipped from her hands and followed the other equipment back to the closet again.

"You guys should go pro," Sadie laughed as Gabby`s face scrunched.

"Warn me next time, oh Circe of the squash court." Both girls laughed as Gabby`s lamé miniskirt pulled itself back down and smoothed over her.

"Hey landlubbers!" Maddie called from nearly four stories up. "Watch this!" She took a deep breath. "You promise?" She said quietly to her outfit.

"Even if your powers hiccuped, which seems almost impossible," her tee quietly said back, "We wouldn`t dare let you come to harm. Trust us."

"Good thing I`m not acrophobic," Maddie said, diving off the platform. "Woohoooooooooo!"

"Jesus, Maddie, slow down!" Sadie yelled, watching her sister dive as fast as gravity`s pull called. She sped toward the cork floor, tumbling over herself as a panicked Sadie tried to use her powers to arrest the fall. This time her will went ignored entirely.

Six feet from impact, Maddie`s tumble smoothly slowed to a reclining position. Now she was a mere 18 inches from the floor, hovering smugly, chin-in-palm as she looked casually at Sadie.

"You always were overprotective," Maddie joked. "You really take that whole 5-minutes-older thing to heart, don`t you?" She laughed.

"I should beat you with those racquets," Sadie said, nudging Maddie with a leather toe and making her spin a 180 as Maddie laughed.

"Alright, ladies," Rosa sneered. "Lots more to see. Shall we continue?" Maddie hovered up and put herself back on her feet as the group got on the elevator once more.

"That was fun," Maddie said, beaming.

"Yeah, the part when I thought you were going to break your spine was was awesome," Sadie chuckled.

"Easy, honey..." Sadie`s V-neck said, massaging her back. Don`t be so tense.

"All sibling qualms aside," Rosa said, "You two are already showing tremendous command of your powers. It`s pretty rare, even given who your mother is."

"Really?" Maddie asked. Both Beverly and Rosa nodded.

"Tell me," Rosa said, "What else have you two been able to do?" At this point, all three girls looked at each other and blushed, not knowing where to start. Beverly laughed.

"Boy, if that picture doesn`t say a thousand words," She said, elbowing Rosa.

"Girls, really," Rosa smiled. "It would take a lot to scandalize the two of us. Spill it."

"Well..." Gabby offered, "Sadie kinda used her powers to have a little fun with me using her wardrobe--which apparently meant enough energy to bring things to life and give them a our enchanted clothes here." Rosa looked over at Bev, a little stunned.

"You`re serious?" Bev asked.

"Oh, that`s nothing," Sadie said. "I did that by accident after learning that...well--sex and arousal pretty much equal energy." She pointed to her sister. "Ask Miss Madeline what happened when she found out her beau wasn`t being such a knight in shining armor." Now that she made amends with Mitch, Maddie could laugh the comment off.

"Well, about that," Maddie said. "Just before we got here, that even went a bit farther than last I told you." Now all four sets of eyes were on her,  particularly Sadie and Gabby`s.

"And...?!" Sadie demanded.

" pretty much brought every scrap of clothing in Mitch`s house to life. Well, except for his dad`s stuff, apparently." Sadie`s jaw dropped, and Bev and Rosa exchanged looks.

"Wooow," Her jeans shimmied. "We`re really holding power like that?"

"To what end?" Rosa asked. "Were they home when this all happened?"

"Mitch and the family housekeeper," Maddie said. I was there in, kinda like a ghost form--to apologize to Mitch for...well, magically violating him earlier after, well, yeah--I caught him cheating on me." Bev was wide-eyed, amazed and holding back laughter. Rosa nudged her, and she mouthed an apology, keeping herself quiet.

"But everything`s okay there--with them, I mean?" Rosa asked.

"Last I knew, everything was okay," Maddie smiled. "We came to an understanding when I went back, and everyone had a pretty good time...I know that." Rosa stared at Maddie, unsure what to say. "Did I...break the rules or something?"

"Rules?" Rosa shook her head. "Not at all, not the way Jen does things. But Maddie," Rosa looked at Sadie, "Both of you, actually--without any training or even instruction, you've advanced your powers at a rate I've...I've never even heard Jen or your mother talk about."

"Whoa," Maddie said. "You`re serious?" Nods from both women again.

"In fact," Rosa started, "I`d imagine that even--" Rosa was interrupted when she felt her phone vibrate. After checking her text messages, she turned back to the girls.

"Well, hey--speak of Sorgina`s lovely devil," Rosa said. "I just got a text from Jen; she`s all set with her business and she`ll be meeting us at our next destination." The elevator doors opened again, this time to a short but extremely ornate hallway without windows. "29th floor," Rosa said, raising her eyebrows. "My apartment`s over there, actually," She pointed to one of the ends of the hall. "Quarter floor, quarter floor," She said, pointing to her door and the door on the other side, "half-floor," she said, motioning to the pair of great carved hardwood doors. "Guess whose apartment this is."

