"Oh my gawwd!" A ditzy clubwear outfit said to Maddie. "Are you reeeeeally the daughter of a sovereign?" A glossy silver tee pressed its tits against Maddie`s shoulder as its tight blue vinyl skirt wiggled against her. "Are you...involved?"

"She is, but she`s not too happy with him," Gabby joked, eyeing the flirty outfit. "Maybe you should have a fling, Mads."

"Mmm...I second that," Maddie`s own t-shirt said. "She`s got more than enough energy to go around."

"Among other things," her jeans said, kneading her ass with the tight denim.

"Guys..." Maddie giggled as the group was approached by a shapely black latex suit, holding out a sleeve.

"It`s an honor to meet you," The black catsuit said. "Jen sent me over to introduce myself." Maddie smiled as her hand was taken by an invisible grip and brought toward the shiny rubber collar where she felt a soft kiss. "I`m called Luscious. If you make yourself a fixture with any of the local culture here at Sorgina, I`m sure you`ll see me around."

"Luscious is everyone`s favorite bouncer," squeaked the silver tee, "Especially 'cause of how she bounces," The outfit giggled.

"Behave," Luscious said, swatting the vinyl skirt on the ass. "So, my dear--tonight I`m not here for work. I've actually got a proposition."

"Oh?" Maddie blushed, trying to play it cool.

"That little wavy-haired treat you've brought with you--" Luscious said, facing Gabby. "I`d like to wrap my body around her and take her for a dance. What do you say?"

"Sure!" Maddie laughed. Gabby nudged her, looking nervous. "I mean, if I`m honest, it`s not really up to me, but--"

"You mean she doesn`t belong to you?" Luscious asked, slinking around behind Gabby and wrapping a sleeve around her waist. Gabby drew a quick breath. "In that case," Luscious whispered, "Do you ladies mind if I borrow your model?" Gabby bit her lip as she felt invisible fingers curl around her ass.

"Mmm...not a bit," Gabby`s white blouse growled, popping its top button. "Especially if it means we get to play with you too."

"M-Maddie?" Gabby stuttered, nervous but clearly turned on.

"Talk it out with them, Gabs," Maddie said, grinning. "Just bring her back in one piece, okay?" she said to the catsuit. "If she belongs to anyone, it would be my sister."

"I promise," Luscious said, moving her sleeves up to Maddie`s chest as the zipper on the front of the catsuit began climbing down its track. "One gushing wet, glistening, post-coital piece." Gabby let out a sigh as her breasts were manipulated by invisible hands. Her blouse opened another button as her bra cooed and shifted on her. "Let`s go to the stage, girls."

"Yes ma'am!" Gabby`s skirt said, swinging her hips around to face the stage. Her stockings and shoes led her toward the stage as Luscious followed behind.

"Alright, girls...who wants to see my new dance partner in action?" Luscious shouted to the crowd. Cheers went up in the audience, Maddie included. "Let`s give it up to this wide-eyed newcomer and her very generous escort!" Gabby`s outfit made her bow and flourish to the audience as she held the surprise on her face. "Show us your nubile little model, ladies--she looks tasty."

"Oh, she is..." Gabby`s blouse said. "Get a load of these!" She gasped as her blouse burst open, flaring over her shoulders and pulling itself off. Feeling a bit exposed, she put her hands up to cover her bra, but her reformed blouse was already behind her, its sleeves coiling around her wrists and pulling them down. "Don`t upstage that pretty satin bra," her blouse scolded, pushing against her back and holding her arms.

"Especially when they've got those perky tits of yours showing of their cups," Luscious laughed. Gabby`s partially-stripped body was met with whistles and catcalls.

"Uh-huh...fresh flesh!" A shiny red minidress cried out.

"Show her how we play on this side of Sorgina, Luscious!" Sang a pair of leather pants and a busty golden tube top. Gabby felt her arms pulled tighter by the empty coiled sleeves at her back as her skirt clutched her hips, sliding its invisible touch back to her ass and fondling her.

"And she`s not just a pretty shape," The tight lamé skirt said, "She`s a naughty little thing, too. Lookie--no panties!" The skirt gave her butt one more grab before sliding itself down to expose her pussy, barely masked by shiny tan nylon. The pantyhose shimmied her hips, rousing the cheers once more.

"You`re a rare treat here," Luscious whispered from aside Gabby. "In a place with a reputation like this, we don`t get many inexperienced bodies."

"Shake her up!" Came a voice from the minidress again. As Gabby`s blouse let her hands go, Luscious took one of them at the end of her latex sleeve and twirled her as her bra, stockings and mary janes sent her into graceful motion, making her pivot and bounce like a belly dancer. Gabby looked down at her body, expertly dancing on its own, minus her shock-stuck arms.

A chant of "Strip! Strip! Strip!" Went up over the crowd as the shining, extended arm of Luscious' suit whirled Gabby`s body again and let her go. Her red mary-janes traipsed her over the stage like a professional dancer while Luscious followed behind, watching as her prey`s body contorted and flourished under the lights.

Gabby was blushing, eyes wide as she stared down at the enchanted audience. Her innocence only got the crowd more riled, still chanting to see even more of this new cutie. Gabby`s white blouse and shapely lamé skirt slinked around her, dancing with her possessed bra, stockings and shoes as it slid soft sleeves around her belly and pantomimed a few risque hip-thrusts.

When the outfit slid away, flanking her other side, Gabby felt the cups of her black satin bra squeeze her tits together, accentuating her deep cleavage as she was bent over, leaning toward the rowdy audience. She smiled shyly as the bra suddenly unclipped and fluttered away, wrapping around an equally busty invisible torso and bobbing around her.

Gabby`s cheeks were flushed as she held her bouncing tits to her body, suddenly exposed by the bra. The possessed brassiere turned and wobbled its bulging-full cups against her face, making her reach up to try and pull it away by its backstrap. While she tried to pull the playful ghostly cups away, her pantyhose sailed down her hips and over her thighs, showing off her trimmed pussy.

Gabby burst into half-embarrassed laughter, lacking any control and getting off on the excited attention of the crowd. Even as her pantyhose pulled lower, they lifted her clear out of her mary janes, shining under the lights and doing a dance all on their own as Gabby`s stockings peeled themselves down to her knees.

Behind her, her blouse wrapped it sleeves around her, playing with her tits from behind as the smooth lamé skirt swished against her butt. As her empty bra danced in front of her, Gabby playfully grabbed at its cups, making the crowd of enchantments swoon as they watched the nubile 18-year-old play along in her predicament. While she was held aloft by the blouse`s  embrace, her pantyhose peeled away from her feet to inflate and join up with the blouse and skirt dancing and wiggling at her backside.

"Wooow. I love your friend`s style," the glossy tee said to Maddie, facing the stage. "This is really her first time with a group like us? She`s a natural." The vinyl wiggled and swayed against Maddie`s hip, and her jeans followed in kind, moving to the music. Maddie smirked and wrapped an arm around the silvery waist, pulling the clubwear closer."

"She`s had a little private practice," Maddie said, "But I think she`s really liking the attention."

With her front zip opened down to the the crotch, Luscious' shining black form yawned open, dancing under the hovering Gabby. One of her black latex legs lifted, then the other, pulling out of their black latex knee-highs. The glossy boots danced forward on their own, dancing a quick exchange with the sexy red mary janes in a sort of flirty footwear handshake.

As the blouse wrapped around her began to drop, Gabby`s body descended into the black latex suit. The latex knee-highs kept dancing upstage as the red mary janes hopped back to the hollow latex ankles, taking the boots' place. As her feet sank into the tight, hollow legs, she felt slick lubricated rubber stretching all around her.

"Ooh...so warm and supple." Luscious' empty arm holes found their way over Gabby`s hands as Gabby`s former outfit released her. She dropped right in, and the suit wrapped around her body, hugging her in slippery, stretchy rubber. Her feet popped through the tight ankles, gliding into the mary janes once again.

"Mmm, like silk!" The mary janes squealed, making their insoles massage Gabby`s tender, lube slicked feet. As the dark latex finished stretching over her shoulders, the zipper shot up its track, making the whole suit embrace her from her ankles to her neck. With her body now under the control of Luscious and her enchanted mary janes, the latex felt her up as the shape of unseen hands appeared all over her, grabbing her ass and tits, sliding between her thighs, and ticking against her underarms, collarbones and pussy.

