Mistress Nyxe 2

The package containing Cheryl and Melissa's living outfits had finally arrived at the building Cheryl's sister Lisa lived at. Lisa wasn't expecting a package from anyone, but as she approached her doorman, he put up a finger telling her to wait as he dug out the parcel from under the desk.

"Package for you, Ms. Cross." The doorman said as she signed the transfer sheet.

"Thanks, Emery. Heavy?" He shook his head.

"No ma'am, not too bad. There's certainly something clunking around in there though." Lisa grabbed the package to find it wasn't very heavy at all. She thanked Emery and headed for the elevator banks.

"So what, did they send me packing peanuts?" She asked as she shook the box. It was too light for the size of the packaging. When she got it upstairs and into her apartment, she tore the box open and pulled the packing paper out of the way. On the top were Cheryl's tan boots. Below that, the rest of Cheryl's outfit which had come to life a couple nights before in the presence of Tiffany and Gwen.

As far as Lisa could tell, this was either a mistake or a bad joke. She looked for the return address, but there was only a postmark from the transfer--no return address at all. After she pulled out Melissa's two outfits, she was even more confused.

"These things couldn't be for me--" she said to herself. "They're different sizes. Besides, other than those tan boots, nothing in here is really up my alley." Lisa walked into the other room to check her messages. As soon as she did, Cheryl's boots filled out, smoothing the leather along the cuffs.

"Finally!" The boots said in an indignant whisper. "Let's go, girls. It's showtime." Cheryl's stockings floated into the air and filled out to a pair of shapely legs, slipping into the tan boots. The rest of her outfit assembled itself and pantomimed a stretching motion. Melissa's two outfits followed shortly behind.

"Where's this amazing wardrobe I've been hearing so much about?" One of Melissa's outfits asked.

"Shh!" Cheryl's outfit raised a sleeve to its collar. "It's over there, in the bedroom," Cheryl's outfit said. "Hurry up, I want to surprise her before she comes back in here." Melissa's outfits followed Cheryl's outfit into Lisa's bedroom as the door shut quietly.

Just then, Lisa came back into the room to find the empty box and packing paper. Her heart jumped. "I thought I left those clothes right here." Her eyes caught a faint purple light from under the door of her bedroom. She approached the door slowly. When she thought she heard the sound of her closet and drawers opening, she turned the knob and flung the door open. Lisa nearly fainted when she saw what was going on inside...

Inside her bedroom she saw the three outfits that were inside the box. They were filled out to shapely curves and moving around as if they were being worn by phantom women. She also witnessed her own clothes stepping out of her closet and her dresser drawers. Stockings, pantyhose, panties, bras, socks and t-shirts flooded out of her drawers. Formal shirts, skirts, jeans and even her professional pantsuits stepped out of the closet. She was gasping, obviously stunned by the sight of this. Cheryl's outfit walked up to her, ignoring her reaction.

"Well...hi there, sis." The outfit Lisa was wearing--a satiny printed shirt, dark denim jeans and black suede calf high boots--took control of her body and edged her closer to her sister's outfit. She even felt her bra straps and the waist of her panties pulling her forward.

"Cheryl, is that you?" Lisa asked the hovering outfit with Cheryl's voice.

"Of course it is," Lisa's own outfit said. "Can't you tell from the blouse?"

“Let's have some fun, shall we?" Cheryl's outfit said, wrapping her arms around Lisa.

Meanwhile, Melissa and Melissa were flirting with a couple of Lisa's outfits. Melissa's dress outfit played with a cute pair of ¾ jeans wearing a pair of black thick platform boots and a shimmery halter top. The dress was sitting on the bed and Lisa's outfit stood between Melissa's legs. Melissa's dress lifted itself up as it looked like an invisible hand was manipulating the panties beneath. Melissa's jeans outfit found a pair of tight black trouser pants, black tailored blazer and black platform lace up boots. The two outfits wrapped their arms around each other. The laces on their boots even untied and wrapped around the boots of the other.

Back in the living room, Cheryl and Lisa were seated on the couch. Lisa soon heard the story from her sister's outfit--that it had been brought to life by an accidental enchantment and now found itself with the ability to bring other clothes to life.

"But--why do you sound like Cheryl?" Lisa asked as she watched the other outfits in the room. They were beginning to explore each other, tracing and caressing each others curves.

"Because she was the owner of this outfit, and I've absorbed so much of her energy."

"So, what do you want with me?" Her answer came a she began to feel her panties rubbing up and down against her clit. She let out a little moan as she looked down at her pants, now unbuttoning themselves.

"Here honey, let me help you with that," Cheryl's outfit said. With that Lisa's pants slid down her legs. Lisa's panties massaged her deeply now, and an indentation appeared where her panties pushed themselves into her. Lisa let loose with a loud moan. "Are you ready for more?" Cheryl asked. Lisa gasped.

