Mistress Nyxe 1

Tiffany couldn't help but stare at the shiny black boots in the closet of her client. She had been hired on just recently as a nanny in order to pay for her tuition. The black shiny boots would be at least knee high on the wearer. She wasn't sure what had drawn her to them,  and what had Tiffany scratching her head as she looked at the boots was the thought that the boots more than likely belonged to her employer, the petite and demure Mrs. Merton. As good as Mrs. Merton had been to Tiffany, She didn’t seem to be the most fun loving and adventurous woman in the World.

One night when the kids were put to bed, Tiffany found herself drawn to the master bedroom once again. Opening the closet door slowly, she saw the boots standing where they always were. They were clipped together by a pair of boot clips and hung up on a rack on the wall.

"Today's the day," she thought to herself. She entered the closet and approached the boots. "I just have to try these on." Upon grasping the boot clips, she noticed that they were both engraved with a strange symbol on them. Not knowing the meaning of the symbols, she unclipped the boots. Upon doing so, she noticed an electrical spark coming off of the boots toward the clips. It startled her for a second, but it didn't daunt her from her task. However, as soon as she removed her own black leather boots to try the new pair on, she received a phone call. It was Mrs. Merton, calling to check up on the kids. While they were conversing in the kitchen, the boots in the master bedroom began to spark again, this time colliding with Tiffany's boots...

After finally managing to end the call with Miss Merton, Tiffany returned to the bedroom to find both pairs of boots gone. Figuring it to be a prank caused by the children, she snuck quietly into their room. The twins, a boy and a girl about the age of four were

still asleep and there was no evidence that they had ever left the room.

It was as she shut the door to the bedroom that she heard footsteps descend the stairs--two people by the sound of it. One wearing stilettos and the other wearing platforms. Her thoughts began to race. There was someone in the house and by the sound of it, they were wearing her boots. She silently crept down the stairs and took a look in the living room. She found her pair of black leather platform boots and Miss Merton's black shiny stilettos standing in the middle of the room. They were perfectly still, but at the same time something was off. First, there was no evidence of anyone else in the house, second, there were no bare footprints in the carpet other than her own, third, why are the boots standing straight up and filled out with no evidence of support inside or out?

Tiffany soon heard more footsteps coming from by the stairs. She thought the children had woken up and went to investigate, only to find a pair of black thigh high stockings and black fishnet tights descending the stairs. Her heart began to race as she saw nobody wearing the stockings or tights. She quickly turned when she heard what sounded like Miss Merton calling her over only to see the shiny black boots laying on the couch. Miss Merton's voice was coming from the shiny black boots. They called Tiffany's boots over to the couch and in reply, Tiffany's boots spoke back, saying "Yes, Miss Merton", in Tiffany's voice.

Tiffany continued to watch as the stockings and tights made their way over to the boots. Upon arriving at the couch, Miss Merton's boots unzipped, allowing the stockings to slide into the shiny black boots. As soon as they did, the boots zipped back up. The same thing occurred with Tiffany's boots and the fishnet tights. After that, Miss Merton's boots stood up and stepped in between the legs of Tiffany's boots. Tiffany's boots said "Miss Merton, what are you doing?" Miss Merton's boots replied, "Call me Anna, Darling. We're going to have some fun."

Tiffany had no idea what to do next. A little too freaked out to get a closer look, Tiffany headed back to the cordless phone in the kitchen. She started dialing Miss Merton's cell, but stopped halfway through. "What am I going to tell her?"

"You don't need to tell her anything, dear," Tiffany heard Ms. Merton's voice say. Now there were a pair of pink wellingtons walking toward her in the entry way. "Why don't you put down the phone and go back into the livingroom?" Tiffany gasped, dropping the phone on the counter.

"Who...are you?" Tiffany asked, looking down at the pink rubber boots.

"I'm afraid only the most adamant curiosity can answer that question, my dear." The pink boots passed by her indifferently and headed toward the livingroom to join the two other pairs. As the door opened, the wellingtons turned back toward Tiffany. "The question is, how curious are you?"