Gabby let out a moan even as the suit and lipstick red shoes danced her gracefully over the stage, making her shake her ass at the audience. Her empty outfit jumped up and slipped its shapely tan feet into the latex knee boots, dancing around the latex-encased girl wet with lube and sweat.

"She`s really is something else," The leather pants and gold tube top said, approaching Maddie and the vinyl-skirted clubwear outfit. "Do you play like that too...?"

"If I`m so inclined," Maddie shrugged, looking down at the metallic tits in the stretchy tube top. "The shy, innocent naivete really isn`t always my thing, though," she flirted. "Sometimes I`m more of a taker."

"Are you?" The tube top asked, stepping up to her. As if to illustrate, Maddie pulled the silvery tee closer to her, sliding her hand up and grabbing a hollow tit. Maddie grinned, sizing up the tube top and leather pants as she fondled her enchanted fan.

"Uh-huh," Maddie said confidently, narrowing her eyes at the chest. "Are you a giver?" The tube top jiggled with laughter.

"Haa...only if I've met my match," The gold top swayed, making its chest bulge even further. Maddie licked her lips as she saw nipples poke out from the swell of the orbs. She raised an eyebrow, and the ghostly breasts were tweaked at their points, lifted by invisible pinching fingers.  The hollow gold top moaned as Maddie held out her free hand, making the outfit whirl to her side. When it landed in the crook of her arm, Maddie released the pinching telekinetic fingers and palmed one of the huge swells, sinking her fingers into it.

"You have," Maddie whispered as she leaned in to the top, looking down through it and into the skintight leathers. Maddie`s fingertips pressed into the golden tit again, squeezing a lusty sigh from the top.

"Mmm-hm-hm-hm..." The outfit reclined against her as Maddie grinned, feeling up the curvy gold top and the blue vinyl ass as she swayed with the the two starstruck outfits. Beneath her enchanted clothes, the turquoise bra gently massaged her as the thong lapped at her clit, the attention taking on a more subservient, worshipping tone after Maddie`s magical assertion.

"Well now--they`re naturals, aren`t they?" Rosa commented, motioning to Maddie, content with her groupies.  Bev stared at the latex-covered Gabby as the double zip at her crotch opened up, exposing her pink lips while Luscious made her thrust the air.

"I`ll say," Bev said, staring at the glistening pink. Gabby`s former outfit danced around behind Luscious, wrapping a sleeve around her tight latex waist and pointing at her open crotch as Gabby`s clit seemed to wiggle all on its own. Gabby howled when two invisible fingers dove into her cunt, displaying her ghostly-fingered pussy for all to see.

"It`s ab-out to get bett-er..." Jen sang, motioning to one of the VIP room staircases.

Sadie emerged from behind the thick curtain, her face tense with frustration as she hovered clear off the landing and descended into the crowd, which quickly made way to give her space.

"Oh, god," Rosa said. "Jen. Jen, you f--"

"Shhh..." Jen said, watching the girl closely. Her aura was pulsating with dangerously powerful magic. "I feel it, Rosa. All taken care of." Jen silently bound some of the magic`s effects, protecting enchantment and human alike. The way Sadie was holding onto power right now, she had the capacity to transform, absorb, or completely overpower nearly every fun-loving patron in the place. Jen was watching for any spike in her will.

Sadie looked up at her friend, dressed in skintight latex that was visibly caressing her entire body. Gabby swung her hips with the rhythm of invisible force fingering her pussy, aroused by her own exhibitionism as she took in the encouragement from her captive audience. She was so focused on the attention from Luscious, the insoles caressing her oiled feet and the unseen hand playing with her sex that she didn`t even notice Sadie`s return.

"S-Sadie?" Her v-neck whispered to her, feeling the energy pulsing from her body.

Maddie felt the raw energy of Sadie`s magic and turned to give her an acknowledgement nod. Sadie returned it, raising her eyebrows at the sight of her sister happily groping two stacked outfits. Maddie simply grinned in response, squeezing the two closer and leaning down to lick a bulging gold tit.

"She looks...a bit left out," The tube top sighed as Maddie`s lips moved over her breast.

"She`ll be fine," Maddie said  between licking and sucking the shiny fabric. "She knows how to make her own fun."

"Sadie, go easy," Her lacy bra pleaded. "The whole club can feel the aura you`re giving off...and--"

Good, Sadie projected to her outfit. Everyone else is showing off and having their fun. It`s my turn.

Sadie looked over at the table where the three women were sitting, and Bev gave her a wave. She waved back, smiling slightly as she looked around at the other action in the room. On one stage, a domme outfit continued punishing a hollow skimpy outfit with restraints attached where the limbs would be. On the other, though, she saw a scene she was determined to be at the center of.

Sadie hovered inches off the ground, floating toward the left stage. The line of outfits looking like six fetishized chorus girls seemed to see her coming, pausing mid-routine as the crowd cleared the way for Sadie`s pulsing aura. She hovered up, splitting the line as three outfits on either side backed away to give her room on center stage.

She landed on the toes of her leather boots, sauntering around behind the outfits as she sized them up. All six were in tight corsets, garter belts, stockings and long, lovely boots. Sadie stopped on an outfit with glistening red vinyl boots--boots that nearly matched those she saw Rachel practically riding.

"Well, hi there..." The outfit said, feeling the lust in Sadie`s stare. "I guess you want more than just a show?" Sadie simply nodded, slowly and deliberately.

It`s stockings were a black fishnet, topped with red vinyl piping and clipped to a red and black vinyl garter belt. The red vinyl corset held a tiny waist and adequate chest, but Sadie ached to change those dimensions to suit her needs.

"Okay, sweetie," Jen whispered to no one, nodding. "That seems harmless enough." As Sadie glared at the corset, Bev and Rosa watched as the vinyl cups bulged and tightened, the corset`s waist filling with a more realistic midriff as the hips of the garterbelt and stocking thighs grew to match.

"Wh-whoa!" The red vinyl outfit squeaked. "Thanks for the boost!" It giggled. Sadie smiled darkly, wrapping an arm around the coset and grabbing a bulging vinyl cup with the other.

"It`s not for you," Sadie said, reaching behind and grabbing the back of the red vinyl thong. "It`s for me." She pulled the back of the thong up, making the corset arch and the garter belt tremble as she wedged it into an intangible ass.

Sadie straddled the outfit, disobeying gravity as she lifted both of her legs, wrapping her leather boots around the thick thighs of the outfit. Her leather skirt let out a little moan, as she spread her legs against it, making it so tight that it was forced to ride up her thighs. She locked her ankles behind the outfit, thrusting against it as her stockinged crotch met the cool vinyl of the garterbelt.

"Ungh--oh, goddess..." The red vinyl outfit pushed back against her, carrying her body as its vinyl boots went up on their toes. Sadie reached down to pull on the cuffs of the thigh boots, burying her face in the tight red vinyl cups as she thrusted against it again. "Yeaaaah, baby...take me."

"More," Sadie whispered gently, hissing the words into the air as she coiled herself around the vinyl. "More," she said again, louder, sliding against the vinyl in rhythm before crying it out with a hammering motion of her hips. "Fucking MORE!"

"Sadie..." Her v-neck started, rubbing her back as it tried to calm the torrent of energy building up in her. "Easy, Say. You`re really--"

"More...NOW!" Sadie shrieked as she threw herself against the shiny plastic costume, silencing the v-neck`s plea and knocking the boots, corset, belt and bikini off balance. It bagen to fall backward when Sadie`s hand s balled to fists, lifting the entire ensemble against her.

When the audience she attracted began cheering on her display of power, the other five outfits were happy to improvise with this goddess-in-training, crowding around her and pushing each other for a touch of her magic-saturated flesh. "Scissor. Scissor..." Sadie growled into the chest of the plastic corset, unhooking her ankles and sliding down the waist until she was riding the upper thigh of one of the vinyl boots. She felt the other leg shift, and in seconds the tight vinyl thong was riding against Sadie`s own nylon thigh.

Now Sadie and the red vinyl outfit were riding each other, lifting off the stage as Sadie`s power spiked. The other corsets and boots began shuddering in pleasure as their hollow cups and shafts were molested by powerful, ghostly fingers, sensations that echoed back to Sadie as if she had multiple invisible bodies playing with the other enchantments. Their g-strings vibrated with the attention of phantom tongues, and before long, these unseen caresses began spreading to the audience.