"Jen`s?" Maddie asked, sensing a kind of strangely familiar energy emanating from the other side. Sadie felt the same thing, and reached out to the carved wood, gliding a hand along it and feeling the energy hit her resoundingly. She pulled away, her jaw hanging open.

"No..." Sadie said, reaching out to touch the door again. She made contact and smiled, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Sadie, what`s--" Before Maddie could finish, Sadie pulled her sister`s hand to the door, showing her the same energy. Gabby watched confused as Rosa and Bev both smiled.

"M--mom?" Maddie asked, feeling it in her bones before her mind would believe it. Rosa nodded, waving her hand at the double doors, which slowly opened in.

"Lucretia`s suite," Rosa said, motioning to the girls to enter. When they did, both of them were overcome with emotion. "We have the place maintained just in case she shows up. She pops in and out every once in a while, but she hasn`t been by in at least a couple years." They stared at the space--at the wall hangings and furnishings, at the old-fashioned desk with hand-written papers, out to the balcony and and back over every detail.

"It`s--it`s amazing," Maddie said, walking up to a coat rack, picking up an expensive looking red coat and smelling it. "It`s--really her. Sadie, it`s really her apartment." Sadie nodded, solemly looking through the personal effects on Lu`s desk. She recognized the handwriting from the card she and Maddie received less than two days before.

"So if she`s not here," Sadie said, picking up a half-written note and looking at Rosa, "where is she?"

"Places no mortal eye can see," came a voice from all around them. "Places that can blind even some of our greatest adepts," the silken voice came again. "But safe, I can promise that..." a pink-white mist gathered at the entry, swirling into a humanoid shape as a long, purple evening dress appeared first, followed by heeled shoes, jewelry, thick brown hair and flawless limbs on the body of a goddess. "And so very proud of you both--I can promise that, too." The last line came from the woman taking shape, her face coming into focus as she stepped from the dissipating mist.

"Girls, meet the Soverign Xenthe," Rosa said, motioning to her.

"Please, Rosa," Jen laughed. "Family trumps formality--especially at a moment like this." Jen seemed to hover toward the girls, both drawn to her cosmic beauty and warm but playful countenance. "I`m Jen, girls." She looked at each of them carefully, with gracious focus and a satisfied smile. "Heaven on Earth, you are certainly Lu`s daughters," She said. "So absolutely beautiful. So powerful and filled with infinite potential."

"F-family?" Maddie asked.

"It`s...nice to meet you, Jen," Sadie said.

"The pleasure`s all mine," Jen replied. "And yes--family, Maddie. I`m your aunt--for lack of a better term to define the deepest parts of the association." Maddie smiled, staring at her radiant eyes. Jen opened her arms, and Maddie practically tackled her with a hug. Sadie kept her ground, smiling nonetheless. "Oh, you've grown up so beautifully," Jen said, hugging Maddie back. "Both of you," Jen directed to Sadie. "Your mother can`t wait to see your faces again." Maddie released her, and Sadie embraced the royal-clad woman, though more gracefully than her sister.

"Where is she, though?" Sadie asked Jen in the hug. "When can we see her?"

"Soon," Jen said, leaning back and looking into Sadie`s eyes. "Very soon--I promise."

"But why not now?" Sadie asked. "Why not--" she choked up the words.

"Shhhhh-shh-shh," Jen said, pulling her back in. "I can`t know how you must feel, Sadie--but you both have to understand the importance of your mom`s work.  She doesn`t run a business or a country--she`s not simply dedicated to an art or married to a career. Your mom, girls, is part of the energies and actions that give this world shape. A sovereign, like yours truly, but with a different set of responsibilities." She rubbed Sadie`s back as Maddie listened.

"I`d say that`s probably about as good an excuse as a mom could have," Maddie said. Sadie nodded in agreement. Both of their outfits, sensing the intimacy and gravity of the moment, silently and gently plied over thier collars and shoulders, showing them friendly tenderness now.

"But you've gotta know, girls--she feels the same as you." She stood away from Sadie and put a hand over her heart. "There`s a space there waiting to be filled for her too--and soon enough you`ll see each other again." Jen walked to the center of the room, waving her hand in the air and producing two crystal tumblers of water before sending them to the girls. "Part of the reason she had to leave you until now--until you came of age--is that she wanted to keep you absolutely safe--and to give you a happy, healthy childhood that would endear you to the mortal side of humanity that she so absolutely fell in love with."

"Dad," Maddie chuckled, sniffing and gulping down her water.

"Right," Jen said.

"But what do we do, Jen?" Sadie asked. "Where do we go from here?"

"One foot after the other, darling," Jen said. "Your powers need both exploration and control. And while I`m going to encourage you to continue many aspects of your mundane life, I want you both to consider Sorgina Tower your true home." When the tumblers were drained, Jen snapped her fingers and made them vanish again. "And with help from the adepts here at the tower--myself, Rosa, Bev, and a few others--you`re going to learn that your nature is almost limitless."