Tiffany watched as the swinging door to the living room shut again. Her short exchange with the pink wellingtons struck her as funny--even calming her a little. "Well..." she paused, "curious enough, anyway." A little more confident with the idea of having talking footwear in the house, she headed toward the living room again.

Worried about the children, she began to head up the stairs. "Don't worry about the children," The shiny boots called out. "We've gone through great measures to ensure that they stay asleep." Tiffany looked up at the bedroom door and noticed a large number of socks shoved into the crack of the door. The boots got up from the couch and started to walk toward the stairs, though something seemed to interfere as the boots were walking rather awkwardly. Both the shiny boots and Tiffany's platforms unzipped themselves and released the stockings from them.

"Sorry my pets,” The shiny boots said, “ you just can't seem to keep still. We'll find something else for you to wear. Now then," The shiny boots turned to the platforms. They took a more seductive pose as they stopped. "Where were we?" The shiny boots brushed up against the platforms ever so slightly. Tiffany felt a shock wave of ecstasy shoot through her body. "Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back." The shiny boots ascended the stairs. As the shafts brushed up against Tiffany's calf, another shock wave shot through her body. She noticed the boots downstairs taking a crouched position, as if feeling the same shock wave. Tiffany rushed downstairs to examine her boots. As soon as she touched them, they began to tremble and Tiffany felt yet another shock wave, this one almost brought her to her knees. Tiffany took a brief look up at where the boots could have gone and saw the master bedroom glow with a bright violet light. After a few seconds, the boots emerged from the room, followed by several other pairs of varying sizes and colors. "I hope you don't mind, but I brought company."

As the boots and other shoes emerged from the bedroom, Tiffany wondered if all of them were Ms. Merton's. They weren't, in fact; a few belonged to Ms. Merton's neighbor Mrs. Dewitt--a pair of chocolate brown lace up knee boots, black pumps, pink sneakers, and a pair of red ankle boots--and also in attendance a pair of running shoes belonging to Ms. Merton's cleaning girl. Ms. Merton's boots approached Tiffany.

"I have a surprise for you." Tiffany could only wonder what the boots had in store for her. Something brushed up behind her. When she turned around, she saw the extra clothes she had in her overnight bag: a pair of dark blue jeans and a tight red top. The clothes were filled to her own shape, and she noticed that her boots were on the feet. Her voice spoke again, coming from her own clothes.

"This is just part of the surprise." Ms. Merton's boots called back into the room. "Cheryl, come and see your daughter." The outfit--a knee length denim skirt, silky tan pantyhose, and white blouse--walked out of the room. Tiffany recognized the outfit as her mother's. As the outfit walked out, Tiffany's boots walked upstairs to meet her. The sleeve of Cheryl's outfit reached down to the crotch of Tiffany's living outfit. When they made contact, Tiffany shuddered with ecstasy.

The two outfits along with the other shoes and boots walked downstairs past Tiffany. Her mom's outfit went arm-in-arm with Tiffany's outfit hwile Ms. Merton's boots led the way. The clothes went and sat on the couch. The sleeves of her mom's outfit caressed their pantyhose down to the platform boots.

"Come here sweetie," Cheryl's outfit said. "I have something for you." Tiffany gasped as something lifted her up and over the bannister of the staircase. She hovered in front of Cheryl's outfit on the couch. She watched as her extra outfit joined Cheryl. Ms. Merton's boots slid themselves over Cheryl's stockings as the blouse raised its sleeve to Tiffany. Tiffany's clothes--grey knee socks, a black skirt and a white T--pulled themselves off of her and shaped into her form. Mrs. DeWitt's red ankle boots slipped onto the knee socks.

The sleeve of Cheryl's outfit shifted again, and Tiffany's bra popped open and glided off her shoulders while her panties pulled themselves from around her waist. She then hovered down to the couch, naked. Soon enough Cheryl's outfit climbed in between her legs and lifted her skirt revealing a pair of satin panties over top of the stockings. As the outfit slid closer, the panties started to rub on Tiffany's swollen lips. Tiffany, half out of shock and half out of pleasant sexual response, allowed the outfits to have their way with her.

