3 - Nighttime Menagerie

Dave: College Sophomore / Philosophy Major - is the recipient of insanely powerful TK abilities he can’t control
Terry: College Sophomore/ Science Major - Roommate and friend to Dave, Bit of a geek and tries to help Dave control his new power.
Jeana: A popular girl who has the affection of both Dave and Terry, finds a way to use Dave’s newfound ability to her advantage.
Krista: A playful goth girl who has a boyfriend named Pete. Accidentally given apparently semi-permanent powers by Dave.
Annie: The captain of the gymnastic team who can be a bit of a scatterbrain.
Jessie: On the swim team. Suitemate of Annie’s.
Marie: Sorority chick. Suitemate of Annie’s.

LOCATION: Campus somewhere in the northeast. Late fall.
TIME: Around 2:30 AM, well into the night after chap two

* * *

It started with a click, or a pop. Krista blinked her eyes open to stare at her clock, reading 2:37 in the morning. It was dark in the room, but Krista was acclimated enough to see the motion. When she clicked her light on, she saw a pair of her skinny jeans sauntering toward her door.

She nodded at the door, and the lock turned over. She swooped out of bed and walked right up to the animated jeans.

“Whaddaya think you’re doing?” Krista said, feeling as stupid afterwards as anyone would look while talking to a pair of jeans. They kept moving forward, and Krista got in their path, blocking the door. “Nooo, no more of that. I have no idea what the hell is going on in this dorm lately, but my jeans--especially my favorite jeans--need to stay in my room.” She clasped her hand to her mouth, laughing at herself. “Do I really look that good in those?” The waist of the jeans nodded, and Krista let out a short little gasp before stifling another laugh. “This is still so fucking weird.” Her heart pounded. She wanted to know more--HAD to know more. These things wanted to go somewhere, and maybe if she followed them…

Krista stepped out of the doorway and shrugged as the lock rolled back over again.

“Hope you don’t mind a tagalong,” Krista said as her dorm door opened. The jeans strode down the hall, and Krista took light steps behind them, staying a few paces back...until they stopped at Terry and Dave’s room.

The techies’ room again… Krista thought, narrowing her eyes. They were involved earlier, too.

When the door slowly clicked open, Krista peeked in, seeing Terry asleep. She looked around the hall as the jeans stepped into the room, then slipped in behind them before the door closed. When it did--she saw Dave’s side of the room. She could barely keep her mouth shut as she watched was what happening.

Dave wasn’t in bed...or anywhere near it. He was halfway between mattress and ceiling, making short, pleased little noises as his hovering hips moved up and down. Krista was scandalized when she saw her black lace panties wrapped around his hips, cradling his cock. She’d have noticed more about the detailed, intricate motions of the panties if there wasn’t so much more to take in.

At Dave’s face were a pair of socks, her socks, knee-high with pink and black stripes. One foot tickled his cheek with a pink toe as the other played against his chin, occasionally planting itself right over his nose. As the jeans lifted off into the air, the socks slid down his chest and toward the panties. Krista’s jeans poised themselves over Dave’s face, and Krista held back laughter as she watched the scene unfold.

For a moment, she was distracted by two other outfits in the room--also hers. In fact…

These were what the boys here were wearing.

She tiptoed up to them. Unlike the clothes playing with Dave, these two outfits were stock still. Krista pressed on the thigh of her vinyl pants, which gave a little. She looked down the empty pantlegs, then back at the clothes playing with Dave again.

Terry tossed in his bed, and Krista ducked down, realizing she couldn’t really get out fast if either of them woke up. He didn’t wake, but the other outfit in front of Krista was no longer standing still.

The same outfit that Terry was trapped in started to move of it’s own accord. It walked pass Krista without even acknowledging her presence and walked towards Terry. Krista wondered if the outfit was going to warn Terry by waking him up. She didn’t want to try and stop the enchanted clothes, watching instead as the outfit slowly pulled the blanket down, away from his body.

Terry felt a slight chill on his chest and subconsciously tried to grab the blanket by his knees. What his hand actually grabbed was the inflated chest of the tube top; his grip gently squeezed the fabric. He gave another quick pinch to analyze what his hand touched and one eye slightly creaked open to find what his hand came into contact with. Krista did her best to contain her giggling when she watched the drowsy nerd unknowingly massage the filled out tube top with his digits.

“Mhmm...Where the hell did my blanket go?” He mumbled in his groggy state. He slowly woke up, looking for his missing bedclothes. When he finally opened his eyes, his sights were set on the hand that he used to search for it, only to see himself gripping a breast of a beautifully inflated tube top. He was too surprised in the moment to notice Krista’s presence in the room; all he could focus on was she shining, black tube top, slightly slick from latex conditioner, displaying an irresistible emulation of her tits. His mouth fell open as his fingertips traveled over one of the nipples jutting from the soft rubber, making the tube top arch its back, pushing the form into his hand and making him clench around it. Terry’s eyes lit up when he realized her outfit was willing to let Terry massage its latex tits.

Krista continued to watch, silent and motionless--trying to do absolutely nothing to pull Terry’s gaze away from her living clothing. The sleeves began circling Terry’s head, no longer hovering in concert with the rest of the outfit Terry had worn earlier. Soon the sleeves were wrapping around Terry’s mouth--Krista guessed it was so he wouldn’t wake Dave. Delighted by his visitor at first, now he was surprised by the outfit constraining him...again.

“Mmphf!” He muffled in the sleeves’ grasp as his eyes moved from sleepiness to shock. He gazed at Krista, spectating like she was an audience member. He looked over at Dave, who was floating above his bed, humping Krista’s black panties.

Terry’s eyes turned back to the outfit that was literally in front of him, moving onto him and forcing him to lay back onto his bed. A pair of Krista’s black gloves came in and went by her to help the other clothes swarm on Terry. While the sleeves kept his mouth covered, the gloves moved down to his shorts and started to pull them down his waist.

The clothes were intent on having their way with him again, and Terry knew it. He tried to move his hands down to stop the gloves from taking his shorts off. It was a huge mistake as his right hand was swallowed up by the glove that was pulling his shorts down when he tried to grab at the opening.

