Dark Mistress 1 - Unbound


The boots sat in the closet for a long time. Years, maybe. Tiffany saw them for the first time when she snuck a peek at her client's walk-in closet, using housecleaning as an excuse to snoop. Tiffany couldn't help but stare at them. They caught her eye after she hung up a winter jacket. The black, shiny boots would be at least knee high on her. She wasn't sure what had drawn her to them.

Tiffany thought the boots a little out of place; they weren't placed in a compartment with all the other footwear. She took a closer look. They were the most garish of the pairs. There were no boot trees in them, but they held their shape perfectly. On the shafts of each boot, an intricate symbol was woven into the back. Holding the boots together was a silvery clasp, attached at the top of both boot shafts. The clasp had a symbol etched on it as well, not totally dissimilar to the other. Tiffany smirked. Did these really belong to Ana Heyver? Tiffany didn't doubt her employer could pull them off--they just weren't her style. The rest of the closet was professional, classy--even a little modest.

"Everyone's got one pair, I guess," Tiffany laughed as she stood back up, shutting the closet doors behind her. She thought about how reserved Ms. Hayver was. This was Tiffany's third time housesitting, and she still knew very little about her employer. She mentioned that she was a writer, but there was very little in the gorgeous house to give away a profession or trade. She had no idea that this would be the weekend she'd learn her employer's biggest secret.

Tiffany was watching television. As she flipped through the channels, she stopped on a shopping network showing off a pair of cheap patent leather boots. She flipped through the channels again, turning and looking at the balcony leading to the 2nd floor bedrooms.

"I mean, I wonder if she even wears the things," Tiffany muttered to herself, thinking about the boots on the closet. She looked down and studied her stocking feet. "I'm guessing we're probably close to the same size..." She stood up. "I'll just try them on really quickly, and if they're awesome, I'll just ask her if she wants to get rid of them." Having justified her actions, Tiffany went upstairs and back into Ms. Heyver's bedroom. Opening the closet door slowly, she saw the boots beside the wall rack.

She grabbed the boots and sat on the bed and sighed. "Just really quick." She looked inside and didn't see a tag or stuffing. "Hmm." She set her foot next to the boot. It looked like they would fit perfectly. She grabbed the clasp, noticing the chill of the engraved metal. It was an odd device, a two-step clip that apparently could be locked shut. "This has to be terrible for the material," Tiffany sighed. "What's the deal, Ana, paranoid you're going to lose one?" She laughed. Unaware of the clasp's purpose, Tiffany slid the lock over and hit the release. The clasp opened as the boots fell to the floor, landing on their feet.

Tiffany didn't notice the faint ethereal spark that came off the clasp as she released the boots. She threw the clasp onto the bed and picked up one of the boots, starting to unzip it. As soon as she moved the zipper a quarter-inch, the phone rang. Tiffany darted downstairs and waited for the machine to pick up. When she heard Ana's voice, she picked up. She was simply checking on the house and letting Tiffany know that she'd be out of touch for the rest of the evening. After the call wrapped up, Tiffany returned to the bedroom.

No boots. No clasp. Tiffany's eyes narrowed.

"Wait a minute. Where...?" She walked out of the room and looked over the balcony. They weren't in the living room where she answered the phone. So if they weren't downstairs and they weren't in the bedroom, where were they? Tiffany looked back in the closet.

Nothing. She stopped for a second to retrace her steps. "Downstairs," she thought. "They've got to be downstairs."

She found Ms. Heyver's shiny black boots standing in the middle of the living room. She went into the room, looked around and wondered why she didn't see them there when she looked the first time. Something was off. Was someone here? Was someone playing a prank?

Tiffany heard soft footsteps coming from the stairs. She whirled around and watched as a pair of black thigh high stockings descended step-by-step. Her heart stopped; there was nobody wearing the stockings. They were just... there. She glanced back at the still-motionless boots, then back at the stockings, which were now walking toward her. She stumbled silently backward as quickly as she could, running into the couch and falling on it. When she looked back to the stockings, they weren't walking toward her any longer.

She watched as they approached the boots in the middle of the room. The zippers on Ms. Heyver's popped open and slipped down, and the boots flopped open. The stockings raised one foot, and slowly slid it into the shoe of the boot. Once inside, the zipper slid up and tightened around the leg of the stocking. The stockings and boots repeated it with the other leg. Tiffany's jaw dropped.

She had no idea what to do next. Too freaked out to get a closer look, Tiffany stepped back, fled through the swinging door and into the kitchen. She grabbed the cordless phone. She started dialing Miss Heyver's cell when the phone disassembled itself. Tiffany shrieked.

"Oh, relax," Tiffany heard a female voice say. "What exactly were you going to tell her?" The voice was loud and clear, but Tiffany couldn't see anyone in the kitchen with her. "Why don't you come back into the living room?" Tiffany looked at the door to the living room. It was still. She ran as quickly as she could around the counter and toward the back door. The door slammed and locked before she could reach it.

At Tiffany's feet were a pair of pink and white sneakers. One of them stepped toward her. She screamed and ran away from the living footwear. The door to the bathroom slammed in her face, leaving the swinging door as her only exit. The moment she stepped into the living room, the boots and stockings were right in front of her. She turned, shaking, back to the kitchen. As she held the door open, she watched the sneakers walking her way.

"I give up!" Tiffany shouted at both pairs. "Who are you? What do you want from me?" She crouched in the doorway, propping the door open.

"I think the question is, what do you want from me?" The voice asked. Tiffany shook her head.

"Are you--talking?" Tiffany asked, stupified.

"Indeed," The boots answered. "And you released me--so I have to wonder what you want." One of the black boots tapped its toe impatiently.

"Uh, ok--" Tiffany stood up straight again. "An explanation might be a good start, seeing as you can talk." The boots and stockings walked away, heading toward the couch.

"Come over and sit," The voice said. "I have a surprise for you." Tiffany could only wonder what the boots had in store for her. Something brushed up behind her. When she turned around, she saw her overnight bag on the floor behind her. She got out of the doorway and let the door to the kitchen close as her overnight bag drag itself in the middle of the living room and unzipped. She saw the extra clothes she had in her overnight bag: a pair of dark blue jeans and a tight red top. The clothes lifted themselves out of the bag, draping down and filling out.

"How are you--" She watched as the jeans puffed out and filled tightly to the shape of her legs. The unseen thighs in the jeans stretched the material as it mimicked her cute butt. Two perky orbs protruded from the top, tightening to the point where the nipples and subtle dip of the areola became clear in the outline of the shirt. The shoulders and sleeves filled appropriately, allowing just a bit of drape in the fabric. The clothes were now emulating--at least in shape--an invisible Tiffany in her own outfit.