Tiffany's outfit soon straddled her. Her skirt draped over her head as her panties pressed against her face. Though there were no legs in them, Tiffany could feel the distinct outline beneath the panties. She knew what to do and began to lick, kiss and tongue them. She then noticed something rubbing on her stiff nipples; Mrs. Dewitt's pink sneakers joined in the fun. With Cheryl's outfit rubbing against her labias and her own soft panties riding her face, they brought Tiffany to climaxes she had never experienced before. When Tiffany came, a curious spark jumped from inside her and onto Cheryl's outfit, then from Cheryl's to Tiffany's. Tiffany didn't notice it, but a small white symbol etched itself into her boots.

Tiffany awoke an hour later when the doorbell rang…

”Who could that be?” Tiffany asked. “It’s almost 10.” She snapped her fingers, remembering that she had asked a friend to come see her. Naked, she began to panic as she saw clothes and boots strewn around the room. As she looked for pieces of her outfit, her mother's outfit rose off the floor, unbuttoned, unsnapped, and opened. Her mom's bra slid onto her arms and snapped in back. Then the satin panties slid up her legs, followed by the tan pantyhose.

"Ooh..you're wet, aren't you?" Cheryl's voice cooed. The skirt and blouse then encased Tiffany's body and tightened as if they were hugging her body. Ms. Merton's boots walked over and unzipped before Tiffany's feet. Tiffany hovered into the air as the boots slid onto her feet and placed har back on the ground. While the boots zipped themselves up, Ms. Merton’s voice spoke again.

"Tiffany, I do hope you have enjoyed the many surprises we have given you."

"Yeah, Ms. Merton," she responded dreamily. "That was amazing." Tiffany marveled at the outfit. It walked Tiffany to the door without any effort on her part. She opened the door. "Hey Gwen."

"A little dressy for babysitting, don't you think?" Tiffany's best friend Gwen looked down at the shiny black boots. "Tiff, those boots are amazing on you! Where’d you get them?" It was her best friend, Gwen, dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and purple blouse. Gwen noticed the boots Tiffany had on.

"Uh, Ms. Merton's actually--" Tiffany stuttered. "I thought I'd try them on."

"Don't let her catch you wearing them—if my nanny started wearing my things, I’d be pissed." Just then, sparks shot off of Ms. Merton's boots and into Gwen's--a pair of burgundy leather knee boots. Tiffany knew things were about to get interesting.

“What was that?” Gwen asked. “Did you see it?” Tiffany smiled and nodded.

“Come on in, Gwen.” When Gwen entered, she saw a collection of footwear all over the livingroom, and a couple of outfits lying on the couch.

“Jeez Tiffany, what have you been doing in h--wh-what's...” Gwen gasped as Tiffany’s outfits on the couch began to move. The pair of dark blue jeans inflated until they were filled tightly with the shape of Tiffany’s body. Gwen watched the space inside the waist as the legs moved and extended as if there was a woman inside. Tiffany's red top hovered above the jeans as curves stretched into the front of the shirt. Gwen looked at Tiffany, who was biting her lip and smiling as she watched her clothes come to life. “H-how are you doing this, Tiffany?”

“She’s not doing it,” Gwen’s voice came from beneath her. She let out a quiet “oh!” as she felt herself lifted into the air. Her burgundy leather boots pulled themselves off and placed themselves on Tiffany’s knee socks as the rest of her other outfit came to life. Gwen watched Tiffany, who seemed to be enjoying herself.

“Tiffany, do you want to explain any of this?” Tiffany looked mischievously over at Gwen, who was still suspended in the air.

“I think I should let Ms. Merton do the explaining,” Tiffany said. Just then, the zippers on Ms. Merton’s boots moved themselves slowly down their shafts. Tiffany obediently stepped out, and the boots walked over to Gwen.