"S--Sadieeeee!" Her v-neck screamed, bulging with invisible force, pushed out with a repellent layer of magical air along with the bra beneath it. The straps and band of the bra inflated with magical force, pushing out every square inch of fabric on her torso and filling the hollow cups beyond capacity. The skirt experienced the same thing, riding higher on her waist and taking on a bell shape as the leather ballooned and rose. Her boots swelled beyond the lower legs that occupied them, causing the zippers and stiches to creak and every crease was driven out of them my pressurized magic.

"More, more, more, more..." Sadie chanted as a couple of the other showgirl outfits wailed. Their magical assault began to lift them off the stage as well, and the first rows of the audience were assualted by the same groping invisible hands, making them moan and squeal as Sadie`s magic cycled into an unstoppable positive feedback loop.

While the rest of Sadie`s outfit strained unde magical inflation, her panties and hose seemed instead to compress even tighter around her legs and ass, their crotches swelling into her cunt with a subconscious command.

"J-Jen?" Rosa tugged at her shoulder, alarmed at the development. Jen was still focused right on Sadie, watching her physical influence and sexual appetite spread beyond her body.

"I know, Rosa--I've got it," She reassured her calmly, clasping her hand as her eyes stayed fixed on the young goddess on stage.

Sadie cried out like an animal, drifting away from the outfit for a moment and lifting her arms as her enchanted outfit nearly ripped off of her. The v-neck and bra shot away from her torso, stretched to their limits and displaying amazonian proportions as they sailed out over the club. Her boots slipped of without unzipping, sailing down to the invisible crotches of two of the showgirl outfits and sliding against them, bouncing them into the air. Finally, her pantyhose and and underwear ballooned out against the bell-shaped leather skirt, displaying thick, long ghostly legs and sliding down her hips and legs without so much as touching her.

An awed gasp came over the club as the dangerously inflated outfit cried out, sailing over tables, chairs, and enchantments as a long, phallic shape seemed to swell inside of the hose. The discarded outfit moaned in a tense state of both pain and pleasure, feeling raw magic coursing through it.

Naked and radiating magical electricity, Sadie returned to the tight vinyl outfit, her wet pussy riding the shiny red boot maniacally as she sucked one of the bulging red cups and pulled at the smooth garter belt, trying to ride the outfit ever harder.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck..." Sadie chanted under panting exhalations, breathing more and more magic into the air. The two showgirl outfits riding her puffing leather boots were singing enthralled pleasure as the other three outfits writhing over the stage with ghostly attention were sailing out into the club. Now even the patrons watching the far stage couldn`t ignore the surging power coming from Sadie.

"Ooooh, fuck!" Luscious cried out, feeling the pulse herself. Gabby shrieked as the catsuit`s latex stretched into her, penetrating her asshole with rubbery negative space as her own outfit sank to its knees in front of Luscious, placing its collar just under Gabby`s sex. The sleeves of the white blouse curled around Luscious' juicy ass as Gabby`s pussy opened for an invading invisible tongue.

"Jeez, Sadie!  What are you--oooaghh!" As Maddie turned to see her sister, nude and scissoring an empty outfit, the shockwave of magic hit her own enchanted clothes, sending them into a frenzy.

"Mmm...I`m sorry, princess...we--we can`t help it!" Maddie`s jeans and tee turned her toward the gold tube top, bending her over and smearing her face into the pillowy tube top as the tight denim began simulating hard spankings against her ass.

On the right-side stage, the paddle held by the domme outfit seemed to slip from the end of her sleeve, flying about on it`s own for a second before doubling back to punish its former wielder. Now more paddles, crops and whips rose from the table, going to town on both domme and sub as other tools headed straight into the audience.

"Jen," Bev said, looking around, "you`re sure--"

"I've got it," Jen said sternly, still watching Sadie even as chaos spread through the space. "She`s under contr--" Jen paused, blindsided by the power of Lu`s daughters for the first time. "No, she`s going to--!"

Sadie screamed in raw orgasm, holding the red vinyl outfit against her. Instead of sweeping everyone with her, the magical sex flooding the room continued, evident by the ongoing moans from the other corseted outfits and the action on the other two stages.

Bev`s eyes narrowed as she watched Sadie slowly fade from view, appearing to move through the red vinyl outfit as she disappeared.

"Sadie! Jen, you--" Bev stuttered. "Th--that`s not invisibility..." Jen simply shook her head in confirmation, still maintaining her calm, if a little surprised.

"She`s--is she possessing it?" Rosa asked. Jen slowly nodded.

"Her magic didn`t overpower my checks," Jen said. "She just found a way around them." She shook her head, looking at the other two women. "She`s Lu`s girl--no doubt at all."

"But she`s...alright?" Bev asked.

"She`s beyond alright, Jen said, feeling a rush of energy moving toward them. "Watch your twelve, ladies!" Jen snapped, disappearing and reappearing in one of the VIP balconies for a better overview. On the left stage, the red vinyl outfit landed, electrified with the power of a goddess.

"Watch our what?" Bev turned to Rosa.

"Look," Rosa said, pointing to the vinyl outfit. On the stage, the fishnet stockings pulled out of the vinyl boots, leaving them standing on their own.

"Fucking amazing," Sadie`s voice echoed from the outfit. "I can feel it--every thread--every stitch...every magical pussy..." An invisible finger pressed into the vinyl thong as Sadie`s disembodied voice moaned into the space. "Mmmmmmmmmmore!"

The red vinyl boots sailed off the stage, inflating to rigidity and flying over to Rosa and Bev`s table. The thigh-high boots were filled as tightly as their glue and stitching would hold, posing on the table as a pair of flirty legs.

"S-Sadie?" Rosa asked. "Do you know what`s going on?"

"I know I wanna fuck. I wanna fuck you. I wanna FUCK!" Sadie cried. Each red boot leapt independently of the other as Rosa and Bev`s chairs tipped back onto their rear legs.

"B--but...how do you feel?" Bev asked, holding her chair tight while Rosa instinctually lifted off of hers.

"I know I`d feel better between those your tight thighs..." Sadie`s voice purred from each boot. Rosa gasped as she was plucked from flight, her skirt and panties pulling down over her hips. She and the red vinyl boot met in the air, its vamp driving against her exposed pink slit and sailing into the air. Bev`s eyes widened as the other red boot leapt to the edge of her chair, and she watched the toe tease against her pussy as her panties slid aside and her skirt lifted on its own. When the vamp began to tease her, her sweater pulled itself away, her strapless bra bounced her massive tits up and down and her skirt unfastened, drifting away. As the vamp buried itself under her, her chair tipped forward, spilling her onto the boot and sending her into the air to join Rosa.

The two magical women clung to the vinyl boots, riding against their slicked glossy vamps as Sadie got to directly experience what she`d denied herself in Rachel`s room. Sadie was in heaven--her essence occupying the possessed vinyl forms as two mature but ageless women, slid their pussies against her as sexual energy filled the entire space.

She even held control over the rest of the outfit, flying over to the center stage where an augmented Luscious was making Gabby bob in the air as her former outfit ate out her cunt.

"Having fun with my little slut?" Sadie`s voice asked. Luscious moaned approval as she struggled to form words.

"Yes--yes, my young goddess," Luscious cried. "Your gifts--your gifts are--"

"Shut up and fuck her!" Sadie`s voice boomed. "You like getting fucked in the ass, don`t you, Gabby?" Gabby cried out, nodding as the latex swelled inside her. Her mouth hung open, panting ecstasy with every labored breath. "That`s good, you dirty little slut--take her in your tight little ass!"

"S-saaaay?" Gabby had no idea what was going on now. It was still Sadie`s voice, but the attitude--the confidence--was operating at a level Gabby had never heard.

"No more talk, Gabrielle..." The corseted outfit rose into the air in front of her as the hollow fishnet legs spread open. "Eat my cunt, Gabby. Eat out this magic pussy and taste heaven."

Gabby looked at the red vinyl thong, pulling itself aside as the enchanted outfit hovered toward her, wrapping its fishnet thighs around her face. Gabby obeyed, letting her lips and tongue explore what looked like empty space. To her astonishment, she felt Sadie`s creamy sex all around her, the scent of lust and the finest desserts infusing her senses.

