“You haven’t eaten yet, have you Love?” Tasha’s voice was heard for the first time since leaving the classroom, taking only a few moments to gather her things left upon the desk, take a quick glance at the passed out professor at her desk, and push it out of her mind to move on. Whatever happened, it was probably best Lexi didn’t know in the first place. She was quite sure a pair of animated socks that could animate other clothing was capable of some mind blowing things, and Mrs. Silverstone looked fine, at least. Before Lexi could pull her mind back to answer her Mistresses, they responded anyway. “We didn’t think so. Let’s go to the cafeteria.”

“I can just get food on the way home. There is a Wen-” Lexi suddenly found herself at a complete halt, a slightly embarrassing moment, as Lexi was among a crowd of commuting students, her sudden appearance of halting - seemingly for no reason at all - causing a few students behind her to nearly bump in to her. One of them, a man around the age of nineteen, passed her on the left, looking at her long enough to say while moving “Jesus. What where the hell you are going.”

Lexi starred down the man, acting as though she was the one that could animate clothing, but ultimately nothing came out of the stare. The man turned away from her and simply walked on, unabated by any clothing suddenly animating on his body. She hoped for something: Dropping his bag, his shoes untying and tripping him up, a sock not responding and cementing itself to the ground, causing a trip when the man tried to lift it to walk...anything. Yet nothing. Tasha simply let that slide, and for it, Lexi felt oddly hurt by this.

“Are you forgetful, Pet?” That title was starting to show a pattern, only being used when Tasha was upset. Any other time, it was just her name, or perhaps even ‘Love.’ That one perhaps being her most favorite. “We thought you said you learned your lesson, didn’t you?”

“Yes. You said you could…” Lexi was then made suddenly aware that she was talking aloud, and to everyone else, talking to herself. Immediately her face took on a deep red flush, envious of Tasha’s ability to speak telepathy. It was made even worse considering she had to finish this sentence aloud. In a desperate attempt to keep it as low as possible, Lexi tried to whisper it, barely audible even to herself. “...you could fuck me, any time, any where.”


“What was that? We’re sorry, maybe it’s because we are in this bag, but we didn’t hear that?” Lexi could sense sarcasm when she heard it, and this comment was drooling with it. She knew Tasha could hear her words quite clearly, as when speaking to her Mistresses, her voice would be crisp and clear as day...it’s just how their connection worked. Unlike the telepathy, this was two way as well. The crowd of people around here created the usual ‘buzz’ of noise of people talking amongst each other. It was not loud, but it was loud enough to hide a whisper. Still, Tasha, and indeed any clothing Tasha gave a voice to, always came to her mind crisp and clear, as if it could not be ignored, hampered, or interrupted in any way. “We don’t even think your shirt heard it, and they are the closest thing to your face.”

“Hmm? Oh! No. I heard nothing.” Chiming in, as if on queue. Lexi wasn’t surprised, animated clothing was under the control of the animator, that animator being Tasha. Of course the shirt would agree, doing otherwise would simply cause in the clothing losing its animation.

“Mistress, please...I do-”

“You don’t want to disobey us again. That is what you were about to say, right?” That angered voice interrupting the woman again. Lexi closed her eyes, and sighed. She repeated what she said earlier, saying it loud enough for those a few feet away from her could hear. “You could fuck me. Anytime, anywhere.”

The looks came in, and they came in in droves. From the shocked look, a large majority of the faces widening their eyes, and even covering their mouth with their hand as if something taboo was just said, and it was; to the perverted grin of those that enjoyed a dirty mind. This one ranged from typical person,  guy or girl, that enjoyed his memes far too much, to guy that loved anime far too much that it wasn’t healthy, to the occasional slut that probably fantasizes about what was just said. In the end, it didn’t matter, humiliation was achieved, and Lexi wished like hell she could just...disappear.