His eyes grew wide from the shock from the gloves when they knew what he was trying to do. Before he could try to free his right hand from the glove, the other one came down and clamped down on his other, preventing him from making any movements with his arms. His hands were now under the control of the gloves that imprisoned them, moving to their own whims.

The gloves made their move once more as the left hand slipped his shorts off his legs and dropped them at the floor beside his bed. His cock was on full display for Krista to see as it was starting to raise up from the attention of being assaulted by the clothing. His leather-covered arms raised up on their own to let his tee inflate to womanly curves and slip up over his head and shoulders, joined by the outfit holding him still.

Terry was shaking his head from side to side, trying to shake off the silken snakes around his mouth, but like the gloves on his arms, they wouldn’t budge. The gloves made him grope the t-shirt’s inflated breasts in his own clothes. He could actually feel the breasts jiggling under his touch, even through the leather. They were perfectly simulated breasts under cloth, and this was the closest thing to a woman that he ever came into contact with.

But even with the outfit’s playful nature, Terry was still trying to break free by kicking his legs on the edge of the mattress, trying to get Dave to wake up from his dream-fueled state. The outfit took it up a notch by letting the striped stockings and gogo boots take action. The stockings snaked their way onto the bed and quickly snatched onto his toes the instant they hit the bed, with his feet caught, they started to slide up his legs like slithering snakes when eating their prey whole. The boots came next when they unzipped and slipped onto the stockings and slid right back up to keep his feet cushioned from making any more noise and resistance.

With his limbs under the control of Krista’s clothing, he started to raise up into the air like Dave. The skirt and tube top floated above his body and laid out in a vertical position like Terry was. It moved it’s waving bosom in front of his face and squished them into his cheeks. His bare skin was rubbing into the rubbery twin peaks, he could actually smell Krista’s perfume mixed into the fabric. It was intoxicating. His face was covered by the tube top. His arms moved on their own by the gloves’ whim, and the tips of his fingers started to tweak and spin around his nipples, teasing them with their delicate touch.

The attention was starting to make his manhood stand fully erect, making the skirt and panties drift towards it.

“Wowwwwwww…” Krista whispered, watching from the far end of the room at both the guys hovering above their beds. Krista’s jeans had been riding Dave’s face, and instead of waking him up, he simply moaned softly into the denim, contently dreaming away. The panties cradling Dave before were now pulled up around his cock and between his ass, tightening their grip around his hips but leaving his cock completely open to a soft footjob by Krista’s knee-highs.

Krista felt sensual electricity flow through her again, and she instinctively grabbed her chest. She looked down at herself, watching her tits wobble and perk even as she held onto them. She looked up at Terry, watching her own gloves force his hands into groping her own phantom top. As she watched the leathery fingers move, she let go of her chest, watching her shirt make the same impressions in her breasts as Terry’s possessed fingers.

“Oooh...nononono…” Krista moaned, watching in awe as her breasts were massaged by proxy. She gasped when she felt two hands grope her ass, finding nothing behind her but empty space and her still inert outfit standing against the wall. The hands grabbed again, firmly this time, and she squeaked a little when she felt something playing between her cheeks that felt like…

She looked up at Dave, watching him nuzzle her jeans and grab at them. Now both of them were generating sensation all over her body--her clothes emulating the same things Dave and Terry did to her animated outfits. She let go of control and let herself break free of gravity, using her powers even as she let herself be taken by phantom force.

“I want you, Krista--” Dave said, almost sounding lucid. “I’ve wanted you since move-in week.” The socks stroking Dave’s cock abruptly stopped, flying down to his feet and slipping themselves on him. He rotated upright slightly as the outfit behind Krista came to life. She watched it walk toward the bed, biting her fingers and trying to keep her moaning from waking Dave.

She knew exactly what she wanted--more.

The vinyl pants and tee shirt hovered into the air, slinking around Dave once before slamming their glossy ass against his cock, teasing it and riding against it as it hardened. Krista giggled, feeling the poke against her ass as her face went flush. If it was just the clothes emulating the effect, then it couldn’t possibly go much further than teasing--right?

As if to answer, Dave let out a low growl as the seam on the rear of the vinyl pants tightened--the ass growing to stretch the stitching. Before long, there was a small, puckering hole in the shapely pants, and Dave’s cock was pointed right at it.

Krista shuddered, feeling something tease against her asshole. She looked over her shoulder--nervous and excited for what was about to come. Just as she thought it couldn’t get any crazier, she let out a cry of pleasure as her pussy lips glided up, slicking toward her clit and back down again. She gasped and looked over at Terry, whose dick was sliding against the front of her panties as her skirt wiggled against his hips.

Terry’s dick was being rubbed against the silky mound of the panties. It was sliding itself on the front side of his shaft and tickling the edge of his tip. The skirt’s front wrapped around the back of his dick in tandem with the panties so it was being rubbed from both sides, causing him to groan softly in his soft gag. His right glove made his hand move towards the bubble butt of the skirt and started to give a sudden slap against the fabric, sending the same feeling to Krista’s ass.

The slapping caused Krista to squeal in pleasure, despite trying to keep herself quiet. The glove gave a couple more slaps to the inflated bottom before moving on to a gentle caress. The panties then decided to take in the rest of Terry’s cock by reshaping the bottom of its puffed out cameltoe into a pseudo-pussy, emulating every detail of Krista.

The panties slowly slid onto his cock to let it feel every corner of Krista’s pussy through the fabric. The walls wrapped around him were already moist from the pre-cum that he released before when the skirt tickled around his dick. Now, with his cock already half-way, Terry felt his hips starting to move on their own, thrusting into the fabricated pussy. He rocked his hips so he could slide the rest of his dick into the wet fabric and pushed against it, causing Krista to feel the same experience from the panties.

Krista felt her insides being invaded by phantom force as the two went to work--Dave, still asleep, unaware that the fantasy happening around him was more than just a dream. Terry was lucid at this point, and everything around him felt so good that he wasn’t even bothering to fight the sleeves still gagging him. He could smell Krista--her perfume, her sweat, her body--all over him.