This is just part of the surprise," The voice said. "Ladies, you can come downstairs now." A knee length skirt, silky cream pantyhose, and tan blouse--all cut for a full-figured woman--walked out of Ana's room. Tiffany thought she recognized the outfit, but couldn't place it. As the outfit walked out, it pulled another behind it--a leather skirt and blue blouse. Tiffany watched in silence as the two outfits walked down the stairs, moving aside as they walked by her. They moved naturally, also behaving as if there were invisible women occupying them. The two outfits sat on the couch, both of them pointing their collars at Tiffany. Tiffany grabbed her own arm and pinched it as hard as she could.

"Yow." She looked back up as her own overnight outfit approached her. She pinched herself again and failed to wake up. "Stay back!" She yelled at the possessed outfit before her. Her clothes took a step back.

"As you wish, my dear." The voice said. The two outfits on the couch sat close together. Tiffany could see up inside the leather skirt, finding only the material on the inside. It was same with the necks on the blouses. The sleeves of one outfit seemed to run invisible hands over the pantyhose of the other.

"Come here sweetie," The blue blouse said, "I have something for you." Tiffany was about to respond indignantly when she watched her empty outfit approach the blue blouse, kneeling in front of it on the couch. She gasped as she watched the sleeves of the red top point themselves at the blue blouse.

"Mmm--that's right." Tiffany became uneasy watching it; one ghostly invisible woman groping another--the offender using her clothes to do it.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Tiffany shouted. The outfits froze for a second, then a couple voices laughed, and Tiffany's clothes continued groping the blue blouse. She jerked around and let out a squeak. She looked down at her own body as she felt the jeans she was wearing pull one of her legs forward and right in front of the other, and then swung the other leg around and did it again. The sleeves of her shirt started swinging and pulling her arms in rhythm as her jeans strutted her over to the other outfits on the couch. Tiffany struggled against her clothes, but it didn't do much good, she kept moving forward. "Stop!" Tiffany shouted. "Stop it!" She halted in front of the other outfits.

"Calm yourself," The first voice emanated from the boots. "If you'd just relax and enjoy this, you'd be fine." Tiffany stopped struggling and let her body go, allowing herself to collapse. She didn't. Her clothes held her in place. She took a deep breath, but couldn't help the shake in her voice. Whatever she was dealing with was obviously powerful.

"uh-I might enjoy it if you'd stop treating me like a toy and tell me what's going on," Tiffany replied as serenely as possible. "I don't know who or what you are, or what you want, but I don't have any logical explanation for what you're causing here, and that's not helping me trust you."

"I can't explain exactly what I am," the voice replied, "But I was locked up for quite a while until you released me. I just thought I'd play with you as a gesture of gratitude." Frightened as she was, she couldn't help but sputter a laugh.

"Play...with me?" Tiffany asked. She felt something grab she seat of her ass. When she reached a hand beneath her to grab whatever was touching her, she found nothing. Her eyes bulged when she felt two invisible hands kneading her chest. She watched indentations cup under her breasts as something flicked at her nipples softly.

"Yes--to repay my debt," The voice said. "All humans like to be played with, don't they?" Tiffany watched the button on her pants pop open as invisible fingers traced over the center seam of her jeans. She let out a little moan.

"Well," Tiffany panted, "it's a little imposing for me..." She tried to grab her pants as they pulled down over her thighs. "It doesn't count as repayment if it's not..." It was a gentle sensation, like a fingertip moving down from her bellybutton. "...if it's n-ahh..." She couldn't even see it at first. It traced down all the way to her ass and came back over the same path. "...it's not welcome--mmm..." She looked down at her black cotton underwear, shifting up and down just slightly as the indent traced over her lips, making the cotton moist. The voice laughed.

"Not welcome? Then I suppose you'd like me to stop." And she did. Tiffany nearly fell as a result of depending on the clothes to hold her up. The invisible fingers over her sensitive areas stopped. Tiffany cupped her hand over her panties and took a short breath.

"Hmph. Wow." Tiffany tried to compose herself. "So...are you going to tell me what you are?" Tiffany said, trying to forget the nice sensation the fingers left over her warm, slick lips.

"I already told you I didn't know. I've just been trapped in those boots, and I'm simply happy to be out. You don't owe me anything at all, I just thought I'd share my celebratory spirit with you. But obviously you don't like to play." Tiffany was almost disappointed by how easily the force gave up on her. She looked up.

"I don't owe you anything?" Tiffany asked, blushing a little. She jumped a little as her pants slid up her legs and zipped themselves. She tried to hold them open when they moved to button, but the fabric overpowered her. The two corners pulled together as the button slid through its slit. "Wait."

"No, it's quite alright. We can celebrate by ourselves. Here." The outfit from Tiffany's overnight bag folded itself back up and stuck itself back in the bag. "I apologize for the imposition." Tiffany's overnight bag floated back toward the kitchen. The boots and stockings walked over to the stairs. "Join me, ladies?" The two outfits stood and followed. Tiffany's attitude changed when she realized she was about to be left out of something. Bizarre as the situation seemed, the echoing impulses of the last five minutes were enough for her to be more than a little curious.

"But--I do like being played with," Tiffany said, a little shy. The overnight bag held steady and the two outfits stopped at the stairwell. "It's just that--I've never had an outfit ever try to play with me by itself." The overnight bag placed itself next to the couch. The two outfits turned to face Tiffany. "You didn't explain what you were doing, and I've never really seen--um...clothes can can walk on their own, let alone carry on a conversation." The boots and stockings approached. Tiffany's pants slowly unzipped again.

She laughed. "So--uh--how is it you know how to play with someone?" Tiffany asked as her jeans began to sway back and forth again, shimmying down her hips. "Whoaa--and--how is it that you know how to do this, but you don't know what you are?"

"If you like being played with," The voice said, "Then how about holding off on the questions so I can play with you?" Tiffany gasped as her hips started swaying again, and her pants unbuttoned. Sliding over her hips, the jeans danced her ass in the air until they were free of it. They continued dancing her as they slid down her legs, and reached her ankles. She felt something pulling at her foot, and looked down.

Her sock was pulling her foot back, letting the denim slide free of her leg. It wiggled her toes and set down. She felt the other sock do the same, and tried to fight it, but her leg bent back just the same as her jeans stripped themselves off her. Her t-shirt curled up abound her sides and she lifted her arms to allow it off of her. Now her underwear itself was doing the groping. Her bra pulsed and contracted as Tiffany's tits bulged out the sides of the cups. An invisible finger traced down her black panties, pushing them inside of her. She felt incredible warmth at the points of contact. When she shuddered, she found the underwear holding her in place. She let herself go limp again, and her lingerie compensated. The invisible advances subsided to a gentle caress.

