I was in the master bath brushing my teeth, getting ready for work while my girlfriend was getting dressed in the bedroom.

“OMIGAWD!! These things are, like, soooo wonderful!” I heard her shout.

“Wha..?” I yelled back -- my brow furrowing -- my mouth full of toothbrush and paste. I listened but didn’t hear her say anything. Typical, I thought. I’ll just wait until she says something.

“Austin! You just have to come feel these.” She responded.

I spat out my toothpaste and kept brushing. If she was gonna take her sweet time telling me what’s up, I would do that same.

“AUSTIN! Come here now!” She demanded.

“Fahn, Ah’m Cahmahng!” I yelled back in frustration, my mouth full of paste again. Leave it to her to ruin the only time I had to myself in the morning.

I spat out the rest and rinsed my mouth. Drying off, I rounded the corner into our bedroom, and stopped dead. There was my girl, legs up in the air, lying on her back on the bed, rubbing her legs together. I’d never seen her do such a sexy thing in my life.

“Damn babe, why didn’t you tell me what you were doing in here? I would’ve been here in a flash.”

Her legs bent at the knees, and she gave me a disapproving look to the side. “Of course you would. That’s all you think about,” she said, a little sarcastically.

“Well, when you don’t put out, it’s hard not to think about it, you know? Hard??” I prodded emphatically.

“Just shut up and feel these. They’re a-maze-balls!” she cooed back at me. Normally she would have been yelling at me for bringing up sex, but she was being super cool, and I didn’t want to spoil it. I walked over and held out a hand to her leg.

Just before I made contact with the nylons, a spark of static electricity hit my finger and I backed up fast. It was big, and slightly painful.

“Ow! Shit!”

“Oh just stop you big baby,” she said, mockingly, “you and those damn sensitive socked feet on the carpet. Touch them now, since all the static is gone.”

I was still a little pissed from the shock. I sucked my finger a little, to reduce the feeling and reached out to touch her nylons again. I pushed my index finger against them, and felt the smoothest nylon fabric I’d ever felt in my life. I pressed my other fingers against her leg and ran them up and down her calf, feeling the silky thin fabric as it met my fingers and palm. It was the most intense feeling I’d had in a long time. I couldn’t describe it, but I kept wanting to touch them.

I brought my other hand up onto her other calf and slowly ran my fingers over the fabric of her other leg. I synced my hands, rubbing and poking her calves up and down. I was getting lost in the sensation of the fabric and its feel against my fingers. I started to move as if I didn’t have a choice, like my own body was betraying me to these new sensations. My head bent down, and I ran my freshly shaved cheek against her calf, feeling her muscle tighten against my touch. The best part was feeling that smooth fabric sliding and catching ever so slightly against the last remaining stubble of my face.

“HAhaha, stop Austin, that tickles!” she yelled, pulling her legs away. “And why were you rubbing your face on my legs? That’s gross Austin.Creeper.” My hands drifted into the air and after her legs, but I regained control of myself and pulled them to my sides. I didn’t care how it happened, but at some point, I had to feel them again. Sometime soon.

“Aren’t they great!? Oh Austin I could wear these all day.” She said. “I need to get, like, ten more pairs.”

“Fine by me,” I said.

“REALLY!?!? She shrieked, her voice rising at least three octaves. “You’d let me buy more? Oh, honey I love you so much! You’re the best boyfriend ever!”

“As long as it means I get to touch you more,” I said to her, smirking.

“We’ll see hornball…Just don’t do that again with your face. That was super gross” she said, trailing off as she got off the bed and continued getting ready for work, irritation slightly clouding her voice.

I snapped back to reality. I could still feel my heart pounding in my chest from the excitement. I was about to open the drawer, and touch the nylons again. Those nylons that I’d fantasized about for the past week. I don’t know what it was about these things, but I just wanted to feel them – to run the fabric through my fingers, feeling their silky thin smoothness touching my skin in such a soft and gentle way, and making their way down to my crotch where they’d...Yeah, enough of that. It’s time to get busy with these things.

I slowly slid open the drawer and looked inside. There they were, right on top. A knot formed in the pit of my stomach and I gulped, wondering what would happen if she were to walk in right now. The nervous feeling soon passed as I continued to stare at the nylons. Again, it felt like I was operating on autopilot. I reached into the drawer and grabbed the nylons, touching them a second time. For some reason, it was almost better this time around with no one wearing them. It was just me and them, and nothing was going to stop me this time from fully enjoying them.

