Jessica saw the shoes in a window; it was the spiral design on the toes that caught her eye. The shoes themselves were black mary-janes, but the spiral was a thin, dense, white design. She adjusted her glasses and looked down at her beat-up sneakers. She needed to head to the library to study, but she figured it'd be quick – they probably weren't even the right size. She ducked inside to check them out.

The clerk greeted her as she entered the store, and Jess asked her for the shoes in the window. The little smirk the clerk gave her confused her, but the shoes the clerk brought back stunned her. The heel was five inches high! There was a small platform at the toe, but still...

“Are those the same shoes in the window? I didn't think they were that high!”

The clerk looked back at the window, “Yeah, we didn't need to tilt them as much as we normally do for the displays.”

Jess blushed a little, but she felt it would look even worse if she had the clerk put them back right away, so she shrugged, “Well, I guess I'll try them anyway.”

The clerk handed her the shoes and went to help another customer. Jessica slipped them both on and stood up.

“Oh, wow”

Not only were they incredibly comfortable, the platform was actually about two inches, making the heel only three inches on her foot. She tried a few steps in them, and was surprised at how easy it was. Looking around, she realized that these shoes made her noticeably taller. Of course, “taller” meant five-six, but still...

She decided to take them, but wear her sneakers to the library. After all, she couldn't wear them in public all of a sudden! She sat down, and tried to slip her feet out, but she couldn't slip her foot out of the shoe. She bent over and tugged at the heel, but it almost felt like her foot was *glued* into the shoes. She was about to ask for the clerk when the spiral pattern appeared to... swirl. She was stunned and stared at that design, stared into the swirling spiral...

She shook her head and drew out of it, wondering what got into her. They were just simple shoes, after all. No big deal.

Except she was looking at a book, not her shoe.

She snapped up and looked around, she was at the library! Her location calmed her a little, since she spent most of her time here. That last thing she remembered was trying to get those shoes off, so she could leave that store and come here, but she didn't actually remember coming here. She tried to get up, but her legs wouldn't move. She begin to panic, when her legs did shift, but by themselves!

She tried asking someone for help, but as soon as she tried to, her voice vanished. After a few seconds of experimentation, she realized that she could talk, but not ask for help. Her foot started tapping, seemingly impatiently. She tried looking at her feet, but they were under the table. When her gaze fell upon the book, her foot stopped tapping.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm herself down. Maybe all the late nights had gotten to her and she was having a psychotic episode about her legs? Maybe studying would get her back on track, she had been stressed out about this assignment, after all. She went to the book and started reading.

As she studied, she noticed her legs shifting and squeezing her thighs together, slowly warming her up. The building excitement ebbed whenever she looked away, as her legs opened slightly and let all that energy drain out, so she focused. She was surprised at how easy it was to study this way. One hand slipped under the table and inched to her crotch, teasing her hips through her pants along the way. As soon as her hand reached her crotch, she stopped reading. Her legs spread again, but she couldn't move her hand in. Instead, it came up over the table and pinched her nipple, hard.

She gasped and stared at her hand. Her focus went back to the book when her foot started tapping again. She muttered a quick 'sorry' before getting back into the rhythm.

After some time, her body was humming. Suddenly, her legs pushed her chair back and stood her up. She hurriedly began packing her books away, and barely finished before her legs carried her off.

Her legs carried her all the way to her dorm room, stopping before the door. She sighed and opened the door. Her legs carried her in, and her roomie was sitting on her bed, nose in a book.

“Hey Jess.”

“Hi Jill.”

Her legs took her over to her bed, and sat her down, far enough so that her feet dangled over the edge. She had to watch helplessly as her feet bounced and kicked happily while they dangled.

Jill noticed Jess's shoes kicking, and thought they were kinda cute.

“Hey, I like your shoes.”

“Well, thanks, I guess.”

Jess watched helplessly as her leg extended, foot angled downward to model the design on the toe for Jill, who, naturally, looked.

“Hey, that's a neat design.....” Jill seemed to zone out and just stare at Jess's shoe.

“Jill, JILL!” Jess tried desperately to get Jill's attention, but no matter what she tried, she couldn't break Jill's concentration. After a few moments, Jill started climbing on Jess, still looking hazy. Jess was shocked, and realized that this is what must have happened to her when she woke up in the library!

Jess's concentration was shattered by Jill's passionate kiss and her eager tongue. Jess's eyes went wide, and she saw Jill's eyes regain their focus, but her response surprised Jess even more.

“Mmmmmm.” Jill slithered down Jess's chest, undoing the buttons of her shirt, and kissing the opened space on her breasts. Jess arched her back in reaction, and moaned when Jill pulled her bra down and licked her nipple. Jess fought to get her bearings and tried pushing Jill off. She succeeded in breaking Jill's attention, and Jill looked down at her.

“I never knew you tasted so sweet.” Jill licked her lips.

“Hey! What're you doing?” Jess hit Jill in the shoulder and pushed her off.

Jill was grinning as Jess tried to fix her bra and button herself back up. “Hey Jess.”


“Don't look down.”

“What? Why-” Jess impulsively glanced down, and quickly got sucked back into the swirling spirals, except this time, she heard Jill speaking to her. She couldn't understand the words, but her voice filtered through her head and echoed. After what seemed like forever and an instant, she woke up and looked at Jill.

“What- what did you do?” Jess didn't feel any different, at least not until she felt the air on her chest again. She looked down and saw her hands undoing her top again. “Hey! Stop it!” She looked at Jill in panic, “What did you do?”

“I just got the idea a few minutes ago, I had to try it.” Jill looked over Jess's breasts as she removed her bra, “I like it.”

Jess felt herself get up and push Jill onto the bed, and began undoing her pants. “Well, stop it! Or I'll, I'll... I'll scream!”

Jill laughed and thrust her hips up a little at Jess's probing fingers, “Go ahead and try.”

Jess drew in a deep breath and started to scream, but what came out was something different, “I'm such a bad girl, I'm going to need a spanking.” Her body stood up from Jill, who pouted as Jess walked to the desk. “Ohmigoshohmigosh What am I doing?” She dug around for a second and her hands found what they were looking for. “Owwww, take them off!” She turned around and Jill saw the binder clips attached to her nipples.

“Aww, those look so painful.” Jill giggled as Jess walked back.

As she bent over and her hands locked onto her ankles, she tried screaming again, “Ok, I'm ready for my spankings now.”

Jill kicked her pants away and stood up, “Alright, if you really want them...”

Jess begged, “Owww, no, please don't.”

The first slap connected hard, drawing a sharp yelp from Jess, even as her breasts swayed from the spank. But she still couldn't move.

Jill giggled. “This is fun!”

A few spanks later, Jess's body got up, faced Jill, and shoved her back onto the bed. Her hands roughly shoved her legs apart and lowered her head as a finger hooked Jill's panties...

Jess re-entered her room after her shower, and couldn't look at Jill. Jess had gotten control of her body back after her sex marathon with Jill, but she still couldn't look Jill in the eye. She almost immediately kicked those mary-janes off and fled to the shower.

“Like my new shoes, Jess? They make me so much taller!”

Jess snapped to Jill's feet, now shod in those same mary-janes! The last thing she remembered before the spirals took her in was Jill's voice.

“Don't worry, we can share. But now I have to study.”