Gabby was more or less in calm shock after all these revelations. She stared unblinking at Jen until Bev looked her over, taking her hand and giving it a squeeze.

"Huh?" Gabby said, looking at Bev.

"I asked if you were alright, muffin," Bev said.

"Uh--yeah. Yeah, I`ll be alright." Jen looked back at Gabby, smiling.

"For having been let in on some juicy cosmic family gossip," Jen said, "You`re doing remarkably well, Gabrielle." Jen winked. "My kinda gal." Gabby smiled shyly. "But I imagine at this point you`re all ready for some lighter fare, yes?" Jen asked.

"Yeah," Sadie chuckled solemnly, looking around the apartment again. "Yeah, I certainly am." Maddie nodded in agreement.

"Great goddess, I didn`t want to say it first," Rosa joked. "So let`s eat, drink and be merry already."

"Soon, though?" Maddie asked Jen. "You promise--we`ll see her soon?"

"On the fate lines of the universe," Jen said, holding up a hand. "Before you get your diplomas, girls, you`ll see her again." Maddie and Sadie met each other`s gaze, smiling.

"Good enough for me,"  Maddie said.

* * *

The elevator opened again, coming into a somewhat busy hallway. On the quiet side was a large, padded red door with a gilded dollar-sign. A skimpy showgirl outfit waited behind a podium, standing opposite a rather intimidating black suit that appeared to be filled by a busty, invisible security guard.

Bev waved at the showgirl outfit, which waved back at the group as they headed in the opposite direction.

" pokah tonight, Bevahly?" The showgirl outfit squeaked. Bev simply gestured behind her as Jen emerged from the elevator. "Ah haa"¦" The outfit said, seeing Jen accompanying what looked like new guests.

"Entertaining unexpected VIPs," Bev replied, stepping over to talk as the rest of the group continued down the hall. "Maybe a raincheck, sweetie." Two unseen cheek kisses later, she followed the group as they approached the doors on the opposite end.

"! Guys, we`re gonna be seen in the freaking Hollow," Maddie`s tee said, "worn by them!" Maddie looked down as she felt the bra and tee perk her breasts like a padded push-up.

"Eeeeasy, my lovelies," Jen said. "They`re gonna be dealing with enough starstruck essentia in here--so you've gotta play it cool."

A sign above the pearl-white double doors read THE HOLLOW, and the doors were being watched by a pair of latex tuxedos, both of them tall, poised, and cut for a very busty woman. One was navy-colored with white piping, a bulging vest straining to hold back its curves. The other was red and black, every bit as filled and gleaming in the lights behind the block glass in the corridor.

"Oh-ho! Make way for the boss lady!" A sexy, throaty voice said as the red-and-black tuxedo opened the door. "Looking fabulous as always, honey..." She said as Jen went in for a kiss on its collar.

"You too, Cherise," Jen smiled at the empty space above the collar. "Looking busy in there," Jen said, straightening the latex bowtie.

"Pretty packed tonight, boss lady. Must be the who`s who knew you were coming." Jen smiled.

"Flatterer," she said. "And how are you, Billie?"

"Wonderful as always, Jen," The blue tux said. As the group walked by, the tux leaned in. "Actually, Jen--there were some interesting rumors going around. Apparently the human daughters of a sovereign are in the building. Any truth to that?" Jen narrowed her eyes, showing a shifty smile and shaking her head.

"Rumors, rumors"¦" She laughed, shaking her head. "These are just some out of town friends that wanna see the sights." Jen flashed the suit a wink as she walked by.

"Ah-haaa," The tux said as the group walked through the door. "Well, have fun...

Inside, the place was lively. Three elevated stages behind three bars, each crowded by cavorting outfits ranging from complete business skirt suits to skimpy clubwear. On the center stage, a tight empty tank top sported hardened invisible nipples, a pair of massive DJ headphones floating over it. The discs on the four tables in front of the ghostly jockey seemed to switch and cut on their own as trance pumped through the club.

On the two flanking stages, there were dancers moving to the music--the right occupied by two glossy fetish outfits, one stripping the other in a dom-sub role play. On the other was a full latex enclosure suit filled to unbelievable curves, surrounded by dancing boots that played as if they were menacing the enclosure suit--sliding past it on all sides, playfully kicking and stepping.

The girls noticed something in particular: along with Jen, Rosa and Bev--they were the only non-enchantments in the entire place. One after another, the ghostly clothes turned to look at the group, noticing the three young newcomers before realizing the they were with Sorgina Tower`s ultimate benefactor. A couple of the bolder enchantments made catcalls and shamelessly sized up the fresh meat.

"Hope you`re gonna share your candy, Jenny!" A full-figured pair of silver leggings and a black vinyl corset sauntered over, a drink hovering in front of it. "Did Jen tell you it`s domination night, girls?" The outfit wiggled its silvery hips. "I rather hope you`re here to be the show and not just see it..."

"They might surprise you," Rosa said, smiling.