I spun the fabric around, intertwining it with my fingers. I rubbed it along my arms, feeling the light fabric tickling my arm hair. I let out a little chuckle as I felt the fabric smoothly running over my face, catching on my stubble again. I could still smell my girlfriend on them, which caused a little stir inside my pants. She must have worn these and put them back in the drawer, I thought to myself, incredulously. She never does anything like that.

I closed my eyes, tightening my grip on the nylons. Briefly, I wondered what it would feel like to…but no, I couldn’t actually put them on.  I don’t even know where that idea came from in the first place.

But…the idea persisted, invading my brain. With each stroke of the smooth fabric, each finger intertwining the thin material, I felt myself get weaker and rationalizing in my head. What would it hurt, really? There’s no one here, and my girlfriend won’t be home for another couple hours. What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her, right? I carefully, worshipfully set the nylons down onto the top of the dresser and slid off my gym shorts and underwear, leaving my lower half completely exposed. I decided to slip my shirt off too, so that I could fully enjoy this feeling.

I noticed myself becoming seven more hard in anticipation of having the thin fabric brushing against my growing erection.

I imagined it would feel like jacking off into those thin, sheer dress socks my girlfriend made me buy. She thought I’d look cute in them, but I thought they were pantyhose for men. However, the first time I slipped them on, I was so hard it was tough to hide it in the department store and I almost came without even touching myself. I bought them without a second thought. That same night, I’d jacked off with one slipped onto my dick, and it was the most intense feeling I’d ever felt. The smooth fabric almost felt like it was rubbing itself against my hard-on as I moved the sock up and down, and I soaked the shit out of the thing with my cum. It was so bad I had to do laundry the next day for fear of her finding out I’d done something like that.

Lying back on the bed with the nylons curled around my hands, I rubbed the fabric over my body, starting with my chest. The thin, silky soft fabric touching my nipples, rubbing across my abs and back up again was making me horny with desire. I panted as I rubbed the fabric around my chest and body, circling it around my rock hard erection and tightly wrapping them up around it. I grabbed my cock with the fabric wrapped tightly around it and started to stroke my hard shaft up and down. I could feel an intense orgasm already building and I had to stop, or I’d cum right then and there. She wasn’t kidding – these things were “a-maze-balls.” I had to wear them -- If they could have spoken to me, I’d swear all they’d be doing is begging me to put them on.

I sat up and, maneuvering the nylons around, slid my right foot into the leg opening. Instantly, I could feel the same feeling of compression enveloping my foot as my sheer dress socks made against my limbs. Drawing the fabric up my leg, I was immediately turned on by how tight it felt against my skin, and by how much it tickled my leg hair as it went up. I stuck my other foot into the left side, pulling it up towards my pelvis. Once the left side was in place, I pulled the right side up to meet it, and settled the fabric in place around my pelvis. I made sure to leave extra room for my now hard cock, jutting out and tenting the nylons dramatically. I continued to run my fingers over my legs as I rubbed them together.

“It’s no wonder women like this feeling – I could get used to it myself,” I said aloud to the empty room as I raked my fingers up and down the nylons that were fitted tight against my legs. I was getting even more and more turned on and grabbed my dick inside the nylons tight. A little bit of precum leaked out, soaking the fabric touching the tip of the cock.

“Shit! Now I have to wash them,” I said, slightly dismayed.  

Suddenly, my legs shot out to the sides, leaving me spread eagled on the bed.

“Hey what the fuck!?” I yelled out, surprised by the sudden movement that was definitely not my own. I tried to move my legs back together, but they were completely stuck in place. I frantically tried to move them, but it was as if the nylons themselves were holding me in place. It felt like the compression got tighter, and I could feel what felt like hands grabbing onto my ankles, restraining me in place.

“What the hell is happening,” I asked, sitting up and trying to roll the nylons back down my legs. I pushed with all I had in me, but the fabric wouldn’t budge. I started to breathe faster, panicking at the thought of what was happening. I grabbed the headboard with both hands and tried to pull myself up towards the pillows, but no matter which way I pulled, no matter how much I tried to move, my legs were held motionless on the bed by my girlfriend’s nylons seemingly come to life.

A sharp feeling flew up my left foot, from the heel to the sole, and I immediately tried to twist away from the touch, my back arching up off the bed. I looked down, only to see nothing. This was driving me crazy. What is happened here? Why can’t I move my legs? I thought to myself. I started to really panic.

