Sylvia Meyers was happy to finally have a weekend off from work to rejuvenate. Nothing relaxed her more than to go shopping, and thrift stores were her favorite places to shop. Sylvia was your typical average girl next door--thin with a athletic body, dirty blonde hair that came down to her shoulders and soft green eyes. She had a smile that would knock any man off his feet. Sylvia worked as a secretary for a local business firm, and had to work long hours at a computer screen--logging overtime and even working weekends when the schedule called for it. The money was good, but she strained herself from time to time. One thing everyone knew about her was that she was a complete workaholic.

It was a mid-November Sunday and quite cold, even for this part of the year. Sylvia had driven to a store that had just opened a week or so ago called Reilly`s Thrifty, a small, quaint place. After half an hour looking through some discounted clothes, something on a shelf had caught her eye. It was a winter apparel set that, for one reason or another, was relegated to the 65%-off section: a pair of mid calf winter boots, a puffer vest, and two pairs of leather gloves--all of the items lined with faux fur.

The style seemed rather odd to her as she examined them. The boots were dark brown, lined from sole to rim with white faux fur. Placing her hand in one of the boots she noticed the fur was remarkably plush; the footpad of the boots had much thicker fur than the rest. Though maybe a little showy, the thick boots would add much-appreciated padding to her feet as she walked. The puffer vest and gloves were just the same. The puffer was baby blue fabric with a hood, and the inside was flushed with white faux fur lining and trimmed around the hood. As she placed her hand into one of the leather gloves she immediately noticed how thick but soft the fur lining was to her skin.

She couldn`t believe the price, especially after examining them to find no asymmettries or patched areas--the kinds of mistakes usual for something so deeply discounted. What a steal it was indeed! Sylvia thought about how warm the items would be and how sexy she"d look wearing these out and about in the coming cold.

As she walked to the register placing the products down on the counter and removing her wallet from her purse, the clerk examined her find and whistled. The clerk informed her that she had quite a find, and that someone had just brought the set in earlier that day. Sylvia inquired as to who the original owner was, the clerk told her it was a distinguished older man who brought it in and sold it.

The clerk added that the man must've been dumping off the belongings of a scorned ex-lover; he didn`t haggle the sale price, and seemed all too happy to be rid of the items--and the clerk mentioned an almost mischievous look on his face as he left. Sylvia shrugged the comments off, replying that whatever reason the last owner had for letting them go, she was happy she stopped in at the just right time to find them. She paid the clerk, thanked him, and walked out happy with her new purchase.

As Sylvia returned home, she placed the new outfit out on her bed and began rummaging through her wardrobe, seeking out skirts and sweatshirts to compliment them. She was excited at the idea of wearing them to work the next day, thinking of how comfortable and warm she`d be on an even colder day, according to the forecast. After making her choices she laid her outfit out along a chair that sat in a corner, across the room from her bed.

Later, after taking in a movie on TV, Sylvia noticed it was getting to be late. It would be eight o"clock in the morning all too soon, and she wanted to be well rested and prompt to work. She peeled off her clothes save for her cream satin panties and slipped on a soft, billowy night shirt. When she began to shiver from the slight chill in the house, she walked to the thermostat and turned the heat up a bit. With the whole week ahead of her, she tucked herself into bed, set her alarm, and drifted into a deep sleep.

In the middle of the night, Sylvia awoke to a sound that startled her from sleep. When she sat up, she noticed immediately that it was far coder in the house than it should've been. She could even see the vapors of her breath as she exhaled. Jumping out of bed and hugging herself for warmth she walked to the thermostat and saw that it had nearly bottomed out, reading just above 50 degrees.

Oh, great timing for the furnace to break down, she thought to herself, walking back into her room, shivering all the way. She pulled her cell phone out of her purse to call her landlord, but before she could punch the first number, she noticed from the corner of her eye that something was amiss.
She turned toward the chair where she laid her outfit earlier, but the winter set she just bought was nowhere to be found. She stood in fear not knowing what to do. Was there someone in the house with her?

Her fear then spiked as she felt something stroke her leg, causing her to jump. Not seeing the figure of any human intruder, she slowly looked down and narrowed her gaze upon one of the gloves from the set she just bought.

It was impossibly floating in mid-air, stroking her leg with a soft leather index finger. The glove was filled out, shaped as though someone was wearing it, but there was no visible wrist, arm or anything else behind the glove to give it the eerie human shape inhabiting it.

With every ounce of bravery Sylvia reached down and waved her hand behind the glove, expecting to hit something or someone. Her fingertips met nothing but air.