The jeans and t-shirt that pulled themselves off of her didn't simply fall to the floor; they inflated to Tiffany's shape and stood before her. Tiffany gazed dreamily at the outfit as the front of the shirt and the thighs and ass of the jeans swelled to match her curves. Despite the surreal visuals, her mind was more focused on the cotton softly coaxing her nipples and clit than the shapely phantom form before her. Tiffany's empty outfit walked over to the couch. The two other outfits slid to the sides, allowing the third to sit. Now Tiffany's socks walked her closer to the couch. She stood in front of it, and despite the emptiness of the clothes in front of her, she felt as if she had an audience.

"Is--is there someone inside them?" Tiffany asked, looking at the clothes. Tiffany watched as the two outfits on either side began to interact with her own. The outfit on the left pointed a sleeve at the chest of Tiffany's outfit. Tiffany watched as the sleeve stopped short of her inflated shirt. Tiffany gasped. As evidence of invisible fingers showed on the chest of Tiffany's enchanted shirt, she felt the sensations transferred to her own tits. The gentle caresses took on a more powerful nature again, first at her tits, then between her legs again as the outfit on the right moved a sleeve down over Tiffany's midsection and below her waist.

"Ah, that's better," The voice said. "Now we're comfortable with each other." Tiffany's socks turned her around. She felt her hips pulled backward. Her clothes took on a pillowy shape as she landed, then inflated to her shape again. Tiffany held her arms out as 6 sleeves descended upon her. She felt fingers glide up her thighs as the tan and blue blouses ran their sleeves up toward her waist. The outfit she was sitting on rubbed it's short sleeves around her sides. Tiffany felt her bra unclip itself. The straps flung themselves over her shoulders, but the cups refused to release her tits. They squeezed harder as the four sleeves below traced their intangible hands over her. Her panties shifted themselves over her hips.

"That's--surprisingly good..." Tiffany muttered under her breath.

"What do you mean suprisingly?" A silky feminine voice came from just in front of her. "I hold these perky little tits of yours all day comfortably enough...what makes you think I can't work them?" Tiffany looked down at her chest. The open straps of the bra were tracing lightly up and down her arms.

"So you talk too?" Tiffany asked, looking at the blue blouse. One of its sleeves was pointed at the waistband of Tiffany's underwear. As the sleeve pulled down, the band pulled with it, attracted to the sleeve through some invisible connection. Tiffany didn't have to see that it was a hand to know it. There were, after all, three more like it, working invisible fingers over her: two stroking her thighs, another tracing the midline down her panties.

"Of course," a sultry voice came from the blue blouse. "But we've got plenty of time to talk later, baby." Tiffany felt her panties rub back and forth against her clit. Just as she let out a moan, another sound echoed through the room. A chime. It was the front doorbell.

"Oh, shit..." Tiffany muttered. "It's Gwen." Tiffany's outfit released her. The bra straps draped around her shoulders and clipped again, pulling her off the couch with the help of the panties. Her socks walked her over to a chair and turned her around. When her panties pulled her ass into the chair, the boots and stockings walked over.

"I'll handle this, cutey. You just sit back and enjoy the ride, okay?" Tiffany's socks pulled themselves off and retreated to the kitchen. The stockings leapt out of the boots and began sliding their way over Tiffany's feet, which she happily angled to accommodate as they worked their way toward her thighs. The boots unzipped themselves as the blue blouse and leather skirt sauntered over.

"You wouldn't mind terribly if I took over, would you?" The blouse said. Tiffany was about to answer when her bra unclipped itself again, deferring to the blue satin blouse. This time it sailed off of Tiffany and reclipped itself around empty space, still filled to Tiffany's curves. It rubbed its cups against the satin shirt.

"Not at all." The bra answered, hovering over to the couch and dropping lifeless. The other two outfits did the same. Next to Tiffany, the blue blouse unbuttoned itself and fluttered over her shoulders. She didn't even have to be coaxed into the sleeves of the shirt; she wanted it wrapped around her. As it began buttoning up, Tiffany's stockings stood her up. Now the leather skirt unzipped, dropping itself down to allow her to step in.

Now there was a knock.

"Tiffany? It's Gwen! Open up!" said the voice behind the door. Tiffany's stockings stepped into the leather skirt. It pulled up and around her gorgeous ass, zipping itself slowly. Tiffany felt the skirt tighten around the seat of her butt for a second. The blouse and stockings seemed to be pulling against her too. They lifted her legs up and into the pair of boots, which zipped themselves.

"You're a wet one, aren't you, baby?" The blouse asked quietly as the boots walked Tiffany over to the door. The leather skirt lifted itself up as the satin sleeve went straight between Tiffany's legs. Tiffany reached out and felt her black cotton panties. She was wet. "Let's play this right, and maybe we can include your friend," The blouse whispered, kneading her tits for a few more seconds.

The sleeve of the blue blouse reached for the doorknob.

"Trust me," the blouse whispered. Tiffany opened the door.

"A little dressy for housesitting, don't you think?" Tiffany's best friend Gwen looked down at Tiffany's outfit, then at the shiny black boots. "But those boots are still amazing on you. Where’d you get them?"

"Uh, Ms. Heyver's actually--" Tiffany stuttered. "I thought I'd try them on." Gwen walked into the house.

"Don't let her catch you wearing them—if my housesitter started wearing my things, I’d be pissed." Tiffany closed the door, finding the outfit totally under her control.

"I was just trying them on," Tiffany explained. Gwen saw the bra and two outfits lying on the couch.

"Umm...have you been playing dress-up?" Gwen asked, raising an eyebrow at her. "I was wondering about the satin and leather, Miss Vogue. What's with these other outfits?" Gwen looked at the t-shirt and jeans on the couch. "Are these clothes yours?"

"That outfit is," Tiffany said. "The one I've got on and the other one are Ms. Heyver's." Gwen sneered.

"Ms. Heyver? No first name basis yet?" Gwen asked, looking over the tan blouse.

"Kind of a habit, I guess--because of the way she carries herself. She's just really formal." Gwen held the tan blouse up. It was obviously fuller.

"This is hers?" Gwen asked. She held it up to her body. "Seems a bit bigger than the one you've got on." Tiffany didn't really think about it, but it was true: the tan blouse and knee skirt were filled out far beyond Ana Heyver's shape, and the clothes accommodated the larger shape well. The fact that the clothes came to life was the only detail she focused on up until now.