The laughter and comments didn’t just come from the people that heard her either. As Lexi started to walk, thanking God she was afforded that ability again, it came from every thing as well. “I wouldn’t mind slamming my sleeve down that pretty little mouth.” A female voice, Lexi unable to determine from what shirt nearby, and having no desire to look. Honestly forgetting it as a slew of other comments came forth. “If I could get off this guy’s legs, I’d pound that ass until it was raw.” Another voice lost in the plethora that invaded her mind.

Naturally, Lexi quickly turned direction from her car to the building housing the cafeteria. Lexi was first surprised that this wasn’t done by force by her shoes, socks, and jean shorts, but she was quick to determine why. Tasha could easily take over her body and do anything she wants, like a puppet. But what fun is a puppet? A puppet has no will, it is forced to do what is commanded of it, is dependant of its commander. No, it’s much more fun to watch someone who does have a will, feel it snap. The victory was all the sweeter when a person does as commanded by choice, instead of by force.

“Do I get a choice of what I get to eat?” She asked in a bit of a biting tone, only regretting it a few moments after finishing the sentence. She had to make a mental note to keep her sarcastic tendencies when upset or angered at a check, at least around Tasha and other clothing. “I mean..”

“Don’t apologize. We’d advise using caution when using that tongue of yours, but don’t stop using it all together. It isn’t fun when things don’t bite back. Like an easy win, it’s...unsatisfying.”


“Can I ask why we are here?”

“For more fun, of course. You need to lighten up, and enjoy it more.”

“I enjoy the fun, Mistress. I just wish the fun was...well...mostly socks.”


“Spoken as if she has a choice!” Tasha laughed rather poignantly. “It should be clear to you by now, darling. Just do what we want, and you will get all the fun you can imagine.” There was a moment of calmed silence as Tasha finished gathering her food, pulling out her card from her purse to pay for it, and proceeding to head to a table to eat.

It was at this moment that Tasha found herself not in control anymore. The girl was getting better at reacting to this already, avoiding losing balance and dropping her food from the sudden change in direction, and even managing to make it look rather natural in the process. Blue eyes adjusted to see where she was going, and noticed she was moving head onto a secluded table that was occupied by a single man, dressed in a simple deep blue T-shirt, jeans, and black sneakers. She watched as she witnessed those shoes already start to untie themselves of their own accord, and could see something moving at just about under the knee of the male. Lexi wanted to stop, but found that she couldn’t due to her clothes pushing her forward “M-mistress?”

“Know what we found out in the short time you’ve since you animated us, pet?” Tasha said rather coyly. “It’s that you humans get off so easily. It doesn’t matter who, or what, is doing it. If it feels good, you are ready to cum.”

“Wh-what do you-”

“Sure, that man wants a woman’s mouth around his dick, but in the end, having his underwear rub him in just the right spots, and the end result is the same. A rock hard cock.” Still Lexi found herself walking to the man’s table, noticing him focus less on his food, and more on what was happening to him, feeling an unexplainable, but at the same time wonderful feeling taking place in his pants. His brown eyes darting about in panic to make sure no one was witnessing his cock start to thicken, becoming more rigid. “We’ve also noticed how despite your lust for getting fucked, you are incredibly embarrassed by it. Look at him, pet. He’s clearly loving what his underwear is doing to his cock, squeezing and rubbing against his member to make it stand to attention, as it were. You’d think he wouldn’t give two fucks what is going on around him...yet he does. You’d also think he would not give two fucks as to what is giving him a hard on, only that he has one. Weird, isn’t it?”

“N-not really.” Lexi dared to reply, not focusing on her walking, or any attempts to stop walking, as she wasn’t in control of it anyway. “It’s called modesty. Sex is a fucking incredible feeling, yes. But it’s also messy, not something you want to proudly display.” When Lexi found that she wasn’t being forced to shut up, or any reprimands for speaking out of turn, Lexi continued. “People aren’t like me. They don’t know, or even expect, that their clothes can get them off. He might be enjoying it now, but that doesn’t mean he’d prefer the underwear you animated, over a woman.”


“Then let’s change his preferences.”



