I thought for sure I`d gone insane. Was it some odd dream? My things were still assembling and parading, some of them leaving the room and others content to stay. My underwear seemed to be paying particularly close attention to me, taking their turns humping and grinding and facesitting.

One of my tight white t-shirts had slipped itself on me, sitting me up without my say-so as my Perry Ellis boxer briefs danced against me, grinding against my hardened cock. My own pouch briefs were still helping my erection along too, but it wasn`t until a pair of black nikes swallowed up my feet that they started with another trick.

When the socks slid themselves onto my feet, I thought I was going to be pinned down again for sure, but instead, the exact opposite happened. I felt my underwear, tight t-shirt and socks tug me upward--right off of my bed!

I waved my arms, not feeling very secure about the bed disappearing under me. I thought for sure that I heard Sean shout on the other side of the huge apartment, pulling my eyes to the door.

While it wasn`t Sean, what I saw told me that the spell I read had consequences beyond my room. It was a white enclosure suit--something I`d seen in Sean`s stuff in the past. He`d passed it off as a costume prop, but I never really saw him as much of the dress-up type--even for halloween.

Even so, this living statue in stretchy cotton and spandex was standing at my door, surveying the action. I was hovering over my bed as my empty charcoal boxer briefs kept bouncing against my cock.

"S--sean?" My breathless question was broken up by the teasing rhythm being driven against my body.

"Not quite, honor roll," The tight enclosure suit said back, "though I do have some of his more attractive aspects"¦" One of the matte white hands pointed down at the midsection of the suit, where a very familiar shape was flaring out the spandex.

Honor Roll. Sean used to call me that back in the first two years of high school, before we became better friends. I hadn`t heard it out of Sean`s mouth in at least five years.

"I--I didn`t mean to read that spell! You`ve got to stop before--"

"Stop!?" Sean`s muscular shape vibrated through the willowy translucence of the suit as the voice occupying it chuckled. "Matt, you freed us. You made all this possible. You`re the one that was chosen for it."

The white suit walked into the room. It was an achingly slow and deliberate stride; the ghostly form`s legs and ass tensing and compressing as if a real man was inside, moving a well-conditioned 190 lb. frame.

"Chosen...for what?" I asked, wondering if these things could tell when I was staring. My cock was responding to me seeing every inch of Sean`s body, cut inside a slightly see-through enclosure suit holding nothing but a ghost of his volume.

Sean`s body. Mmm...Sean`s body. I looked at my own boxer briefs and pouch briefs--happily keeping me fluffed without any specific directions from me. I was lost in Sean`s ghostly form--invisibly filling out his zentai suit--wondering what these things had planned for me. What kind of wonderful--

"Whhhh--what the fuck!? Matt! Sean!? H--" Vanessa`s voice, clear as day from her room. The panic snapped me out of my distracted reverie.

"What the fuck are you doing to her?" I shouted, trying to sound tough.

"Awww, wittew Maffew"¦" The zentai suit teased, raising an empty arm to me, and making my hovering body rotate forward. The Perry Ellis` never stopped their grinding, and Sean`s enclosure suit seemed to smile as it held my chin. "Awww you guwwna savve da pweeety wittew guwwrrl?"

"Let me down, damn it! They don`t deserve--"

"What? Pleasure beyond imagination? Only a prude like you would wanna stop this, Matt." It wasn`t Sean`s voice--but it was something I could hear him saying.

"I said put me down! And Sean and Vanessa--I heard them both--"

"Flipping just like you were at first," The enclosure suit cut me off again, waving away the energetic boxer briefs and moving closer. "But look at that meatstick, Matt"¦" The voice is almost a growl now, and I swallow hard.

It`s turning me on even more to see the moving details so clearly, but see no body beneath the matte sheen. The hand reaches out to my pouch briefs, gently tugging and rolling me to keep me at an almost uncomfortable hardness.

"You like this, Matt. You like it, and you`re going to like it even more--because you don`t know what`s next. And you never will."

"Wh--what are you talking about?" The white hand waved at my pouch, which pulled down in front of me, exposing my cock.