The same sharp feeling flew up my right foot, and I instinctually bent my waist to the right, trying to escape whatever touch was assaulting me.

“Please, whatever is happening, stop!” I pleaded with the empty room. I don’t know how long I laid there in silence, trying to listen for something, anything that would tell me I’m not going crazy – but not a sound was made in the whole house. I could hear the large clock downstairs slowly ticking away the seconds. Seconds turned into minutes which felt like hours to my restrained body and mind.

Suddenly the stroking on my feet renewed in full force. It felt like someone was dragging their fingers deep into my feet, up and down from my heels to my soles. I thrashed around on the bed like madman, howling and laughing. You see, my feet are my most ticklish part of my body, and I can’t stand any sort of attention to them. I can’t even walk around barefoot; but someone, or some-thing, new exactly how to reduce me to a quivering mass of man meat.

“Sto-hah-haha-hahp! It ti-hi-hi-hicles! Stop tickling my fe-hee-heeet! Please!

The lightness of the touch never wavered. What felt like long fingernails were constantly digging in softly, lightly dragging themselves over my sensitive feet.

While this was happening, my cock had become rock hard and the mere friction of the nylon fabric running across it was mind-numbingly edging me, driving my pulsating, sensitive rod closer and closer to orgasm. I looked down at it when I could, only to see the tip drenching the nylons in my precum which only served to intensify the feelings I was experiencing.

Tears started streaking down my face, as this tickle assault finally started to break me into submission. I didn’t know who, or what was behind this force, but it was strong. Never in my life had I felt so helpless and no person, or object, had ever tickled me as much as these phantom nylon fingers were doing to my feet.

Finally, the sensations stopped, and my shivering body couldn’t comprehend the stillness and silence that once again enveloped my bedroom. My aching cock begged to be milked, but I was so exhausted, I was incapable of even moving an arm to try and touch it to give it the relief it needed.

As I lay there, trying to catch my breath, I felt slow, sensual waves of fabric rolling from my feet up my legs and into my pelvis. These were constant, and after the tickle torture I’d just endured, felt like heaven. I tried to grind my hips around in order to get some friction against my still-leaking hard-on, but I was still held tightly in place by what I could only assume were the nylons. There just was no other explanation for it. I don’t know how it happened, but they must have wanted me to touch them -- to put them on. I had a feeling they were waiting for this.

Just then, a drawer opening in the dresser broke me free of my wandering mind, and I was brought back down to the reality of the situation. I stared in horror as the drawer slowly opened on its own, and out popped the waist of a pair of my girlfriend’s trunk lace-trimmed panties. I watched wide-eyed as they flew up into the air and started hovering towards me.

They started puffing out, almost as if they were being slid up invisible, sexy, voluptuous legs. A pair of legs – I noticed – that surprisingly resembled my girlfriend’s. I was suddenly curious; after all, what could a pair of panties do that was as crazy as getting tickle-tortured by a pair of nylons that had somehow seduced you into putting them on?

The panties continued to hover closer and closer, until they were inches from my face. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. The way they were filled out, every curve and every bump and groove was as if an invisible form of my girlfriend was wearing them. I finally noticed that they were a pair that I had picked up once while trying to be sexy and spontaneous, as she was always asking me to be. She’d taken one look at them and flung them back in the bag, wondering why I thought she was such a cheap slut, insulting me even further. I thought they looked nice, and seeing them filled out as if to her shape, I thought they looked even better than on the mannequin in the store. I would have been proud for her to wear them.

As I was surveying the panties hovering inches from my face, the nylons I was wearing started to tighten up on my dick. A strong gasp escaped my mouth as I could feel the thin fabric molding itself to my cock, and out of the corner of my eye watched as it shrunk to my form. Again, waves of fabric rustled down my shaft, and I instinctively thrust my hips up into the feeling of it. Whoa, I could move my hips I thought. I tried to see what else I could move, but it turned out that I could only move my hips – and my arms.

Discovering this new-found freedom, my mind went back to the living underwear hovering in front of my face. I had an irresistible urge to touch them. I reached my hand up and my fingers made contact with the lace trim. If I hadn’t have known better, I’d swear it felt like they pressed themselves into my hand, begging for my touch. This reaction gave me the confidence to be bold and explore more forcefully. After all, this had to be some type of dream I was having. This couldn’t be real, I’d surmised. Clothing doesn’t just come to life. Clothing can’t come to life. They’re just clothes! It didn’t make any sense. Now convinced that this wasn’t real, I decided to take full advantage of this magnificent daydream and have some fun with it while it lasted.