Terry had attention all over his body. The skirt and panties were pumping down on his dick, with the sticky fabric wrapped all around, stimulating the shape of Krista. She felt the telekinetic force of Terry's penis, sliding inside her like a phantom cock. His form slowly moved and rocked inside her. The ghostly cock pushing into her caused her feet to lift off the ground as her desires continued to take shape. Envisioning herself pleasured by this unseen force made her hornier than before, and she watched both men being overtaken by her own clothing. With Terry being held up in the same clothes and his arms trapped in the gloves, they moved down towards his nipples and began to tweak their creamy touch against them. His feet were tightly wrapped in the striped stockings and massaging his toes while the pink gogo boots were grinding his legs together.

Being suspended by the clothes he was trapped in before, breathing in Krista's scent from the sleeves...it was as if the clothes were following Krista's desires while following Dave's as well. Terry was struggling to break out from his hazy trance, powerless under the panties’ assualt on his privates.

The power Krista felt welling inside her after the first event was nothing compared to what was happening now. She knew she was responsible for what was happening here, but she wasn’t in control--and that frightened and excited her.

“Come,” Krista said aloud. “Make them come.”

She didn’t say it with that much volume, but it was enough to wake Dave. He found himself hovering above his bed with his dick in Krista’s living vinyl pants. Terry was across from him, swarmed with Krista’s clothing. Dave was rigid, staring down at his cock gliding in and out of the hollow shiny pants. A hovering Krista was at the other end of the room, watching both of them and squirming in the air.

“Krista?!” Dave’s crush was in their room, hovering in the air, wiggling and shimmying like she was about to come. Dave himself was seconds from blowing. Something in him said to resist, but he laughed it off. The ass of the pants felt too good, too bouncy and soft for him to stop. He wanted to soak them.

Another look at the hovering coed at the foot of his bed made him realize something else about Krista’s dance--every time he pumped his hips against the slippery pants, Krista’s ass perked. When she jerked forward, she was responding to Terry. Dave realized they were both psychically fucking her somehow, and it wasn’t his doing at all.

“Harder--both of you--harder!” Krista cried, sailing higher into the air and landing on the ceiling, upside down on all fours. Dave managed a single dumbfounded laugh as his dick swelled. His hips moved on their own again, pumping him into the tight, bouncy ass of the vinyl pants.

Hearing Krista’s howl of pleasure, the clothing around Terry increased their momentum and the panties slammed faster on his dick. He was softly moaning under the sleeves until they let go, turning his moans to growls of lust as the tube top joined with the panties and skirt. His gloved hands wrapped around the tube top and brought its’ jiggling breasts against his own torso. He thrust harder into the silken trap as he let go of common sense and let his sexual desire take control. The motion of his dick thrusting deeply into the panties caused it to tighten around him, and soon he was as close to cumming as the others.

“Fuu-uuck!” He howled in the room as the panties took one long squeeze around his penis. He finally released all of his pent up frustrations into the panties and came into the crotch. The panties soaked up all of the fluid he released as his legs wrapped around the skirt.

Dave came at the same time, moaning as he grabbed the hollow vinyl hips and pulled them against his hovering body. The magic outfit turned them in the air as he climaxed, and now Dave could look down and see himself releasing into the pants. His cum seemed to fill the inside of an invisible vagina, apparently hovering in the vinyl pants as it slowly faded from existence.

Are they absorbing it? Dave wondered, grabbing the vinyl ass and grinning like a fool. He had no idea how or why any of this was happening, but with the improvement of tonight’s events over this afternoon’s, he was fine with enjoying himself before figuring out exactly how all this worked.

When the guys came, something started in Krista--rattling from her hips and everywhere up her spine. As she took her ghost fucking to climax, the strangest memories came to her...mostly about her stuff. Shoes, clothes--even furniture and her car...it was like she was suddenly aware of everything that had ever belonged to her. And then it was gone.

Krista didn’t know it yet, but for the first split second of her cosmic orgasm, she had sent out an ominous signal--one that was going to reach beyond her dorm-room closet. In the room, she squealed away with delight, bouncing through the air as her eyes rolled back. Her limbs shot out, stretching as her shrieks of pleasure faded to delicious laughter.

“Oh my god, boys--the things I can feel now…” Krista grinned. “I’m not sure how to explain it, but I feel like I’m in more than one place right now. Like my presence goes beyond this room.” She didn’t realize the half of what she was saying. Already, her belongings were responding to their newfound energy source--even if they were in another dorm room, another hall entirely, or even back at her folks house hundreds of miles away.

The clothing that finished with Terry lifted him up into a sitting position while still floating. He looked around the room in awkward silence, not caring about being suspended in the air and more about what Krista said after their extreme climax. The gloves crossed his arms around his chest as the tubetop and skirt floated next to him. The stockings and boots crossed his right leg over his left in a feminine like manner while also covering his privates.

“Okay, I don’t know why the hell this suddenly happened...Besides being raped and dressed in her clothes--again--I might add! But what were you doing in here while we were sleeping--and what do you mean by your presence goes beyond this room?”

He looked at Krista with skepticism and turned to see Dave still floating in the air with the pants wrapped around his waist. Terry know that Dave was still involved with the whole predicament. “I’m sure you had something to do with this, mister telekinetic wet dream.”

“He started it,” Krista said as a pair of satin shorts slid up her legs, “but...that was all me.” She turned to Dave. “Right?” Dave nodded.

“Totally you.” He slid gently out of the vinyl pants, blushing a bit when the other two looked at him and looked away. Dave snapped his fingers, and a pair of athletic pants pulled themselves up his legs and covered him up. “Not that I minded.” He looked down at the ass of the vinyl pants, and the split seam was tugging and pinching.

Dave’s jaw dropped. Krista’s pants were actually repairing themselves.

“Are you--doing this, too?” He pointed at the shiny ass, and Krista snickered, having no idea what he was talking about.

“Yeah, that’s my gorgeous ass,” Krista joked.

“Fly over her and look,” Dave said. “The hole I just, um--well, the split seam in the seat is resewing itself. Without a machine.”

“And they say thanks,” Krista said, squinting a little and scratching her head.

“What?” Dave landed on the ground, staring at her.

“Yeah, I dunno why I said that--but I get that sense about them,” Krista said. “Something about your, um--deposit. Apparently it’s very, very energetically potent.” Krista looked over at Terry, giggling at the sight of him. “And as for you, dude, pretty much everything wants to try you on.” She thought for a second. “I’m kind of answering your question, Terry. It’s like my stuff all has thoughts--and I can feel those thoughts. Even my old stuff. Not all at once, but like...I have an awareness of it.”