"This, to start," The voice said. Instead of pulling down around my legs, the band of my pouch briefs pulled back up under my balls, restricting it just enough to function as a makeshift cockring. The white hand reached out and grasped my throbbing dick, proudly pointing skyward. "You want these strong hands around your cock, Matt," the suit said. "You want way more than that, though. You`re just full of ideas--I can feel it."

What had I done by reading that short passage? What did I start here?

"So--" I halted with a whine as the suit grabbed my helpless cock, manipulated by irresistible force and impossible softness. "So--what`re you planning to do?"

"I`m really just saying "˜hi`, honey bun." My underwear peeled down my butt as the other hand of the zentai suit moved to squeeze my ass. "Someone else is waiting to greet you." The suit backed away unexpectedly, no longer fondling me. I was still suspended in midair, my bulging cock still focused and twitching itself rigid.

A pair of white boxer briefs appeared in the doorway--and I recognized them immediately.

"Oh, fuck." It just slipped out of me. I couldn`t hold a poker face against these nonsensical walking clothes, especially when they were libidinous copies of the best friend I was secretly attracted to.

The gold-waisted boxer-briefs walked in with a resolved pace, walking right up to the bed with powerful invisible legs. I stared at the ample, white package--watching it change shape and grow before my eyes.

I could feel my face flushing. I`d seen these underwear peeking out behind Sean`s work clothes, the sweat dripping from behind his tee down golden skin--caught by the brighter gold waistband. Now I saw them in action in a different way, hovering in front of me...filled with an enchanted invisible cock that seemed as stimulated as my own.

Suddenly my mind was wandering again"¦what else could the shape under that soft layer of cotton do? Who were these voices in our clothes, and why did every conversation with them lead back to sex? I looked down at the book, tossed in the moonlight and opened to the short sheet with the magic passage.

<center>Should you find yourself in the time of plenty"¦</center>

The treatise was written in 1831--the note some 60 years later. Even at the turn of the 20th century, what member of the middle class had...thirty pairs of underwear...or more than their weight in clothing?

<center>the wonders that industry has brought"¦</center>

Mass production. The clothes, the sheets--shit even the doors, windows and carpet was all mass produced. These wonders were old news a good 50 years before I was born. My dad was a damn kid when atomic power, space, and the computer were invented. if this isn`t an age of wonder...

<center>when produce is plenty and commerce has transformed the land"¦</center>

Billboards and packaging, most transport concerning the transport of things, the production super-explosion"¦

<center>Should you find yourself in the time of plenty when this work is rediscovered, only read the lines below...</center>

If only I was more superstitious--if only I`d read the damn book before carelessly uttering some forbidden phrase"¦

<center>--and heaven will be yours to give to all man.</center>

"Heaven!" I shout, exasperated. "This is supposed to be heaven! I mean, whatever I said was supposed to make things better!" Or something...why was I yelling this at locomotive clothes?

"This isn`t better, dude?" The gold-waisted boxer briefs flexed their ass and thighs, hovering up toward my face as I watched the slowly shifting bulge in the front. "Would you rather have to sneak into his drawers to see me, all limp and lifeless? Suddenly the waistband stretched out at the top as if a hand was reaching inside. The bulge shifted and resituated, and when the waistband tensed back against the rock-hard invisible waist, I could see the outline of what I imagined was Sean`s dick, curling slightly right at the end as a result of failing to properly fit at full-attention--even under the care of haunted underwear.


"You can touch it," The textured, boyish voice said, coming from the gleaming white and gold boxer briefs. "Better yet--you can kiss it."

I was floating in the air in the middle of my new bedroom, and talking to my best friend`s insistent clothing. Very insistent, and just as aroused as I was, if the shape of their ghostly invisible cocks meant the same thing as my flesh and blood one.

Given the circumstances, what was I going to do? Resisting these things hadn`t worked a bit--and"¦

"Lips, Matthew," the voice hummed between my ears. "I want your lips on me." As the boxer briefs approached, the white thighs shone as they tensed in the moonlight, spreading on either side of me. I reached up to the surreal cuffs of the legs, warped of their roundness by the shape of Sean`s emulated musculature.