"I guess it is," Tiffany replied. "Maybe it's an old outfit or something." As Gwen held up the skirt and examined it, Tiffany watched her overnight bag begin floating into the air. She quickly walked over to grab it before Gwen saw it suspended there. "I'll be right back, Gwen." Tiffany said, grabbing the bag. It held itself in place for a second before being compliant with Tiffany. She pulled it back to the kitchen. The swinging door shut. A nearby voice let out a girlish laugh.

"What's wrong, Tiffany? Don't you want to introduce us to your friend?" The pink and white sneakers said, walking into the kitchen from the back room. Tiffany's stray socks walked over to them. The sneakers untied and loosened their laces, allowing the pair of socks to slip inside. "Mmm...perfect fit," the sneakers said, one of them standing on a toe. The laces tightened and retied themselves.

Maybe I'll start her out with something familiar," The boots' voice came from beneath her. Tiffany's overnight bag unzipped as her folded clothes jumped out of it, quickly reforming to her shape. The outfit coordinated with the sneakers and socks to make a full outfit.

"You've got such a nice shape," the blouse said, pulling Tiffany's body over to her now-standing outfit. The blouse's sleeves extended with Tiffany's arms in them, pushing Tiffany's hands toward her own possessed shirt. Tiffany gave in, grabbing the teardrop-shapes at the front. When she did, the outfit responded, raising its sleeves to Tiffany's satin-covered breasts.

"No--no, don't..." Tiffany shuddered as she felt gentle flicks of satin running over her nipples. The sensation was alternated with a firm grab. She saw what looked like five slender fingers grabbing the billowy satin on her chest. "She's going to-find-us-like-this." Tiffany said through gritted teeth, resisting the caresses as best she could.


"Tiff! What gives?" Tiffany turned around and walked toward the swinging door. Tiffany and Gwen hit it at the same time. "Yahh!" Gwen exclaimed as the door stopped abruptly.

"Sorry dude," Tiffany said. "you've got to yell out a warning when you come through this door, or that happens." Tiffany looked behind her at her outfit, motioning it to get out of the line of sight. When it finally did, Tiffany pushed the door open again.

"So..." Gwen said, "Do I get the grand tour, or what?" Tiffany smiled, a little exasperated. "I mean, you're like the first person in the neighborhood that's really seen the inside of this place." It was true. Ana Heyver was something of a recluse; having occupied one of the larger lots on the block in one of the more extravagant houses, her quiet nature and elegant style was taken as conceit. The perfect lawn and immaculate façade of the house didn't help.


Tiffany was more concerned about when or how another item of clothing was going to leap up and take shape.


"Uh, sure!" Tiffany headed toward the stairs. "Follow me." She went up the stairs as Gwen followed. As the girls walked into the master bedroom, The full-figured outfit on the couch once again swelled to a voluptuous shape. One of the stocking legs ran itself against Tiffany's lifeless jeans.

"Come on, sugar. We're clear," a throaty, heavenly voice said. Tiffany's outfit puffed up to her shape.


"Do you think she realizes the connection yet?" Tiffany's outfit asked in a voice similar to her own.


"No--and she won't until it's too late." The full-figured outfit stood up. "Now all we gotta do is convince the other one." The outfit reached its sleeves toward Tiffany's. "C'mon, let's get to the kitchen before they see us." The short sleeves of Tiffany's t-shirt pointed outward as the outfit stood up. The two outfits walked through the swinging door to the kitchen as Tiffany and Gwen came out the other bedroom.

"All this space and it's just her," Gwen said. "That's crazy." She looked at the swinging door, moving slightly back and forth as if it were just used. Gwen pointed, looking at Tiffany. She shrugged.

"Must be a draft, I guess." As Tiffany walked down the stairs, she noticed her motions getting sharper--less directed by her and more directed by Ms. Heyver's outfit. She was a little nervous, anticipating the moment that her outfit would take control of her body and embarrass the hell out of her. As she turned the corner of the stairs, she spotted the bra still sitting on the couch. Tiffany tried to sit on the couch, but the stockings wouldn't allow her legs to bend. Frustrated, Tiffany tried to grab the bra on the couch by leaning over to grab it. The bra slid away. "Not now..."

"Huh?" Gwen said, giving Tiffany a funny look. "Having trouble over there?" Tiffany grabbed at the bra again. This time it jumped over the arm of the couch, landing on the back cushions. Gwen watched Tiffany try to grab it again. It slid aside. Gwen laughed, walking over. "Dude, are you kidding?" Gwen grabbed the bra and held it up to Tiffany. "There, I wrangled it for you." Gwen laughed. "Maybe you'd be able to move better if you weren't in that restrictive leather skirt."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" A bossy voice asked, coming from the Tiffany's midsection. Gwen halted. She looked up at Tiffany's face, then down at her clothes again.

"Was that--you?" Gwen asked. Tiffany simply shook her head slowly.

"It was me, sweetheart," The skirt replied. Gwen looked at Tiffany's hips. "Yeah, down here. Why don't you try wrapping your sweet little ass in me before offering your opinion on how comfortable I am?" Gwen took a step back.

"Tiff--that's a speaker or something, right?" Gwen asked. Tiffany shook her head. "I mean, it's gotta be, but how'd you get it to sync with--"

"It's not a speaker, Gwen." Tiffany looked down. "Let me explain a little before you totally freak out, okay?" Gwen laughed. "Tiff...you're freaking me out. I called you on it, so show me the gag now." Gwen crossed her arms. Tiffany shrugged. As she was about to speak, she was cut off.


"No gag, babe. Do I sound like Tiffany?" It really didn't, and Gwen watched Tiffany's closed lips when the voice sounded again, loud and clear. It wasn't even muffled by the skirt, which Gwen still assumed to be concealing the device executing the prank. Gwen looked a little skeptical now.

"It's all right, Gwen." Tiffany looked down. "Seriously, cool it for a second. Remember how I reacted?" She looked back at Gwen. "I'm sorry--are you okay?" Gwen frowned a little, shaking her head.

"You're...talking to your clothes, right?" Gwen paced to the other end of the couch. "I mean, you understand how all of this could look a little weird to me, right?" She held up the bra."I mean, I come in and there's two outfits and bra on the couch, and--" She looked at the couch. Gwen froze. She looked at Tiffany, than back at the couch. "Tiffany...where are the outfits?" The skirt squeezed Tiffany's ass, prodding her to speak.

"Uh, they must have gone somewhere." Tiffany spouted. "Probably the kitchen." A soft laugh came from the blouse. "Shh!"