“So what, you have like, telepathy with all of your clothes and stuff after cumming at the same time as us?” He laughed at the thought of it until the skirt drifted up his legs and wrapped around his waist with an inflated ass over his own. One of his gloved hands gave a swift smack to his left cheek through the skirt and he yelped. “And your clothes like to use me as a drag dress up doll. Great…”

He groaned after the skirt brushed against his dick, making a lump in the front as it showed to the others that he was still erect. “Would you stop that?” He said to the skirt.

“Krista, we gotta figure this stuff out. I mean, I thought I was powerful before, but if you can feel things ‘thinking’, there’s a lot more to this we don’t know.” Krista landed on on the ground, matching Dave’s serious look. Terry flailed, trying to get the mischievous skirt to behave.

“Seriously, if you’re going to make me wear you, at least cover me…” His pleas got the attention of Krista, who chuckled for a second before coming to her senses.

“Alright, ladies--cool it for a little while.” The skirt relaxed and drifted down to cover Terry. “Dave--do you mind if we talk about this stuff in my room?” Dave’s eyes shot to the still-living clothes around him and Terry, then back to Krista as his heart raced a little.

“Um…” Dave didn’t know how to respond. Obviously she was taking him up on his offer to ‘figure this stuff out’, but alone with her in a room full of her stuff... “Why not here?” She turned to Terry.

“I mean, it’s just that Dave kind of already has the same thing going on in his brain, or whatever--” Krista said to Terry. “I need to focus, and I--swear I’m going to keep dressing you up with my head. You’re not offended if Dave and I go sort this out for a few, right?” A smile broke across her face, and she winked at him. “You make a cute lady, Ter.”

Terry sighed. It was nice of her to offer as if he had a say in anything that happened around here. At this point he seemed like he was subject to their imaginations. “Go on ahead, it’s not like things could get worse with you both in another room.” He looked at Krista with a grin. “If I wasn’t suspended in the air and trussed up like a neon stripper, I’d slap you silly…”

“Right, if my sleeves let you,” she joked. “Come on, Dave.” Krista glanced at the door, opening it a little bit to check the hall. Seeing no one else out there, Dave slipped out with her. “Seriously, everyone be nice!” She hissed to her clothes before the door shut itself. As they walked down the hall, Jeana’s door popped open.

“Psst...hey!” Jeana’s head was poking into the hall when Krista glanced back. “Now what are you two up to?”

“Um...superhero stuff?” Krista grinned. Catch up with Terry a few. I need to talk with Dave.

“Superhero--” Jeana jumped as the door down the hall clicked open just an inch.

“I’ll explain later! Keep Terry company.” Jeana went down the hall back into the guys’ room as Krista waved her door open. It seemed to have some difficulty, and just as she realized why, a sleeve wrapped around Dave and pulled him in. “Oh boy…”

There was pandemonium in Krista’s room--it seemed like every piece of clothing she owned was ballooning full of Krista-shaped air. Pants, socks, shoes and boots mingled like party guests, panties and shorts gracefully sauntered a couple of feet from the ground, and her bras and tops bobbed around freely from waist-high to ceiling.

“You guys--you...are you freaking serious?” Krista was swatting away soft diaphanous legs as a couple pairs of her stockings swam through the air. “No wonder this place felt like such a hotspot.” The clothes weren’t exactly bouncing around--just sort of flowing. They did sweep Dave up into the crowd, but he found himself being gently caressed by sleeves and nestled against puffy tops.

“If I seem like...I’m enjoying this too much...I probably am.” Dave said.

“Don’t,” Krista said, trying her best not to focus on her clothes feeling up the hovering guy. “Make it as easy as possible on me. We might only have a few minutes.”

“Wh--before what?”

“Before your gun cools enough to fire again, dumbass!” Krista shrugged, waving around her room at the clothes. “You didn’t see all this as a DIRECT result of our playtime?” She blushed a little. “That was...hot, Dave. But given what we’re doing here…”

“I get it!” Dave said, trying to steel himself against the caresses. A satiny green blouse shot a sleeve under his tee, rubbing his chest. “It doesn’t help that you’ve got like the best wardrobe on the whole fl--”

“Staaaahp,” Krista laughed. “Stop thinking about it and listen. All of this, here? I think it’s happening with all my stuff.” Dave took notice. “I mean, hints of my boyfriend, my room back home...and like, something in Annie’s room...I can’t be sure, but…”

“This, as in--all your clothes...everywhere...are walking around on their own?” Dave asked.


When Jeana poked her head in, she didn’t know how to read Terry’s expression. There was embarrassment, sure--but maybe also a little bit of appreciation. He certainly seemed more comfortable this time than the last.

“Whoa...how’s it, um--going in here?” A couple of Krista’s outfits turned to regard Jeana, the vinyl pants in particular. “Are they treating you okay, Terry?”

“Uh, yeah...They’re actually pretty calm despite what happened earlier. Krista told them to calm down and they’ve been obedient so far.” The clothing set him down softly onto his bed and looked at Jeana with a bit of a flushed face. The gogo boots crossed his legs together as he sighed. The tubetop floated beside him and jiggled it’s breasts at Jeana. “Pardon the girls here... they’ve kinda taken a liking to me, as you can see.” Terry sighed. “So what are you doing in here? Did any of your stuff go wild again?”

“I saw Dave and Krista heading to her room--other than what’s happening in here, things are kinda quiet.” She reached down to run her hand over the waistline of the vinyl pants. When she pushed against it, it gave a little, but the more she pushed, the stronger the resistance. “How the hell do these things move like this?” She asked. “Like--wouldn’t there be some limit to this?” She grabbed the back side of the pants and squeezed their ass, slapping at it a couple times before looking back up at Terry. “Sorry--don’t mind me. I just don’t get it. It’s so weird.”

Terry scratched the back of his head with his gloved hand. “Dave was dreaming, but I’m not sure if it was him or her that ended up doing this. I’m sure you know how horny a sleeping male can be.” He watched Jeana slapping the back of the shiny pants and he tried to hide his erection under the skirt. “Uh...I wouldn’t do that. The clothes kinda have a mind of their own now after Dave unconsciously used his powers on them while we were asleep.

