A half awake, groggy mind awoke to the feel of a constant soothing massage upon her back. Something of a silky texture seeming to work a miracle upon her smooth toned skin, causing her to inhale deeply, then let the breath out slowly through her nose with a the small crease of a smile. 


        Lexi wasn't fully awake yet, at that moment within the ends of slumber in which the mind is aware, but still left to its own whimsical devices - a place were dreams were blending dangerously close to reality. It was because of this lucid state that the nineteen year old truly did believe she was dreaming. It was not possible for the silky smooth texture of her bedsheets to massage her back on their own accord. 


        But then, as Lexi's mind became more and more wakeful, as she was reminded of the incredible night before and the events that occurred within, she soon discovered that she was not dreaming at all, this strangely wonderful feeling was a reality. 'It shouldn't be.' Lexi's logic protested, struggling to believe the unbelievable, even after she had experienced it. 'Magic isn't real, Lexi. You let your weird fetish, and some booze get the best of you, obviously.' It was the best answer to reason away the blissful events that occurred the night prior. 


        Still, the adoring massage happened, and the longer it took place, the logical mind continued to attempt to refute it, each and every explanation being lost due to the fact that there was no denying what was being felt. It became clear then, that all this - the animation of her sister's red stripped white knee highs, the mishap of the casting, and the subsequent night...the only way to refute it now was to open her eyes, and look. She was prepared to do just that, to prove to herself that magic wasn't real...but she couldn't...Lexi was afraid. 


        'What the hell have you gotten yourself in to, Lexi?' Her logic giving in to refuting the reality, and simply addressing the situation. 'A slave to your sister's socks? To all socks? Jesus Christ, were you even thinking? Of course not...you were too busy getting fucked by a dream come true...god damn...' 


        At least those socks couldn't read minds, of this Lexi was sure. If they could, the little internal conversation she was having with herself would have been heard, they would have intervened in some way. Better still, this meant that at least for a little while longer, she could pretend she was still asleep. 'A ruse that won't last forever, Lexi, and you know it.' the teen told herself once again, trying the ignore the subtle sounds of empty footsteps moving in her room. 


        'The book.' It was hard not to let her excitement at the thought get the best of her, to allow those socks - and god knows what else they animated - to know that their pet was, in fact, awake, trying to avoid them for just a little bit longer. 'That's the only answer to all this shit, isn't it? Got to get that book and wrest back control... 


        ...no..not wrest it back, make them inanimate again. 


        ...but...I don't want to.' 


        That thought sent a nervous chill up Lexi's spine, thrusting the teen in to a dizzying wave of confusion, and perhaps a bit of fear. 'Don't want to?' she asked herself again, as if she was having a conversation with another part of her, completely scared of asking the question, yet completely aware of the answer that was going to be given. 'I don't want to...' 


        Perhaps it won't be that bad, right? Sure, Lexi said she gave herself to all socks, but it was in the throws of pleasure, right? The socks couldn't possibly take such hasty words seriously, hanging on every syllable, right? Even if they did, what is the worst that could happen? Lexi would live life as she always had: 3.67 GPA college student working on her Computer Programming and Math Majors. Wealthy, confident, smart, and a aloof. Just...behind closed doors, she would give herself to the most unusual of Mistresses: Her sister's socks. No one would ever know...or even believe.        'It can't possibly be that bad.' Lexi convinced herself. 'We'll have a talk about it later, even.' 


        Lexi allowed that smile to grow wider, confident of accepting her position in this relationship and thus giving to her onlookers the first signs of her waking up. Just like she always did, there was a long stretch, arms over her head, mouth open in a yawn, and then eyes slowly gazing out to the ceiling above her. 


        "We thought you'd never wake up, love" Still not entirely used to the notion of a disembodied, telepathic mind, the teen jumped a bit, her eyes becoming wider with the start, before bringing her arms back down in front of her chest, and looked about. The voice was different, it wasn't the likeness of her sister's, but it wasn't completely off either. 


        "You wore me out, what can I say?" Turning her head to look out in the room, only to be greeted immediately by the perfect white color of the poly-cotton knee high socks. On these, however, were the occasional star printed in various spots on the fabric..the ones that put themselves on her feet last night. "And you? Did you have a nice...?" 


        "We don't need to sleep, Lexi. Why would you even think we do? We are socks." They had a tone about them that fit their look, even...preppy, sarcastic, the center of attention. "It's a damn shame you do, to be honest. Wonder if Tasha has found something in that book to make you sleepless." 


        "Tasha?" Lexi had to ask, but she had a feeling she knew the answer already. 


        "Yea. Tasha. Your mistress? The ones who animated us?" The star speckled socks slide their way over towards the teenager's naked chest, the toeline flicking a bit to rub over one of the exposed nipples. "Hope to god you aren't always this clueless.." 