"Mmm...I hope that`s a promise," The outfit said, strutting away.

"What do you think, girls?" Jen asked. Maddie and Gabby watched the dom-sub dynamic of the two enchantments on the right stage while Sadie watched the boots on the left, mesmerized. One after another, showgirl outfits began walking onto the left stage, each of them matching up with a pair of boots. "You`re gonna be popular here--so let your outfits be your guides if you`re in over your heads.."

"I think it`s awesome!" Maddie shouted over the music, grinning. "Hey, get us closer!" She said to her tee. As her outfit started strutting her forward all on its own, Maddie pulled Gabby by the hand toward the dom-sub show. Jen followed Rosa and Bev fto a table as Sadie`s boots carried her slowly to the left stage.

"You like, hmmm?" Sadie`s v-neck asked. She simply nodded.

It didn`t take Rosa long to notice that Sadie wasn`t wearing the same smile as her sister and best friend on the other side of The Hollow, already mingling with empty outfits as they started moving to the beat, attracting the attentions of more and more dancing patrons.

"Get me a beer," Rosa said to Bev. "I`ll be back." She walked over to Sadie, who was lost in her own stare at the boots on stage.

"Hey, girls--" Rosa said, nudging Sadie. "Nice show, right?" Marching among the other booted showgirl outfits were a pair of red vinyl thigh-highs, almost exactly like the ones Sadie had seen in Rachel`s closet.

"She`s really in..." Sadie`s leather skirt said, sinking itself between her thighs to get closer to her crotch. "It`s getting warm down here." Sadie reacted to the contricting leather, reaching down the inside of her thigh.

"It`s just that--" Sadie turned to Rosa. "I`ve gotta go back to the house. My house." Rosa looked down at her skirt for a moment.

"You`re not having fun?" Rosa frowned. Sadie shook her head.

"No, no--this is amazing--really. It`s just that--if Maddie really did what she said she did to Mitch`s whole house--I`m worried about what we might have done to ours." Sadie thought. "What we did was enough to tear a hole in space and drop us here, right? I`m just--not sure if Rachel`s okay." The shoulders of Sadie`s v-neck hugged her again, trying to get to to relax. "All those enchantments...and if she wakes up and we`re not there"¦"

"You could check on her easily if you really need to," Rosa said. "I`ll show you how to get back without needing a ground-shaking orgasm to do it." She chuckled before thinking of something else. "Wait...she does know about you and Maddie, doesn`t she?"

Sadie nodded, and Rosa put a hand to her chest.

"Whew--that`s good." Rosa shrugged. "Well, honey, if you really are worried, you`re not gonna have any fun here until you`re satisfied she`s okay." Rosa walked toward a small set of stairs. "Come on."

"Sure thing!" Sadie`s skirt said, helping the leather boots and stockings to send her in motion. Rosa turned back to Sadie.

"We`re gonna head to one of the VIP decks." Sadie`s outfit walked her behind Rosa past another curvy latex tux and up the stairs. "Alright, now that we`re away from the noise--check this out." She stood at the deck`s back exit, a black door with the red glowing exit sign over it. "With the way you guys have progressed, this one`s gonna be simple. Behind this door is probably a back staircase or something, right?"

"I guess so," Sadie said. Rosa shook her head.

"Uh-uh," Rosa smiled. "Watch." Rosa closed her eyes for a second and pushed it open, revealing her own quarter-floor apartment that was spatially a few floors away. Sadie`s eyes went wide as she slowly looked in. "Behind this door--any door--is every other doorway I`ve ever been through. Picture where you want to go in your mind and poof! Zero-distance. One door is every door."

"And it`s just that easy?" Sadie asked.

"Hell no, not for everyone," Rosa laughed. "But we already know you`re not everyone, darling. You`re already doing what took most of us months to learn--and you`ve barely had a day of practice. Just give it a shot." Rosa stepped back, letting the door close again. "Think, and open."

Sadie pictured her room. Her bed, her closet, her desk--it was all just behind that thin black panel door. She thought it in her head, mantra style: One door is every door. One door is every door.

"You've got it, honey," Sadie`s v-neck murmured to her. When she pushed it open, there it was--the mauve carpeting and her unmade bed, the open closet...

"Go on and check on her," Rosa said. "We`ll see you guys a bit later."

"Thanks, Rosa," Sadie said.

"Anytime," Rosa smiled, hugging her. "See you soon."

As the door gently shut behind her, Sadie walked over to her closet.

"Wow..." The leather skirt said. "This is where you live?"

"Her scent is everywhere..." The stockings added, pressing their gusset against the black lacy panties. Sadie found most of her clothes were present and quiet, but her shoe rack was suspiciously empty. She heard noises coming from downstairs.

Moaning. Rachel moaning. When she opened the door to her room again, it didn`t lead back to a noisy magical club, but the familiar upstairs hall. Sadie creeped out into the darkness, heading toward the spare room.

"Oh goddess--the power here..." Her lacy bra said, gingerly massaging Sadie`s tits.