“I don’t know how, but Krista came into our room while it happened and joined in the madness. She was psychically linked to us--like, we could feel each other, kind of. I dunno how to...I mean like--I’d touch her clothes, and she’d feel it. And the reverse, too. Know what I mean?”

“I guess so,” Jeana said. “Go on…”

“Well, we all climaxed at that moment. She said she had this ‘feeling’ that she could read the thoughts of all her clothing and items that she owned. I know it’s hard to explain, but after what happened the other day. I’m sure you get the gist of it.”

“The thoughts...of her clothing?” Jeana didn’t get that at all. “How does that work, exactly?”

“Well, under the circumstances...they’re doing things on their own, so they have intention…”

“Alright, I guess I could see how the behavior kinda matches up...”

The tubetop drifted over to join with the lycra pants and pushed it’s latex breasts out as it inflated to more ludicrous proportions in front of Jeana’s eyes. “Apparently they didn’t listen very well,” Terry said. “Krista said to play nice.” He shouted it to the tubetop and pants, but they didn’t listen to a word he said and went back to playing with Jeana.

“I guess Krista didn’t say anything about playing with others,” Jeana said.

“And she’s not directly controlling this, either,” Terry said. “And I mean, they seem harmless, right?”

Jeana boldly reached out and grabbed the huge latex tits being presented to her. She giggled a little as they inflated further, as if trying to resist her grip. Jeana reached up above the cups and pulled down the tube top, expecting it to spill its invisible tits. Instead, the lycra pants leapt up and wrapped their legs around her, pulling her into a sort of tackle on Dave’s bed.

“Whoa there…” Jeana said, staring up at the top. The pants were straddling her hips now, and the top leaned forward, forcing its ballooning tits against Jeana’s face. “Ohmigod!” She laughed, pushing against it. “Terry, help.”


Krista had gotten her clothes to at least collectively organize in her room, but while they took to sorting, they wouldn’t get back in the closet or her drawers. Even a telekinetic coaxing by Dave only affected them as long as he focused on it. Even more--once he stopped, the clothes he was trying to direct seemed more confident--more vivacious than before.

“The panties, look--” Dave said. He had tried to force a group of panties back into Krista’s lingerie drawer, and succeeded for a few moments, but now every single one of them was coming back out. A pair of full coverage briefs in black satin slid out the slightly opened drawer and inflated entirely once it had wedged itself in the opening. The result was a violent crash to the floor by the drawer, while the underwear inside remaining hovering, inflating to Krista’s curves again.

The black satin briefs filled out tight and bent over, and Dave could see the fabric wedging itself into an invisible ass. The panties turned nearly upside down, and now he was nose to gusset with them.

“I, um--I think these ones are mad now,” Dave said. Krista was blushing.

“They, uh…” Krista swallowed, looking a little flush.

“What?” Dave asked, laughing.

“They want a kiss, and all is forgiven.” Dave’s face hardened.

“I think you’re taking advantage,” He cracked a smile, which Krista returned.

“You don’t hear it, Dave? At all? You can reach out and push things at a distance now. Try feeling things.” Krista’s eyes met his, and she wondered if it was possible for him to really grant her an ability he didn’t have himself.

Apparently not, Dave projected to her. Krista’s eyes lit up when she didn’t see Dave’s lips move.

Holy shit, he did it. You did it.

“Uh-uh,” He said aloud again. “I can hear you, not her.” He gestured to the briefs, whose black satin was pulled tight against emulated pussy lips.

“Do you want to know everything they’re telling me?” Krista said. A little chill went down Dave’s spine.

“Do I?” The briefs leapt against his pace, pushing their pussy against his mouth. He let out muffled laughter and reached up to grab the satin ass, marveling at how he could see his own fingerprints on the inside as he stared through the empty legholes.

“They want me to help ‘unlock’ you, Dave.” Krista moaned a little as she was pulled into the air. “You unlocked me--but I’m not the power source. You are.”

If I can smell you like this anytime I want, just tell me what to do, Dave projected, never taking his lips off the living satin. How do we unlock me?

Krista was being reckless, but she still didn’t fully understand the extent of what she was doing. She suspected it, but didn’t follow the distant impulses--didn’t zoom her focus in on them--until her unconscious plans were well underway. Pete’s room was hit with the shockwave first, and with nearly a full load’s worth of her clothes there, he was in for a surprise.

Terry was watching Jeana cuddling with the tubetop and pants, starting to grow a little jealous of the attention she was getting. He tried to keep calm about the situation, but seeing the girl of his dreams getting ravished by over inflated clothing made him want to join in the fun too.

The skirt around his waist started to act up again by wrapping around his cock and his gloved hands pulled him off the bed and towards Jeana and the outfit on Dave’s bed.

His impulses started to kick in, and the clothing keeping him trapped aided his descent toward a three-way with Jeana and the tightly-filled outfit. The boots forced his feet to walk towards the edge of the bed, and the skirt bent his waist downwards onto the backside of the pants. The gloves moved his hands to grip the ass of the pants and started to squeeze them gently while the skirt wrapped around his dick aimed towards Jeana’s hips.

“Oh my goodness…” Jeana watched the scene behind the tube top, wondering if she could do anything to stop it. The last few steps Terry took didn’t seem like his own, but his cock seemed sure enough. Jeana wondered if either of them really wanted to stop. The tube top bounced against her, pointing its ass in the air and letting Terry’s gloves get a better grip on it. Furiously as his hands were kneading though, he wasn’t focused on the shiny lycra ass.

He was looking at Jeana’s pajama bottoms when his gloves pushed away from the magical lycra ass just enough to slide off and leave his hands free. His unsheathed fingers landed against the pliant spandex ass again as the black gloves moved to Jeana’s pajama pants, pulling them off.

Terry’s jaw dropped when he saw the trail--a slick, shiny line from Jeana’s pussy to the crotch of her pajama pants. The viscous fluid connection finally broke, and Jeana bit her lip, looking down at him.

“I dunno if I’m going to have the will to try and stop this either way...but I don’t suppose you have a condom?”

Two rooms away, Krista giggled as her fingers snapped.