        "I'm sorry," A snide tone in her own voice as Lexi watched the socks move closer to her body, her skin forming goosebumps over the interaction, but her mind unwilling to let them know of the feeling of bliss "I was unaware they adopted a name. I only animated them a short time ago, and unless I'm missing something, socks don't often come with a name." 


        A soft giggle was heard, the toes looking back up at Lexi before continuing. "We don't, obviously. No need, never was a need. But us being able to move around and all...you know...being alive...changes things. Tasha thinks names of the socks animate will allow you to better interact with them." 


        "And your name?" 


        "We haven't decided. Not sure if we need one. The only way we want to interact with you is with one of your holes." That is when the knee highs squirmed away from that nipple, leaving the cold air to rush over it again before climbing up on to Lexi's side, reaching down to press the right toeline in to those dry lips. "Preferably this one, if we are honest...but Tasha likes it, too, and well...chain of command and all that bullshit." 


        A smile formed once again, the lips reacting to kiss those toes back lightly, an action that seemed to shock the animated clothing a bit, as they seemed to pull away for a moment, before simply letting it take place. "Hmm...well, we mere humans do have a saying. When the cat is a way..." 


        "The mice will play. We know. We aren't fucking stupid." The left knee high moved as if to slap Tasha's cheek in a sarcastic, mock playful manner just after finishing the sentence she started. "We think you are missing some vital points here." 


        "Am I?" That snide tone returning, pulling back from the toes that were looking for another kiss, half surprised they didn't work to force it anyway. "Care to explain then?" 


        "Tasha holds all the cards, to be sure," Starting to explain the situation at hand to Lexi "but the rest of us aren't without some power. Sure, we can't animate fabric like her, but you did make a promise, didn't you? Last we checked, we are socks, and you did say you give yourself to them." 


        A pang of worry rushes through Lexi, as she was reminded of the conversation with her own mind before this all began. 'It won't be that bad...' ...and yet it was, they were taking every word spoken, and taking a hold of everything they could. "About that...not sure if you know this about us mere mortals but...we tend to say things we don't entirely mean. Especially when in the situation we were in last night." 


        "Oh, we know. Trust us, we are your sister's socks. We have seen her put herself in countless embarrassing situations based upon the lack of better chosen words. Thing is, a promise is a promise, and given that there are...oh...counting your mother's socks... 7 dozen pairs of us, and only one you?" A well placed bit of silence there, as the right toeline of the star speckled knee highs moved in again to brush against those lips, as if taking the kiss they so rightfully deserve. "You are in no position to turn back on your word, are you?" 


        Unable to resist, simply due to her love for socks, Lexi took that toeline in to her mouth, purring softly as she brushed over it with her tongue, closing her eyes for a bit and as a result, was unable to see the star speckled knee high's twin snake up to her exposed ear, to whisper in to it. "Like it or not, you are ours. At home. In class. At work. In front of your friends. Your sister. Your mother. We. Will. Fuck you." 


        "Is that a promise?" Lexi spoke over the sock that pushed gently down upon her tongue, her mind terrified with the words that were spoken, but her body not even phased..perhaps even thrilled by it. 


        "It's a fact." The star-speckled knee highs played around with that tongue for just a bit more, before leaving the mouth entirely. Lexi gave a small frown, expressing her dislike for the living socks leaving, watching as the toelines lead the way to slither down the bed. The silk off white bedsheets lifted just a bit, allowing those socks to disappear under them. Lexi had an idea where they were going, only to have it confirmed by feeling that soft poly-cotton touching her mound gently. "Besides, we think Stacy will quite like the show." 


        Lexi melted upon the bed, her left hand grabbing at the bedsheets tightly before simply letting go with a long sigh, a wave of bliss washing over her, the mention of her sister's name not even getting much more of a thought. Lexi was more then willing to give herself to those starry socks, if it wasn't for the shout from down the hallway. 


        "Lexi? What the hell is a pile of your clothes doing in the middle of my room?" Lexi's eyes grew a bit wider. Her clothing from last night. they slipped themselves off of her body to go open up Stacy's sock drawer, apparently they didn't have the mind to come back. "We think you have company coming, love." The knee highs giggled, continuing to rub up against that moist pussy. 


        "No...please..." Lexi whispered softly, closing her eyes and trying her best to focus. Could this become any more embarrassing? This was suppose to be a dream come true, not a lesson in humiliation. She swallowed hard as she felt those knee highs press up against her quivering lips, resisting yet another moan. 


        "I don't know. Maybe they got mixed up in the laundry." The sound of bare feet could be heard thudding down the hallway, closer to her bedroom door. It was hopeless, Stacy was coming in to her room, and her star spotted knee highs weren't going to stop teasing her all the while. "God damnit. Please stop!" 