"Fuck!" Sadie commanded, her voice booming in the space. "Everything! Everything fuck! Come for your goddess!" Only Jen was immune to these commands, looking down in awe of what Sadie`s power wrought.

Her discarded outfit was stretched to its limits, holding the proportions of a giantess even as it touched and caressed its own curves with unseen hands. Maddie`s turquoise satin lingerie fondled her, her second-skin denim hugging and slapping her ass to send her over the edge. Rosa and Bev were no exception--even with their formidable skills, neither had the power nor the will to deny Sadie. Rosa`s arms were wrapped around the empty shaft as her pussy bounced against its vamp; Bev was happily riding the other cowgirl style, gripping the top of the thigh like a saddle as she bobbed against the shin.

As the other outfits in the room pleasured themselves or each other, Gabby and Luscious came together, setting off the chain reaction that would follow all throughout the space. It was a psychedelic orgy that only a goddess could create--a no-holds-barred fuckfest that ended in an explosion of pleasure.

Jen closed her eyes, letting herself feel a share of the energy flowing through the room and absorbing into the walls. In it she felt an ache--a longing that clued her into Sadie`s intense transformation. She smiled tenderly. These twin sorceresses were going to change things in ways she and Lu never expected--but before they grew too fast without Lu to guide them, Jen was going to have to take point.

Much as she`d love to inflict these magical fireflies on both the mundane world and the starchy magic status quo without warning--even she knew the importance of balance. Healthy change could only come so fast.

As the orgasmic singularity in the space started to subside, Bev and Rosa clung to the vinyl boots, catching their breath as they found each other`s gaze. Bev enthusiastically grinned as Rosa chuckled, shaking her head. If this was a taste of things to come, Sorgina`s occupants weren`t ready, let alone the rest of either side of the universe.

Maddie found herself in the lap of the leather pants, in a cuddling cluster of enchantments slung over one of the cushy lounges. Gabby and Luscious hung suspended over the stage, with Gabby`s former outfit and the once-possessed red vinyl showgirl on either side of them.

"Say?" Maddie said, blinking as she looked from the left stage where the other showgirls were recovering to the center stage where Gabby was coming to. "Sadie?" Jen descended the stairs on her own two feet, laughing as she took in the scene.

"She`s fine, darling," Jen said. "Everyone`s fine...yes?"

"I need a smoke," Bev laughed as the vinyl boot brought her to the ground. "Or maybe a chocolate cake or something."

"But--where is Sadie?" Gabby asked as Luscious gently hugged her.

"She`s right there next to you," Jen said, motioning to the showgirl. "And there, and there..." Jen pointed to the two boots.

"I--I...oh my goodness!" The showgirl squeaked from her corset. "I`m...all over the place. What happened?" She called her boots back to her form as Rosa floated on her own, descending to the ground.

"You were possessed by a goddess," Rosa said.

"And still are," Jen added. "Come on, honey--I need you for a few minutes."

"Jen," Maddie asked, worried. "Sadie--she`s okay?"

"She`ll be fine," Jen said. "Once you two sort yourselves, you should take Gabby home. I`ll bring Sadie to you before you know it. Rosa, Bev--you wanna help this poor wait staff get everyone else back on their toes?" Bev laughed.

"Yeah--sure thing, boss."

"You must be exhausted," Luscious whispered to Gabby. "Mind if I escort you home?" The latex suit began to massage Gabby`s back, making her purr a soft moan.

"I`d...I`d like that."

Jen and the showgirl flashed from the room once the red vinyl boots slipped themselves over the fishnet stockings once more. As Maddie motioned to Gabby, Luscious stood her up and walked her off the stage as Gabby`s outfit and Luscious' boots followed behind.

"Take it you`re coming?" Maddie asked the suit.

"Just to help with her," Luscious said, playing with Gabby`s tits.

"Mmm...careful--they`re sensitive,"Gabby giggled, biting her lip.

"Can--can we come?" One of Maddie`s two groupies asked, wiggling its gold tube top back and forth.

"We`re going to the mundane side," Maddie said. "You know that, right?"

"We can behave!" The vinyl skirt outfit added, bouncing up and down as the tits in its tight cotton tee jiggled. "Can we, can we pleaaaase?"

"Fine with me," Maddie shrugged. "You just gotta promise to stay in the house. I don`t need our neighbors seeing you strutting down the street, looking for fun."

"Promise," The other outfit said. "I bet your house is all the fun we need."

Maddie led the entourage to Rosa and Bev.

"Jen told us to head home, but--"

"I got this," Rosa said to Bev. She smiled at Maddie. "Let me show you a little trick I taught to your sister..."

* * *

"Is she gonna be alright?" The hollow showgirl asked. Jen simply nodded, watching what looked like a complex clock beneath a crystal-topped 13-point table.

"She`s going to be fine--but we`ve got to be precise about what happens next." Jen looked up, staring at the space above the corset. "That means that you have to follow my directions exactly--understood?"

"Whatever you need me to do."

"In a couple of minutes, I`m going to lead you through that door," Jen said, pointing to a pair of hornbeam-and-iron doors. "You`re going to feel very anxious as soon as they open. Don`t panic, don`t speak, and only go where I lead you."


"It`s the void," Jen said. "The same void where Sadie is now. Everywhere and nowhere."

"I thought--she was in me somewhere?"

"You`re the door she entered, my dear. You`re the door she must leave." Jen looked back at the complex works under the crystal and nodded. "That`s why you`re being allowed inside." Jen walked to the other side of the table. "Come on--up to the door."

"You--you`re sure it`s safe?"

"As long as you follow my directions exactly, you`ll be fine. Okay?" The corset nodded. "Step up to the door." The red vinyl boots were set in motion, carrying the outfit over as Jen walked behind. "Okay, stop here. You`re going to feel my hand on your back. Once my hand is gone, stop and turn back toward the door. Don`t lose sight of it, no matter what. You`re her beacon and her way out."

"I`m ready," the voice above the corset replied.

"Steady and calm." Jen smiled, her eyes locking on the enchantment`s aura. "She`s counting on you."

As the doors slowly creaked open, the magical-resistance of the hornbeam and iron gates were broken. As Jen warned, the outfit felt its essence slowly evaporating, producing an anxiety she`d never felt.

There it is, Jen`s voice echoed in the enchantment`s awareness. I know you feel it, but it`s not what you think. You`re safe. Trust me. Jen and the empty showgirl outfit stepped inside, Jen`s warm hand at her back. There were serene clouds in all directions, set against an infinite starry night. The heavy doors shut behind them, removing any trace of light spilling on their backs from the doorway. As soon as Jen`s touch disappeared from the corset, it turned to face the doors, awash in distant starlight.

There was no Lady Xenthe. No Sadie. No sound. Only her slowly evaporating essence, the cold doors, and a midnight blue and milky white cosmos stretching in every direction. The enchantment was soaked in fear, but she trusted in Jen`s words. She stood steadfast, refusing to cry out or try and run for the only object of her escape.

Then a hum. It wasn`t auditory--but rather something she felt.

As it grew, she felt warmth. Light. It was emerging from inside her, beginning to overpower the evaporation of energy she felt seeping into the emptiness around her. Energy. Power.

She felt another essence moving through her--something completely unlike her own, filling her and stabilizing her. In this strange space, she had no idea how much time had passed, but it didn`t matter--she kept her focus on the great doors and waited.

Finally, something else stirred her senses, pushing against her seams and the cool vinyl and wound nylon that made her up. It was flesh--warm human flesh--condensing from the nothingness and becoming a tangible pressure within her.

She had to keep herself from crying out in triumph when she realized the young goddess playing with her on the stage was now inside of her. She was being worn by Sadie--protecting her and pulling her back into reality.

Forward, came Jen`s voice all around her. Only walk forward. The outfit did so, carefully, one step after the other as she approached the great doors. Just outside of their reach, they parted to a slit of blinding light. She kept her boots moving, bathed in the light as the outer room became visible once more. Only now did she realize that Sadie`s body was loose--without tension or response except for the slow breathing pushing her chest against the corset and the heartbeat pulsing steadily.

She felt Jen`s hand on her back once more.

"All the way to the table," Jen said. "Don`t look back." The voice was audible again, audible as the ironwood doors slowly creaking shut behind them.