Things are getting dirty, Dave. Can you feel it? Krista watched as the condom wrapper exploded open, inflating to a sizable cock.

“Go get her, tiger,” Krista said to the living condom, emulating Terry’s dick. It sailed out of the room as the door narrowly opened and shut, passing right by a half-asleep coed. She stopped and stared forward as the translucent dick passed by her, blinking a couple of times. By the time she turned to double-check reality, it was already at its destination, and the door clicked shut so softly that she couldn’t hear it over the hum of the heating system.

“I really need to get laid,” the coed said, trudging back to her room.

At first Terry was a little worried, thinking he was about to be replaced. The skirt hiked itself up and exposed his rigid cock. When the condom swallowed him up and wriggled on his dick, though, he realized he wasn’t being replaced at all.


He was about to be used.

Jeana stared down at Terry’s cock, magically being stroked by the condom itself. Her jaw hung open, augmenting the otherwise anticipatory smile on her face.

“I’m--I’m not even in control of myself…” Terry said, staring down at his rock-hard cock. Suddenly, it turned and pointed right for Jeana.

“Ohmigod, Terry--does it matter?” Jeana growled. “Fuck me!” Terry felt his body thrown forward as his own center of gravity itself seemed to shift. He was thrown against Jeana, and his member slid right inside her wet cunt. She really was waiting for this, and the “YES” that came from her when he entered should have been enough to wake the rest of the hall.

He stared down at her, the lycra pants still straddling just high enough on her hips to let Terry fuck her. He pulled back the empty spandex waistline as he slapped one of the hollow cheeks, making it echo around the room.

“Oh gawwwd…” The latex tube top rubbed its overinflated tits against Jeana’s own, and before long the gloves that helped Jeana out of her pants took care of her PJ top as well. Terry started to reach down inside of the waist of the lycra pants, exploring them from the inside when Krista’s vinyl pants leapt into the air and wrapped their thighs around Terry’s face.

They seemed to pulse against him, and what little air he could get through smelled like pussy and Krista’s room. He reached his hands up to try to loosen their grip, grabbing the tight plastic ass firmly as his body still rocked against Jeana. He was pistoning in and out of her, and before long--he realized he wasn’t even touching the ground--Dave’s bed itself began to rise into the air.

In Krista’s room, Dave was reclining against some of her clothes. She was walking him though feeling at a distance, encouraging him to reach out to see what he could hear. He kept coming back to his own bed, as if that was a hotspot for some reason.

“Your roommate and Jeana are fucking on it right now,” Krista said.

“Wh--what?” Dave asked. “No way. How do you know that?”

“I can feel my stuff helping them along--and...you know, Terry’s bigger than I figured he’d be.” Dave rolled his eyes at Krista’s comment.

“But what the hell do you mean, you can feel them? What is it that you feel?”

Strong hips moving near me, Krista answered him mentally. A face I’m trapping between my legs. Hands on my ass. My tits against Jeana’s...

“You can feel all of that?” Dave asked. “Are you making the clothes do it?”

Krista only shook her head. I’m just listening in. Project instead, Dave. Practice.

When he closed his eyes again, he came back to the bed. The curve of Jeana’s back, arching. Her body rocking back and forth. She reaches out and grabs the sheet--

“Whoa!” Dave snapped-to, opening his eyes. Krista nodded.

You felt it. You were there, Krista said silently. He just stared at her, not even thinking at first. Then it came to him how strange this was--that he apparently sparked all this psy stuff, and now Krista was teaching him things.

What’s happening to us? Dave asked, Krista’s knowing eyes haunting him.

We’re being unlocked, Dave.

As that was happening, Pete was up late while he was playing an rpg game on his console. His eyes were heavy and had bags under them, indicating how long he’s been up playing. While he was distracted with the tv screen. Something began rustling in his closet from across the room.

The closet door slid open silently as to not break Pete’s concentration on the game. A pair of purple stockings slithered out onto the floor like snakes and looked towards the clothing pile left in the corner of the room. It was a pile of Krista’s clothing that she left when she stayed over with Pete after a party.

The stockings snaked their way across the floor and headed towards the clothing. As the stockings came into contact with the pile, a pair of black booty shorts wiggled their way out and inflated to full capacity while rising in the air. The shorts made a motion of grabbing the stockings with invisible fingers, sliding up as if legs were being put into them. As the shorts wiggled their fabricated ass around, a pair of black knee-high boots with a 5-inch-heel raised their cuffs up and let the stockinged feet in. The entire lower ensemble waited for something else to come out to finish its look.

What raised out of the pile was a black satiny bra with cups that inflated themselves to the size of swelled up watermelons--stretching the fabric and the padding itself. It joined up with the rest of the outfit as a long sleeved shirt with the image of a raven on the back slid itself over the bra, filling it’s shape with Krista’s curves. The outfit put it’s sleeves around the sides of the shorts and sauntered towards Pete.

His gaze was still glued to the screen.

A couple pairs of Krista’s stray panties puffed to life and bobbed into the air, sailing behind Pete on either flank. A pair of her skinny jeans rolled out of a laundry basket and stood under their own power, the wrinkles disappearing as an invisible Krista inflated inside.

Each sleeve slowly crept onto his shoulders, giving him a gentle massage as it leaned closer and readied itself to pounce. Pete jumped and turned around, responding to the touch. There in front of him was Krista’s party outfit, but no Krista. He could see every detail, the visible bra lines in the tight shirt, the curves of her legs in hollow pantyhose…

“Oh shit--not again…is this really happening?”

The sleeves wrapped themselves around his shoulders as it leaned it’s inflated breasts on the back of his head. As he tried to move away from the advancing clothing, his hands were quickly stopped by the bouncing panties by wrapping their cloth around his fingers tightly. Krista’s skinny jeans hopped onto his lap and raised it’s denim ass into his face and rubbed itself on the tip of his nose so he could inhale every inch of Krista’s scent from it. The pants then moved downwards towards his lower area and one of the pant loops grabbed the zipper to his pants and zipped it down all the way until his boxers were in full view, along with a tent peeking out from the opening.

The pants lowered it’s ass and started to rub against his swollen manhood through his boxers and between it’s cheeks. Now that he was half-subdued, the panties released his fingers and reinflated, coaxing themselves against his fingertips until he was voluntarily grasping at the form beneath the panties.