As her fear of a break-in turned to terror of this unknown force, she opened her mouth about to scream, but the glove shot up and cupped itself around her mouth, effectively silenced her.

Sylvia raised her hands to pull the glove off from her mouth and stopped in mid-motion. With great speed, the second pair of gloves slipped themselves over Sylvia`s hands as she reached up to remove the one clamped against her mouth.

Now Sylvia muffled fearful screams into the leather palm, confused and shocked by her phantom assailants. The glove matching the one muzzling her carefully floated up, slowly calming her as it gently stroked her cheek.

Trying to understand the motivations of these clothes come to life, her muffled screams grew softer and soon quieted altogether. The seemingly haunted apparel must have taken this as a sign of acceptance, because now Sylvia felt herself rising effortlessly into the air as the cool wood floor disappeared from under her toes.

Her confusion renewed, she looked down in wonder at her bedroom, seeing her new boots wander casually out of her closet all on their own. They stepped confidently through the room, settling themselves under her feet. As her eyes followed them, the boots magically unlaced themselves as the fur-lined rims curled open to accept her exposed feet. When the leather gloves at her face relented and floated down toward her legs, she no longer had the urge to scream. She could only watch in awe as the fantastic scene continued.

Like Sylvia`s hovering body, the waiting boots beneath her unchained themselves from gravity`s pull and sailed up to meet her toes, wiggling into place on her feet with the aid of the free gloves now holding Sylvia`s ankles. She`d considered resisting, but as the soft fur of the boots brushed over and swallowed her chilly feet, she was reluctant to try and reject the warmth she was already feeling from her possessed footwear.

As the boots laces gently pulled snug and gracefully tied and double-knotted, Sylvia was lowered slowly back to the ground. She soon felt gravity`s effects again, but now her feet were swaddled by thick, warm faux fur. She was caught up in the sensation, conflicted between the supernatural events happening in her bedroom and the gentle, almost loving motions of the items that had taken to move all on their own.

Settled completely on the floor now, Sylvia let out a subdued gasp as her legs stepped forward toward the bed, her gait under full control of the boots. Standing before her bed, the gloves covering Sylvia`s own hands forced her arms straight out to her sides. Floating into her view, Sylvia saw the puffer vest take a rounded shape as it bobbed toward her. It unzipped itself and opened as the gloves took their cue to guide her arms through the holes.

The puffer snuggled itself against her torso, zipping itself up when it was in place. Once it was zipped against her, Sylvia felt herself being pushed onto her bed, giving only slight resistance before realizing that with the vest, boots and gloves in control of her movements, any struggle would be in vain. Laid on her back by the puppeteering outfit, she was soon sprawled out on her bed in the shape of an X, as if the gloves and boots has strapped her against it.

Sylvia watched as the free pair of gloves floated over her, one of them guiding itself down her waist and toward her panties. Before advancing further, the glove turned itself inside out, exposing its fur lining. Wriggling its furry fingers in a sort of tease, the glove slowly pulled the low hem of her sleepshirt up, rubbing its soft fingers under her belly button and working them under her panties, where silky faux fur fingers began to rub her clit.

Held in place, Sylvia involutarily cooed, wiggling with cautious delight at every caress and stroke the glove gave. The fur felt so soft and gentle--and Sylvia had never felt anything so sensual or experienced anything so unreal. As the expert motions slowly catalyzed pleasure from evaporating fear, excitement and arousal soon trumped all else.

As if it could sense her increasingly vocal surrender to the untold pleasures it administered, the glove built up speed with every whine and moan that escaped Sylvia`s lips. Sylvia began to buck her pelvis against the" dampening fur, and with every stroke of the glove made her body demand more.
On the brink of climax, Sylvia`s arousal shifted with a new kind of sensation at her feet and hands.

The single free leather glove grabbed the hem of her nightshirt and sailed under the vest. It edged the cotton up her torso and over her breasts, replacing the sensation of cotton against her nipples with the flowing softness of the white faux fur. As soon as her breasts were exposed to the interior of the vest, the slightly deflated glove let go and slipped flat out of an armhole, unable to pull the shirt any higher with the vest zipped in place. Floating above her again, the glove filled to the shape of a hand once more and seductively traced a leather finger over her pouting, plump lips.

Still hanging on the verge of orgasm, Sylvia suddenly descended into the hysteria of laughter as--all at once--the fur in the puffer, boots and gloves began to tickle her skin. Every strand of silky fiber in the fur was vibrating, brushing, and stroking her palms, fingers, toes, soles and breasts, tickling her to the point of saturation. With her once-impending orgasm suspended by millions of soft, tickling fibers, Sylvia`s instinct to escape the sensual torture was soon renewed. She bucked and squirmed, intently trying to get away, but to no avail. With the magically possessed clothes holding her down, there was no escape. Sylvia had no choice but to accept her torment, though now with any sign of danger from these playful clothes long abated--she descended into wild-eyed ecstasy. Laughing between labored gasps and moans, tears rolled down her face for what felt like an eternity.