“Any friend of Tiffany’s is a friend of ours,” Ms. Merton’s boots said as they wrapped themselves around Gwen’s feet and zipped up. “We’ve been having so much fun with Tiffany, but now that you’re here as well…” Gwen was set back on the floor, but she had no control over her feet as she started walking toward the couch.

“This is crazy!” Gwen exclaimed. The outfit now wearing Gwen’s boots trailed close behind her as Tiffany’s red top and jeans sat seductively. Ms. Merton’s boots turned her around just in time for Gwen to see Ms. Dewitt’s ankle boot gently push her back, knocking her onto the couch. Inside the ankle boots were a pair of lovely dark translucent stockings, standing up as if Ms. Dewitt’s long legs were inside of them. Gwen looked over to Tiffany again. Tiffany purred as the vamp of a suede boot rubbed up and down between her legs. She was getting excited watching Gwen, helpless in this unbelievable situation. As Tiffany’s pleasure became more audible, Ms. Dewitt’s stockings and ankle boots became bolder in their advances toward Gwen.

Cheryl’s outfit slowly and carefully began taking itself off of Tiffany again, starting with the buttons of her mom’s white blouse. The skirt unzipped itself and drooped off of her, never interrupting the suede caressing her. As the stockings and panties pulled down around her, the satin bra unhooked itself again. The clothes left Tiffany with the suede boot and reformed in Cheryl’s shape. A pair of stiletto heels and approached Gwen, who now had the cuffs of Ms. Dewitt’s stockings in her face. Cheryl’s outfit took an aggressive stance and pointed a sleeve at Tiffany’s tight dark jeans and red top. Tiffany’s outfit immediately stood up, allowing Cheryl’s outfit to sit next to Gwen.

“Gwen, my dear,” Cheryl’s voice said, “Relax and enjoy this gift—we’re offering you unrelenting unmitigated pleasure. You’ve got nothing to fear from us.” The voice coming from Cheryl’s outfit was soft and warm. Gwen looked over at the again nude Tiffany, who was now riding the vamp of the suede boot in midair, making little sounds of passion as she disobeyed gravity. She was no longer paying attention to Gwen and the other outfits around the couch. “You even see that Tiffany has given herself to us, so what have you got to lose?” Gwen looked over at Cheryl’s outfit, noticing that the chest of the blouse was now filled to Cheryl’s womanly curves.

“Wh—what do you want me to do?” Gwen asked as a pair of silk crotchless panties hovered down the stairs. Her eyes caught them and watched as they sailed over to Ms. Dewitt’s boots and stockings. As Ms. DeWitt's boots stepped into the panties, they rode up until they fit tightly around what looked like the hips of an invisible woman. The crotchless panties thrust themselves forward toward Gwen.

“Play with us,” Ms. DeWitt's smooth voice said. “Just play with us, and we can show you things you’ve never imagined.” Gwen took a deep breath and leaned forward, licking around the empty space in the panties. They seemed to shudder and wiggle, apparently enjoying their new oral attention. Gwen felt no resistance inside the gap, but the panties and stocking reacted positively, pushing themselves toward her mouth with each lick.

"That's it," Cheryl said. "You're enjoying this, I can tell." Gwen's boots approached her. The panties, stockings and boot combo stepped away. "Go ahead," Cheryl's voice said. "She's ready now."

"Right away," Gwen's boots replied. Gwen's jeans unbuttoned themselves as the legs starting pulling themselves down. Gwen looked down in awe as the hem of her blouse lifted itself up and over her shoulders. Now completely free of Gwen's body, her jeans reformed and kneeled on Gwen's stomach as the sleeves of her purple blouse started teasing her nipples. One of her own burgundy boots started going to town between her legs. The panty, stocking and boot combo sat and watched, moving and

reacting to Gwen's situation as if it were finding delight in watching her writhe. Ms. Merton's boots, which separated from Gwen in the commotion, snuck their way upstairs and back into the master bedroom.

