There’s no better feeling at the end of the day than throwing off everything you have on and climbing into bed naked. The feeling of your body in between the covers, your warm skin hitting the cool air of your bedsheets and your feet, sliding underneath the covers.

So it was with me, at the end of this hectic and stressful week that I found myself removing every ounce of clothing I had and tossing it aside. I usually place it all in the respective laundry baskets at the foot of my bed, but tonight I just didn’t care as I flung my clothing every which way, not even caring where it fell.  

I removed my shirt, turning it inside out as I dropped it down at my feet. The pants were next. I unbuttoned them, feeling that freeing feeling as I shimmied out of them, stepping on one pant leg and then the other to free my legs. My underwear went next and they fell onto my shirt as I dropped them. Finally, my socks.

To be honest, I’ve always had a little thing for socks, especially a specific type of style. I’ve always liked the way they look when being worn by another guy and, to be honest, I also like feeling them up with my hands -- enjoying the feel of the soft, thick cotton as it’s manipulated inside my hands and the guys’ feet squirming inside his socked foot confinement as I pleasure his feet. Also, I always enjoyed my own socks’ escape from their confinement at the end of the day if only to have some fun with them afterwards. Alright, so I guess I have more than just a “little thing.” A fetish would be more precise. I guess you could say it’s a major fetish.

“OK boys, time to go,” I said as I lifted one leg and reached down. I hooked my thumb inside the cuff of my right leg, grabbing the bunched up fabric with my other fingers and swooped it off my foot and threw it up into the air. It flipped a couple of times, landing on the floor with a soft “plomp” where it came to rest right next to my pile of discarded clothing.

I always marvelled at the way a sock seems to retain the shape of your foot after you’ve taken it off; almost like it’s still longing to be worn and this is the only communication it has, mimicking your foot somehow. I slipped off the other sock, flipping it into the air and watched it too tumble down to the floor, coming to rest just on top of the other one.  

Naked now, I strolled down the hallway towards the kitchen. Here I was, master of my domain in all my glory, ambling down the hall.

“Living alone definitely has its benefits,” I said aloud as I entered the kitchen and pulled open the fridge. I poured myself some filtered water. I made sure to grab the biggest cup since I knew I wouldn’t be coming back for a while. The latest episode of one of my favorite shows was on soon and I didn’t want to miss it, let alone get up out of bed to refill my cup. I grabbed the cup and sipped as I padded my way back to the bedroom. The house was uncharacteristically warm for some reason so I made certain to turn on the central air on my way back to my bedroom, setting it to a cool temperature so I’d be comfortable under the covers.  

I set the cup down on my nightstand as I rolled back the covers. Climbing into bed, I just laid there for a few seconds letting the cool air flowing from the vents over my now exposed skin. It always made me slightly horny laying there all naked and open and tonight was no exception, but there was a show to watch and no time to relieve some pressure.

I picked up the remote and maneuvered to the program. I heard the familiar theme music as I laid myself back against my pillows, ready to enjoy the show. Suddenly, the screen went white and blank like a dry-erase whiteboard.

“Hey, what the fuck here?” I asked, slightly annoyed as I tapped angrily on the remote, trying to get the show back.

As I watched, black letters appeared one by one on the screen.

“m.a.k.e. a. w.i.s.h.” it spelled out slowly. I thought this was just some ad before the show, but then a microphone icon appeared. The green blob of an oval bounced in and out against the microphone, patiently waiting for me to say something. No matter which button I pressed on the remote, the screen wouldn’t go away. I was a little weirded out, after all this was the first time something like this has ever happened watching this particular show.

I stared at the TV for a few minutes with nothing happening and me becoming ever more frustrated at the situation. Finally, I threw the remote down while staring at the screen. I decided this must be some harmless ad and thought, “what the hell,” might as well play along, hoping it would go away and resume the show after I said something. After all, I’m all for living on the wild side. Besides, nothing’s gonna happen anyway, it’s a TV. I thought about what I could possibly wish, and then a very naughty thought came to mind as I saw my clothing sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed.

“I wish all of my socks could come to life and make me their slave,” I said out loud. Just saying the words was enough to make my cock bounce and harden imagining what that could be like.

