It was far too unbelievable for her mind to accept that this was actually taking place. Everthing Stacy knew about life, and its laws were simply just thrown at the window upon seeing her own white knee high socks with three red stripes at the top, standing on top of her sister on their own accord. If this was not believable enough, the mere fact that Lexi was kissing empty toes in a lustful fashion was just icing on the proverbial cake.


"What...the fuck?" Was all Stacy could add to the scene verbally, her mind too wrapped up on the notion of accepting this as some sort of preverse reality. "This can't be happening. Jesus, this is some sick dream I am having." Still, Stacy wasn't running away. Again, her mind tried desperately to attribute the lack of running from this scene to something akin to a passerby looking at an oncoming train. You don't want to watch, but you just can't help yourself.


"Wouldn't be the first sick dream you've entertained though, is it Stacy?" Her own socks repied back, continuing to let their pet suckle upon the toes, pushing up against those lips lightly. "In fact, some of them are thought about mid day, wouldn't you agree? Thoughts about what you would do to-"


"Shut up!" Stacy screamed, a desperate attempt to get the subject changed to anything else, then getting even more frustrated at the fact that she was trying to cover up on of her daydreams with a pair of living socks. "Holy shit, this is fucked up. I need to get out of here."


Stacy looked to the bedroom door, and only gave Lexi one last look before deciding to walk out of these preverse scene, maybe doing so would wake her up from this miss. Three steps away from the door, and the door slammed shut, leaving the older teen to jump a bit in the sudden fright.


"Don't leave darling." The red headed knee highs spoke again, collapsing themselves upon Lexi's chest, only to slither around that slender neck like a pair of snakes, collaring Lexi once again, the toes of the right sock lifting up to look to their owner, a smile forming..or..what seemed like one at least. "Enjoy this. It's not like anyone is going to know, right?"


"You're fucking sick..." But there was no conviction behind those words. Even Stacy couldn't deny that she was curious to see where this would go, what would happen. They were her socks around Lexi's neck after all, if this was true, if it was really happening, then they know all about what Stacy likes and dislikes, just by the very notion of being her her room, hearing everything.


"And you'll love every second of it, we promise. Now, go sit back down." The door was shut, and Stacy somehow got the understanding that no matter how hard she tried, it wasn't about to open. Then there was the notion that, no matter how hard she conciously tried to ignore it, maybe she didn't want to leave after all.


Lexi smiled upon seeing her older sister sit back down upon the floor, then leaned her head up off the pillow to give the left knee high sock a kiss upon the lips, moaning softly as she felt the start-speckled knee highs under the sheets press against those moist folds again. With a simple thought from those living socks, the the thin white sheet flung itself away from the body, revealing Lexi's naked form, and the white star knee highs playing with that pussy.


"Jesus..." This time Stacy spoke in a whisper, as if not wanting to interupt the scene any more than she had to. The way those brown eyes stuck upon Lexi's pussy clearly showed that she was interested in what was about to take place before her very eyes. 'This is a dream,' Stacy thought to herself 'Might as well enjoy it, weird as it is.'


"Holy shit, you really do have a thing for my socks, don't you?" Lexi smirked a bit, watching as her white based knee high socks with the multiple colored stars fondled with that pussy teasingly, the left knee high looking back to Stacy as if to respond to the question, but then simply looked back to find and fondle that bundle of nerves just under the lips.


"That's kind of an arrogent thing to say." The sound of a drawer sliding open could be heard behind Stacy, and though she still thought this entire thing kind of unreal, she couldn't help but smirk knowingly before looking back to see yet another pair of socks, the toes lifting up to look out of the sock drawer that just opened.


The pair eventually slipped out of the top drawer to pile up on the carpet floor, reavealing their length to be up to Lexi's thigh if worn, the pattern upon them predominantely white, with smaller stripes of pink interchanging between each other. The thigh highs didn't stand, instead they slithered their way over to Stacy, their soft cotton bodies rubbing up her bare legs gently causing a few goosebumps, then proceeded to climb further and further up to wrap themselves around Stacy's neck, much like her socks did to Lexi.


Stacy didn't even try to stop them.


"Our little pet will fucking beg for any pair of socks to take her. It is a fetish after much like yours for your sister." Stacy once again turned a deep red flush as her hidden love for her younger sister was played to light, praying that the girl being teased by