Lexi's eyes grew wide upon hearing the distant sound of polished wood sliding smoothly along its track, an audible crash as the drawer in Stephanie's room met the end of said track. She knew that sound, everyone would, that outfit had just opened up the sock drawer within her sister's room. With that sound, Lexi came to the realization that this was all true, it was really happening, and not just some incredible dream. With this realization, the nineteen year old released her first orgasm, her muscles tightening all over her body as it unleashed that apex of euphoria, soaking the right ankle sock as it continued to fuck her.


"That's more like it." Those ankle socks said, a soft moan of their own as their owner's juices fell over that right ankle sock as it plunged deeper in to that pussy. Lexi moaned in to her sister's knee highs once again, knowing that the voice she just heard wasn't her own thoughts, despite how closely related it sounded. "It's not going to be your last tonight either. We think we hear some friends coming."


"But that's what our dear sister wants, isn't it?" The angelic voice of the red stripped knee highs heard once again, the tops of those socks still ravaging those erect nipples while toes of the left knee highs stood up in the air, looking down at the teen as she was getting fucked in both mouth and pussy.

Lexi could only nod over and over again in agreement.


"That's good! Cause that's what we want too. We want to make our little toy as happy as possible!" Toy? Blue eyes looked up at the knee high that was staring down at her, her hands gripping tight the carpet underneath her as the anklets at her pussy never let up, even as the conversation took place. Yes, a toy. That is what Lexi is right now, isn't it? "But there is just one thing you need to do, before we have more fun."


As if on queue, Lexi watched as two more of her sister's socks walked out in to the hallway. The white knee highs with stars printed all over them paced their way down to Lexi's feet, rubbing up against them softly, while a much taller pair of thigh highs with three light blue strips at the top moved to her wrists, coiling around them with their tops. As all this happened, the left foot of the knee highs that started this all leaned down to one of Lexi's ears, as if about to whisper.


"Call us your mistress. Give yourselves to us." Is this what Lexi's life has come to? Was she about to give her life away to clothing? To a pair of socks? The rational mind saw the absurdity of it all, but Lexi found herself caring little and less about the rationality of it all. This was magic. It exists. Because of this simple fact alone, rationality was all but thrown out the window. All that mattered is what she wanted, and god, did she want this. "We can hear your thoughts, love. Say it."


"Yes!" Lexi could only project the thought with her mind, given as the right foot of those knee highs were still pumping hard and fast in and out of her mouth, the toes of the dominating socks tickling the back of her throat at times, testing their limits. "I give myself completely to you. You are, and will always be, my mistress. I want to serve, and be used by you."


"Hmmmm, Sis." Those red stripped knee highs purred softly in Lexi's mind, the tops of those socks leaving the teen's breasts to coil up around that small neck like a collar, as if to seal the words spoken. The left toe seam brushed up against Lexi's cheek gently as if stroking a pet for a job well done. The right knee high pulled itself out of that mouth for a moment, leaving the wanting girl trying to reach the toes as they moved away from her lips, drying up as if they were never sucked on in the first place as the toe-line smiled down at their pet. "You don't know how happy that makes us. Let us show you."


Lexi could only form a smile, but it was small and weak, her mind more focused on the feel at her pussy, as her own ankle socks never let up. The right switched out for the left now, Lexi couldn't see it of course, those red striped knee highs were in the way, but she could certainly feel it. Lexi also suspected that the entire sock was pumping in and out of her at a furious pace, at times getting lost from view as they worked again and again for that second orgasm.


"Let's go somewhere more comfortable" The star specked white knee highs said with a little giggle in their voice, the poly-cotton clothing slipping themselves on to Lexi's feet, the length of the socks pulling themselves up all the way to just under her knee caps. Once done they took control of the teen's legs, causing them to bend at the knees.


To help move Lexi in to her own room, the thigh highs at her arms began to do much the same thing as the knee highs, slipping on to her hands and forcing Lexi to press off the ground, pushing up to her feet to allow the socks to guide their pet down the hall. Those blue eyes tried to focus on where the socks were taking her, but found it hard to concentrate with each thrust her own ankle socks did. Once again, the teen tried to look down to see her pink toed anklets pushing in and out of her pussy so wonderfully, but again those red stripped knee highs around her neck made the view impossible, forcing a small whimper out of Lexi.


"How adorable!" Those dominate knee highs said, the toes of the socks deliberately getting in the way of Lexi's view, demanding her attention. "You want to watch your socks work." Lexi couldn't help but nod many times over, as her body was taken through the door frame of her bedroom, heading towards the queen sized bed. "Correct us if we are wrong, darling, but in order to get a treat, you need to earn it, right?" Lexi couldn't respond to that, didn't know how, but the rest of the socks were giggling at the comment.


Then all at once, the teen was thrown upon her own bed, the air escaping her lungs, and her eyes focused on the ceiling. Lexi barely had time to register what was going on, before she felt those two pairs of socks on her limbs move away, only to grab those limbs and pull them to the corners of the bed, tying her up tight.


Lexi only had enough time to watch the clothing within her closet start to stir before those red stripped knee highs pulled her attention back to them, the right knee high forcing its way in to her mouth, filling up as though a foot was within it, and going back to fucking that mouth just as hard as before. A soft giggle could be heard in the background, as a pair of ankle socks identical to the ones fucking their owner's pussy slipped out of the dirty clothes basket and stood up to walk towards the scene upon the bed.


It was there that Lexi could only feel as the new pair of anklets jumped up on to the bed, then wormed they way underneath Lexi's naked body, finding that pert little ass and pushing their way through the soft cheeks. Upon their first prodding at the backdoor, Lexi's eyes grew wide and she gave out a loud moan in to her Mistress, toes curling up as she was invaded in every single hole by not only her socks, but her sister's as well.


With the second orgasm, fatigue was starting to settle in. Lexi was not a virgin, she had that taken away by her first boyfriend before discovering her love for women was greater than that for cock. Even still, rarely did Lexi have an occasion in which she came more than once, and never more than twice. Not shortly after that wave of pleasure came over her body, and her pussy expel those lovely juices, did fatigue take over, the nineteen year old finding it hard to keep her eyes open, even with the socks continuing to ravage her body.


"Sleep pet. There will be plenty of time to play tomorrow."