"Yes," The boots said to themselves as they walked into the closet. "Continue playing with us. Feed us your youthful energy. By morning, the two of you will belong to us, and there's not a damn thing that witch can do to hold us back now." A secret doorway pushed itself open and the boots stepped inside. "I think it's time to step up our game before the witch returns. Why stop with those two?" Inside the secret closet was fetish clothing galore. On the ground alone were enough knee, thigh and crotch boots for an entire army of women to wear. "By morning, the entire neighborhood will belong to us."

Ms. Merton’s boots faced the line of footwear. As they clicked their heels together, the collection of patent leather, pvc and rubber boots of every size, shape and color responded, filling up with shapely incorporeal legs and standing at attention. “Full uniform, my loyal subjects. Tonight’s the night.” With that command, skirts, dresses, corsets, stockings, and negligee of all kinds assembled themselves over the boots. “Let’s go.”

Downstairs, Gwen and Tiffany were slowly recovering from their fun, but Ms. Merton’s boots had other ideas. The girls watched as a procession of exotic boots and clothes marched silently down the stairs. The clothes that had been part of their playtime now stood at attention.

“Hello, girls.” Ms. Merton’s boots stood in front of the pair. “I hope you saved some energy—our night is just beginning.” Gwen and Tiffany turned toward each other with wide eyes. Ms. Merton’s boots turned to a pair of fishnet stockings and a PVC tube dress. “You’ll do,” Ms. Merton’s boots said to the outfit. Gwen and Stephanie heard a moan of pleasure from the boots as the fishnets slipped into them. “Oh yes, you’ll do nicely,” the boots continued. A pair of black opera gloves completed the ensemble. Ms. Merton’s boots turned around, showing off the curves of the tube dress as the gloves floating to either side of it grabbed the front of the tube dress and lifted up its well-endowed chest. “And now a few final touches,” the boots said as a riding crop bounced out of the master bedroom through the air and into the fingers of a disembodied glove.

Gwen and Tiffany turned abruptly as a coat closet behind them clicked open. Ms. Merton’s long black rain slicker sauntered out of the closet and toward Ms. Merton’s boots. The slicker went on over the outfit, and the boots started for the door as the rest of the pairs obediently followed. As the last of the outfits headed toward the door, Gwen looked a front window of Ms. Merton’s house to see Ms. Merton’s boots DIRECTING the other outfits into the trunk of Gwen’s car.

“Tiffany, what is she doing with my car?” Tiffany was about to answer when the front door opened again. The girl’s original outfits were at the door, now wearing the same boots they walked in with. But now Tiffany noticed that their boots had the same strange insignia that she’d seen on Ms. Merton’s boots at the start of the evening. “Tiffany?” As Gwen’s outfit slid onto her, she let go of any hope that she could overpower the clothing.

“Not worth fighting me,” Gwen’s burgundy boots said in her own voice. “Come on—you’re driving us to a party.” Gwen turned back to Tiffany as her boots forced her to walk out the front door and toward her car. Tiffany hid a grin of excitement as her red top and sexy form fitting jeans did the same to her; lifting her into the air and sliding onto her body, controlling her movements when they set her down again.

“This is so cool,” Tiffany said under her breath. “But what about the kids?”

"They won’t wake until morning.” Her boots told her. “Don’t worry about them. Wait until you see what’s next.”

The boots and outfits in the trunk and back seat had reverted to their inanimate state, all except for Ms. Merton’s stunning outfit, and the two outfits controlling the bodies of the girls. Gwen sat in the driver’s seat, Tiffany in the passenger’s.

“I’m not taking any of you anywhere,” Gwen said, looking at the ghostly outfit Ms. Merton’s boots were wearing.

“You don’t have a choice, my dear.” The outfit reached between the two front seats and caressed Gwen’s boots. Sparks jumped from Gwen’s boots to the car, and it started by itself—without the keys ever going into the ignition. “You know where we’re going, don’t you, my darlings?” Gwen looked down as her car put itself in reverse and backed carefully out of Ms. Merton’s driveway.