The boots stopped at the table, the outfit cradling Sadie`s sleeping form as gently as it could. When the doors shut again, the serenity of the room fully returned, and Jen`s hand patted her twice before disappearing from her back.

"It`s over," Jen said softly. "You`re both safe."  

"She`ll be okay, right?" The showgirl outfit asked. "I can feel her breathing, but she`s not moving."

"A dreamless sleep," Jen said. "She`ll wake when she`s ready. In the meantime--can I ask you to help me take her home?"

"Of course!" The showgirl said. "Anything."

"Once she realizes what she`s put you both through, I`m sure she`ll want to make it up to you," Jen grinned.

"But she`s the daughter of a sovereign like you...right? She doesn`t live here in the tower?" Jen shook her head.

"She`s from the other side," Jen said. "That`s where we`re going."

"The other side?" The outfit said. "I`m going to cross into the mundane?"

"Yeah--after tonight you`ll have seen more than most of your kind," Jen laughed.

* * *

The girls were lounging in Maddie`s room. Gabby was fresh out of a shower she shared with Luscious, wrapped in an inert robe and snuggled against the empty latex suit. Maddie and her new enchanted friends talked while they explored her closet and her belongings. Suddenly, a flash came from beyond the bathroom doors.

"Sadie," The girls said to each other in unison. Maddie leapt out of bed, heading through the bathroom and opening the door on the other side.  Jen was standing over Sadie`s bed, and the showgirl costume had already laid her down. Now it was carefully unclasping, unzipping, and sliding off of her.

"She`ll be fine," Jen said to Maddie, looking into her glassy eyes. "She just needs rest. You both do."

"But how did it happen?" Maddie whispered. "I guess...I don`t even know what happened..." Jen approached and hugged her.

"Magic is delight and joy and ecstatic power, my dear--but it also has a very serious, very dangerous edge." She held Maddie`s shoulders and looked into her eyes. "You and Serafina bear both the advantages and the burdens of that magic...to an extreme."

"But what do we do, Jen? I mean--are we going to be able to keep living on this side and do normal human things like...I don`t know--go on dates? Go back to school? What if...I mean, how do we--"

"You`re going to channel your powers," She said. "You`re going to learn to use them responsibly, and you`re going to become more aware of how very closely your human passions tie to your cosmic abilities. Starting tomorrow, we`re going to teach you how."

"But Sadie--what happened?" Jen caressed Maddie`s cheek, smiling.

"Growing and changing aren`t easy things, darling. Not for a human, not for an enchantment. Trust me when I say you`re doing well. With our help, you`re only going to do better." Maddie smiled, sighing as she looked at her sleeping sister. She waved a hand and made her rise up just enough to pull her blankets and sheets from under her body to cover her. "You`re lucky to have each other, Madeline. Neither of you ever have to handle this alone." Maddie nodded.

Jen walked toward Maddie`s room with the showgirl outfit and Maddie in tow. Gabby had been watching from the doorway, and her eyes locked Jen`s.


"Fine, my dear. A little rest will fix her right up." Jen looked at the latex catsuit. "If anyone wants to catch the express back, now`s the time."

"I`m coming," Luscious said, stepping up to Gabby. "Duty calls, Gabby--but come visit soon, or I`ll come and find you. You got me?" Gabby chuckled as the latex sleeves pulled her in for a kiss.

"Me too," the showgirl said, turning to Maddie. "When she wakes up, tell her...I had an amazing night--despite the situation. Okay?" Maddie nodded.

"I will."

"Goodnight, ladies," Jen said. "Busy days ahead. Get some rest."

With a snap, Jen and the two outfits were gone, leaving Gabby and Maddie staring at each other.

"Hey Maddie," came a voice from the gold tube top, standing in her doorway. "Am I hearing...some others downstairs?" Maddie nodded, smiling.

"Go introduce yourselves," Maddie said. "They`re all friendly. Just don`t get too rowdy, okay? The humans need rest."

"Yeah, you dunno the half of it," Gabby said, plopping down on Maddie`s bed.

* * *

"Dude, not cool!" Gabby shouted, falling out of Sadie`s closet. "I thought I was falling to my doom!" Sadie followed behind, hovering out the doorway gracefully.

"To be honest, I wasn`t sure it would work like that," Sadie shrugged, watching Gabby pick herself up. "I never tried it on a revolving door." Gabby grabbed a hoodie on the floor and tossed it at Sadie`s head. "Hey! Don`t take it out on an innocent party," Sadie laughed, animating the hoodie. It rose up and inflated, wrapping Gabby in puffy soft arms and pulling its hood over her.

"Alright, alright--" Gabby said, muffled. "Lemme go." Sadie snapped, and the hoodie deflated again, drifting to the closet to hang itself on a hook. Maddie came through the closet door.

"So we can just put people to sleep now," Maddie said. "I wonder if that`d work on like a whole auditorium or something."

"Hah! Kind of an abuse of power, wouldn`t you say?" Sadie asked. Maddie shrugged.

"Maybe if they saw EVERYONE sleeping, they`d stop holding those awful assemblies--that`s all I`m thinking," She laughed. "Half of us are asleep anyway, right? Is it really abuse?"

"I think you both need WWJD bracelets," Gabby muttered, flat. Both twins stared blankly at her. "Y'know--What Would Jen Do...?" She smiled stupidly.  Sadie rolled her eyes and waved a finger, instantly inflating the hoodie on the hook and making it tackle Gabby onto the bed.

"Go tickle her stupid," Sadie nodded to her leather gloves, who were busy at her laptop. They saluted and sailed to Gabby`s feet, playing their leather fingers over her white-socked soles.

"No! No-no-no-no!" Gabby howled with laughter, pinned to the bed by an animated hoodie.

"Hey, what were you looking at anyway?" Sadie approached her laptop, looking at an apparel site.

"Eh...you know," The black leather gloves said, never letting up on Gabby`s feet. "Just scoping out some prospective friends." Sadie laughed, scrolling through fine leather accessories.

"Enough! Enough! No more bad jokes, I promise!" Gabby sighed as the black gloves went from teasing fingertips to a massage. "Ohh...mercy. Mercy. Thank you."

"You owe us," The gloves said. "We can`t get away with insubordination all the time."

"Nah, it`s better that you`re taking the role of my conscience," Sadie said, waving the hoodie off Gabby again.

"Isn`t that the truth," Maddie chimed in. "If I hadn`t stopped you in Jennifer`s, those pantyhose--"

"Girls?" Rachel called from downstairs. "Are you up there?"

"Yeah, Rae!" Maddie answered. "Be right down!" She looked at Sadie. "Come on--I bet she comes out and asks this time." Gabby followed Maddie`s tromp down the stairs, while Sadie hovered gracefully behind them. Rachel was in the living room, watching TV in her chair while and empty pair of jeans and a sweater reclined on the couch.

"Hey," Rachel smiled at the three. "So you are home." She shut off the TV. "I don`t wanna pry, but--"

"You`re not prying," Rachel`s outfit said. "It`s a perfectly reasonable question."

"Thanks for the backup," Rachel sneered, waving it off. "I've got it." The outfit shrugged. "Where have you been disappearing to?" She asked. "I mean, at first I figured you were just out, or over at Gabby`s--but--I`m not crazy in thinking you've literally been disappearing, am I?"

"You could say that," Sadie replied. "We found someone who can help us learn some control with our abilities. Actually, you could say she found us."

"You weren`t upstairs earlier--so it`s something like...teleportation?" Rachel laughed. "I guess it shouldn`t sound silly to me, given what I've seen in the last few days."

"Direct teleportation is more advanced," Maddie said. "We`re not quite there yet. But we can use doors--seems like almost any door, actually--to go just about anywhere we know of." Rachel looked shocked. "Really," Maddie said, smiling. "We've actually been going back and forth to New York."

"City!?" Rachel asked.

"In a sense," Maddie said. "But there`s also, like, a kind of parallel world to ours--one that`s based on the kind of magic we`re able to use."

"I`m...not sure I get it."

"I`d take it at face value for now, hon," Her outfit said, sitting up. "At some point you should show her, girls," the tight sweater shrugged. "It`s probably the only way anyone could really get it."

"So--you`re going to this other place?" Rachel shook her head. "So that`s what they meant."