Hundreds of miles away, even Krista’s room back home felt the effects. Her bedskirt fluttered in her windless room, and her sheets pulled back and gently flapped as her pillows floated skyward. Her closet door and dressers opened, and her old and off-season clothes--anything she didn’t bring to school with her--started coming to life.

The phenomenon wasn’t limited to her clothes at all--her computer booted, lamps clicked on and off, and some of her furniture shifted in place.

The loudest of these things got the attention of her younger siblings, and her high-school aged younger brother had the misfortune of being the first to come across the wildly possessed room. He opened the door and marched in to stand face to face with a few of his sister’s bathing suits, none of which hesitated to bounce him against the wall by coordinating with each other in a semicircle.

Just as he was about to howl, a pair of Krista’s old socks jumped to life and inflated, shoving her emulated toes right into her brother’s mouth. By now, her summery clothing and a bunch of her old underwear were marching out of her room and all over the house.

Her little sister watched in awe as one of Krista’s bras sailed by her. The youngest sibling wasn’t sure what to make of it, but her curiosity kept her from making a scene about it. She simply wandered toward Krista’s room, watching as a pair of pantyhose walked by. She reached out and poked a thigh of the hose, and they turned to her for a second, seeming to regard her. They turned a 180 and wiggled their butt at her, making her giggle before they continued on their way.

When Krista’s little sister reached Krista’s lively room, her older brother had been shoved into one of Krista’s one-piece bathing suits and was flailing around in the air with a couple other swimsuits.

“Robbie--you look really funny...but can I come swimming in Krista’s room too?”

Downtown in a darkened thrift store, there was something shuffling around in the aisles. A pair of jeans Krista donated sat themselves up and took off walking, heading for the shirt racks. They were joined by a pair of slacks and three tops, which slipped off their hangers as the jeans walked by.

A pair of boots and a pair of flats later, everything Krista gave away that was still in the store was heading for the locked door at the front.

Back at the college, it wasn’t just Pete’s dorm room that had Krista’s things haunting it. At some point, Annie borrowed one of her pullover hoodies that was currently swinging from its hook. Slowly, the sleeves ballooned out, and the inflation spread to the shoulders and chest as the hoodie lifted itself off the hook. It hovered over Annie in bed, approaching her slowly. It carefully laid atop her back, gently hugging her with its sleeves.

Annie let out a little moan and rolled over onto her back. The hoodie lifted off just in time to stay out of her way, then approached again. The sleeves reached to her blankets and pulled them down, exposing Annie in a pink camisole.

Krista was guiding Dave through some sort of mental exercise when the door to her dorm room clicked open.

“Hey, no!” She said to her clothes. A red turtleneck slipped over a red satin bra, which affixed themselves over a tight denim skirt. A pair of half-inflated black leggings slipped under the skirt as a pair of red Uggs caught up. Once together, the leggings plumped up and turned a little translucent with Krista’s tight invisible curves filling them.

The outfit didn’t seem to pay attention. It slipped out the door and a collection of athletic wear followed, assembling behind it. Shiny black shorts and a matching tank-top coordinated over patent black sneakers. A pair of white crew socks slipped into the shoes, and grey legwarmers slid over them as the door shut behind the two escaping outfits.

“Wait! You guys need to stay in here!” Dave snapped out of his trance-like state, sitting up in the lap of one of Krista’s blouses.

“What’s going on?” Dave asked. Krista was already standing to follow them.

“Some of my clothes slipped out the door, and they’re not listening to me,” Krista said. “I have to get them!”

“I’ll help. Tell the rest of them to stay here,” Dave said. Krista did her best to will the room to keep itself together as she followed Dave into the hall. Krista’s outfits were already to the end of the hall, where the door to Annie’s room opened, apparently on its own.

Stop them, stop them! Krista projected to Dave, trying not to yell down the hall and wake everyone. Despite running, Dave could only watch as the door to Annie’s dorm shut itself. What are you waiting for? Pop it open!

I’m going to barge into Annie’s room? Dave projected back as Krista caught up to him. Now he whispered to her. “I mean, maybe there’s no one in there.”

Annie was sound asleep, but feeling the sudden breeze of cold air swept across her body made her fingers twitch and try to grab at the sheets. Her hand stretched down towards her legs and couldn’t feel any sheets nearby. Her body started to shiver from the cold touch of air as being in only in a camisole and panties didn’t keep her warm very well. When she tried to find the sheets one last time, what her digits came into contact with didn’t feel like a blanket at all. It was made of a fuzzier material and wiggled around from her touch.

Her eyes shot open to see what she grabbed and what she saw was a large red sweater filled out by itself and it’s sleeve ran down her bare leg. She was about to give a loud shriek of terror, but her mouth was instantly muffled by the sleeve of the black jacket she borrowed from Krista. Her eyes were filled with terror as she saw two outfits of Krista’s filled with her shape and inside her room all alone.

She tried to move her hands to tug the sleeve off of her face, but it wouldn’t budge an inch. The athlete outfit stepped onto Annie’s bed and started to lift up her camisole up her body to expose her plump ass and breasts. Annie’s cheeks flared up bright red from the shock and embarrassment of being stripped and captured by Krista’s clothes. As she tried to struggle from her clothing captors. She could hear the door to her room started to rattle as the handle turned and slowly opened by itself. Annie tilted her head to see Krista and Dave, both barely dressed themselves out in the hall.

“Mwat ga hell ih goim om?!” Annie managed, looking at them for an answer.

“Off her,” Dave said, staring at Krista’s clothes. The athletic outfit turned and moved toward him, but Dave narrowed his eyes, bearing down in kind. Suddenly, the outfit seemed to be repelled backward despite struggling to keep walking forward.

Krista watched Dave fight the renegade outfit and realized she should be helping. She tried to concentrate on the outfits in the room, but her face suddenly flushed as she watched Annie’s cami pull itself straight off of her and flutter into the air, drifting around the room like a bag caught in the wind. The cami didn’t inflate--it simply hung and drifted as if gravity had no claim to it.

Krista willed the cami to life herself, silently commanding it to tackle her own turtleneck outfit. Annie’s cami swelled up and sailed towards Krista’s clothes, having exactly the intended effect. The items scattered as both of them turned their attention on the gym outfit.