The microphone disappeared as soon as I finished the sentence, and a green ball glowed brightly on the screen, almost too bright as I had to shield my eyes away. The glow enveloped my whole bedroom and then slowly, it dimmed and I found I could look up at the screen again.

“w.i.s.h. g.r.a.n.t.e.d.” the TV displayed, imitating the one letter typing from before. Did it actually recognize what I said?” I wondered inside my head. I know I had one of those voice recognition remotes, but I didn’t think ads were sophisticated enough to deduce that information.

“Wish granted?” I asked, staring incredulously. “Puh-lease!” I said, laughing audibly now. I’d have to find the maker of this ad, as they got me to buy into it completely. I was expecting some preview of a new show but instead, the screen slightly dimmed and returned me to the theme music and opening credits from the show.

I figured there was no harm done, and decided to continue watching. Strangely, I felt the room growing warmer despite the cold air flowing from the vents. It wasn’t out of the ordinary, but it made me take notice. I always kept my bedroom cool, and couldn’t stand it if it was too warm as I couldn’t sleep.

“Ah fuck!” I exclaimed, “That damn air conditioner must have reset itself!” I paused the show and threw the remote down on the bed, swinging my legs over the side of the mattress. As I stepped onto the floor, I noticed it was still relatively cool to the touch of my bare feet. “Huh,” I marvelled, “Must not have had time to warm up yet.”

As I got up and made my way over to the bedroom door to the hallway, I heard a very faint laugh; the kind someone makes when they’re playing a joke on someone that’s just too funny and a chuckle comes out.

I stopped and slowly turned around looking around the room cautiously, but couldn’t see anyone there. The windows were shut too, and I reasoned it was just my mind playing tricks on me. As I turned to go down the hallway to check the thermostat, I felt a soft touch graze against my exposed ass.

This time, I whirled around, sure I was gonna catch someone in the act, but still there was no one there.

“Is there someone there?” I asked the room, becoming a little nervous. I stood completely still and held my breath, straining to listen and hear the sound of anyone moving, or even breathing, but I heard nothing.

My heart was racing now. I looked up and down the hallway, into the adjoining bedrooms but I couldn't find anyone. I brisly walked down the hallway to the living room and stopped once again. Pausing to listen, I could almost feel my heartbeat in my ears, pounding out my anxiety and frustration.

“This isn’t funny!” I yelled to the dark, empty room. Looking around, I could see everything was as I had left it. Even the lock to the front door was still flipped and the door shut tight. I made my way over to the balcony to examine the patio door, careful to keep myself hidden behind the curtains. It too was locked shut. It was just me in here. Then where the hell did that noise come from? I pondered to myself.

As I turned back toward the hallway, I was immediately stopped in my tracks. A lone sock was sitting in the entrance to the hallway, eerily illuminated on the floor. It was laying just as if I’d taken it off moments before, but I knew that all my socks were either in my laundry baskets at the foot of my bed or sitting on a crumpled pile of clothing close by. I couldn’t comprehend what was happening. I know that I hadn’t just slipped them off in the living room/ hallway area when I’d gotten in that night. Also, this was also the first time I had gotten out of bed since I removed them and I know I hadn’t picked it up and taken it with me.

I thought about the strange happenings with the TV and the wish, but quickly reasoned that this shit couldn’t actually be real. No way could it be, right? Socks -- and clothing in general -- just can’t move by itself, not even if you do make some crazy wish. Nevertheless, here lying at the entrance of the hallway was a sock where it definitely should not have been and I had no explanation for it. If this was the one I had just taken off minutes ago, but I noticed it was turned right side out when I specifically remember it coming off my foot inside out as the sock’s fabric had clung to my sweaty foot coming off.

I walked over slowly and bent down to look at it. Tentatively, I reached out my index finger and poked at it sheepishly, but it only moved under my own power, sliding proportionate to the poke I’d administered.

“Chase, you’ve gotta get a grip on shit man,” I said aloud, admonishing myself for playing into the fantasy being created in my head. “It’s nothing but your sock. You just didn’t realize where you left it,” I said to myself, trying to calm my nerves.