"Tiffany, what are you talking about? What was that laugh?"

"Just tell her already!" The bra in Gwen's hand shouted. Gwen gasped and dropped it.

"Gwen, I found something in Ana's closet. Something that causes--unexplainable things to happen." Gwen was looking down at the bra, which never hit the ground. It clipped itself and rotated upright, hovering off the ground until it reached torso height. Gwen was speechless. She held her hand up to her mouth, pointing at it. "It's okay, really. Look." Tiffany walked over to the bra, now inflated to her shape. She reached up to the strap and pulled it down. When she let it go, it rounded out to shape again. "Sorry," Tiffany said to the bra, "I hope you don't mind--I just want to show her that you're friendly."


"More than she knows," the bra said with a little laugh. "Hi, Gwen." Gwen's jaw was as wide open as her eyes. Tiffany let the bra go, and it hovered over to the couch, lowering itself against a cushion. Tiffany stood next to Gwen, watching her reaction. Gwen was staring at the bra.

"Gwen? You okay?" Tiffany asked. Gwen slowly turned to her.

"Absorbing...but for the time being, okay." Gwen took a step toward the couch, looking at the bra suspiciously. "So..." Gwen laughed at herself a little. "They can talk?"

"You heard us yourself," the bra said. "You know what else talks?"

"Shut up--not yet," Tiffany said. "Gwen, how much do you trust me?" Gwen rolled her eyes.

"I'd probably prefer an explanation--"

"I don't have a good one," Tiffany said, cutting her off. Gwen shrugged.

"I trust you enough to think you'd tell me to run away as fast as I could--if that's what you thought I should do." Gwen glanced back at the bra. "But you haven't--so next, it's 'am I sane', 'am I dreaming'."

"You're sane," Tiffany smirked. "You're not dreaming."


"So it's about to get a little weirder. Are you okay with that?" Gwen thought about it, looking back at the bra hovering over the couch. Before Gwen could answer, The swinging door opened. The full-figured outfit was the first to emerge, strutting its curves in a knee skirt and tan blouse. Both of Tiffany's outfits followed behind.

"Whoa..." Gwen watched the outfits parade in. "You weren't kidding." Tiffany's outfits went to sit on either side of the hovering bra on the couch. Gwen felt butterflies in her stomach as the voluptuous invisible woman approached her. She took a step back.

"Ya' like me, sugar?" The blouse's sleeves moved under the blouse's tits as invisible hands seemed to push them up. "Wanna see how they feel?" Gwen laughed a little, looking at Tiffany.

"This is crazy." She looked down at the blouse. Looking down inside the collar of the shirt, she only saw empty space filling its curves. "You want me to touch you?" She heard a riotous laughter from the outfit.

"Aren't ya curious?" The blouse slithered, leaning in. "Don't ya wanna know what's in here?" Gwen jumped back a little bit as the top button on the blouse popped open. Gwen reached up to the blouse's full spread, touching the polyester. As she moved her hands up, she traced over an outrageous swell. "Go ahead, you won't hurt me." Gwen steadily glided her palms over the mounds, circling to the outside and squeezing together. There was a buoyancy in the material that was more substantial than air, but gave way easier than flesh. Gwen looked up at Tiffany, who was watching her. Gwen blushed a little.

"This is pretty crazy." Gwen said. Tiffany nodded, walking past her and the outfit.

"So what if it gets crazier?" Tiffany said.

"Crazier than this?" Gwen asked.

"In a good way," Tiffany said. "I think she's ready to meet you now," Tiffany said. "Do you want to introduce yourself?" The full-figured outfit pulled itself away from Gwen's hands and followed behind Tiffany, taking a seat in a cushy chair across from the couch.

"She?" Gwen asked as she noticed the zippers on Ms. Heyver's boots sliding down Tiffany's calves all by themselves. "Hey, your boots are--" Tiffany nodded at Gwen as her stocking-covered leg bent at the knee. The boot slid itself off and landed on the ground. Tiffany's stockings made her balance on the other foot as the boot joined its mate. The zippers notched themselves to the top of the boot shafts again and turned toward Gwen.

"What do you think so far?" A powerful feminine voice said, coming from the vicinity of the boots. They took a couple steps toward Gwen. Gwen looked up at Tiffany. Tiffany shrugged and gestured to the boots.

"You're asking me?" Gwen said, looking down at the empty boots.

"Of course I am," The boots replied, one of them lifting up and extending itself toward Gwen. The fluttery feeling Gwen had returned as the side of the boot flirtatiously ran itself up against her pantleg. She laughed nervously.

"I think..." Gwen felt the boot trace gently down, barely touching her. "I think you seem friendly enough, but other than that--I don't know what to think...other than to wonder where your voices are coming from."

"Keep wondering." A little laugh came from the boots. "I'd have to show you to explain it to you, and I really don't have the faculties to do that just yet." The boot traced a toe gently down the back of Gwen's calf, barely making contact. Gwen giggled a little.

"While we're at it, I think you and your, um...friends are all a little on the cheeky side."

"You'd be right," the boots replied. "And there's a reason for that." The boot teasing the back of Gwen's leg returned to the ground beside the other. "But before I give any explanations at all...how do I know I can trust you?"

"Trust me? To do what?" Gwen asked. "Tiffany, what is she talking about?" When Gwen turned to Tiffany, she saw her squirming a little bit. Tiff snapped out of it and smoothed the fabric of her blouse out.

"Quit!" She said into her collar. Gwen raised an eyebrow.

"Is that outfit--doing something to you?" Gwen asked. Tiffany nodded, smiling.

"They're--ooh!" Tiffany felt her ass pinched.

"Not a word," Her skirt said. "She hasn't answered the question."

"Thanks, babe." The boots answered. Tiffany's leather skirt shook her hips back and forth.

"Sure thing," Tiffany felt her backside being caressed by the leather skirt. She let out a little noise and placed her hands on the leather covering her hips. Ripples traveled through it, feeling like fingers to the skin inside the skirt. When Tiffany ran her fingers over the same area on the outside, she felt nothing but the indentations where the leather was squeezing her.

"Can I trust you with this little secret? That you're not going to go hunting for the first news camera you see?" Gwen nodded. "That's my girl. Can you trust me with your body?" Gwen's eyes bulged.

"Wait, what?" Gwen crouched down to the boots' level. "What exactly does that mean?" The boots turned around. Gwen watched as they slowly unzipped themselves, pointing their empty shafts toward her.

"You really want to know what that means? Step in." The unzipped boots opened the leather flaps wider, almost reaching out to her.

