About an hour after Kate's panties finished with the eighteen year-old blond leaving her naked and no clothes, the blond's pink panties found thier way to the college dorms. The pink panties moved along the wall by the ground floor, looking for someone with near the same size waist. Peering through the windows, the panties found a tall, dark-haired woman sitting at a desk, studying. The woman was about 5'9, and she had long black hair pulled back into a pony-tail that reached the middle of her back. She wore a black knee length skirt and a tight red shirt, a pair of black thigh-high stalkings on her legs and a pair of heels on the floor next to the entry. The woman didn't have the same waist size, but she was gorgeous. The panties could feel sexual energy radiating from her.

The panties brought the curtains to life and they unlocked and opened the window to allow the panties to enter. After they entered by sliding through the gap and droped behind the bed. From behind the bed the panties could hear her as she studied...

A cold wind swept into the room through the open window, sending a chill up the woman's spine. She didn't remember leaving the window open. She walked over and closed it, pulling the curtain closed as well. It was late, and she had to work first thing in the morning.

"Guess I should call it here." She had stayed up late to study for a test she had in a few days. She really tanked the last test, and needed to do well this time around. But she had a very hard time concentrating; her mind kept wandering to a chance encounter she had with another student...Jennifer.

She had literally run into her that morning. Viki was late, running to get to class on time. She came around the corner of the hall and plowed right into her. It was love at first sight. Viki had never felt her heart pound so hard as when she looked at Jennifer. Viki apologized and offered to make it up by taking her to dinner.

What really suprised her was that the other girl accepted her offer, and they traded cell numbers. Viki was pleasantly surprised to find that they lived in the same dorm.

After closing the window, she plopped down in her bed and closed her eyes, letting out a sigh. Viki imagined the woman from before, leaning in to kiss her. As she fantasized about kissing the other girl, she found herself begin to get hot. She let one of her hands slowly slide down to her waist, finding the bottom hem of her skirt and pulling it up. She begain to rub herself softly over her panties.

It was only a moment before she begain soaking them. Viki stopped touching her self and stood up, starting toward her closet and pulling off her shirt and her bra and tossing them aside. She opened the closet doors and pulled out an old shoe box. She set the box on the bed and unfastened her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. She then slid her panties down until they dropped next to her skirt.

Viki stepped away from her clothes and lifted the lid off the box. Inside the box were several items, including a double-sided strap-on. It was her favorite toy. The cloth was black satin with black leather straps that fastened the strap-on at the waist. Both ends even vibrated. It was a very expensive toy but was worth every penny.

She pulled out it out and set the box on the floor. As she did, she laughed at herself. Really, a shoebox is so cliché. I really need to find a better place for this stuff. She sat down on the bed and laid back. She looked at the strap on and slid it into herself. As she did, she bit her lower lip and let out a small moan. Viki let the straps hang down, slowly pushing it in and out of her now-wet pussy. She moaned Jennifer's name as she continued.


The panties could feel the glow of Viki's energy. They decided it was time to gather the pulses of sexual power. Releasing some its magic, it brought Viki's toy and stockings to life, saving some energy for when the panties found someone that could fit them perfectly and bring her clothes to life. The panties headed toward the door and slid out it.

Viki continued to slide the strap-on into her, but she soon felt something strange. When she pushed the strap-on in again, this time it went deeper, feeling like it pushed itself inside. Suddenly, the strap-on started to speed up, fucking her harder.

"Wh-what's going on?!" It started to rail her on its own, and now she couldn't even keep a grip on it. "How..." It was slaming itself so hard into she could hardly speak. "--is...this...hap-pen-ing?!" She pushed herself up and watched in horror as her strap-on proceeded to fuck her. Now she wasn't even touching the toy. "How-unghh...How is it moving on--ohhhhhhhhh--its own!?!"

She grabbed at it with both hands, trying to stop it--but it was too strong. She tried to get up and crawl away, but something held her legs in place. She couldn't move. The invisble force held her in place and forced her legs apart.

"NO!" She struggled. "I can't...move!!!"

She had no way to stop the unrelenting strap-on. It thursted faster and faster. Viki felt the rushing sensation into her and slipping back and forth across her clit, feeling the incredible pulses that she knew meant she was about to cum. "Oh no...I can't handle-any-more...ssssstop..." She arched her back and grabbed at her blankets as the as the flood of ecstasy hit her. "Oh my god!" She screamed as she came.

Afterward, the strap-on stopped moving, and she no longer felt the force that had held her in legs in place. "I...I cant move. Is it over?" Finally able to stand up, she did so.

"I've gotta get this out..." She tried to pull the strap-on out of her, but it refused to move, and the straps now started to move. "Hey! What the!?" They wrapped themselves around her waist and locked tight. "No! Get off of me!" She tried to stop the straps as they tightened down, but they effortlessly overpowered her. Once the strap-on was in place, her stockings held her legs in place, not allowing her to move again. "Not again! Let me go!"

Her top dresser drawer opened and one of her bras lifted up and flew over to her. "Now what's happening?" It tried to slide itself on but she wrapped her arms around her chest keeping it from being able to. "Get away from me!" Her closet door busted open and several other clothes came out, including a pair on long satin gloves. They flew at her, grabbing her arms. "What the hell is happening? My clothes are alive!?" One pulled her hand away from her chest so the other could slide over her hand. "LET GO!" Once the glove was on her hand it forced her hand to grab her other wrist and pull her hand away again, allowing the other glove to slide onto her hand.

Now the two gloves pulled her arms straight out in front of her, the black lacy bra could mount her. "Please let me go..." It slid over her arms and cupped her large breasts. As the straps latched behind her back and the cups begain to squeeze and play with her breasts. "Stop it--please..." A long, slinky dress came out of her closet next and filled out to her body shape. It sauntered over to her as she watched in awe. When the dress made it over to her, the gloves and stockings forced her to put the dress on. She struggled against her clothes, but couldn't overcome them.

Next, her heels walked over to her, and the stockings lifted her feet to allow the shoes on. "My shoes are alive too?!" Once they were both on, her renegade clothes forced her to walk to the desk and pick up her phone. "Now what!?" The phone turned itself on, and she watched as the phone swiched through her contacts until it found the name she had been moaning. "My phone? I can't--why is it displaying Jennifer's information?"


Her clothes forced her to walk again, but this time she stepped toward the door. "No, wait! Where are you taking me? Please take the strap-on out of meee!" Her gloved hand reached out and forced her to open the door, and her shoes and stockings walked her straight out into the hall. As she was walking out, she could see the rest of her clothes coming to life and forming complete outfits, all with the invisible curves of her body in them. The door closed behind her as she was carried off...