I stooped down, picked up the sock, and walked back to my bedroom. As I entered my bedroom, I was immediately hit by a warm blast of air. I staggered back a couple steps, overcome by the heat in the bedroom. I know I turned the air on! I thought to myself. I looked back at the thermostat and noticed it still read a cool 69 degrees. But it was much too warm in my room for that to be true. I tried to comprehend what was happening and that’s when I felt it.

Soft fabric was rubbing itself against my arm hair. I looked down, only to see the sock I was holding in my left hand had started coiling itself around my wrist and I gasped.

“Gah!” What the fuck?!” I yelled as I dropped the sock, yanking my arm away like I’d just touched something disgusting. As I looked at it on the floor, it continued to wiggle all by itself. It writhed and undulated, its fabric puffing out until it eventually took the shape of it encasing an actual foot. It stretched its toes and rose up on its sole, almost as if it was getting used to the feeling of moving on its own for the first time. I continued staring unblinking as my crew sock seemingly got used to the idea of moving under its own power.

Tentatively, it rose up into the air, mimicking a walking motion as it stepped forward onto the floor, rolling its foot whereupon the heel would rise up again and the leg section pointed right at me. It was unnerving seeing the leg filled out but being able to see all the way down inside. It walked itself the few steps over to where I was standing and started rubbing its leg section softly and slowly against my leg as I continued watching, nervous and anxious.

“Get away from me!” I yelled, kicking the sock away with my foot. It slid a couple of feet away from me and then came to a stop, still facing me. It started tapping its toe on the ground as if impatient with something and I watched its hesitation, unsure if I should fight it or run away.

I began to notice movement out of the corner of my eye and as I turned my head to look to see what it was, I was met with a face full of white fabric. I jerked my head away only to see another one of my crew socks hovering in midair and filled out to the same proportions as the sock on the ground in front of me only this one inches from my face and levitating in midair. Instinct took over, and I bolted out of the room down the hallway.

“Help! Someone, please help me -yaahhh!!!” I screamed as I felt fabric coiling around my ankles which yanked my legs backwards out from under me. I tipped forward, my body weight ensuring I landed with a thud on the floor and I felt a powerful tug dragging me backward as the fabric wrapped tighter around my ankles. As I tried to turn my head and back to look and see what happened, I felt myself being dragged back down the hallway toward my bedroom, my skin sticking and sliding against the hardwood floor. I turned around enough to see a crew sock wrapped around each ankle. The hollow cuffs were puffed out, facing the direction in which we were moving as I was pulled back into my bedroom.

I tried to kick my legs to free them from my socks’ stranglehold on my ankles, but the fabric held them in place tightly and I found I could no longer move my legs. I tried to sit up and reach down, when out of nowhere like a blur another pair flew down, wrapping themselves around my wrists, pulling my arms back up above my head and holding them in place too. The soft fabric slid against my skin and I shivered as I squirmed and bucked my hips. I tried to fight but it was no use. My socks’ hold on me couldn’t be fought off. As I was forcibly brought into my bedroom, I looked around and saw something even more frightening.

It looked like every pair of socks I owned was standing on a surface or hovering in midair. Almost like they were awaiting my return. I saw clean white no-show socks from my dresser in pairs hovering next to each other, dirty black nylon dress socks standing on my bed, and most proliferous, my white crew socks all over the place. Each pair was greedily rubbing against each other while singles wiggled their toes and faced me as I glided by; all of them filled out like some invisible foot model . A single sock would graze my skin with their toes, sending shivers down my naked body while I attempted to move myself away from their touch, still unsure of what was happening.

“I’m dreaming. I smacked my head against the floor, instead of watching the show, and this is all a dream, I’m passed out” I kept repeating to myself over and over. “Any minute now you’ll snap out of this and wake up.”

“Wake up!” I yelled at myself. Only I was still here, still restrained by my socks as they lowered me onto the bed, my arms and legs spread wide open as they held my limbs out to the sides. Every detail was so vivid. I looked at my nightstand lamp, and the light hurt my eyes so much that I had to turn my gaze away, blinking against the brightness. I could feel the fabric of my socks still running against my wrists and ankles as they continued sliding their soft fabric against my skin.