I reached up and grabbed the hips of the panties with both hands, and pulled them into my face. My tongue escaped my mouth and started licking up and down, flicking around in between the pussy lips made by the lace fabric. They seemed to enjoy this just as much as I was, since they were pressing themselves into my face, and I was pressing right back. The panties felt like they were humping my face, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it felt like there was someone wearing them. In fact, if I closed my eyes, I could imagine that they were filled out by some invisible person – namely, my girlfriend.

I ran my fingertips along the lace of the hips while my tongue flicked in and out of the tight pussy and felt down and around to the leg opening of the underwear. It was strange to not feel a leg sticking out, and I decided to stick my hand inside the underwear in order to feel them from the inside.

I found I could slide my hand around inside the filled out fabric. I went to feel where my tongue was enveloped in the folds of the fabric, and could feel my tongue on the other side, but couldn’t feel my fingers with my tongue, although, the probing I was doing with my tongue was sending the panties into some kind of horny desire which also seemed to infect the nylons I was still wearing. The panties pressed more forcefully against my face while my right hand went back to exploring the inner thigh, and I ran the fingers of my left hand around the back of their waist pulling them into my face even deeper.

The nylons started to caress my hard cock being held tight inside their fabric. They pushed on the side of it, back and forth, like the palms of two hands were holding me inside them and rubbing back and forth. Again, the attention given to me by the nylons and the fabric clenching around my cock was almost enough to drive me over the edge already. I was super primed and ready to go – probably because I hadn’t gotten laid in forever. Just as I was about to explode all over the inside of my girlfriend’s horny pantyhose, they stopped all action, grabbing me tightly and completely stopping all stimulation to my cock.

“Ah, fuck! Please just let me come already!” I screamed into the fabric underwear against my face.  

I could hear another drawer opening up after I’d finished yelling, and I quickly slid my tongue out of the panties and moved my head to look around them to see what was happening. They forced themselves back into my face and rubbed their makeshift pussy lips against my lips again to try and get my tongue back out.

“Just a sec, I wanna see what’s gonna happen,” I said to them, grabbing their hips with both hands and moving them aside.

Two silk lace camisoles flew into the air like fabric wraiths, encircling around each other and hovering up into the air. Once they’d cleared the drawer, they started to inflate as if, once again, someone was putting them on. The panties flew away from me and floated over to one of the camisoles, positioning itself below the now living lingerie. They fixed themselves in place below, just as if someone was wearing the set, and then all three items turned to face me.

I propped myself up on my elbows in order to get a better view, and found I could move my legs again as well. I situated myself and sat up, my back resting against the headboard. They modeled themselves around, like a person wearing them was looking and moving around in front of a mirror, and watching the shapely, hollow fabric moving around all by itself was really turning me on. I reached for my cock in order to jack off as I watched the little dance they were doing, but just as I was about to reach it, the nylons expanded out from the side of my thigh and batted my hand away.  

“Hey, cut that out,” I told them.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the camisoles and panties turned to look at me. I looked up, and watched as they hovered closer. The camisole by itself quickly flew over and started to slide onto my head, putting itself on me. I started to struggle against it, not wanting to wear any more of my girlfriend’s lingerie, only to have the nylons forcibly grab my cock, making me momentarily stop my struggle.

The camisole slid itself onto my chest the rest of the way, situating itself on me and effectively trapping my arms inside its fabric. I struggled again to remove my arms from inside and slip them into the armholes, but another sharp grab of my dick by the nylons made me cry out in surprise again.

“What am I doing wrong?” I asked the clothing. “I’m wearing you, aren’t I? It’s what you want, right?” I asked, slightly frustrated. Not only were the nylons not continuing their pleasure-fest on my dick, but now they were pinching and grabbing me hard.

Things aren’t supposed to hurt in dreams I thought to myself. And that’s when it hit me. What if this isn’t a dream. I remembered waking up that morning, having a cup of coffee, seeing my girlfriend off to work and racing up the stairs to grab the nylons from the drawer. I’d never laid back down. I’d never gone back to sleep.

I started to panic a little as I fully started to realize what was happening here. So, my girlfriend’s clothing is, what, alive? How did that happen? Moreover, what else could they do? I knew one thing, I didn’t want to find out – but, I also didn’t want my dick grabbed like that again. I had to come up with a different plan to try and get out of this. I didn’t want to be caught wearing my girlfriend’s clothing – er, my girlfriend’s living clothing, when she got back home. They seemed to like it when I went along with whatever it is they want, so I decided I’d try and play that route.