        "Anywhere. Any time." They responded mockingly. 


        Lexi watched as her clothing was thrown haphazardly through the door and in to the room, fluttering in a mess upon the carpet floor. Struggling to keep focus, Lexi leaned up to see her sister, standing at her doorframe in her overly long T-shirt pajamas, her lower section hidden from view by the headboard. 


        "Like hell they got mixed up. We didn't even do laundry last night. Keep your shit out of my room, will you? I mean..I'm not asking for a lot here, you-" Stacy stopped mid sentence, her green eyes looking further in to the room and spotting something. "...the fuck? Is that my jeans too? God damnit, Lexi. Can you leave my fucking clothes alone?" 


        "I didn't have any clean jeans, alright? It's not the end of the world." The heat of the conversation took her attention away from the socks under the sheet, but her world was sent in to a spin once again as she watched Stacy walk in to her room to retrieve her jeans, noticing the pair of socks placed upon her feet. 


        "We see our pet has woken up finally." Those red stripped knee highs said, sitting so perfectly upon her sister's legs, that voice completely unheard by the person wearing them.  


        "Fuck.." Lexi said softly, causing both pairs of socks to giggle as a response. 


        "What?" Stacy asked, turning to look at Lexi once again. 


        "Nothing....you done?" 


        "She isn't leaving, pet. She should know about us, don't you think? She'd make a rather fun addition. She is our owner after all." Lexi could not bring herself to believe what she was hearing! Did Tasha really want her to confess to her sister that Stacy's own socks were fucking her? 


        Those star-speckled knee highs pushed firmly once again up to that pussy, causing Lexi to let out a soft moan. 


        "...you ok?" Stacy asked, tilting her head a bit at the moan. 


        "I've never...never been better." Lexi said with a forced smile. If she was going to do this, at least she would do it her own way. "Listen...I can tell you why my clothing was found in your room...but you aren't gonna believe it." 


        "Try me." Stacy said with a smirk upon her face. 


        "Alright. You know my weird fetish?" 


        "The one for socks?" Stacy asked knowingly, rolling her head and smiling softly. "Yea, what about it?" 


        "Well...long story short. I found this book at an unusual bookstore." She bit her lip as those knee highs at her pussy rubbed their toeline up against those moist lips, soaking in a bit of the juices that were slowly dripping out. "A-and inside of it was a spell...to animate things." 


        "...c'mon Lexi. I am being serious here." Stacy rolled her eyes at the story, taking a few steps to leave the room with her jeans in hand. 


        "So am I. The spell...it didn't work quite as I planned. It animated a pair of your socks...but gave them the power to do it as well." 


        "Really?" Lexi's sister replied in a mocking tone, clearly not believing such an outrageous story. "Well..did you have fun last night? Was it everything you hoped?" 


        Lexi just nodded. 


        "So which pair of socks fucked you last night? Need to make sure I clean them" A soft giggle..that is...if they will let me. 


        "You don't need to worry about that. My own anklets fucked me..but yours did a wonderful job with my mouth..." Lexi smiled, nodding to the white knee highs upon Stacy's feet, the ones with the three red stripes upon them. 


        Lexi looked down at her feet, wiggling her toes a bit, then back to Stacy. "Jesus Christ, what...?" 


        "Don't believe me?" 


        "Of course I don't fucking believe you..." Lexi replied. 


        "Then take your socks off, watch what happens." Lexi smirked a bit. If she was required to tell Lexi the story, then she would leave it to her mistress Tasha to make it believable. "See for yourself. Hope you are in for a show." 


        Stacy hastily took off those red stripped knee highs, dropping them down on the ground next to her bare feet, gave the soft white socks a stare for a moment before looking to Lexi again. "...well?" 


        "Shut up and watch." 


        Nothing happened for a few moments, long enough for Stacy to nearly get tired of it all and reach down to grab her socks. The sister stopped short however, upon seeing those knee highs toes lift up in to the air on their own. Shortly after, the socks seemed to fill out on their own, as if Stacy's feet were still in them. Then, in a rather sexy display, the living socks walked their way up to Lexi's bed, and jumped upon it, moving to stand on top of their pet. 


        "Holy fuck..." Stacy said softly, watching with eyes as wide as saucers, watching as her own knee highs started to press their right foot up against Lexi's face, the big toe pressing up against those lips and being received lustfully by her sister. 


        "You're gonna stay, right?" A voice heard by both girls, causing Stacy to jump, a bit startled. "We mean..you've always had a thing for your big sis, right?" 


        Stacy's face immediately turned a deep shade of red. 


        "Who knows, maybe you'll learn to appreciate your sister's fetish for us, too."