“This has to be a dream. There’s no way this is real!” I screamed out to my empty apartment. As if in answer, a single black dress sock jumped up off the mattress and dove down toward my thigh. It stroked itself against my skin as I felt the silky, thin, familiar fabric of the sock running its hollow toes around lightly against my leg hair. I watched as it drew circles on my thigh with its toes while the leg opening stayed motionless in midair. It hovered just above my knee as the foot section of the sock traced lazy circles against my skin with its toes. It all felt so real, like all this is actually happening.  

I marveled at how real it all felt, almost like there was some invisible foot inside the sock. I could feel toenails dragging against my skin underneath the fabric, and watched as the fabric bunched up as it slid against me.  

More and more socks jumped down onto the mattress or levitated themselves down and stood around me. A few slid up on either side and started poking my sides with their toes, almost like they were testing the waters to see how far they could go. I twisted my torso away from one, only to push my side right up against another standing on my other side. It proceeded to rub and press the side of itself against me, and I’d instinctively retreat, only to push myself against another one on my other side.

I could see one pair of my white Nike crews hovering really close to my feet. As I watched, they upended themselves and the leg openings expanded. They hovered closer and started sliding themselves on my bare feet, effortlessly inching their way over my skin, swallowing my feet inside their soft fabric. It was the weirdest feeling, watching my socks sliding onto my feet all by themselves. The constricting fabric moving without any hindrance as they continued situating themselves in place. They held my legs tight inside their fabric, and suctioned to every bump and curve of my foot; the soft white fabric holding my feet tightly inside.

Once they’d fully put themselves on me, they proceeded to press themselves into my feet at various points. It almost felt like a set of hands on each foot pressing in a thumb on the ball of my foot, digging in with fingers between my toes as the fabric undulated and caressed my feet in a very loving way. I could see the fabric shifting against my feet as each sock worked itself in between my toes or made wave-like motions down the bottoms of my feet.

“Ohhhh… god,” I exhaled breathlessly as I felt the intense foot massage given to me by my living socks starting to overpower my senses. The sensations I now felt were so real, so perfectly directed that it was as if my socks knew exactly where and just exactly how forceful I liked to be touched. I couldn’t help it, but I felt myself starting to get slightly aroused at the attention. My dick also started to betray my struggle as it was pumped full of blood, sticking up slightly off my stomach as it hardened a little.

A black, nylon dress sock which had been grazing its hollow toes lightly against the side of my pelvis rose up into the air and stepped down onto my growing erection. I gasped as I felt the thin fabric pressing down on me and watched in awe as the hollow fabric foot ever so gently applied its phantom weight down on my dick, forcing it back down against my chest. It slowly rubbed back and forth, alternating its motion by also moving up and down in circles, My cock responded by pressing back into it involuntarily.

My breath was coming in short, spastic breaths as I was treated to a gentle, ghostly sockjob from my living dress sock while my nike athletic crews continued their soft, cottony assault on my feet they were encasing. I couldn’t help but moan out load as the sensations overtook me all at once.

“Unngghh...fuck yeah…” I said, panting as I humped slightly against the sock on my cock. As I lifted my hips and pressed my hardening cock against the thin fabric, it pressed back down, moving the warm fabric of the bottom of its hollow shape back and forth and up and down against my shaft. If this was a dream, I didn’t want to wake up until this was over and I’d came. It was definitely one of the craziest wet dreams I’d ever had. I must have been super horned up over my socks tonight for some reason. Granted, it had been a while since I’d had some fun like this with another guy, and I figured this must have been my subconscious having some fun while I slept.

I lifted my head to watch my sock continue on with its sensual rubbing and as I did so, a few more pairs close to my legs hovered up into the air and proceeded to slide their soft fabric against my legs. The combination of the thick white fabric of my athletic socks and thin, silky fabric of my dress socks rubbing, pressing, and poking themselves into my body made me quiver. The feeling of them working me over combined with the ghostly sockjob and ethereal foot massage from the socks that had put themselves on me was making quick work of any resistance I’d had thus far. I knew that if this continued on much longer, I wouldn’t be able to hold back my growing lust and eventual orgasm.

Suddenly, all activity ceased, and I watched as each sock retreated to hover just inches from my body.