“Let’s show him what he is missing”

Lexi blushed a deep red then, by now finding herself a few steps away from the man’s table, his brown eyes eventually focusing on her, but his mind clearly elsewhere as his underwear continued to make that cock grow. “Mistress, please. I-”


“You are a lesbian. You don’t like cock. We know. We can animate your clothes after all.” Tasha said in a smug voice. “That is how we know that you at one point did suck cock, a boyfriend’s, at least until the breakup. Do you think we are that cruel?” Lexi sat down at the table, the man clearly in too much of a confused state to even say a greeting, or more likely, an attempt to say something to make her leave. “The only thing our pet will suck, is what we shove in her mouth.”


“You look preoccupied.” Lexi smiled to the man, watching as his hands flexed into fists then balled up again, only to repeat the process a few more times in an attempt to regain composure of himself. It was probably so stiff, it was becoming uncomfortable within those jeans. Lexi, having control of her body once again, leaned forward, placing her elbows upon the table, then proceeded to rest her chin upon them, watching the man intently.


“I-I’m…” A hard swallow from the man fidgeting in his seat as the action in his pants continued command his attention. Eventually he finished. “I’m fine. Who are you?”

“The woman at least partly involved for the raging hard-on you are having trouble keeping hidden right now.” She smiled softly, before adding “You should try not to leak either, it’s just going to get them more excited.”


“Your underwear.” Lexi offered a soft sigh, then rolled her eyes a bit, as if tired of explaining it. “Look. I get that it’s a bit hard to grasp and all, but it’s happening. See, my Mistress is curious.” Lexi bit her lip a bit, trying to find a way to explain this without insulting those red striped knee highs in the process. “They think that no matter what is causing a person to experience the joy of sex, the person is going to love it no matter what. I am saying that, while that may be true in the moment, it isn’t when it’s all said and done. Right?”

“What..what you do you mean?” For how the man was holding up with the raging boner in his pants, Lexi was rather surprised he could keep up with the conversation.

“I mean that while you are getting a blow job from your underwear, and you are clearly enjoying it,” Lexi smirked a bit, watching the man move in and out of focus, trying to hold on to the belief that his throbbing cock was not completely obvious to the girl sitting at his table. “It’s simply a ‘in the moment’ thing. When it’s all said and done, you had a wonderful experience, but you aren’t going to wake up every morning asking your underwear to suck you off. Right?”

“Who the fuck are you?” The man asked, shaking his head a bit, inhaling just a bit as the underwear in his pants pulled down on his boner, causing the cock to squeeze into to a tighter space, and causing the moment of pleasure to be a bit more painful than desired. It was enough to stop him from asking more questions, all of which she wasn’t really wanting to answer. Lexi could appreciate that this exact moment was a bit weird for the man, but at least he could appreciate that she didn’t want to sit here and spend an hour trying to explain everything from the beginning.


“Just a girl doing as her Mistress commands. You have a dorm on campus, right?” She smiled and winked, taking the quick nods of of the man’s head to suggest that he did. “Good. Then if Mistress doesn’t disagree, we should continue out our little experiment there. More clothes to use, and the like.” Much to Lexi’s surprise, Tasha didn’t disagree, as was evidenced by watching the man stand up when he clearly wasn’t expecting to stand up..a telltale sign that his clothes were doing the heavy lifting for him.

Lexi stood up as well, moving to grab the boy by his hand, as if a boyfriend and girlfriend together. It was more of a reassurance thing than anything. “Don’t worry. I’m quite certain you are going to love the fuck out of what’s coming next, even if you are left confused by it. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a subscriber to my fetish of living clothing as well.” a shrug “I mean, that is the experiment. My Mistress believes you will be hooked, I’m not so sure. We’ll see, either way, you will enjoy our time together. Perhaps a bit of an ego burst, when you find out They can do it so much better than you ever will be able to, but you’ll enjoy it nonetheless. What was your name?”

“R-Robert.” The man said, wanting once again to ask what the fuck was happening, but was stopped short as whatever was happening in his pants happened again, causing him to wince a bit in pain, only having looked down in time to see his length pitching a tent for all to see as he made the trek back to his dorm room.