"Of course we do, Ms. Merton,” Gwen’s boots responded. “We’re going to the Kappa-Del sorority party.” Gwen and Tiffany looked at each other anxiously as Gwen’s car sped off into the night. They soon arrived at what was to be the party to find a handful of girls at a pajama party. Ms. Merton's boots knew this would be a perfect place to collect more of the energy she needed.

* * *

Meanwhile, back at the house, Cheryl's outfit and Ms. DeWitt's outfit were having some fun of their own. Still wearing the red ankle boots, stockings and crotchless panties, Ms. DeWitt's outfit also fitted itself with a black and red bustier that tightly covered the shape of Lynn DeWitt's phenomenal spread. She said "Lynn, why didn't we do this sooner?"

"Mmm...I've waited so long for this," Ms. Dewitt's outfit replied. "We can finally have some time to ourselves." Cheryl's skirt hiked up to reveal a strap-on over her silky flesh-toned translucent pantyhose. Cheryl was wearing a pair of dark tan boots, giving her a couple more inches to meet up with the junction of Lynn's long and shapely stockings. Lynn lifted a leg up and slid overtop of the strap-on. The sides of her crotchless panties rubbed up and down on the pulsating knob. The outfits began to gyrate against each other, with Cheryl's outfit taking the gap in Ms. DeWitt's panties from behind. Lynn and Cheryl's voices moaned intensely as the outfits erupted in erotic vibration, soon bringing them to climaxes as good as living clothes could know.

"Thanks Cheryl, I needed that," Lynn's voice said form the bustier. It rose and fell, looking like the invisible lungs inside it were catching their breath. Lynn turned to Cheryl's outfit and cooed as one of Cheryl's sleeves caressed the back of the bustier.

"You're wonderfully tight, Lynn. I just wish we had someone else to play with--someone with flesh and blood--someone to feed us." Cheryl's outfit stood up and flipped its skirt back over the strap-on, concealing it again.

"Well," Ms. DeWitt said, "There's always Melissa..." Cheryl's outfit snickered.

"Gwen's mom, huh? She's got a nice body--and she's not afraid to show it off. Let's pay her a visit, shall we?" Cheryl and Lynn's outfits climbed into Tiffany's car and were off to see Melissa. When they arrived at the house, Melissa was alone.

"Now, lets see, I know Melissa leaves her running shoes out on the porch," said Lynn.

"I bet they'll let us inside." Cheryl's outfit said. "I'll be right back." Cheryl's outfit crept to the porch and just as she thought, Melissa's running shoes were on the porch. The blouse extended its ghostly arm through the posts on the porch and sent sparks shooting towards the vacant sneakers. Soon enough the laces tied themselves and walked over.

"Hey Melissa" Cheryl's outfit said to the shoes, "We're here for some fun. You game?"

"Sure" they replied, swaying back and forth. "Where are the girls? Are they okay?"

"Oh, they're great,” Cheryl’s outfit said. “They're actually out having some fun of their own. Can you let us in?"

"Give me a second," Melissa's shoes said, "I'll get her to leave the door open and then we can have some fun." The sneakers walked off into the house. They found Melissa on the couch, watching TV after her run. She was still in her running attire--white socks, tight blue shorts, and a t-shirt with a sports bra beaneath. They silently sent the same life-giving sparks toward her clothes.

"Time to get going," Melissa's voice said. Melissa jumped at the sound of her own voice and tried to stand up to determine where the sound came from. She couldn't stand. Her clothes took control of her and positioned her so that her legs were lifted into the air. Her running shoes untied themselves and slid over her feet. The laces looped around each other and tied again as her outfit stood her up.

"What the hell is going on?" Melissa said. Again she heard her own voice reply.

"We had a nice long run, babe. Relax and let me take care of this." Melissa heard her own voice laugh. "Oh Cheryl...come on in!" Melissa’s clothes called to the outfit on the porch.

