Sarah giggled at the ridiculous claims the webpage made. “Real magic!” and “Make your home work for you with spellcraft!” were just silly. The webpage actually had complete spells, though, which was odd. No “Receive these secrets and more for only $20!”

She was a little drunk from earlier, so she looked around her bedroom for something to try a spell on and her eyes passed over her 'toy' drawer. She broke down in giggles at the thought of her toys coming to life and “working for her” like the website said.

But that thought, and the alcohol, did give her an idea. She went to her underwear drawer and dug out a pair of pink satin panties. They were modest, but teased with a silly little bowtie printed in center, right above her pussy.

She laid them on the desk and looked through the spell catalogue for something decent. She settled on the “Serve needs and simple desires” under the “Basic Magic” section.

She felt a little silly trying to cast a real spell, and more silly for trying it on a pair of underwear. She broke down in giggles again, but then semi-composed herself and followed the instructions. She put one hand on the panties and began reciting the text of the spell.

As she went through the spell, her mind wandered into embarrassing thoughts, like wearing magic, naughty panties at work, or while shopping. She also thought about her toys again, and wondered if she should try it with them, if it worked. She finished the spell and sighed, “Maybe it'd be nice to lose control a little sometimes.”

She dropped her hand. “Aw well, s'not like it'll work.”

As if to prove her point, she picked the panties up, tugged and at the waistband, and dropped them. They fell to the desk. “Oh well, it was fun thinking about it.” She got up from her desk and went to take a shower.

Re-entering her bedroom nude, Sarah saw the panties laying on the floor, a few steps in front of the door. She figured she must've dragged them off the desk without noticing, and bent over to pick them up.

As she was about to put a finger on them, they darted underneath her. The sudden motion combined with her position forced her to stumble forward a few steps as she felt a tickle on her feet.

After she regained her balance, she turned around to find the panties and figure out what happened. They were gone. She took a step towards the door and felt fabric between her legs. Looking down, she found her panties. On her hips.

“What the hell?”

She felt something run along the waistband of the panties, and squirmed from the sensation tracing her waist. It forced a few giggles out of her as she tried to get the panties off. The sensation stopped, but she couldn't get her fingers under the waistband.

“What? It couldn't -OW!”

She whirled around looking for whatever just spanked her ass. Of course there was nothing in her room, except for her bed and dresser. But suddenly, she felt a hand grab her ass and shove her forward. She stumbled forward on her toes until she fell face-first onto her bed.

She tried to roll over, or pull her ass down, but she couldn't move it at all. It just stayed up like she was waiting for a spanking. She craned her neck both ways to try to see what was holding her there, but there was only empty air.

“Ok, listen, I didn't think this would work, so please- ooooo.”

Her panties just conformed to her clit perfectly, like a custom cover. They seemed to hum slightly, making her both aroused and nervous. Then, her panties gave her clit a squeeze. She moaned, and tried thrusting her hips, but she still couldn't move. The restraint just made her moan louder with the second squeeze.

Her hips were released with the third squeeze. For a moment she was humping the bed before she realized she was free. Rolling over, she looked at her panties. Another squeeze threw her head back onto her pillow.

Her hands dove for her crotch, but the panties puffed out, unwrapping from her clit and sealing it off from contact. She moaned on protest, but the puffed panties kept her hands away. Her hips began thrusting to try to get some stimulation, but had no success.

She lost herself to arousal and started slamming her hips at the air. She grabbed the bed to try to steady herself, and that's when the panties wrapped back around her clit. Sarah moaned again, and thrust her hips even harder.

Then the panties began to vibrate. Her mind was overwhelmed with pleasure, and once she started coming, she didn't stop for what felt like hours.

Sometime later, she woke up. She laid still for awhile, trying to figure out whether her sex-crazed underwear was a dream or delusion. She was about to settle on dream when she felt a tap on her pussy. She looked down in panic and saw nothing. She wrote it off as a hallucination until her panties wrapped themselves around her clit again.

“Again? Already? I can't take anymore!”

The panties merely squeezed her clit in response.