Sadie seemed to ignore the attention. Looking out over the balcony, she saw Rachel`s leather pants on the couch, unbuttoned and unzipped with filled out red satin panties beneath them. Diving between the two layers were her pink homecoming gloves, one of them stroking the crotch of the panties while the other grabbed the hollow leather ass. Hovering over the leathers was one of Rachel`s tightly filled bras, and while there were no sleeves or gloves to clue her in, the cups of her homecoming dress were deforming and compressing as if they were being worked over by invisible hands.

"What are you guys doing?!" Sadie hissed over the balcony. The two outfits didn`t respond, simply letting out barely-audible moans and giggles as Sadie watched. Sadie`s own bra halted at the tone of her disapproving words.

Her eyes caught movement at the entry, and in hovered more of Rachel`s curvy lingerie--full sets of bras and panties--some with stockings, some without. Only now did she notice a pair of her own yoga pants and a tee sitting on the comfy chair, the cleft camel toe in the pants quivering as the short red sleeve seemed to suggest an arm lasciviously pointed toward it. Her outfit made sweet little noises as the haunted underwear paraded in front of it.

Sadie was blushing, watching the amazing shape of Rachel`s clothes dancing and teasing one of her own outfits. Stray magic and naughty clothes were one thing--but the situation these particular magical pair-ups were suggesting was too much for her.

She was about to put a stop to it before the noise woke Rachel, but just as she prepared to hover over the balcony and intervene, she felt a well of impulse behind her. Sadie swallowed hard--focusing on the feel of the energy. This wasn`t just some self-sustaining enchantment. It was Rachel herself; and it was coming from her room.

"I can feel it too," Sadie`s black V-neck said. "Is everything okay? Do you wanna take a look?" Sadie thought about it, shaking her head.

"She might not be my mom, but--she`s still Rachel. I can`t just barge in on her--especially if she`s..."

"Well, she doesn`t have to know you`re here--does she?" The leather skirt asked. "Beverly taught you a very valuable solution to that problem." Sadie looked down at her hands. It couldn`t really be that easy, could it?

"Well, in a day of firsts..." Sadie trailed off. She looked at her soft hands at the end of the sleeves, and at the painted nails at the end of her fingertips. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, still feeling the hum of radiant energy coming from the direction of Rachel`s room. She pictured herself turning invisible, disappearing right inside her clothes just as she did with Bev`s help.

Her outfit responded with coos and awed sounds, feeling the magic coursing through her as she made herself undetectable. When she opened her eyes again, she jumped a bit at the sight of her empty sleeves. She headed back into her bedroom to look at her full-length mirror.

"You`re not really that surprised, are you?" Her black leather boots said.

"I guess it`s just that--it`s all coming so easily to me," Sadie said, leaning foward and looking down into the empty torso of her shapely V-neck and seeing the filled out bra inside.

"You are the daughter of a goddess," said her imported leather boots, strutting around her and sizing up the outfit she was wearing.

"Oooh, who are you?" Asked the boots Sadie was wearing. "Introduce us." They squeezed around her legs, their magical energy pulsing. "You--you`re beautiful." Sadie looked down to see her imports step up and slide against her shins. Leather caressed leather as the two pairs of living boots flirted.

"Well thank you, darling," The imports said. "You`re pretty tasty yourself."

"Guys!" Sadie crowed at them. "You`re both lovely--but could we?"

"She wants to know what`s going on downstairs," The V-neck said, turning her toward the door.

"Let`s go together," the imports said. "She wants to see me anyway. I can feel her calling me."

"Hey," Sadie murmured to the enchanted items as her outfit followed the imported boots. "Rachel--she can`t know I`m here..."

"So keep quiet," Her bra said, tweaking her nipples. "We won`t give you away." Her creamy black italian leather boots strutted two steps ahead of her, and she looked down to watch her apparently empty stockings and boots follow.

They were right--all she had to do was keep quiet. By sight alone, what was the difference between an invisible Sadie and her own enchanted clothes?

Rachel`s bedroom door opened on it`s own, and the imports stepped in, followed by Sadie`s outfit. The door shut again without any intervention, and Sadie now saw Rachel sitting on her bed in a silver satin chemise, guiding her hands over one of her phantom-filled bras. She was surrounded by a group of living items--her red vinyl boots, standing on her bed next to her, the white satin patterned bra she was presently exploring, a wriggling pair of knee socks, and a pair of leather pants sitting akimbo across from her.

"Oh, wow--I was just thinking about you, and there you are," Rachel said.

"At your service, darling."

"Are the girls still messing around out there?" Rachel asked, a little red-faced. "They didn`t see you come in, did they?"

"Mmm-mmm," the imports said, gracefully hovering up and landing on the bed within her reach. "Don`t worry about them, honey. They`re indisposed at the moment." A leather toe slid up her thigh and toward her crotch, but she squeezed her legs shut.