“You know, you’re really comfortable,” I said to the camisole wrapped around my chest holding my arms tightly to my sides inside of it, squirming around inside of its hold. It started to rub its fabric back against me, slowly across my chest, letting up a little on the hold it had on me. The nylons too, not to be outdone, started to lightly rub their fabric back over my cock. I smiled “this is working,” I thought. Maybe this’ll be easier than I’d planned.

“I wish I could feel you from the outside,” I breathlessly moaned to the camisole, running my fingers around on the inside of the fabric. They released their hold on my arms, and I was able to slip my arms out through the arm spots and started to rub the silky fabric from the outside as it too got more aggressive. Its straps were rubbing themselves back and forth on my shoulders and pecs, while the fabric was bunching up around my nipples, pinching and sliding around on them.

I had to admit, this was pretty fucking hot, and it did feel amazing. Maybe I’ll just go with this for a while, just to see where it leads.

“Mmmm, I want more,” I moaned. My head lolled back as I slid down on the bed, propping myself back down onto my elbows to let the fabric work its magic. The nylons I was still wearing were now rubbing invisible, fabric fingers up and down my legs, calves and thighs while the attention they were giving my cock was slow and quite deliberate. I looked up, and could still see the panties and camisole combo hovering above my pelvis, looking down at me. I could almost sense my girlfriend’s disapproving stare coming through the fabric. If she could have had her arms crossed right now, she would have.

“Oh come on babe, you know you’d love this if you were here,” I jokingly said to the outfit, pretending it was my girlfriend. As I said it, I could almost see a smile spread across the fabric. The outfit lowered itself slowly, the crotch of the panties slowly approaching the tip of my cock. Holy shit, are they going to do what I think they’re going to do? I asked myself.

As if to confirm my suspicions, the panties continued to lower themselves, until the crotch was touching the tip of my cock. I wondered how it was going to work with my dick encased within the pantyhose, but that didn’t seem to stop them, as they slip their lips over and onto the head. I moaned loudly and looked down to watch as my shaft continued to be massaged by the nylons, and swallowed by the pussy of the living panties.

I watched, moaning and shifting my body as the fabric magically expanded around my cock as they slowly slid down my shaft. They still held it tight inside the magic vagina that was slowly expanding as they lowered themselves. I writhed under their grasp as the nylons still continued to massage and stroke my shaft while the lacy underwear grabbed me tightly inside them and slid down all the way – enveloping my throbbing cock inside the layers of living fabric.  

I could see my cock standing tall at attention inside the panties, grasped and magically massaged by the living nylons and suctioned tight against the fabric sheath made by the panties. Just when I thought the feeling couldn’t get any better, the panties started to ride me, slowly milking my cock. I fell down, onto my back and my arms flopped out to either side, reveling in the fucking my girlfriend’s horny, living clothing was giving me.

The camisole I was wearing pressed its fabric into my back, raising me back up until I was sitting upright – face-to-face with the other camisole hovering in place above the panties expertly riding my rock-solid cock. I grabbed the camisole in a hug, running my fingers along the silky fabric as I started to rock my hips into the invisible pussy made by the panties. We settled into a smooth rhythm as I growled, leaning my face into the camisole and biting its strap.

My girlfriend never wanted to have sex like this – well, my girlfriend never wanted to have sex period – and I was enjoying every minute of it. If she didn’t want to fuck, but her clothes did, well, I could get used to having horny clothing have its way with me whenever they wanted. I realized that I didn’t care that I was wearing women’s clothing. That same clothing had come to life and apparently wanted every inch of me and my body. I simply wanted to fuck. I wanted to give myself over to this force, and have dirty, nasty, filthy sex with them – sex I couldn’t have with my prude of a girlfriend.

“Do you like this?” I asked, panting, breathing heavily into the fabric chest of the camisole. Feeling the breasts press against my cheeks and humping faster into the panties. They responded by tightening up the fabric, and I let out a howl of pleasure.

I thrust my left arm down onto the bed behind me and grabbed the waist of the cami. I twisted my body to the left, throwing the cami down onto the bed so it was lying on its back and moved into the missionary position with the panties pressed into the mattress. They kept their shape the entire time, just like they would have if my girlfriend had been wearing them.