"Promise not to hurt me," she said, standing up.

"I promise," The boots said in an innocent tone. Gwen lifted her foot, then looked cautiously up at Tiffany.

"You obviously had good reason to trust them," Gwen said. She noticed subtle movement coming from the front of Tiffany's shiny blue blouse. There were clear outlines of hardened, stimulated nipples, and they seemed to be moving up and down on their own. "Oh my god, is that..." Tiffany smiled.

"Just stop asking questions and do it, Gwen." When it happened, Gwen wasn't sure if she stepped in, or if the boot jumped to her. It didn't matter. The fluttery feeling was back again, and she liked it. The first boot zipped up before she put her weight on it, and she set her foot in the next, allowing it to do the same. She felt the material tighten on her, running in bands up and down the boots. The feeling transferred to her legs, or more appropriately, her black pocketless pants. It felt like hands gently massaging her calves, moving up through her thighs, over her butt and heading to the small of her back. She felt her yellow button-down shirt ripple across her stomach, over her back and across her shoulder blades.

"Let's have a seat, shall we?" The boots said. Her foot shifted. Or the boot did. She panicked for a second when she took the first step forward, but her panic washed into awe when she felt her hips and back pushed forward. Her arms swung in rhythm with her steps. It was an incredible feeling; her sweater and pants were supporting her body entirely, and she didn't even have to flex a muscle.

"This is pretty incredible," Gwen said, her clothes walking her body in a perfect stride toward the couch. The bra hovered up and away from the middle seat on the couch, and Tiffany's living outfits moved closer to the center, eager for Gwen to have a seat. "How long have you known about this, Tiffany?" Gwen asked as her outfit turned her around. She saw the bra bobbing toward Tiffany. Her pants tightened around her waist a little bit as they pulled her onto the couch.

"Just tonight," Tiffany said, reaching out to touch the cups of the bra. "Like, just before you came." She prodded at the filled-out lingerie as the bra giggled, shaking its invisible chest back and forth. Gwen watched this until the outfits beside her began exploring. A sleeve went up toward her face. She watched as her hair was magically swept aside by invisible force. She reached her hand up to the end of the sleeve, but there was no invisible hand to grab. As she felt another tuft of hair sweep back, she felt something else by her stomach. The corners of her shirt were pulling in opposite directions. "Tiffany, what are they going to..." Gwen saw Tiffany taking little steps in the middle of the room, her hips thrusting slowly and powerfully. It looked as if Tiffany was being slightly bent over by something. "What are you doing to her?"

"Same thing we're going to do to you..." A voice said, coming from around her. Laughter from both outfits beside her.

"Is that my--" Gwen didn't have a chance to finish the question before one of her shirtsleeves raised her hand in the air and

"Yes Gwen, it's your shirt." A playful laugh. "Hi there." Though her hand didn't comply, her sleeve shook her forearm back and forth at her, miming a wave. The sleeve dropped down again.

"So everything talks?" Gwen asked as both her arms raised into the air. She tried to move them down, but the sleeves wouldn't budge. "What are you doing?"

"No more questions. I promise you'll like it. Just look at Tiffany." Across from the couch, Tiffany was now bent over in front of the chair. The leather skirt was riding high on her, pulled up all the way over her ass in the back. Gwen couldn't see exactly what was happening from her angle, but judging from the noises Tiffany was making and the sleeve of the full-figured outfit peeking out between her legs between strokes, the outfits around Gwen were probably right. The clothes might control their bodies--but if Tiffany wanted to say NO, she'd be screaming it by now.

"Ooh!" Gwen said as buttons from the top and bottom of her shirt came undone. Gwen watched as the buttons unfastened furiously, the fabric pulling itself away on either side. When the shirt popped open, it revealed a bright yellow soft-cup bra. The bra pulled away from her tits just slightly, allowing gravity to wield what little power it had against her firm, perfectly-sized tits. As soon as the bra had her attention, it moved back in and tightened, squeezing her tits and making her spill just slightly out the sides of her bra. Gwen shuddered, pleasure rippling through her. The bra repeated the process while Gwen looked up at Tiffany.

Tiffany looked back at her with slitted eyes, closed from the rhythm of sensations moving through her. She was in the full-figured outfits' supple lap, its sleeves wrapped around her as emulated hands lifted and squeezed her breasts. The leather skirt slowly unzipped itself. As the tight skirt attempted to pull itself away, it started pulling Tiffany with her. Her stockings lifted her feet into the air, and the sleeves of the tan blouse secured themselves around her. Tiffany couldn't help but laugh--it looked like her clothes were playing tug of war with her. When the leather skirt managed to pull itself off, her stockings let her feet down again.

"Now let's make it heavy, ladies." The boots said. Tiffany's satin blouse and underwear lifted her off the lap of the full figured outfit. Her stockings walked her toward the couch. Gwen was stood up by her boots and pants while the cups of her bra continued working her over. Now she was in a fluid, dreamy state of acceptance, half-crazed with impossible pleasure. As she started soaking through her matching yellow panties, they too began tracing teasing intangible fingers over her lips.

"Tiff--" Gwen said, showing the first signs of panting, "--are you really okay with this?" The two looked at each other as their outfits approached. Tiffany laughed, nodding. "Yeah," Gwen smirked. "Me too."

"Glad to hear it, girls," the boots said. "Now that you've settled that..." Both were jerked around each other. Tiffany stood in front of the couch as her t-shirt and jeans outfit sat on the middle cushion. Tiffany's other outfit with the form-fitting red top stood and walked around behind her. Tiffany felt her butt pinched. The waistband of her panties shifted side to side as the jeans outfit behind her thrust its hips toward her. She watched the outfit on the couch lean back against the cushion.

"Wanna see something cool?" the T-shirt asked. "Watch this." Tiffany watched as the T inflated itself to capacity, making the cotton translucent. "And now, I'll lose the bulk and keep the rack." The shoulders of the T shrank along with the sleeves and waist, keeping the disproportionately massive chest. The outfit behind Tiffany shoved her forward, pushing her into the overinflated chest of the T. Tiffany went face-first into the T. Her panties lifted her ass up as her stockings spread her legs. Her panties were soaked at this point, and the material glided up and down her lips effortlessly as it gently pushed itself inside of her. She let out a muffled moan into the fabric of the T-shirt, wrapping her hands around them and pushing them harder against her face.

Gwen stood in front of the chair, her eyes fixed on the full-figured outfit. Her open shirt pulled itself off of her. Her bra was getting creative now, gently pinching and stimulating her nipples. The butt of her pants swayed her back and forth as her damp bikini bottom began moving in a clockwise motion against her clit.