"Hey," Rachel blushed. "You`re...Sadie`s boots. I dunno if I`m really ready to go there just yet." The invisible Sadie swallowed hard and maintained her silence even as Rachel looked right at her. "And speaking of Sadie`s stuff, wow. I've never seen that outfit before."

"Mmm, you like?" The leather skirt said back, its voice resonating through Sadie`s unseen body. The outfit struck a pose, moving Sadie with it as the black lacy panties stroked her sex. Sadie struggled to stay quiet as the skirt stuck out her ass. "She just picked us up."

"Seems pretty formal." One of the import boots snuggled its heel between her thighs, moving higher. "Hey!" Rachel said, reaching out and grabbing the ankle. "Come on, take it easy."

"What are you so worried about?" the imports asked. "We`re just boots. That we belong to Sadie doesn`t make any more of a difference than if we belonged to some no-one down the street."

"I just...wanna take things a bit slow, that`s all," Rachel said, loosening her grip around the ankle and guiding her hand up the soft calf. "But I`m not really imagining it when I sense that you have intentions of your own, am I?" She curled a finger around the top of the buttery shaft and pulled it down slowly, looking inside the empty shaft as she pressed against the shaft with her other hand.

Sadie struggled to keep from making a sound as she watched Rachel`s soft hands play over the leather.

"Impulse," The imported boots said. "It`s a language of its own. We can always hear it--but with the girls' ability to give us life, we can communicate it as well."

"That much I think I get," Rachel said, letting go and watching the shaft straighten and puff up again, "But then--why have my things decided to join me? Why did some of them wander off into the rest of the house? I thought about you, but you were already brought to life. Why is one of Sadie`s outfits--sorry," She said, looking back at the outfit, "Why are you here?"

"The girls have immense power," Sadie`s V-neck said. "Any of the extra energy they don`t direct has to go somewhere. All this energy..." The outfit stroked Sadie`s cunt harder, but in the presence of Rachel, her resistance finally won out.

STOP. Sadie thought. You CAN'T do this here.

It wasn`t a request. This time, Sadie`s intention trumped the outfit`s play, Out. Gracefully.

"But don`t let me stop you from exploring," The V-neck said. "You've got plenty of your own things to play with." Under Sadie`s own power this time, the outfit backed up and headed for the door. The empty sleeve reached for the knob and turned it, and Rachel watched as the outfit walked out, leaving the door ajar.

"Their shape," Rachel said to the boots. "I know they`re just clothes like you`re just boots, but--her clothes take her shape and..." Rachel thought about the tight leather ass sauntering out of the room again and shook it off.

"Do whatever you`re comfortable with, Rachel," The imports said. "We don`t wanna pressure you. We just want you to have fun." Rachel smiled, looking at the white satin bra hovering beside her.

"Well," she looked to the bra, coy, "I did mention wanting to try on one of you," She reached out and grabbed the smooth, unpadded cup, rousing a certain tactile curiosity in her when she found it felt like a real breast inside, right down to the hardening nipple responding to her attention. She chuckled, shaking her head and reaching beneath the underwire to the inside. "How does that work, anyway?"

"They know what you feel like," the imports said. "They know how your girls feel and move when you`re inside of those cups. Simple as memory." Rachel started laughing harder as she pinched both the points on the bulging cups, covering her mouth when she looked back at her open door.

"Oh, stop worrying," The satiny bra said, pushing forward. "The girls won`t hear you; we promise." Rachel stared at the imported boots, then back at the bra.

" too?" Rachel let go of both cups.

"Everything," said the pink rubber gloves, sailing in from the hall. "Anything that`s got something to say." Rachel snickered nervously.

"Well, geez...I mean--"

"We didn`t say stop," The satin bra demanded, pushing back into her hands. "We like this as much as you would if you were wearing us--so go for it." Rachel`s face was a rosy red now, but the insistent voices and the lack of any human interruption spurred her curiosity on.

She grabbed the cups in earnest this time, a grin splitting her lips as she jiggled the bulging satin bra. She tittered, breaking into playful laughter as the bra pushed back, advancing toward her and knocking her back onto the bed. Now she was laying down again as the lingerie snuggled against her, thrusting its own hollow cups against her shiny gold chemise.

The outfit from Jennifer`s stood outside the door, still holding an invisible Sadie. She listened to Rachel`s laughter as she played with the enchantments, curious about what she was hearing but refusing to look.

"Why are you hesitating?" Her V-neck whispered softly, just barely audible to her. Sadie knew why, but she didn`t owe an explanation to this pushy outfit. Some part of her wanted to know how far Rachel would take her fun with the magical force in the house--but it still felt too strange to watch her, if not a bit dishonest to do it without her knowing.

"Come on, honey--it`s my turn to hold those tits!" The bra shouted, backing away. Rachel gasped as she felt herself sat up by the chemise before it started sliding up her torso. lifting her arms as it went. Once it was off, the white bra unclipped and ran its straps over her hands and up her arms, clipping around her and hugging her chest as the chemise drifted out the door.

