Olivia lay suspended, weightless, floating on her back in an ocean of pulsating red energy which cast a soft glow upon her mocha-hued skin. Her long black hair cascaded down from her head but she didn't seem to feel its weight in this strange, warm void. Her large breasts slowly rose and fell with each meditative breath she took in, and every gentle curve of her slender body looked relaxed and at ease. Her eyes were closed and had remained that way for some minutes even after she awoke here... she found no desire in her mind to open them. She had been dreaming, but this no longer felt like a dream, the warm atmosphere around her was too vivid... yet surely it couldn't be real. She couldn't remember what she had been dreaming about; she only remembered how horny she had been the evening before, unable to quench a roaring desire for hot, hard, intense sex.

She had been haunted by lust the entire day, she had fought the urge to grind her body against inanimate objects as she moved through the social world, and as the night came her unquenchable lust had been almost unbearable.

As she lay now in this odd dimension she was fully unaware, however, of two figures which stood watching her a short distance away. Two figures, with bodies that personified the masculine and the feminine stood and looked on at the oblivious girl's prone body. The figures stood side by side gazing with eyes like fiery emeralds, portals to a level of consciousness that mortals could not hope to fathom. The male figure had one arm behind his partner, where his hand came around her side to hold her breast lovingly. The female figure held her lover back, but her arm dropped further down behind him, where she grasped one of his hard cheeks with idle desire.

They were the deities of sex, and the human girl's prayers of lust were about to be answered. The two figures sent out a psychic command into the ocean of pulsating red around them, and then they vanished, leaving to attend to other matters. 

Olivia had felt so surprisingly at ease that her thoughts had begun to wander away from her current situation. But she sensed a change in the energy around her, like a ripple of intention from some awakened animal, and for a few moments she felt a deep fear of the unknown. She felt something moving around her, something causing ripples as it moved through the energy that immersed her, and then-

She felt something caress her arm... and magically her fear was gone.

She knew at once that she was not about to be eaten by some kind of monster, no... this creature was something intelligent and friendly.

Olivia still did not open her eyes, it was as if she felt no need or rather, it was because she felt the need to keep them closed, the need to perceive her surrounding only through physical sensation for the time being.

She could not tell what was caressing her however. It felt very tangible yet it almost seemed amorphous at the same time, as if it was deliberately choosing what shape to take. It also radiated a familiar and enticing energy, a kind of warmth that passed through her skin and into her very being. The thing continued to move up her arm, and as it did so Olivia felt increasingly soothed by its touch. It passed over her shoulder and up her neck, and as it did so Olivia smiled and cooed contently, turning her head as the delightful form moved behind her ear. The caressing tendril smoothly brushed through her long dark hair with a definite air of affection and intelligence, and then when she thought it had left her she felt it touch her again between the shoulder blades.

She laughed with surprise and delight.

"Ooooo, hi there..." she said with a naughty smile.

As it moved down her spine Olivia began to feel a definite sense of excitement and anticipation building within her, and as the loving tendril approached the small of her back she began to remember the lust that had driven her the day before.

The tendril reached the small of her back and began to reveal just how long it was. It began to bring its entire length up to lay against Olivia's body, and within seconds she enjoyed the sensation of its warm, pulsating form, about 1.5 inches wide, pressing against the entire length of her spine.

"Ahhhhhh, that feels sooooo good."

More of the tentacle's length wrapped itself around her, laying its length over her shoulder, across her collar bone, and between her breasts. Olivia brought her arms in close to her body, using the inside of her arms to push her breasts up to prominence on her chest, where they touched the warm tentacle that lay between them. Olivia brought her hands up on top of her body as the tentacle lay down against her stomach, and as it continued to drape its perhaps endless length upon her it soon touched her hands. 

Olivia opened her hands, palms upward to receive her strangely shaped lover, and the tentacle lay down more of its length right into her hands. The tentacle stopped there, with its form first contacting Olivia's hands, and then passing over her body and along her underside, where its tip still nestled in the small of her back. Its tip slithered back and forth a little in that valley of her body, creating an erotic sensation that aroused the girl more and more. Olivia began to make soft coos of pleasure, and began caressing the pulsating form that embraced her. She moved her hands back to where the tentacle touched her stomach and left her, extending off into the void back to whatever source from which it came... presumably somewhere at her feet, or perhaps above her. 

For some reason she still could not bring herself to open her eyes... or were they already open? She realized she didn't know. She continued stroking the thick tendril that embraced her and continued to tickle her bottom, and as her arousal built and built she quickly became able to "see."

Not with her eyes, but with her mind, she could suddenly perceive colors and form floating around her. She saw the tentacle that held her extending back to a field of similar forms that stretched around her in all directions, in any location about eight feet away from her. It was as if she was in a cavern of red, where the surface around her seemed to be in a continual state of flux, forming into thick tendrils of red energy, and then becoming an amorphous blob the next. The myriad of red tendrils reminded her much of anemone, but as she looked at them with her mind she couldn't shake the impression that they looked discernibly phallic...

As she pondered that last thought, she realized how appealing it seemed to her right then. 

She felt like she was in some kind of trance-like world, where quickly the only thing she wanted to think about was sex.

Olivia bent her head back with lust and cried out into endless red,

"Ohhhhhh yeah! Give me some of THAT!"

She felt as if she had sent out a powerful wave of force into the surrounding sphere of red, and she could sense that the forest of phallic tentacles around her was rustling, and she could feel ripples of energy and intention wash across her body from all directions.

Tentacles began to extend towards her from multiple directions, but mostly from above. She could perceive each of the lightly pulsating red forms as they neared her, each heading towards a different part of her body.