Then, just as Sylvia thought she could take no more, everything stopped save the glove situated over her vagina. As it began its rubbing and caressing again, Sylvia`s stimulated clitoris sent waves of pleasure through her. Soon she was on the verge of climax again, murmuring a plea for release.Just as she was certain her relief was moments away, the caressing stopped again, once more replaced by the tickilng fur of the rest of the outfit.

Sylvia had finally realized, to her growing horror, that she was being held in sensual limbo--being denied orgasm by her tormenting apparel again and again. This went on for hours, and soon, in exhaustion, Sylvia`s lips silently begged for her possessed captors to let her climax--answered only by the leather glove brushing her messy locks from her face and softly stroking her cheeks.

Eventually, after the longest round of tickling yet, Sylvia found she could move her limbs again. The glove that had been teasing at her face and hair rose away from her a distance and, like its partner, turned itself inside-out to expose its fur exterior. Taking advatage of her mobility, Sylvia sat up in her bed, looking at the snug leather gloves on her hands, then at the reversed glove hovering tentatively before her. Its partner was still under her panties, filled out, but presently motionless.

Sylvia carefully threw her boot-encased feet over the side of the bed looking down at the empty glove still in her panties. As she reached toward it with one of her own leather-covered hands, she felt the fuzzy fingers stroke her clit again, making her shudder pleasure.

The other glove hovering before her flew behind her back and shot down into her the rear of her underwear following suit with its partner and tickling her round buttocks. Still able to move, Sylvia tried to stand. Just then, the fur from the vest, gloves, and boots began tickling her once more--and the added pressure to the balls of her feet intensified the tickling at her soles. As the sensations raced through her exhausted, electrified body once more, she could only fall back to her bed.

Holding her sides and breathing hard, Sylvia tried to plea with he captors once more.

"Puh--puhl...pleeeease stopppp. Nuh--Noooo more..."

But the tickling continued; her feet, sides of her calves, her ribs, breasts, stomach, buttocks, vagina, and even her hands were all being tickled at once. Still able to move her limbs, Sylvia tried pulling the gloves off, but they seemed to be suctioned to her hands. She tried to use the boot heels to catch and pull the boots off, but if they so much as loosened, the boots would simply push right back up to place. Her sensitive nipples and breasts were still subject to the teasing fur of the vest, and when she tried the zipper to her puffer, it was stuck too--refusing to come down.

She dug into her panties to pull the glove at her pussy out, but it wouldn`t budge. She kicked and squirmed, thrashing about and holding her sides until she was laughing at the top of her lungs.

After what seemed like hours of tickling, everything began to slow again. Sylvia laid sprawled out on her bed, sweating and exhausted, finally able to catch her breath. Every article of clothing continued to stroke and tickle her, but now it was happening slowly, with a far more bearable intensity.

Sylvia laid there and giggled, enjoying herself as the clothings" strokes became more gentle and sensual. The glove that was positioned over her vagina began to play with her, caressing her soaked clit and stroking her labia. The puffer vest massaged her breasts, working them gently as the faux fur danced over her nipples.

"Mmm...please...please let me cum this time.."€

Her vest tightened around her like a soft hug, and her boots slowly traced their fur over her feet, massaging her softly. Before long, both gloves intensified their motions, and Sylvia was shuddering with pleasure as they played at the bud of her ass and her clit.

And this time, Sylvia was indeed allowed to cum. She shrieked with pleasure to an orgasm unlike any she"d experienced before, pouring the intensity of every teasing denial through a peaking moment of esctasy...

As the glove at her pussy softly stroked her through orgasm, the boots and vest released her, gently slipping off and returning to their places on the chair. The leather gloves on her hands pulled themselves off last, floating down to her sheets and blankets and pulling them over her. Induced with so much pleasure and ecstasy, Sylvia quickly fell back to sleep as the reversed gloves continued their subtle caresses.

The next Morning Sylvia awoke to a warm house. She raised an eyebrow at the outfit on the chair, before pulling back her sheets and finding the inside-out gloves in the bed beside her. She smiled and let out a sigh, hoping it wasn`t the last time she`d have a night like the last.

But oddly, when she dressed for work that day, she put on her old coat and gloves instead of wearing her brand new winter apparel to work...

...she had plans to wear that to sleep tonight.