Now the assembly retreated a step, then another. The miniskirt outfit reassembled and stood beside Krista’s other outfit as she, Dave, and Annie’s directed cami surrounded them.

Annie spit out her gag as the two seemed to have a handle on this insane situation. She still didn’t understand how or why any of this was happening--but at least it confirmed that what she saw earlier was real. She wasn’t crazy.

“Okay, I wasn’t dreaming any of this up after all…but please tell me why clothes are walking around on their own, and...can someone please give me my cami back?!” She shouted as she covered her breasts and crotch.

Dave looked around sheepishly, spotting a robe. He nodded to it, and it drifted over to Annie, holding out a sleeve but otherwise not coming to life.

“It’s our fault--somehow…” Dave started. “I’m not really sure how it works, but things have been happening to me, and for some reason that spread to Krista tonight.” Annie looked suspiciously at the robe hovering in front of her. “It’s okay, that’s me doing that,” Dave said, then cringed at the implication. “I don’t mean I’m controlling it--I mean I’m asking it to cooperate with--”

“We can make shit happen with our minds, Annie,” Krista cut through Dave’s stuttering, “but it’s not like a specific focus thing. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s more like they pick up on intention and fulfill it.”

Annie wasn’t really sure how to take all this in. Instead of letting her robe slide onto her, she plucked it from the air and pulled it on herself after she was sure it wasn’t alive.

“So let me get this straight...You two somehow gained mind powers and tell stuff what to do? I’m not sure if I hit my head during practice or what. But after seeing this happen in front of me two times now--I believe you.” She looked at the two outfits and her camisole floating around, she was still nervous about the empty clothing and looked back at the two.

“So can you tell your clothes to knock it off and go back to lifeless objects or something?” Annie asked uncomfortably. “Also--if you did this…”

“Fold,” Dave said to the outfits, staring each down and concentrating on the idea. This time there wasn’t a blink of resistance as Krista’s outfits leapt and collapsed into perfect piles, hovering in the middle of the room as small folded stacks with the sneakers and Uggs walking under them. “Up,” Dave said to the footwear, which levitated to become the base of each pile.

That was easy, Krista projected.

“They behaved this time,” Dave said aloud by accident, covering his mouth and looking at Annie.

This time?” Annie asked. “And what’s with the super obvious secretive ‘oopsie’?” Dave held his arms out and let both stacks pile onto them. “Is this where I’m told this is actually some kind of gifted school and I have yet to find my superpower?” Krista chuckled.

“That would probably make things less confusing...but not that I know of.”

“At first it seemed like telekinesis,” Dave explained. “Like think about something--it happens. But like, things get ahead of us. Like ahead of any commands.”

“Shut up, Dave.” Krista was staring at him hard. I said it out loud for a reason. Watch. She turned to Annie. “We dunno what’s going on, Annie. I’m sorry you got involved. Best we can do is try to keep clear while we’re figuring this out.” Nothing Annie was hearing was a huge comfort, but what could she do?

“You--you guys messed with my stuff earlier, though!” She looked at her camisole hovering in front of her and wondered when the effect would wear off. “If you were to leave this alone...what would happen to it?”

Krista and Dave both shrugged at each other.

“I just used it to help us real quick,” Krista said. “It’s inactive as a house plant right now.” Annie walked all the way around the hovering thing, examining it like a lab specimen.

“So it won’t do anything?” She asked. Krista deliberately focused on it, trying to see if she could make it follow Annie’s whims.

“Tell it to do something,” Krista said.

“Go back on your hanger,” Annie said to the cami. The top dutifully sailed to her closet rod and draped its straps over a hanger. It stayed inflated. “Okay, and now flatten out.” It seemed to shrug for a second, and then all tension holding its shape fell out of the top, leaving it looking like an ordinary article.

“Happy?” Krista asked.

“Not really,” Annie said. “But okay for now. I’m going to bang down both your doors if anything else WEIRD happens tonight, though.” She stared at Dave. “That means you too, other end of the hall guy.”

“Dave,” he said.

“Whatever. Let me get back to sleep already,” Annie said. “And sometime tomorrow morning, Krista, we have some talking to do.”

“Come over whenever,” Krista said. “We have a lot to figure out.” Dave headed out the door, balancing the stack of clothes in his hands. Krista followed him and waved to Annie. “You’re sure you’re okay?”

“No, you weirdo,” Annie said. “Your clothes just came to life and invaded my room.”

After the door shut, Annie looked back up at her closet rod at the satiny cami.

“Ok...come to life again.” Annie whispered, her heart thumping as she watched the cami inflate again. “Holy crap, it can still…”

She watched it closely, taking a deep breath.

“Come to me.” Like a feather on a breeze, the camisole floated off of its hanger and bobbed toward Annie as she grinned. “This is just too weird…”


Dave dropped his arms under the stack of clothes and dusted off his hands, making Krista laugh as the hovering pile stayed in front of him without him holding it.

“Quit it, show off…” Krista said. “Anyone could come into this hall.” Dave grabbed the stack again as he and Krista went back to her room.

“Hey, after this, at least we know we can keep things under control, right?” Dave asked.

“Except for a couple odd renegades, yeah,” Krista said. She looked down at the stack of clothes, wondering why these clothes were trouble in particular--and then she noticed the hoodie. “Oh--right...I let her borrow this.” Krista seemed to be piecing something together when her phone rang.

It was Pete.

“Babe, what’s up? It’s almost four in the--”

“Ghosts. Haunting your clothing again,” Pete said, trembling. “I’m locked in the bathroom, but--” There was a bang on the other line, and Pete’s voice got hoarse. “Ohmigod--stop! Leave me alone!”

“Pete? You’re in the bathroom?”

“They all came to life, Krista. Your clothes. Your freaking books! Anything you have in my apartment! Get down here and help me!”

“Coming. Coming now. Hold on.” She hung up the phone as her dorm room door opened on its own.

“Problem?” Dave asked.

“It’s not just my room,” Krista said. “My stuff at Pete’s place is out of control too. Get back to your room, put on some shoes and let's rock.”

Krista didn’t realize, of course, that the belongings confined to Pete’s place were the least of her issues.