Some sound between awed wonder and carnal need escaped me when I grabbed hold of the thighs, feeling them tense up under my touch. The outlined dick inside grew too--that certainly didn`t go unnoticed.

I got close to the well-filled underwear--close enough to smell them. They were clean and gleaming white with a perfume of whatever detergent companies thought spring breeze smelled like, but they still had his scent--that scent of ownership that bonds to clothing even after its been washed.

"And heaven will be yours to give to all man..." I whispered, looking at the animated fabric. I glanced down at the book.  "Is--is this material consciousness?"

"This is the present moment, Matt--and I want your lips. Now." My cock tensed on the last, pressingly-accented syllable, and my pouch bikini briefs pulled themselves off of me, plumping to my shape as they sailed off toward Sean`s zentai suit.

I reached up to the gold and white briefs, feeling the rounded waistband and squeezing the solid hip inside. More of Sean`s clothing was walking into the room, but I stayed focused now--watching every subtle motion of the outlined dick in the magical underwear.in front of me.

My fingers trailed down the hip and back over the swell of the ass, feeling a shift in the buttocks when they tightened. The outline of the cock jumped at the same time the phantom glutes flexed, and turned on more than ever, I took a handful off the tight cottony butt and squeezed. I put my other hand right up the empty thigh hole, running into nothingness as I pressed against the inside of the inflated ass.

Magic. Horny, powerful, boy magic--growing stronger under every second of moonlight. Sean`s underwear. Sean`s sexy, enchanted, designer underwear--and it`s got a boner for me. It`s got a boner that looks every bit as hard and pulsing as mine.

I don`t want to watch it anymore--my hands are all over these animated fantasies, and they`ve been begging for my lips. I pull with every bit of strength I have, and my hovering body and the tight boxer briefs come together at the same speed, with me nuzzling the outline of the cock.

I lick along its length, making it jump. I tease the very tip, looking inside the empty, eerie waistband even as the cottony ass quivers in my grip. Every reaction is so human, so real, but even now my touch is confirming--running along deliciously soft-yet-rigid fabric; feeling the giddy energy of the impossible happening right before my eyes; touching the shape of Sean`s thighs, ass, and balls from the INSIDE--that it`s but a volumeless, massless, haunting entity possessing Sean`s belongings.

And every part of me--especially my cock--is fine with this.

I giggle to myself, finally flipping the switch. Everything this force wants, I want. Surrender to its power, it`s insane ability to see and manifest--in some strange metaphoric sense--unknowable fantasies. And heaven will be yours to give to all man.

I suck on the base of the outlined cock again, soaking the briefs with my spit. As I do so this time, though, something happens. The thighs of the white boxer briefs suddenly tighten around my head, surrounding me in his scent, when the crotch of the underwear ripples. I can`t pull away to see, but now my lips are being pushed against my slippery ridges of fabric, sliding beneath its surface.

It only takes me a second to realize that Sean`s briefs are forming their own lips. By the time I grasp what`s happening, a playful fabric tongue swaps moves with my own. I`m...kissing them.

I pull a hand from the hollow leg, reaching back and grabbing the tightly filled ass with both hands as I make out with Sean`s magic underwear. My cock is jumping on its own now, and I grip the ass tighter as the gold waistband and the ass below it both swell even bigger.

His scent is surrounding me--his ass is in my hands, flexing and pumping--and now his lips are inexplicably plied with mine, forming in his luxury underwear. I want to come. I want to come in his clothes, all over them--and then I want them to find a way--some way--to fuck me.

"Oh, Matthew--your wish is absolutely our command." With the white briefs still wrapped around me, I felt more and more textures gripping and tensing against my skin"¦

...I wanted more of Sean`s clothes. I wanted to know what Sean was doing and thinking--and what kind of things my clothes were doing with him. I wanted Sean--in the worst ways these magic clothes could now make me imagine.

When a chorus of laughter filled my room, I smiled behind a tight cotton shroud--still making out madly with Sean`s skivvies. Every dirty thought I had was going to be delivered to me...all I had to do was keep going with the flow.


To be continued...