Sadie watched as the shapely chemise drifted right by her, still displaying Rachel`s shape and wafting her scent through the hall. Sadie shut her eyes and breathed it in, listening as Rachel cooed at the touch of her haunted bra.

"Huh--Oooh..." Rachel sighed, looking down at the white satin manipulating her tits. "Mmm...easy--go easy." The swell of the cups gingerly pinched her nipples, forcing another squeak from her.

"Go easy?" Her red vinyl boots asked, jumping to the floor and standing menacingly in front of her. "That`s not really what you want. You never went easy on us..."

Rachel moaned as her white bra clutched her breasts, forcing them together. Her blankets and bedsheets began tugging under her, pulling her body along with them. Just as she was about to slide off, one of the long red boots lifted its vamp to the foot of the matress, sliding its cool vinyl against her clit, now perched on the edge of the bed.

"Oh nnnnnnnno..." Rachel smiled, biting her lip. She wrapped her fingers around the back of the boot`s ankle as it pointed its toe and slid up and down against her. "Noooo, we can`t do this," Rachel said.

"Why not?" The pink gloves squeaked. "We hear you've done it before..." A rubbery pink finger tickled her under her chin while the other caressed her cheek.

"B-b-but...the girls--" Rachel was cut of by her own moan. Now she was making only a cursory effort to fight the delicious magical attention she was receiving.

"They`re miles from here," Sadie`s boots replied. "Why don`t you just relax and let these ladies repay the attention you've given them? You have the house all to yourself."

The red vamp pushed harder against her pussy as the boot`s toe slid between her body and the bed. She could feel the vinyl sliding under her taint, teasing her asshole.

"Mmmm...m-miles?" She managed.

"Oh, come on, Rachel!" Her red boots finally spoke up, chiding her. "They`re not girls any longer. They`re women. Stop worrying about them and pay attention to us." She felt the boot lift against her, curling its toe up and making her squeal as it slid its vamp back and forth. It stood rigid against her body now, the shin pressing her stomach, the knee between her satin-manipulated tits and the bulging thigh right in front of her lips, taut with the invisible force filling it. "Fuck us, Rachel," The boots moaned. "Fuck us and we`ll show you how wonderful it can be now that we can fuck back."

Rachel wrapped her arms around the empty thigh-high now, embracing it as the pink gloves scuttled away. She pulled at the cuff of the shaft and clasped her other hand around a tightly-filled calf, hugging the vinyl and pushing her hips against it. Her cheek nuzzled the shiny red plastic before she pulled back and licked the thigh, tasting the faintly sweet vinyl on her tongue. The objects of her clandestine fetish--the symbols of sexual power hiding in her closet--they weren`t just an empty pair of risque costume footwear. They were living, interacting things, begging her in an otherworldly voice to do the deed she`d hidden from everyone.

Even George thought the shiny red boots were for his sake--to accentuate Rachel`s already formidable attributes. But on the other side of the doorway to Rachel`s room...

I've gotta see, Sadie thought. I have to at least know. The sounds beyond the open threshold already made Rachel`s actions pretty obvious, but for Sadie, there was something beyond a forbidden sexual curiousity about her surrogate parent--something that preceded even her earliest memories of self-exploration.

The invisible Sadie peeked around the doorway, craning her neck and inching her line of sight inward until she beheld an unbelievable display of magical sex that even topped her own first experience.

Rachel was on the edge of her bed, her living vinyl boot wigging its vamp against her pussy as she licked the thigh of the shaft. As Sadie watched with her invisible, envious gaze, images from her memory blurred into focus, tying the distant past to this moment of uninhibited lust.

* * *

Sadie`s young eyes had opened, awoken by a faint sound from the floor below. She looked over at a sleeping Maddie in the bed across from her, then through the two doors leading from the bathroom to their playroom. She carefully left her bed, listening to the soft, feminine sounds and watching Maddie. She decided against waking her, tiptoeing to the door instead and slinking out of their room.

The sounds were louder.

She took slow steps down the stairs, careful to step to either the inside near the wall or the outside toward the rails to avoid any loose steps. She stalked closer and closer to Rachel`s door, noticing faint light spilling through into the hall.

As she stood at the base of the stairs, just outside the door, she listened. Her father was away at work for the whole week, which meant that Rachel was alone. It wasn`t crying like she originally thought. There were whimpers, but they were accompanied by other noises. A rocking creak in steady rhythm. The occasional coo or soft giggle. No, it didn`t sound like Rachel was sad in there by herself--she sounded happy.

As the innocent Sadie peeked around the doorway and into the dim room, her eyes went wide. Rachel was sprawled on her bed, her hands clutching a boot between her legs. Through Rachel`s whispers and coos, she rubbed the shining material between her legs, her body shifting in rhythm with the motion of her hands.

Sadie didn`t understand exactly what was happening--but from the sound of Rachel`s voice, she wanted to.