“Hey, what gives?” I asked, trying to maneuver myself back into their embrace, but I was still bound inside my sock captors on my wrists and ankles and couldn’t move much in any direction. Even the socks on my feet held my legs down immovable on the mattress.

As I continued looking around, I noticed a pair of my gym socks launch off the bed and fly towards my head. I shrank back against the pillow, but they stopped inches from my face. I could see the outlines of my toes, the fabric slightly darker where my sweat had stained them, and then it hit me.

There was a slight odor coming from them and I sniffed at the air, my dick jumping slightly as I did so. I instantly wanted them against my face and they must have sensed this, for they lowered down and lightly dragged their fabric on my face. The toes wiggling slightly as they moved back and forth, forcing me to sniff them. The feeling of a phantom foot inside was unmistakable as it pressed down slightly.

As I breathed in, my cock shot to full attention and the dark dress sock that had been massaging me earlier returned with full force, alternating rubbing the top and bottom of its foot against my now rock hard cock as it hovered above my crotch in midair. I continued to sniff the sock at my face greedily as I humped against the sock on my dick once again. The socks on my feet resumed their expert massage as well.

“Yeahhh...sniff me..” I heard a voice echo into my empty bedroom. I shot my head up to look around, instantly embarrassed and overcome with fear that someone else could be in the room with me. That’s when the socks at my face moved with lightning speed. One slid up to cover my eyes and shoved my head back down onto the pillow while the other planted center on my face, right over my nose and mouth.

“Who’s there!?” I asked, panicking; my voice slightly muffled from the sock pressing down on my mouth. I tried to move out from under the sock covering my eyes to see, but it held my head down and I was unable to move away from it. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I knew my face have been at least five different shades of red as I imagined someone in the room, watching this happening and me, enjoying every minute of it. It was so embarrassing.

“Relax, it’s just us,” the same voice said, filling the room. My hot, quick breath heated up the fabric of the gym sock on my nose and mouth which only made its scent grow stronger.

“Wh-who’s ‘us?’” I asked, my voice almost a whisper as fear overtook me.

“Your socks, who else?” the calm voice responded back.

This can’t be real. I mean, I am dreaming! I shouted at myself in my head.

“Chase, this is real. You’re not dreaming,” the soothing voice said.

I couldn’t handle this, it was almost as if these...things could read my thoughts. I started thrashing about, trying to buck my socks off my body only to feel multiple ropes of fabric wrapping themselves around me. I felt what must have been several different pairs of socks around my arms, biceps, thighs and legs as they constricted, holding me down and completely immobilizing me. I was breathing heavy and still unable to see what was happening thanks to the sock still standing on my eyes and blocking my vision. That’s when I had a terrible thought. If this was a dream, I would have woken up by now as I was now in trouble.

“Oh for fuck’s sake Chase!” the voice said again, growing slightly agitated. “You’re not in trouble! But you may indeed be in trouble if you continue to fight us like this,” the voice said as it lowered to a threatening whisper. It sounded like it was right in my ear and I stopped thrashing around immediately and laid still, humbled and terrorized by the voice. In truth, it was so frightening that I wouldn’t have been able to fight against them any longer if I’d tried. I was terrified of this now. What had been a few minutes of intense pleasure had quickly shifted into a horror movie.

“N-no…this is...” I stammered. “Clothing can’t just...come to life! Clothing can’t talk!” I said as I found myself trying to make sense of things.

“It can...if you wish it to be so,” the voice said pleasantly. “Don’t you remember?” My heart dropped.

I must have gone as pale as a ghost. What had been just an errant wish not ten minutes ago had turned into full-fledged reality.

“I--I’m not...dreaming, am I?” I asked, sheepishly but still on some level not being able to come to terms with the fact that this was actually happening.

“Well...there are a few different ways to answer that,” the voice said. “But right now? No, you’re not dreaming,” the voice responded. It maintained a calm demeanor in its tone, and the soothing timbre was slowly helping me to find my own voice once again despite what was happening. “Are you telling us that you don’t enjoy this?” The voice asked as the sock pressed down on my nose, tilting it in one direction.