"Who?" Maddie asked. Rachel swallowed, thinking about what else was happening on that night.

"Um--you know--the enchantments around the house," She said. "I asked about you guys when you were gone at some point, but they were pretty vague." Sadie started blushing.

"I need to eat," Sadie said, hovering toward the kitchen. Rachel watched as she drifted out of the room like a feather.

"Well," Rachel smiled at Maddie and Gabby, "You`re both adults--I don`t want to seem like I`m trying to--"

"It`s fine, Rae!" Maddie said, smiling back. "I knew we`d have to tell you at some point. We didn`t mean to keep you in the dark, it`s just that some things aren`t exactly easy to explain."

"You don`t have to tell her that," The outfit chuckled.

"Would you...go do something constructive!?" Rachel said as the outfit walked by her, sauntering down the hall.

"Oh, sure--we`ll just sort ourselves by color in your closet...again," It laughed. Maddie and Gabby both held back chuckles.

"Getting along okay with all the magic kinda just...hanging out here?" Maddie asked.

"Oh, yeah--yeah," Rachel said. "It`s just banter. They do seem to have my attitude, after all." She sighed. "So I know your lives are probably...different in ways I really can`t understand," Rachel said timidly, "But you`re still my girls--so I want to you to know I`m still here if you need to vent or talk...or whatever," she smiled. "I`d offer to make you dinner, but apparently I don`t even need to do that anymore."

"So they are being cooperative, then," Maddie said. "I actually wanted to make sure."

"Yeah, oh yeah. With...just about anything I`d need," Rachel said, fumbling over the words a little when she thought about some of the needs the magic had fulfilled.

"Awesome," Maddie said. "So--you want some lunch, actually?" Rachel shrugged, shaking her head.

"No, you girls go ahead. They seem to know when I want to eat before I do," she laughed. As Maddie and Gabby headed into the kitchen, Rachel sighed. "Hey, I`m starting again if you`re gonna keep watching with me!" She called down the hall.

"Yay!" Said the outfit, jogging back into the room. "Though I have to admit, watching you choose your words in front of them is pretty fun drama too..." It laughed.

"Hush," Rachel said, swatting at the denim butt. "Don`t make me any more self-conscious about it."

* * *

"You've dusted everything?" Alaina asked, standing in front of her formal maid`s outfit.

"Yes ma'am," came a smooth voice as the empty outfit curtzied.

"And all the bedding is fresh?"

"As you asked, ma'am--except for Mitchell`s bed, which he`ll do himself when he`s finished with his room." Alaina smiled.

"Excellent!" She patted her hollow uniform on the back. "I only wish I could hire you out."

"Well, we`re happy to continue, ma'am--after the family returns?" Alaina furrowed her brow. "We know that our presence has to remain a secret but to you and Mitchell, but we have our ways. We can be extremely cautious and still do our duties..." Alaina grinned.

"Well, I can`t be looking like I`m idle all day when they get back--so we`ll work as a team. Deal?"

"It will be our pleasure, ma'am," The outfit bowed again. Alaina held out a hand.

"No, no, no...a team," Alaina said. The cap nodded and held out a white glove, shaking hands with its owner.

"Mitchell, dear..." Another empty maid outfit sang, opening his door and walking in. Mitchell stopped putting on his sheets, nodding at the outfit.

"All finished and ready for inspection," he said nervously as Alaina`s outfit approached. He stared at the long translucent stockings under the hollow dress and apron as he struggled to focus. "Except the bed. I can`t seem to--" A long white satin glove pressed a finger to his lips.

"Hush, boy. I`m going to inspect your work." Mitch turned to putty as the perfumed glove drifted away, following the outfit wearing it.

Mitch watched as the invisible maid went to a far baseboard, reaching down and bending over until he could see clear through the stockings, looking at the white satin panties and bra inside the dress. His dick practically jumped at the sight.

"Mmm...attention to detail," the voice said.  "But let`s see how much attention..." The petite black flats stepped over to his desk, swabbing the top of his computer monitor with a white satin finger. "Oh, Mitchell. What a difference a few days makes!" The outfit pointed at the closet, and the doors flung open, revealing everything in its right place, correctly folded and hung. The outfit walked back over. "You've done very, very well, young man." The voice cozied, talking to him like a pet. "I think we can forgive you for not knowing how to properly dress a bed."

The satin glove pointed at the sheets, and the fitted linen swallowed up the top corners of the mattress and then stretched over the lower ones, smoothing itself. As the satin hands whisked through the air, the flat sheet billowed over the bed, centering itself and dropping. The blanket and bedspread followed, and all but the bedspread tucked under as the mattress lifted up all on its own.

"We may yet make you a gentleman," The outfit said, closing on him as the white satiny hands slid under his tee. He groaned. "But after such a job well done, maybe little boys are even entitled to get a bit dirty." The soft hands massaged his chest as the tee pulled up on him, forcing his arms into the air as it slipped off. "We should hurry, though. Mommy and Daddy are due home anytime, are they not?" Mitch just nodded stupidly, staring down at the outfit`s curves.

He watched as a tube of lipstick sailed in from Stacey`s room, uncapping itself to reveal a hot pink wax.

"Uhm..." A satin finger quieted him again.

"Shush, you silly boy. We`ll play dress up with you again later, but for now--that`s for me." The tube hovered over Alaina`s rounded collar, painting a pair of hot pink lips onto thin air. The lips smiled. "Hmmm...better, no?" The lips said, the moist, plump lines accentuating every syllable.

Mitch`s jaw hung open as he watched the ghostly mouth move in for a kiss. His pants opened by themselves, peeling down to his ankles and taking his boxers with them as the magical lips sucked his tongue. He shuddered, his knees wobbling under the feminine power.

"No, no, silly boy--stay upright," the lips said after breaking away from his. The gloves and mouth moved lower as the maid outfit got on its knees. "Perfectly upright," the outfit said, teasing his hardening cock with a satin finger. "Erect." He looked down at the phantom mouth, opening just under his balls and licking them. He clinched his teeth, smiling as the pink lips went up his shaft, kissing his tip before surrounding him.

Mitch moaned as the lips slid up and down his shaft, vibrating his cock with their humming and moaning sounds. He gently put a hand against the back of the cap, pulling it toward him. The white gloves reached around his hips, squeezing his ass as the lips sucked harder.

Alaina halted at the end of the hall, listening to the sounds coming from Mitch`s room. She rolled her eyes and went back to the kitchen, where her formal outfit was polishing silver.

"You know--you`re going to make him think he should be rewarded just for being a decent human being and doing things on his own," Alaina puffed.

"Don`t be such a taskmaster," her outfit replied. "He`s not the only one getting something out of this new arrangement, is he?" Alaina gasped and grabbed her crotch as her panties played against her clit.

"Oooh...not now! Later. Later." The enchanted underwear subsided.

"As you like," Her outfit said. "We`re going to keep milking that boy for every drop, though..." the outfit chuckled. "It`d be a shame not to exercise such a specimen in his prime."

"Just make sure you leave some for Madeline," Alaina scolded. "His little recreational streak is what got him into trouble in the first place."

"His endurance is getting ever better," The outfit laughed.

"So I've heard..." Alaina couldn`t help but laugh as she left the outfit to its polishing.

* * *

"Alaina, my dear, it`s as if you've had a team of professionals in here!" Sandra said, looking over the dining room. The chandelier, the wall lamps, the gleaming silverware--the best help certainly knew how to earn their keep.

"Thank you, Sandra. I hoped you`d be pleased."

"Absolutely an understatement, darling. We`d be prepared to host nobility here tonight." She winked at Alaina. "But that`s why you`re here, dear--most of our citizens don`t even know what 'nobility' means." Alaina nodded politely. "Tell you what--brew me some coffee and call it a night?" Sandra opened the china cabinet and saw nothing but gleaming porcelain and wood. "Christ, did you polish EVERYTHING that could be polished in this house?" Alaina shrugged, giving her a coy smile.

"Keeping busy isn`t easy with no one around," She said, heading into the kitchen to start the coffee.

"So Mitchell wasn`t an issue, then?" Sandra asked, following her into the kitchen. "No sneaking party guests into the basement?"

"That girlfriend of his really seems to keep him in line," Alaina smiled knowingly.