"What do you think now?" The boots asked Gwen. The button on her pocketless black pants unfastened itself. Gwen looked down as the zipper glided down its track.

"I think this better not be a dream I wake up from," Gwen replied. "at least not until--" A laugh came from the boots.

"I like the way you think. Don't worry about a thing, babe. We're not finished here until you are." The boots turned Gwen around. "Darling, why don't you show Gwen how wonderfully gentle your hands are?" Gwen was pulled into the lap of the outfit, once again facing Tiffany. The button down that pulled itself off of her paired itself with the leather skirt, buttoning and tucking into the skirt before ballooning out to curvy female proportions. She watched the leather skirt smooth itself as the material seemed to tighten around an unseen callipygian woman.

"Come here," Gwen said, beckoning to her shirt and the leather skirt. It approached, turning itself sideways and sitting on the arm of the chair. Gwen reached up into the skirt and ran her hand over the leather from the inside. The skirt wiggled around as Gwen felt the outside with her other hand. "How do you do that?"

"You'd be amazed at what we can do," the skirt said, standing up. The tan blouse beneath her wrapped its sleeves around her wrists, securing her arms. Her yellow panties lifted her ass up while her pants peeled themselves down to her knees, unable to go any lower because of the boots. The leather skirt turned around and bent over in front of Gwen, lifting its tight leather ass to her face. "Kiss it."

Across from her, Tiffany lost herself in the sensation. Now that she knew that Gwen shared her open-minded attitude about the situation, she wasn't concerned in the least. The blue satin blouse lifted and jiggled her tits as the empty outfit behind her wrapped its empty sleeves around her thighs, lifting her lower half as it thrust against her. When Tiffany lifted her legs off the ground, she was supported by the sleeves and thrusts of the outfit behind her, and the voluminous intangible breasts of the T-shirt she was burying her upper body in.

"Yeeeeeah!" Tiffany cried out. When she did, the outfit behind her thrust harder, and the T-shirt's breasts began bouncing her up and down. Her wet panties flicked against her clit. She could feel her heart pounding faster.

"Ooh, there's something about you," The overdeveloped T-shirt said. "Something powerful." Tiffany writhed in beat with the gyrations of the clothes as the rhythm inched her closer to orgasm.

"I like you, Gwen," the boots said as Gwen hungrily moaned. Her eyes followed the shapely leather ass as it danced just inches in front of her. "I want you to come for me." A line traced itself back and forth over Gwen's yellow bikini bottom. A thick silky leg rubbed between her thighs, but it was restricted by her pants, pulled all the way down to the boots. "Let's take care of those, shall we?" The boots quickly unzipped themselves and slid off, taking the pants with them. The pants jumped up off the boots and filled to Gwen's shape, running over toward Tiffany and the others on the couch. The boots jumped back onto Gwen's feet again. "There. Is that better?" Gwen felt her legs lifting up and spreading.

"Much better," Gwen replied. The silky thigh pushed itself further between her legs. "Muuuuch better." Gwen grabbed the thick translucent leg she was riding. "Still, I wonder if you could get more creative with the shape of these? Maybe something other than a leg?" The outfit giggled.

"Honey, the shape is for your benefit. We figured you'd prefer a form resembling your own." Gwen felt the silky material balloon outward, losing it's leg shape and becoming a tight nylon tube. "We can always give you something different." The tube curled up, sticking straight up between her legs. Gwen's jaw dropped.

"Awesome." She leaned forward and grabbed the tube, wrapping her arms around it. As she propped her hips against the overinflated stocking, The tan sleeves shifted their attentions to her now-accessible butt as the toe of the stocking leg pushed its dimensions even further, turning towards Gwen. The end first stretched into a spheroid shape, then took on the outlines of human features, as if an invisible head were beneath. "Wow...that is different." A nose stretched out of the front as well as small brow and lip lines. Two ears jutted gently from the sides. Finally, Gwen watched as fabric stretched in the places and collected around the lip line. The fabric pulled itself inside the form, creating a nylon cavity to emulate the mouth's interior. Then the bubble inside inverted itself, fashioning a translucent tongue inside. "What...are you?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out," The boots replied. "You asked for creative...did I disappoint?" Gwen shook her head, placing her hand up to the silky phantom face. As she stoked its cheek, the emulated face opened its mouth and pursed its lips around her finger. It rocked back and forth, slipping her finger and in out while its fabric tongue played with the digit inside. Gwen was lost in hedonistic unreality. She barely felt her bra unclip itself.

"Mah goodness," The silky stockings said. "Ah've never had so much fun'n mah life." The stockings, of course, didn't move their newly-emulated mouth when they spoke. It had better uses. They were actually so intrigued by Gwen's reaction to their new shape that they performed the same feat with the other leg. The one between Gwen's thighs contracted and expanded as Gwen's living panties soaked through to them. Gwen heard a gasp from the boots.

"We're ready now." The boots said. Gwen watched as another silky phantom head inflated from the end of the stocking, rose and shaped itself. The other head released Gwen's finger as her bra flew off of her. "How about you?" Gwen stroked the newly formed head and looked down at her tits.

"If you're about to make them do what I think you're going to make them do, I'm ready anytime." Gwen grinned.

"Ah'm just an ol' fashioned pair a' stockings," The silky tubes replied. "All legwork. Ah never got the chance to be up against a bosom like this." One of the fabric mouths headed toward a nipple. It stopped short. "Maybe ah oughta slow down, hm?" The mouth opened, jutting out its shiny translucent tongue.

"Ohhhh, fuck yeah!" Gwen exclaimed, wrapping her arm around the morphed stocking and pulling it toward her. The other form hovering around the side made contact with her other breast, wrapping its lips around her. Because it wasn't solid, there was no suction, but this didn't stop the lips and tongue from gliding around her tit, tweaking and squeezing it.

Hearing Gwen get in on the fun was inching Tiffany still closer. She was turned over now, sitting on the middle couch cushion while being stroked and prodded. Gwen's shirt and leather skirt was huddled against her to her left. On the right were her tight dark blue jeans, one of their legs tangled around hers as her red top played with its own endowments. The blue satin blouse Tiffany was wearing was unbuttoned, but the free material on either side clung to her tits, grabbing and massaging them.

Her T-shirt and jean outfit was giving her a lap dance. The T-shirt's chest had reverted to a somewhat-normal-but-still-exaggerated size, and Tiffany moaned every time the ghostly spread leaned in and pressed against her face. Tiffany pulsated as the soft wet cotton puffed itself up inside her.