As it finished its sentence, every piece of living fabric in my room made contact with my body all at once and I felt a jolt of desire hit my body. The socks on my feet contracted as the dress sock on my cock -- still rock hard for some reason -- pressed its arch lightly up against it while the fabric at my face pressed down, filling my head with its scent as it moved slowly from side to side. It mashed my face as I inhaled at the shock hitting my body and I got a head full of its aroma.

“I--I don’t know what to think,” I said, inhaling once again the scent from the sock pressed down on my nose made hot and powerful from my quick breath against its fabric.   

“Then stop thinking and start doing what you’ve been wanting to do,” the voice whispered seductively and powerfully in my ear.

Another jolt of desire rolled through my body, and I felt my cock twitch as the mate to the dress sock on my cock joined up and started rubbing against me more forcibly. The two socks took my dick between them, alternating rubbing up and down my shaft with their arches and encircling me with their fabric toes.

I inhaled again, in surprise as much as in desire, and the scent of my gym sock filled my head once again, slowly breaking down my mental barriers. I inhaled again as it started pressing more forcibly against my face.

I still wasn’t quite sure what was happening, but my socks didn’t seem to want to hurt me at all. Indeed, every action they took was directed at my wants and desires, and I was finding it hard to continue to fight back against the onslaught of pleasure being forced upon me. The things said as well seemed to be bent on my pleasure, and I found myself drawn in to their seductive vocalizations. I found I almost wanted to please them, as much as they wanted to please me.

“Yes, Chase, give in to us,” the voice surrounding me purred. “You’ve always wanted this, haven’t you?”

“Oh, yes I do. Yes, I have,” I breathlessly exclaimed, still sniffing the sock on my face as the other pairs of gym socks, dress socks, and the others continued to work my body in ways I’d never imagined.

“Yes, what?” The voice asked. The action my living socks had been directing against me subsided slightly. I humped against air, feeling nothing against my cock as I desperately tried to get the feeling back.

“Yes, I do! Please don’t stop!” I yelled into the air. The sock at my face also retreated and I was left sniffing the cool air of my apartment.

Instantly I knew. But I couldn’t bring myself to say it. These were my socks, of all things. How did I get to be in this position? I sniffed greedily at the air surrounding my face, moving my head back and forth as much as the sock still covering my eyes would allow, but nothing registered. No smell, no touch, no sensual embrace. I realized that if I was to continue receiving this pleasure I’d been feeling, I’d have to say it.  

“Yes….sir” I said, feeling my body collapse onto the bed. I’d been beaten. I’d been humiliated, but I couldn’t help but want the action to continue. As soon as I’d said it, I felt the sock press back down against my face as the others continued to press themselves against my body. The feeling of the cotton was so direct, so concentrated that I could focus on nothing else. My cock jumped as the two black, dress socks encircled my cock once again and I knew I had said something that pleased them.

“That’s a goooooood boy,” the voice said, echoing inside my head as my sweaty gym sock returned to my face. “You are our property now. Aren’t you?” it asked as it pressed down into my face more forcibly than it ever had before.

“Yes, I am yours,” I whispered back as my breath continued to heat up the fabric.

“C’mon Chase, show us how good a boy you can be,” the voice whispered into my ear, every word oozing with sexual appetite. “Show us how much you want to please us. Show us how much you love us.”

I stuck my tongue out then, dragging it against the soft, white cotton fabric of my gym sock moving itself back and forth across my face.I could think of no other action I was capable of at this point, or one that would have satisfied them other than this. I could taste the sweat on its fabric as I moaned, humping into my dress socks tightly encasing my cock. The Nike socks on my feet made no hesitation either as they continued their massage, pressing deep into all my pressure points on my feet. It didn’t take long to make me helpless and compliant in the face of such a force.

“Yes, Chase…we own you now” the voice said seductively as the sock on my face seemed to vibrate, stepping more aggressively against my nose and mouth as it stomped itself against my face.

“Mmm...fuck yeah, own me,” I moaned as I gave in and enjoyed this new, forceful attitude.

The socks on my cock picked up their rubbing action, and I knew my orgasm couldn’t be far off if they continued like this.