* * *

Rachel didn`t notice the shoulder of Sadie`s outfit peeking around the doorway. She was too focused on the play of red vinyl against her skin and the other enchantments dancing and grinding around her room. She pushed her body harder against the tightly inflated red boot, putting more and more of her weight on the vamp as she leaned against the shaft. Its mate stood behind Rachel on her bed, playing its toe under her ass as its rigid shaft coaxed her forward.

Meanwhile, the invisible Sadie wasn`t even watching. She was still reveling in memory after seeing Rachel`s display, humming quiet moans as her powers worked their own magic through her subconscious thoughts.   

"Say?" A voice called out. The voice was faint, but just loud enough to snap Sadie out of her trance. She opened her eyes to find her black leather boots standing themselves on the wall beside her, whispering just enough for her to hear over the sounds of passion coming from Rachel and the other enchantments. "Sadie--won`t you give yourself away?"

It took a minute for her to regain her bearings when she opened her eyes to see the black leather boots standing on the wall beside her. Her body was awash in a tidal wave of arousal, every inch of her body sensitive to her own touch. Her right breast was moving and compressing on its own. Between her legs she could feel stroking at her pussy beneath her pantyhose and panties. Her arousal shifted to icy panic as the motion went on...she was masturbating to Rachel, the woman she called `mom' for most of her life.

She stepped back from the doorway and mentally commanded the clothes to stop.

What the FUCK, guys? Sadie screamed in her own mind. How could you make me do this?! She`s family!

"Get a grip--that`s not us!" Her V-neck hissed back. "We stopped when you commanded it--and we've had zero influence on you since. That`s all you!" Sadie put a hand to her mouth. The motion only subsided when she realized they were right.

Sadie shook her head and shot up the stairs, flying to avoid the steps as she headed all the way down the hall to the spare loft room.

"Is everything alright, baby?" Her leather skirt asked, rubbing her lower back back and forth as she landed and sat on the guest bed.

"It`s...I can`t..." Now she was distracted by the voices from downstairs, moaning and spurring each other on as the enchantments performed lewd acts with insubstantial bodies. A few of them sailed through the air beyond the loft balcony, and now Sadie found herself watching her homecoming dress ridden by a pair of Rachel`s skintight jeans. "Arghhh, I--I can`t be here!"

She raised her hand to the door, making it shut. When she made a pulling motion again, the knob turned and the door popped open again, revealing the VIP room she`d come from.

"I can`t be here," She whispered again, rushing back through the door with a look of worry on her face.

Downstairs, Rachel continued her rhythmic, grinding motion, coaxed forward by the shiny red boots until most of her body weight rested against a smooth red vamp, slicked with the wetness of her pussy.

"What...oh god...what`s happening?" She quietly asked the red boot in her arms. "I`m--the bed--I`m..."

"Sexual magic," the voice of the boots breathed. "Magic beyond your imagination, Rachel." Rachel`s own bedroom door slammed itself shut, and her dresser drawers opened and closed with loud wooden claps, spitting more of her clothes into the air.  "Ride, Rachel!" The boots moaned. "Ride us! We want more--more of that hot fucking cunt of yours..."

"D-don`t drop m--ungghhhh!" Rachel howled as the vinyl vamp slicked her pussy and clit whiel the boot behind her played with her ass. She was sandwiched bewteen the two of them now, riding into the air as they slowly lifted away from her bed. "Uhmmmmmm...."

"Harder, baby--ride! Puuuush that pussy..." The boots coaxed. "Hold me tighter! Riiiide!" Rachel gripped the tight vinyl shaft, pressing her fingers into the inflated glossy leg. Her moans came louder even through the kissing and licking she gave the red upper shaft, and her toes curled under her, searching for the ground she`d magically left behind. She was bobbing in the air, riding her sex against the ultimate erotic symbols of her cultivated fetish.

Her panting ever faster, Rachel wrapped her thighs tighter around the red vamp as her boots sent her sailing around her room. Her enchanted clothes reflected her own arousal, organizing into outfits and tangling their hollow limbs with one another. With her closet and dresser drawers all opened, everything was released, from skintight jeans to stockings, billowy blouses to bouncing bras.

The boots tipped her forward, leaving her coiled around the red vinyl over her bed as the pink kitchen gloves grabbed and kneaded her ass. Her bra squeezed and massaged her tits in a cloud of aroused enchantments, and as the house swelled with magic, Rachel felt herself pass the point of no return as she drove her pussy against the slicked plastic.

"Fuuuck..." She moaned. "It`s sooo good...make me--make me--yeaahhhhh..."

Rachel grabbed the top of the shaft, pulling at it and crying out as she convulsed against the vamp. Both boots sandwiched against her body, absorbing her orgasm along with the other enchantments surrounding her.

As she let loose, she had no idea of the taboo ghostly pairing happening in the livingroom. Her leather pants and shimmering halter top were writhing against Sadie`s homecoming dress; their pink satin gloves fondling Rachel`s own shape inside the hollow clothes...