Everywhere I touched fabric I could feel something inside, whether it was the breasts inside the cami pushing against my chest as I lay on top of it, of the hips and crotch of the panties I was wildly fucking, assisted by the nylons. I could feel the tight pussy as I slid my nylon covered cock in and out, and every time I thrusted inside them, it grew tight as I rocked my hips back into their makeshift fabric pussy. The nylons, I realized, were now gripping my feet, legs and hips tightly and were helping me to fuck the panties – so much so that they were practically doing it for me. And still the phantom fingers and hands continued to rub my legs, feet and butt up and down.

I was on sensory overload at this point, and if I’m being completely honest, I couldn’t have cared less about my girlfriend at this point. She was never this horny or set on having sex, and usually she’d just lay there while I did my thing. Her clothes, on the other hand, were fucking sex maniacs and were craving my cock just as much as I was enjoying fucking them.

Suddenly, I felt hands on my back and flipped out thinking someone was here and watching me fuck my girlfriend’s animated clothing. I spun my head around, only to see a pair of her leather driving gloves hovering in mid-air waving at me. I did a double-take. Wait, her gloves too? Fuck, what else is going to come to life? As I watched the articulate fingers wiggling, my thoughts drifted past the current scene, and I fantasized, imagining supple, hollow leather gloves giving an expert hand-job as I lay back with my hands behind my head, letting them do all the work. I thought about pairs of panties dancing around my cock, taking turns gangbanging my cock as I just laid back and let them do what they wanted. I thought about socks and high heels, drifting above my head and diving down letting me lick and kiss them as they rubbed themselves around all over my body, teasing my hard dick with their living fabric.

If these things stayed alive, I thought, I could get sex any time I want; hot, nasty, kinky living clothing sex where I could just be myself, fulfilling every secret desire I’d always had but was too afraid to tell her.

I let out a chuckle, turned and buried my head in the chest of the camisole, motor-boating the breasts and enjoying the jiggling, hollow fabric as it surrounded my head. One glove was running its fingers roughly through my hair while the other was tracing its hollow fingertips around on my back muscles – sometimes grabbing at skin and muscle making me cry out in pleasure.

I was getting close to cumming into the nylons and panties, and I didn’t know how much longer I could last fucking her clothing. Never before had I experienced anything like this. Lost in the pleasure and feeling of giving myself over to them, and continuing to fantasize about the possibilities that lay ahead with all of them, I could feel my orgasm building inside me.

“Oh fuuuuck!!” I screamed out, not caring who heard me at this point, “I’m gonna cum all over you!” I yelled at the panties, looking down.

I wanted to watch as I came and soaked the fabric with my jizz, but the gloves grabbed my hair and forced me to look up, directly into the soles of a pair of her worn white no-show gym socks that stomped into my face. All it took was one sniff and wiggle of their fabric toes and I was exploding everywhere. Never before had I had such an intense, powerful orgasm. I could feel my cock spasming as I shot rope after rope of hot cum into the clothing. I could hear it as it kept on coming, dripping onto the bed sheets. It was making the nylons and panties super slippery and intensifying the feeling tremendously, but the nylons kept up their motion, making me fuck the panties like a pro. I grabbed the arch of the left sock and pulled it into my face, sniffing the days old sweat from her last trip to the gym. The toes of the socks were pressing themselves into my face, grabbing my nose with their fabric and rubbing themselves into my face.

I couldn’t believe that I was still cumming, and it was still so intense. I continued to buck my hips into the panties, taking over for the nylons and licking the socks, tasting her on them – the gloves still holding and pressing my head tight against them as they forced themselves into my senses.

I gave out a loud sigh of satisfaction as the last spasm rocked through my body. I looked down, smirking at the mess I made of her clothing. She’d be so pissed, I thought to myself. The socks dragged their toes down my face, catching my lip slightly. I smiled and collapsed on top of the living outfit. In turn, it lifted me back up in the air, pushing me up and holding me up from underneath. Rolling over mid-air, it dropped me back down onto the bed. The nylons set me down gently as I rolled onto my side, with the cami and underwear outfit spooning up against me. The socks flopped lifelessly down onto the mattress, as did the gloves. I stretched my arm across the stomach of the outfit, and pulled the cami and panties in tight. I could feel them wiggling slightly into my body under my touch. Man, I could lay like this forever, I thought to myself.

I felt tired, and it didn’t help that the nylons were slowly massaging my legs and sensually running fabric waves over my lower body. I pulled the cami and panties in tight, and plopped my head onto the pillow, drifting off to a pleasant sleep as I held my girlfriend’s clothes tight against me.