"Well, that`s how it works," Sandra said, peeking into the den. "Isn`t that right, Doug?"

"Mm-hmm," Mitch`s dad responded, watching basketball highlights and catching up on the league standings. "Sorry--what, Sandy?" She laughed.

"Forget it. You want coffee, dear?" He looked at his watch.

"I dunno--were you planning a late night?" He looked up at Sandra, who raised her eyebrows. "Ah...sure--coffee sounds fine." Once the brew started, Alaina took out mugs, sugar, and cream, placing them all on a serving platter.

"Now go relax, you workaholic wonder," Sandra said, rubbing her shoulder.

"You`re sure?" Alaina asked. "You won`t need anyth--"

"Go!" Sandra scolded her, smiling. "Take the Benz to a movie--have a drink somewhere. I know it doesn`t seem to come naturally to you, but go have fun!"

* * *

Alaina took her leave--dressing up for a night out and taking the S-class at Sandra`s suggestion. Mitch was out with friends, and Stacie was asleep--catching up on a few winks she wasn`t able to get on the plane ride home.

Doug and Sandra were half-unpacked, no doubt leaving the rest of the work to Alaina.

"Darling..." Sandra purred to Doug. He was focused hard on the laptop glowing in his face, even as Sandra headed into her large walk-in closet. "I don`t know if it`s the cocktails on the plane, but I`m feeling playful."

Sandra pulled back a rack of clothes to reveal a closet rod filled with things she couldn`t possibly wear in public, ranging from lingerie to hardcore fetish wear. A couple of the items were the same ones Maddie`s magic had brought to life. Sandra didn`t know anything about the events of a few nights before, of course, but she felt something emanating from the naughty secret rack.

Out in the bedroom, Doug laughed.

"Sandy, we only just got home. You`re not going to let me have any recovery time, are you?"

"You make it sound as if you`re a tired old man, Doug." Sandra unbuttoned just enough of her blouse to pull it off and fling it dramatically out of the walk-in closet. Doug watched the silk flutter heap to the floor. She admired her black satin-and-lace bra in the mirror, her shapely form filling it nicely. She unzipped her skirt and let it drop to her ankles before kicking it out into the bedroom with her blouse.

"Certainly looks as if you have something in mind," Doug teased, closing his laptop and listening to the rustle in the closet. The unmistakable slap of latex could be heard from the walk-in.

"I`ve had something on my mind since a couple nights ago," Sandra said, staring at a glossy, green, military-style mini-dress. "Now that we`re home alone--I want to indulge."

She didn`t notice, but when she reached out to the dress, the hanging garment slightly leaned toward her touch. She let out a little gasp as she pinched the rubbery material, feeling a rush of sensual energy. She took the jolt as a sign of her own anticipation, excitedly unzipping the dress enough to pull out the hanger.

Sandra admired herself in the mirror again, holding the shiny dress against her lingerie-clad body. She reached behind her back to unclasp her bra, and it popped open on its own. Her face crinkled a second as her bra flung itself off her shoulders, letting her tremendous chest drop slightly. When she got a good look at the clasp and saw it wasn`t broken, she chuckled.

"What are you giggling about?" Doug asked.

"My clothes are coming off faster than I can unfasten them," she said, flinging her bra out of the closet. She peeled off her panties and kicked them after.

When Sandra slid on her rubber dress, it seemed to hug her a little tighter than normal. She hoped she didn`t overindulge too much over vacation"¦

Her thought trailed off when one of the latex opera gloves pulled itself onto her hand like a suction cup. She let out an audible "˜huh!`

"Whatcha doin` in there, Sandy?" Doug asked. "Putting on something...complicated?" Sandra laughed again--high and nervous this time as she tried to reproduce the effect with the other fire truck red rubber glove.

"Why don`t you come to the doorway and find out, Dougie?" As she said it, the other latex glove sucked itself onto her hand and she jumped again--her heart pounding as she glided her gloved hands together, looking for an explanation.

"Sandra, h-how did you...Sandra?!" Doug marched himself to the doorway in an awkward gait--as if he was fighting his own body.

"What`s the trouble, Dougie?" Sandra looked up from her gloves at a bewildered Doug. "How did I what?" Her red crimson lips curled into a smile, and Doug`s heart pounded.

Is she actually doing this? Doug thought. He realized he was under control of his own body again--and kept his mouth shut.

"How`d you--get into that thing so quickly?" He asked, turning red. "You`re lovely."

"Am I?" Sandra said, posing in the latex dress, sticking out her ass. "Why don`t you worship this ass and show me just how lovely?" Sandra laughed as Doug lost control of himself once again. He barked as his body lunged forward toward Sandra`s butt. Doug`s glasses pulled themselves off and sailed back into the bedroom unnoticed.

"Dougie!" Sandra squealed, leaning back against Doug`s face and pressing harder against him. "Looks like you`ve got plenty of energy tonight."

"---nngghhh--meee"¦" Doug slurped, shoved against his wife`s latex ass by his own outfit. He fought to get enough space to say "It`s not me! I`m being shoved by something!" Doug`s outfit let up on him enough to allow him to look over his shoulder to find nothing at all. He looked down at his own clothes in terror, realizing that the control was all over him--at any point his clothes touched him.

Sandra let out a low laugh, standing up and turning around to look at him. He was in ears-down mode, scared and pathetic. Hungrier than ever for some power play, apparently.

"Oh, Dougie. I`m your queen tonight, is that it?" Sandra raised an eyebrow at him. "Are you my faithful servant?" Doug`s outfit sent him to his knees, suspending his body millimeters off the ground. He looked down, his eyes wide.

"You--you don`t--I`m...I`m--" Sandra shut Doug up with a kiss, wrapping her arms around him.

"I know what you need," Sandra purred. "You need a reminder of your subservience."

The energy in the house had reached a threshold--and Sandra`s very real passion was being influenced by Maddie`s powerful residual magic. Sandra`s suggestions were no longer innuendo--they were interpreted as commands to reality.

High in the the closet, a box hovered down and opened. As soon as Sandra opened her eyes, she saw the hovering lube and the strap-on. She gasped.

Doug looked over his shoulder, shrieking when he spotted the hovering dong.

"For fuck`s sake, Sandra--do you see what I`m seeing?" He stared at his wife, who was staring back at him, wide-eyed. She looked back at the toy, thinking about how dry the rubber strap-on looked. Whatever happened next, it had to be lubed--that much was clear.

Sandra put her hand to her chest as she watched the lube pop open and coat the toy. She bit down on her lip as the fluid coated the toy, turning it glossy and slick. She gasped as she watched her stray thoughts, made reality.

"Sandra!?" Doug was even more worried when he connected her hypnotized gaze with the hovering objects. She wasn`t just watching--she was doing this.

"Is--is this...really happening?" Sandra breathed the words to the floating strap-on. It was barely a question. Doug strained to look at her.

"Sandra, are you kidding?!" Doug met her gaze, pleading with her. "This is reality! Snap out of it and help me!" She only watched as the strap-on bobbed up and down as if to answer her question. Her jaw dropped as she took a long look at her red latex gloves. "Sandra?" She narrowed her eyes at him.

"This--can`t be real, Doug." She shrugged, looking at the strap-on again. She laughed like a half-starting engine. "I mean--it just can`t be real...right?"

Doug looked legitimately horrified, looking up at her like a disciplined puppy.

"Sandra?!" She seemed mystified by the entire scene, looking around the room and back at Doug. She looked at her closet, searching for confirmation something--anything about the situation she found herself in.

"PVC Boots," She said in a low tone, looking at Doug. "Black lace-up thigh-highs."

Doug shuddered when he heard the rustle from the closet. Subtle creaking. In a moment, out they stepped, perverse and regal all at once. They were untied, and out of the top eye-hooks the laces were long nylon snakes, weaving through the air with a will all their own.

Doug let out a whimper, and Sandra`s eyes bulged as she watched her loyal footwear march out, obeying her words. She took a deep breath and slowly approached, watching as the laces stood down from their slithering as if to bow. The boots did a similar kind of move, lifting their heels and bobbing at the knee in as much of a curtsy as they could perform.

Sandra let out another short laugh--disbelief and utter wonder.

"Tie up," She said, smiling a little. "Tie up like you`re filled by the firmest, thickest legs you can hold."

