I got home from work and spotted the package laying on my stoop. I was thrilled at finally getting the costume, though I felt kinda silly for being so excited. I still couldn't wait to try it on. I picked it up and brought it inside.

After I got out of the shower, I got dress in a t-shirt and panties, grabbed the box and set it next to my sofa. I sat down and opened up the box. My Halloween costume was sitting there, in the box, in probably two dozen pieces. I pulled them all out and arranged them in the order, from the boots up. I did set the bodysuit aside, though. I was actually surprised to see how complex everything was, but laid out before me was the most extensive fembot costume ever. The bodysuit and the hard plastic pieces had the same shiny silver appearance that would sell the costume.

Looking at it, I realized I couldn't put it away until I tried it on. I had seen it months ago, and managed to convince myself to wait until closer to Halloween before spending money on it. It took two weeks to get here, and I couldn't wait to try it any longer. I chucked my shirt and panties, and pulled on the bodysuit. It stretched and clung tightly to me, and it was really comfortable. It was so silvery that I almost looked like one of the TSA body scan photos once I had it on.

The boots gave me an added few inches, which helped give me a statuesque appearance with the bodysuit. They reached my knees, and had pointed tips that stayed straight when I bent my knees, like in old sci-fi movies.

As for the rest of it, the costume consisted of bulky silver pieces that had attachments throughout the bodysuit. They attached to my thighs, arms and body. The chest piece mad two cutouts which, once I got myself situated, forced my breasts out and apart. Combined with the pull of the bodysuit, the chest piece forced by breasts into two nearly perfect orbs. It was a strange look – the shiny plastic pieces hid my legs and lower back, but contrasted with the display of the tight boots and my unconcealed breasts. I pulled my long hair out and swept it back.

I had two pieces left, one was a silver headband that went behind my head and had a see-through panel to go over the eye, and the other other was a small tube I realized was lipstick. I decided to go all-out, picked up the headband and lipstick and went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror – I couldn't help but grin when I saw myself. I looked either like a fembot or a sexy space adventurer from a 1950s B movie, which was very cool.

I put on the lipstick and grinned again. My lips were as silver as the rest of me, which was very cool. I completed the costume by putting the headband on. When I got the eyepiece to sit in front of my eye, it flashed! It looked like a simple piece of plastic, but it had some sort of displaying, like it was running some kind of program. There was a bunch of numbers running down behind the words “Analyzing, Please Wait.”

Then I realized I couldn't move.

I couldn't move at all, I could only watch helplessly as the numbers continued to scroll down.

The readout on the eyepiece suddenly shifted to “Analysis Complete. Program initialized.”

Program? What program? What happened to my costume? What had I gotten myself into?

My hands moved, I felt them move, but I couldn't control them, or look down to see, or anything. I felt them pick up the lipstick, then my whole body turned, stopped, and started walking back to my bedroom. The walk was weird, though. My body moved one leg forward, stopped, waited a beat, then moved the other leg forward. I continued this weird, robotic pattern until I reached my dresser.

I pulled out my make-up kit, which was almost entirely unused, and was forced to stand there while my hands did up my face. It seemed to take forever, as they worked slowly and carefully. When they went to apply eyeshadow, my eyes gently closed, and I was effectively blindfolded by my own eyelids. I could feel the light brush of the applicator, though it took a few moments after my hands had put it away before my eyelids opened up again. It left like they were mocking my helplessness.

Once I could see, my body began that awkward step back to the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror, I was stunned at how beautiful I was. I understood why my hands had taken so long to apply my make-up. It was an incredible job.

Then I had to watch my face smile. “Preparations complete, Pleasure Bot is ready to serve.”

What?! It could talk, too!? Pleasure Bot? This was ridiculous! But I was completely helpless even as my fingers ran through my long, curly hair and tossed it back. I couldn't even look panicked – my face continued it's blissfully happy look.

The eyepiece, which up to now had been blank since that message about starting the program, suddenly lit up again. This time, though, it had the message “Initiating Seduction Program.” My body turned and headed for my front door, but instead of the halting, clumsy walk from before, my legs took on a sultry sway, exaggerated by the hip-piece of the costume. Even as I tried to fight it, my whole body moved in time with my swaying hips. It contrasted with the bulkiness of the costume, but was also oddly emphasized by it too.

I reached my apartment door and strolled outside. My face must've been beet-red under the make-up, but there was no way for me to do anything about it. My legs started walking down the path, and somehow, I knew where I was going. I stopped a few doors down, in front of my friend Tim's door. My hand reached up and gave three perfectly-timed knocks.

What was I doing? I liked Tim just fine, but I didn't want him to see me in this ridiculous Halloween costume outside of that day. I was convinced I had gone crazy.

Once he opened the door and saw me, his eyes went wide and damn near locked onto my displayed breasts. “Isn't it a little early for Halloween just yet?”

My body responded by giving him a fierce kiss and damn near tackling him. As I pushed him into his apartment, my voice started talking about serving and pleasing him.

Later that evening, I laid next to him and reflected on the day's adventure.

I was going to wear that costume again sometime.