"You're-gonna make-me cum..." Tiffany squeaked.

"You want us to pull the trigger?" The satin blouse asked. "You want to cum right now?" The caresses over her chest slowed. Tiffany took a deep breath, trying to catch up with the sensations building within her.

"Yeah," Tiffany whispered. "Right nnnahhhhh!" The motions over her chest returned, pulling and squeezing them hard. The crotch of her panties pulsed and expanded inside her. The outfit on her lap hopped off, allowing the stockings on Tiffany's legs to spread them and push them up toward her chest. The stockings began tickling her feet and the back of her calves as the lower front of her soaked panties lapped against her clit. "yes-yes-yes-yes..." Tiffany shuddered. "YYYYES!"

Tiffany swung her hips wildly against the clothes manipulating her body. She felt sweet warmth running inside her as her panties retreated to her outer fold and stroked her, growing weaker with every pass. Tiffany moaned. She felt invigorated, as if pure energy had been injected into her. The same warm, pulsing feeling increased as the clothes around her began to deflate.

On the verge of making Gwen cum, the boots were paying attention to the effect Tiffany's orgasm was having on the clothing minions they brought to life. She was absorbing the magic within them--taking it into herself. Knowing this could be a dangerous development, the boots also considered the advantages to taking control of Tiffany's latent ability herself. They had just the plan.

"Mmmmmm..." Gwen watched as the former legs of the silky stockings rubbed themselves against her chest, manipulating her stiff nipples with their fabric tongues. For what the boots had in mind, they needed to pull out all the stops. One of the tan blouses' sleeves was reaching around Gwen's waist. The waistband of Gwen's panties was stretched out, holding itself away from her lips. She felt warm, tingling fingers moving over her clit. Gwen leaned into the emulated mouths, effectively laying down on them. The morphed stocking legs held her upper body parallel to the floor, the rest of their outfit planted squarely on the armchair. The boots pulled Gwen's legs under her and back, extending them over the shoulders of the full-figured blouse. The invisible fingers worked her pussy faster, and her panties slipped down her thighs a bit before her knees buried themselves in the chair cushion on either side of the tan blouse.

"Let me feel you," The boots said. "Let me ride your energy." Gwen felt the cuff of the sleeve near her ass as she felt her lips open again. She grunted.

"Ooh, make me cum. I want to cum NOW." The emulated heads at the ends of the stockings lost their shape, keeping only the inverted bubble that served as a mouth. The stocking ends wrapped themselves around Gwen's tits and started bouncing them gently up and down. The sleeve of the tan blouse continued working her pussy over with its magic fingers as the end of the opposite sleeve became flat and rigid. The flattened sleeve swatted Gwen's ass. "Yeaaah." Another. "Mmm, again." A stiffer swat. Gwen cried out with pleasure. "Make me your toy!"

The boots were impressed. These, of course, were some of the most beautiful words she'd ever heard a human utter. This young woman could indeed be trusted. She wanted her playmates to toy with her mercilessly, to study her responses and improve based on them. I could use a disciple like her, the boots thought. Another slap. Another. Gwen was muttering filthy gibberish now, intoxicated with sexual anticipation.

"Fuck it! Finger that pussy!" Gwen yelled, her ass beginning to vibrate. Tiffany's orgasm had mostly subsided at this point, as did the shape of the clothes around her. Other than the two bras frolicking around with each other, the only remaining enchanted items were playing with Gwen. Tiffany watched curiously. Seconds away from a mind blowing sexual release, Gwen seemed like a different woman. Wild. Untamed.

"Come for me, baby," The boots said.

"I'm going to come!" Gwen screamed.

"Surrendah, honey," the stockings joined in. "You won't regret it." Gwen was shaking. She felt a tingling feeling running though her feet and calves. "Mmmm, ah feel it comin!" As Gwen dripped onto the silky stockings, they inflated as tightly as possible, squeezing Gwen's nylon-encased breasts.

"Yeah...yeah, yeah...mmMMMM--" Gwen sucked in a quick breath of air. She felt the tingle swim freely throughout her body as her pussy contracted. She felt the sleeve shoved into the back of her panties rubbing against her as the invisible fingers at the end pushed into her, heightening her orgasm as the front of her wet panties dragged over her clitoris. "Ooooohhhhh..." The ends of the stocking legs released her tits and stretches themselves out, wrapping around her like a pair of thick nylon tentacles.

"Oh mah god, baby..." The stockings said, absorbing the shaking percussion of Gwen's body. Her panties giggled, snug around her hips again once the tan blouse's sleeve retreated.

"So that's what the whole thing feels like." The panties said, chuckling. "Pretty spectacular." Gwen was panting. She looked up at Tiffany, surrounded by deflated clothes.

"Whoa...what'd you do to yours?" Gwen sat up. She watched her bra flying around the room with Tiffany's. "Hey there," she stroked a boot. "Can I have my bra back?"

"Ask her yourself," the boots said. "Give me a minute to collect myself." Gwen laughed. She let out a whistle. Both bras turned to her.

"Come back to mama," Gwen said, lifting her tits. The yellow bra danced over excitedly, turning around and unclipping itself. "What do you mean 'collect yourself'?" Gwen asked the boots as her bra glided on and clipped.

"You don't think I felt that?" The boots asked. "Why do you think I stayed strapped onto your feet for the ride?" The material rippled over her shins, and the liners beneath tickled the soles of her feet. Gwen laughed.

"Hey, take it easy. Give me a minute too." Gwen looked back over at Tiffany, holding her arms out for her bra. It shyed away. "Seriously, what happened?" The boots unzipped themselves from Gwen's legs. and jumped onto the ground, walking over to Tiffany.

"I believe it's that I'm still weak from being trapped," The boots said. "I couldn't keep everything going at once--and only the closer items held together. I'm sorry about that, Tiffany. Next time you'll have to wear me all the way to the end." Tiffany took a deep breath, smiling.

"I had fun," she said, looking at Gwen. "I think we both did." Gwen nodded. "So what happens next? Now that you're free--"

"Let's...take it one step at a time," The boots said. "I'd imagine you're both tired."

"I am, for sure." She looked at Gwen. "You staying?" Gwen nodded enthusiastically.

"You'll never get me to leave now," Gwen said, feeling up the tan blouse she was squeezed next to in the chair. The stockings had returned to the form of legs. The blouse giggled.

"You're insatiable," it said, pawing back at her with a sleeve.

"So, are they just going to hang out now?" Gwen asked.

"As long as I'm here and you want them to, absolutely." The boots answered. "What do you say, girls? Is everyone down for a sleepover?"