I had given myself wholly over to my now living sock captors. I couldn’t be sure this was or wasn’t a dream, but if it was, I didn’t want it to end. The pleasure I was feeling was too intense, too masterfully directed to be some kind of dream. If this was reality, I could live with this, I reasoned. After all, they were right. Wasn’t this what I’d wished for initially? For my socks to make me their slave? This wish had become the living embodiment of my fantasy, and I couldn’t stop where it was headed now that it was in full swing.

I bucked my hips faster against the socks encasing my cock, and they responded by gripping me tighter inside their arches. Their hollow, thin, fabric toes encircled around my shaft as I pumped greedily at the desire they too seemed to be mirroring. The sweaty gym sock at my face was joined by its mate as it slid down off my eyes and allowed me to see what was happening.

“Yeah Chase, sniff us! Fuck us, Boy!” the voice at my ear commanded loudly. It almost sounded like it was coming from everywhere now, echoing throughout my apartment. I couldn’t hold back anymore. The voice was so strong in its tone that it caused me to go weak, forcing me to surrender myself completely to the will of my socks come to life.

I could feel it building inside me as my socks kept up their assault. The tightness surrounding my body intensified as I tried to pull my arms and legs close into myself. I found though that I was still restricted in any movement by my sock captors, but I found I didn’t really care anymore. I thrust my hard cock in between the arches of my dress socks, feeling the silky smooth fabric bunching and tightening around my cock. I sniffed hungrily at the gym sock pressing itself against my face, inhaling its scent as I fucked my socks. My Nike crews that had slipped themselves onto my feet were really going at it, pressing into my feet forcibly as my other socks had their way with me. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

As I bucked a final time, I felt my cum shoot out into the air forcibly. Several pairs came to rest against me as my entire body spasmed, continually shooting ropes and ropes onto their fabric. They rubbed against my pelvis and stomach, absorbing every drop they’d forced from my body.

“Good boy, Chase,” the sock on my face said as it stepped off me, standing on the mattress next to where I lie. “Good boy indeed...”

I found myself suddenly drowsy, as I grabbed at the covers, pulling them up to my chin as I cuddled up underneath them.

“That was…” I couldn’t finish the sentence, my whole body spent from the exertion.

“Amazing, right?” My gym socks said, finishing my sentence and removing themselves from my face and eyes. “Go to sleep now, you’ve earned some rest. In the morning, we’ll discuss some more details.”

I was too tired to register their words and I felt my eyelids grow increasingly heavy, the orgasm taking its usual toll on my activity level. I fell into a deep sleep laying naked on top of my covers, exhausted from the recent activity...

* * *

They waited until Chase was in a deep sleep, snoring contentedly on his bed, his naked body still exposed. The gym sock that had been on Chase’s face earlier got up off the floor, filling out to shape once again and jumped up on the bed softly to see how deep into his sleep he was. Once it had determined he was fast asleep, it summoned the others.

“Alright, it’s safe everyone,” the sock whispered to the empty space, jumping back off the bed and onto the floor. As it did so, all around the room Chase’s socks once again started moving, slowly coming back to life and being careful to not make any noise in case he woke up.

“Do you think he suspected anything?” one of Chase’s white no-show socks asked, jumping out of a dresser drawer and landing softly on the hardwood floor. It tiptoed across the floor, coming to rest next to the others which had assembled around one sock in particular.

“It didn’t appear that he did,” the sock leader said. “He was a very good boy, in the end. But, we have to escalate things if he’s to be ready to do exactly what we need.”

“Can I wear him next time?” a black, thin dress socked asked. “You two got to hog him all night, it was no fair,” it said, moving its toes in the direction of the two socks that had put themselves on his feet earlier.

“There will be a time for all of us to wear him whenever we want, I guarantee it,” the sock leader said, slowly looking at every sock gathered around in the vicinity. “We have to accomplish our task first though, otherwise management will not be happy; do you all remember what it is?” All the socks expressed agreement and confirmation.

“He was much more compliant than management initially thought he would be. He even agreed to be owned by us which was our first task! But tomorrow,” it continued, “we amp it up, as instructed. Now, back to positions everyone!” One by one, the socks walked themselves back over to where they had come from, deflating and looking like completely normal, non-living articles of clothing. Chase had no idea what had transpired while he slept, but he heard voices through his dreams. He had no idea, but his life was about to be changed forever.