Both of them watched as the boots complied, their laces swooping through eye-hooks and pulling tight even as the shiny black plastic creaked and inflated. Growing bolder, Sandra reached down and squeezed the back of a smooth, firm thigh--the tight plastic just barely giving way.

"No dream like a jetlag dream--hm, dear?" Sandra said, reaching her hand down inside one of the thigh cuffs and into the empty boot, marveling at how the hollow fabric could feel like the mid-thigh of an aerobics instructor. Sandra got on her knees and gripped the boots on the outside again, running her hands down the shining calves and to the ankles. Smooth as glass, but soft and warm as if the boots encased real flesh.

"S-Sandy, I`m telling you--this is happening to us! I can`t explain it, but--look around you! They`re listening to you! Tell them to let me go! Please?" She looked at Doug, her face dropping.

"Oh, Dougie--don`t worry, honey. Momma won`t hurt you. It`s all a dream. Can`t I make you understand that--this kind of stuff is...oh, god--I don`t want to ruin it"¦"

She stiffened a little as if she was waiting for the strangeness to end--to collapse. She looked at the firm boots standing in front of her, and then over to the strap-on.

"In here, I`m your evil queen, Dougie. Doesn`t that turn you on?" Doug simply trembled. Everything was too vivid to be a dream. But then, jetlag and a lack of sleep"¦

Doug watched as Sandy`s hand reached out for the glistening strap-on hovering in the middle of the room. It bounded over to her like dandelion on the air, but instead of guiding itself into her hand, it settled above the pair of thigh-high boots.

"Sandy--please. Let`s just figure this out before we just decide that--"

"Fuck his mouth," Sandra giggled.

The words stopped Doug mid-sentence. His eyes stared at the impending toy, forcing its tip against his lips. He tried to clamp down against it, but the dong forced its way through, making him wince. He could smell Sandra on it, making him wonder exactly how and when it had last been used.

Sandra watched the straps flared out to the sides, puffed out as if occupied by shapely unseen hips and a round ass. Doug`s eyes simply watched the thing hovering in space, sometimes clamping his eyes shut but ultimately too in awe to stop himself from watching this happen to him.

He was being assaulted by his wife`s fetish gear--made to suck on a dong attached to a magical outfit. Reality was, for the moment, broken. There wasn`t any other internal assessment for Doug to make that didn`t amount to stammering, jumbled thoughts.

Sandra was turned on watching it--the effect of her will over her own wardrobe. Maybe it was the new sleep medication, but whatever was causing dreams like this--she hoped she`d be able to relive it later. She reached down to pull up the hem of her rubber dress when the shiny moss-green latex curled and stretched up toward her hips. A glove shot down to her pussy--out of her control--and began touching her with her hand still inside.

"Ooh...yyyeah"¦" Sandra cooed as she watched the fingers of the glove gently articulate, carrying her own fingers inside them. The other glove made Sandra reach behind herself, grabbing a handful of exposed ass as the latex of her dress itself began tightening ghostly fingers around her breasts. Sandra stumbled back as she gasped, the black latex fingers of the glove diving into her wet pussy for just a moment. They returned, glistening, to gently stroke her clit as she felt herself falling over.

As soon as her fluids hit the latex of the dress, it clinched around her falling body, holding her off the ground as the glove continued forcing her to masturbate.

"My seams...this one`s a HALF-BREED! I can taste the witch in her!" Sandra looked around, searching for the source of the voice before it spoke again. "Do these milkers still work? They might be useful." Sandra looked down at her heaving chest as the rubber dress compressed around her tits at the sides, pulling them outward and making her moan.

Despite the insanity happening in the room, she was focused enough to realize that the voice she heard was coming from the dress itself.

"Sandy!" Doug blurted as he spat the dildo in a momentary last attempt at struggling. He`d been watching his wife struggle against the things she was just commanding. Now it seemed like they were both in trouble.

The strap-on slapped him across the face, and Doug`s clothes lifted him to a standing position.

"Boys, give him a good spanking and prep him for our friend there," The latex dress said. "We show our sixteenth-of-a-witchy-poo here her husband being dominated by magic--I suspect it`ll wake up her half-breed instincts and what little, unpurified energy we have to gain from her."

Doug`s arms shot into the air. His belt unbuckled and slid out of his pants, the leather strap flying behind him and doubling up before making a teasing crack-crack sound. His pants and briefs pulled down just far enough to slide to mid-thigh, where they rebuttoned themselves and clinched his legs together.

Doug`s shirt pulled up on him before pushing against his shoulders, bending him over. He started to whimper and protest again while Sandra`s room became a whirlwind of activity.

"Two more half-half breeds is as good as another half-breed!" The latex dress said. "We`ve already had a taste of the boy--and he`s happy to play. The girl, though--it`s time to see what she`s got."

"What--mmm--what are you talking about?" Sandra huffed, held aloft by the living dress and struggling to pull her hands from the tight latex gloves.

"You have a single ancestor of valuable power," The dress said, "But that`s good enough for us. So long as we--diversify--our power before you go off squealing."

"Suh--Squealing...to who?" Sandra asked, dropping her shoulders and stopping her struggle again.

"Your mistress, of course." The dress said. "Your teacher. The source of this power." Sandra just moaned with delight, letting her clothes hold her as the gloves plied her body. Feeling her surrender, now the latex gloves inflated at their wrists and cuffs, letting her pull out her arms. When she slid out of them, she let out another moan, watching the eerily empty gloves continue to pleasure her without her hands to help.

"What is...the source of this power?" Sandra said, looking dreamily at Doug. The strap on wiggled against him, forcing it in slowly as Doug bellowed. The boots lifted to the balls of their feet as they drove into the bent-over ass.

"I bet your little boy knows"¦" The dress said. Sandra`s dress reoriented her upright, gripping her tighter as it rolled up her hips, exposing her up to the belly button. The dress held her tight and kept up its tit massage as the living latex opera gloves were free to go to work, one lapping its fingers against her clit as the other began spanking her.

Rooms away, Stacie turned down her music for a second before making a face and blasting it.

"God, are they kidding? If you`re not going to wait for us to leave the house, build a dungeon or something." She heard a knock on the opposite wall and made a face, walking over to it. "Shut the fuck up, Mitchell!" She knocked back against the wall. "I`m not going to listen to them!"

She heard something muffled in response--but it didn`t sound like he was talking to her. She jumped a little when she heard two more hard pounds against the wall and her brother shouting out "Stop it! What are--" before being cut off by something. Frightened now, Stacie inched to her door--to lock it, to rip it open--she didn`t know what yet.

Before she got there, someone else had decided for her. The door popped open, making her shield herself and squeal, pulling out her cell phone in the process. She thought it dropped from her hand, but surprise turned to terror when it hovered parallel to the ground and into the palm of a hovering leather glove.

"Who ya gonna call?" A voice came from the doorway. The only things Stacie could see occupying that particular direction were a pair of leather boots, a black pencil skirt, a silk blouse and a pair of leather gloves--one of them holding her phone.


"Not quite," the outfit said, strutting in. "We do share some assets and interests, though. Are you as fun as your brother?" Stacie just stared at the seemingly invisible woman occupying Sandra`s clothes.

"Wh-who--" She took a step back for every stuttered sound, hitting her closet door before long.

A figure turned the corner into her room, dressed in very hippy jeans and a billowing blouse. This figure had a head, arms and feet--but it took her a second to register that it was a gagged Mitch, dressed up in the wrong clothes.

"Your brother," the outfit said, lifting a leather hand to the overinflated jeans he was forced to wear. "He likes dressing up. What do you like?"

"Stop it! Get the fuck away from me!" Stacie said, moving back to the corner as the outfit and her struggling brother closed in. Just as she came away from the closet door, it busted open. Soon outfits were marching out, followed by panties, bras, and socks from her dresser drawers.

"Uh-uh, honey. We insist." Stacie squeaked as her chest heaved forward, her bra straps and cups pulling her forward. When she tried to grab them, the cups clung to her chest and kneaded her body. She cried out and fought to take the thing off before her panties and jeans began gripping her body, making any fight pointless.

The latent magic in the house was extracting what it wanted from its occupants as Alaina enjoyed her evening out.


With Maddie and Sadie across the barrier into the other world, neither were around to detect the massive spike of autonomous magical energy from the stray power of Maddie`s earlier escapades...