"Cheryl?" blurted Melissa, seeing a form walking in from the porch. "Cheryl, what's going on? What are you doing here?" She then noticed that it wasn't really Cheryl who walked in, but instead--an empty blouse, skirt, pair of pantyhose and tan boots. Cheryl's outfit was now carrying a purse as well. What Melissa didn't see is that Cheryl's ghostly outfit was still wearing that strap-on.

Cheryl's outfit walked by Melissa and went straight into her bedroom. A strange violet light filled her bedroom and went dim just as quickly. Inside, an outfit of Melissa's that was draped over a chair began to inflate to her curves. Another outfit walked out of the closet--tan panties and a matching bra covered by bootcut jeans, a black form fitting tank, and a tight black sweater. This outfit wore black leather lace up ankle boots. Another was a dress that came to the top of the knees covering a black lace bodysuit, which slid its legs into inside a pair of black patent leather 2" blade-heeled boots. Others included a jeans and t-shirt combo wearing matte black maryjanes, and a long skirtand croptop outfit wearing a pair of platform clogs.

"Take care of her," Cheryl's outfit said to two of Melissa's living outfits. She walked out of the bedroom arm in arm with two more outfits.

“With pleasure,” said the maryjane outfit, walking up to Melissa. Little did Melissa know but her outfit wearing the maryjanes was not as innocent as the outfit looked. Underneath the jeans and t-shirt was a strap-on--an extra that Cheryl's outfit had conveniently brought in her purse--wrapped around shiny black lycra leggings. As the t-shirt pointed its short sleeves at Melissa's tits, she felt invisible fingers stroking and squeezing her. Melissa tried to grab at whatever was manipulating her breasts, but her hand passed right through the area where she felt the fingertips invading her. Unable to resist the smooth, rhythmic caresses of the intangible fingers, Melissa's clothes soon had leeway to do as they wished.

Melissa didn't fight as her outfit walked her into her bedroom. She hovered into the air as her blue lycra shorts pulled themselves off of her legs. She was lowered onto the bed as she spread her legs wide open, watching the enchanted t-shirt and jeans approach. As the maryjanes slid off the outfit and hovered upward, they began to caress Melissa's breasts. Melissa's cotton panties slid themselves aside as the jeans on the magic outfit before her popped open. The jeans slid themselves down the shimmering black lycra as the strap-on bounced out. Melissa's outfit gently slid the protruding dildo into her glistening wet mound. Melissa had no urge to fight now...she was experiencing the fuck of her life.

* * *

Back at the party, Ms. Merton's boots and her small army of sex-mongering clothes and boots were taking advantage of the college girls and their clothes. Ms. Merton's outfit was pulling the chapter president's favorite outfit off of her--a tight denim mini skirt, tight pink top, white thigh stockings and a pair of pink patent lace up knee boots with a 3" heel. Ms. Merton has already started with the young woman as Tiffany and Gwen's walked them inside to see what was occurring. Tiffany's eyes flickered. Something inside her stirred, and every time Ms. Merton's outfit teased the chapter president's body, Tiffany felt an overwhelming sensation building within her. As Ms. Merton pushed the young woman closer to climax, Tiffany began breathing deeply. Before long, her outfit lifted her into the air. Gwen watched as Tiffany's clothes undressed themselves and left her naked body suspended in the air. A bright light began to eminate from her, and soon Tiffany was enveloped in a bright orange, yellow and white light, almost like flames. Through the flickers Gwen could see clothes wrapping around Tiffany.

“Much better,” Tiffany said as the light subsided. She was now dressed in a tight form fitting bright flame-red latex bodysuit and thigh high boots to match. She looked at Ms. Merton's boots. "You were warned, dark mistress--and your lack of self-control has woken the power of one stronger than you.” As Tiffany raised her hand at them, Ms. Merton's boots were lifted off the ground.

"You're stronger than I thought, my dear...if only--"

"If only what?" Tiffany said sternly, cutting them off.

"If we worked together," Ms. Merton's boots pleaded, "We could rule over everything." Tiffany twirled her hands, and Ms. Merton's outfit started glowing blue. In a flash, she banished the outfit from the house, finally passing out from the use of her power. The living clothes in the sorority house lost their power and collapsed.