Her hands stopped stroking the tentacle that already embraced her and instead reached out to meet the oncoming appendages. Two changed their course and passed directly into her hands, where she began to stroke and lightly squeeze them. Another pair descended towards her legs, where each one passed over the top of a foot and wound itself around and up a leg. At some times the many tentacles of energy passed over her flesh with ease, while at other times they rubbed against her with lust and passion, grinding against her in all the right places.

One of the tendrils descended and began to brush through her hair in long, slow strokes. Olivia tipped her head back and cooed softly as another tentacle rose up and touched her neck. As it touched her, she felt as if someone's lips were kissing her passionately up and down her neck... she was delighted by the unexpected sensation.

"ohhhhhh... that's wonderful."

The tentacles that slowly spiraled up her legs began to touch her inner thighs and after making another loop around her legs they stopped, their tips resting on the excitable skin of her inner thighs, a mere three inches away from her lips.

Without even moving her reclined head Olivia could see the glowing red forms in her mind's eye as they paused in front of her eagerly waiting sex. She could perceive small pulses of intention coursing through them; she could even feel small waves of vibration run across her skin as if the waiting tendrils were anticipating what was to come as well.

The tentacles moved in, and because they were coiled around the entire length of her legs the sensation of their slithering advance was quite unique. The tips of the two tentacles reached her lips and first rubbed against the outer sides of her lips, running up and down in alternate motions to one another as further back the length of each tentacle played over her inner thighs.

"Ohhhhhhh my... that's wonderful too."

Olivia slowly licked her lips just as the warm tentacles stimulated her other lips.

The tentacles that she held in her hands retreated from her grip and changed, their ends becoming more complex and articulated. Then Olivia felt a pair of hands holding hers, passing their fingers between hers and over the back of each hand.

The tentacles caressing the lips of her sex drew back and lined themselves up, one above the other, and moved inwards. They began pressing against her lips and made small sideways motions as they did so, burrowing in between her lips bit by bit.

"Oh yes! Oh god I'm so ready." Olivia tightened her grip on the tentacles which had formed into hands, and as she did so they did they returned the passionate grasp.

One of the tentacles touched her entrance and stimulated her with small circular movements as its twin traveled upwards and slid over Olivia's engorged clitoris. The tentacle at her entrance began to push inwards... 

Olivia felt a pulse of energy course through its entire length, zooming circles around her leg before shooting through the tentacle's tip and washing against her sex. Olivia let out a hard moan as the strange wave of momentum washed through the inside of her sex and set her body afire with passion. Then the tentacle thrust inside her with a long, assertive motion, its core rigid and un-yielding as it plunged into her, while its outermost layer felt soft and hot against her excitable flesh.

Olivia felt an orgasm washing over her, and the wave of pleasure was turned into a roaring tsunami as the tentacle upon her clitoris worked its magic, slithering side to side, forward and backward, and even in circles as it pressed lustfully against her clit. The tentacle within her dove in and out in long, sweeping motions. Olivia felt overwhelmed by sensation, for in addition to the two members between her legs, one appendage kissed her passionately upon the neck, and the tentacle that had first touched her remained. Its length still lay across the front of her body and wrapped itself snuggly over a shoulder and underneath her, its tip once again played in the small of her back and its entire length exuded an erotic warmth against all the skin it touched. Throughout all of the attentions being lavished upon her body Olivia held the "hands" of her lover, and she gripped them more tightly than ever as the tremendous orgasm that had been building was finally unleashed.

"Yeesss... Yeesss... Yeessssssss, oooooooOOOO!"

Under the myriad of sensations Olivia bucked and shuddered wildly, still hovering suspended in the abyss of red hues, her altitude unaffected by the chaos of her movements. The lengthy tentacle draped around her continued to embrace her body throughout her wild bucking, and the warmth that it emitted amplified the blissful sensation of her climax. The tentacles between her legs were relentless in their affections, one gliding over the flesh of her clit in a blur of motion while its twin swept powerfully between her glistening lips with unceasing intensity. 

Olivia's shattering climax seemed to stretch on... and on... and on...

Finally, minutes since her orgasm had begun to build in earnest, Olivia's body relaxed, drained of want and hunger by the most intense orgasm she had experienced in years, perhaps even her whole life.

She moaned and cooed with incredible satisfaction as beads of sweat dripped from her curvaceous body and fell into the red void. Most of the tentacles that had made to love to her had already withdrawn, yet the pair that had formed hands continued to hold hers. She brought them close to her body and pressed them against her, lessening her grip as she did so. The hands gently left her grasp and began slowly caressing her body, moving over her sides, pressing against her stomach, cupping her breasts in a warm grip.

A tentacle hovered nearby her head and kissed her upon the neck, the shoulder, or the cheek, occasionally forming into another hand in order to comb through the dark strands of her long hair. A satiated Olivia enjoyed many such gentle affections for some time to come, eventually awaking back in her bed the next morning feeling fulfilled and utterly amazed at what she had experienced that night. 

She lay amid the puffy white comforter and satin sheets of her queen sized bed for a long time as she thought back to what she had experienced, her dark skin contrasting beautifully with the white satin that embraced her. Light streamed in softly through a draped window to light her room as Olivia alternated between arousal, astonishment, and curiosity over her memories.

As she went to rise from bed however her hand brushed something underneath her pillow, and she was bewildered by what she found. A large gold coin about three inches across sat in her hand, its face marked with a strange and mystic symbol that she had never seen before. She sat on the edge of her bed, turning the mysterious object over and over in her hands, running her fingers across its textured face. Little did she know it then, but Olivia had not seen the last of that erotic dimension...

And its energies looked forward to her return.