"Ungggh—what?!" Lisa was lifted into the air by as Cheryl's skirt hiked itself up, revealing a strap-on. Cheryl began to tease Lisa's wet pussy with the tip of the dildo. Lisa's outfit took control of her, slamming her body against Cheryl's strap on--pulling it into the wet bliss of Lisa's mound. Lisa began shrieking with pleasure as her pussy exploded. Lisa's clothing kept her suspended in the air as she absorbed the sensation of her own orgasm.

Cheryl's outfit landed back on the ground. "Where is that hot little niece of Cheryl's? I hope she came home from the dorm for the weekend." Luckily for Cheryl, Jodi was already pulling into the parking garage.

"Jodi's coming home about now," Lisa's clothes said to Cheryl's outfit. "We can introduce ourselves to the neighbors while she settles in." Lisa's panties pulled themselves back up as her pants wrapped themselves tightly around her ass and buttoned. Lisa's outfit placed her back on the ground and walked her toward the door as Cheryl's outfit followed behind. Lisa's clothes walked directly across the hall. "There's a little hottie here who's a young designer," Lisa's clothes said to Cheryl's outfit.

"It doesn't matter, she's not home right now!" Lisa protested. Cheryl's outfit laughed.

"All the better," it remarked. Cheryl's blouse unbuttoned itself and floated to the ground. The blouse slid under the door as Lisa watched the satin brassiere, suspended around incorporeal breasts.

"Like what you see?" Cheryl's clothes asked Lisa. The rest of the outfit turned to her and leaned in, shoving the soft satiny cups into Lisa's face. Just then, the other apartment door opened from the other side. Cheryl's blouse had already started bringing things to life--a pair of red patent knee-highs walked out of a bedroom.

"Oh, Lisa. Who's your friend?" The boots asked. Cheryl's blouse rebuttoned itself over the satin bra.

"I'm Cheryl," the outfit said. "I figured you might like a chance to get out and stretch while your owner's out." The apartment door slammed shut again.

"We appreciate it," a pair of silvery go-go boots said as they stepped into the room. A pair of matching silver hot pants hovered above them, and this half-ensemble rubbed its backside against Cheryl's outfit in gratitude. Cheryl's sleeve raised up and smacked the shiny butt of the outfit.

"Show Lisa how appreciative you are. She's the reason you're here." A tight mesh top stretched to life and joined the go-go boot outfit. The details of the fine mesh were unbelievable, right down to the areolas standing out against the protruding teardrop shape of the shirt's breasts.

"You're hotter than I realized," Lisa's outfit said, peeling off of the real Lisa feverishly. "I've always wanted to touch those tits of yours for myself." Lisa watched as her satin blouse and dark pants tangled around the go-go boots and mesh shirt. Lisa's sleeves pointed at the full-figured curves of the translucent mesh shirt, and the spheres inside the mesh responded as if they were being squeezed by invisible hands.

On the other side of the hall, Jodi just got in. She thought she heard giggling coming from her mother's room.

"Mom, is that you?" Jodi pushed the door open to see one of Lisa's outfits--a red robe draped over a black teddy. The outfit was wearing thigh boots and a strap-on. It had straddled Melissa's dress outfit and was riding it mercilessly through the air. "Wh-what's going on here?"

"This room's taken," Lisa's robe and Teddy said. "Go play in yours." The door slammed shut in Jodi's face as her tight jeans took control of her legs. They walked her into her room, where Melissa's jeans outfit had its pants pulled down. In front of Melissa's outfit, a pair of fiery red platform thigh-highs thrust in and out. Melissa's panties were still wrapped around an invisible waist, but something else was moving behind them. Jodi gasped. Her red thigh-highs pulled away from Melissa's outfit to reveal a shiny cylindrical phallus jutting out in front of them. The boots regarded Jodi for a second, then went back to work on the Melissa outfit.

As Jodi stood watching her own boots get down with an invisible woman, she became a little jealous. She started getting wet. Sensing her own sexual reaction to seeing these horny clothes perform on each other, her jeans took control of her and moved her toward the already engaged clothes. As she reached them, her boots pulled out of Melissa's outfit and turned toward her. She reached out and grabbed the strap-on above the boots, stroking and playing with it.

Melissa got up and came around back of Jodi. She wrapped her empty arms around Jodi and soon was unbuttoning her blouse and rubbing on her supple breasts. Her satin bra unsnapped to let Melissa have more room. Jodi's jeans unbuttoned and unzipped, allowing a pair of leather gloves that were sitting on her dresser to come to life and begin fondling her beneath the waist. She watched the door to her bathroom open as her khaki Capri pants and blue striped button up blouse stepped out. They wore a black satin bra and panty set underneath, and below the capri pants, a pair of white socks were sheathed inside a pair of tan Keds. Jodi watched as they shimmied in front of the mirror.