* * *

Tiffany woke up the next morning on the couch in Ms. Merton's house. Gwen was in a comfy chair on the other side of the room. Both were still clothed in the outfits they wore the night before, but a red latex catsuit was also draped over the arm of the couch. A pair of red thigh high boots sat next to it.

Ms. Merton arrived home a short time later, noticing Tiffany and Gwen sleeping in the living room. After checking on the children she went to her room, finding her boots missing. She woke Tiffany.

"Uhmmmm...Oh!" Tiffany sat up. "Ms. Merton--I--I don't know wh-where to--" Ms. Merton stroked her hair.

"Relax, Tiffany." Ms. Merton smiled. "I know all about it. All I need to ask is: what happened to the boots?"

"I--I think they disappeared," Tiffany said. "I think I made them disappear."

"You have a gift," Ms. Merton said. "You have powers greater than you realize, and last night you proved it. I'd like you to be my apprentice. Will you accept?" Tiffany's eyes widened.

"What do you mean?" Tiffany asked.

Ms. Merton explained that she had brought the boots to life for fun, but left them enchanted for too long. At first they were cooperative, but the longer they had a will of their own, the more uncooperative they became. The more they experienced human emotions, the more addicted they became to those same emotional impulses. She told Tiffany she clipped them for a reason: they tried to go on a rampage after she agreed to let them loose for a short while. Once she put the clip on the boots, she waited for another woman with gifts that could be augmented through training and practice, as hers were. Gwen--who had been listening since Ms. Merton woke Tiffany--asked the two if the events of the last night were real, and how Tiffany's power was discovered.

"I guess it was because of what the boots were doing,” Tiffany said, “but I don't really remember last night all that clearly. And how did I get this power?"

"Powers like yours can occasionally manifest without cause," Ms. Merton said, "but under normal circumstances, they're inherited in direct lineage." Knowing little about her father, Tiffany assumed that these powers ran along maternal lines.

"Mom," she said, thinking about Cheryl's outfit from the night before. "Ms. Merton, an outfit of my mother's was in your closet. How did it get there?" Ms. Merton's face blushed a little bit.

"Some things are best kept a secret for now, my dear," Ms. Merton replied. "But I promise you that everything will be revealed if you take a position as my apprentice. Will you?" Tiffany thought for a short while before responding.

"If I really do have this power, then I guess it would be a waste to say no." As the discussion continued, Gwen still questioned if she had really experienced all that she remembered from the last 24 hours. She spoke to the sexy burgundy boots on the floor next to her chair.

"Come on,” she said, “Unzip! Slide off! Say something! Do something!" The boots sat there. She sighed. "So what's the deal? Is it over now?" No sooner had she said that, her boots spoke to her in her own voice.

"Oh, it's never over, honey.” The cuffs of her boots took shape and slid onto her feet, standing her up. Gwen giggled as they walked her around Ms. Merton's house. "We're going to have plenty of fun together." Ms. Merton and Tiffany watched as Gwen's boots lifted her into the air and made her fly around the room. The two laughed as they watched Gwen sail around. Yes, things were going to be a little different from now on.

* * *

Melissa was asleep on her couch in the living room, having spent a long sleepless night with her insatiable clothes commanded by Cheryl's outfit. In Melissa's bed, Cheryl's outfit sat with 2 of Melissa's outfits in her arms. The outfits pawed at each other for a few minutes before Cheryl's outfit rose out of the bed and sighed.

"Last night was fun, girls," Cheryl's outfit caressed the other outfits still on the bed. "But with Tiffany aware of her power, what we need next is a change of scenery--somewhere safer for us to play, outside the prying eyes of any sorceresses who might want to lock us away. Maybe it's time I visit my sister in New York. What do you think, ladies?"

“Of course,” Melissa's outfits replied. Long before Melissa woke, they packed themselves in a box that sat on Melissa's mail stoop, waiting to be shipped off to New York where Cheryl's sister lived.