"I can't wait to see the look on Mike's face," Jodi heard her own voice say. She gasped when she realized that her boyfriend Mike was coming over to meet her any minute. She didn't have a chance to intercept him; Mike had already arrived to the apartment and was greeted by Jodi's Aunt Cheryl--or her clothes, at least.

"Relax, I won't hurt you", Cheryl's outfit said as she pulled him into the living room. Mike turned ghost white. "So, you're the sexy guy my sweet niece has been seeing," the outfit said. Cheryl sat Mike down on the couch. He finally snapped out of shock as he watched his pants pop open and slide immediately off his legs. Cheryl straddled Mike, starting to rub all over him.

"Is this really happening?" He asked, trying not to respond to the outfit's attention. As he looked down into the gap of the shirt, he could see the inside of a satin bra, filled out by massive invisible breasts. He couldn't fight the temptation. He fondled one of the breasts on the blouse, and was pleasantly surprised to hold in his hands what felt and moved like a real woman's tit. "This is crazy," He said, rubbing his hands all over this outfit. "I'm going nuts."

"Oh no honey, this is real..." Cheryl's outfit said as it pushed its chest into his face, smothering him. It pulled away, and Mike moaned as one of Cheryl's sleeves moved down to his boxers. He felt unseen fingers at the end of the sleeves squeezing him, and something in his boxers jumped up. "You like me, don't you?" The waistband of his boxers stretched and peeled from around the front of him, revealing his impressive dick. "Wow--no wonder she's been with you for so long...I think I'm going to need to take you for a test-ride."

Cheryl's outfit was stroking his erect shaft before long, arousing him in ways he had never felt before. When Mike was hard as a steel bar, He watched as Cheryl's outfit lifted its skirt. The strap-on had been taken off, and only the pantyhose and satin panties remained. A long, narrow tube stretched into Cheryl's pantyhose at the point where their legs met. As Cheryl straddled Mike's cock, her satin panties slid aside, allowing Mike into the emulated pussy Cheryl's stockings had created for him. When she slid down onto his long hard shaft, he couldn't believe how soft and warm the sensation was. He also couldn't believe he was making love to clothes--his girlfriend's Aunt's clothes at that.

As he thrust himself into the outfit hanging over him, Cheryl's outfit found itself losing control of its power. The couch the two were on lifted off the ground. Random objects went flying through the air. Never having witnessed the power of a man, the outfit's plans changed. As she continued fucking Mike, she felt herself getting stronger. Now the room seemed to be letting loose. Jodi and Lisa's outfits began playing, tangling themselves together and teasing each other in response to the energies Cheryl's outfit was giving off. Now Cheryl's power locked into Mike. His hips started thrusting wildly through no effort of his own.

"Oooohhhh--wh-wh-what are you doing to--" When he couldn't hold himself any longer, he exploded into Cheryl's pantyhose. When he did, Cheryl's emulated pussy seemed to tighten around him. Mike's cock pumped into the outfit, and the emulated pussy pulsated, contracting and expanding to calm him down. A few minutes after Mike's grand mal orgasm, he was asleep.

"Men," Jodi's capri outfit remarked. "No stamina at all." Cheryl's outfit giggled and turned back to her.

"Oh, we can fix that problem, starting with the fundamentals." Cheryl now moved on to her next big thing. Her outfit collapsed before Mike's body. The deflated pantyhose openings were soon at Mike's feet. They then slid up, encasing his legs in silk. The bra wrapped around his torso, slid on his arms and snapped in back. Something odd was beginning to happen to Mike, but being asleep, he didn't realize it. The skirt and blouse were soon part of his ensemble. In minutes, his body had already taken feminine form. The final piece, Cheryl's tan knee boots, slid onto the pantyhose encased feet and zipped up. The outfit now turned Mike upright and walked him to the bathroom. He woke standing in the mirror, not realizing what was going on.

"What the hell?" Mike shrieked. His voice sounded much higher. When he finally took a good look at the mirror, he noticed a woman staring back at him. It looked exactly like Jodi's Aunt Cheryl.

"So how do you like it?" The outfit asked. "Your new body, I mean." Just then, Jodi's Capri outfit walked in.

"Aunt Cheryl, What did you do to him?"

"He's right here," the outfit replied. "I have some plans for him--er, her." Jodi's outfit wrapped its arms around Mike-as-Cheryl.

"You look great. How do you feel?" Mike-as-Cheryl looked down at herself.

"I feel different, but--also kind of..." Mike-as-Cheryl trailed off as she wrapped her arms around the Capri outfit and slid her hands into the back pockets to massage the ass on Jodi's capris.

"Everything's in place," Lisa's robe and teddy said as they entered the room.

"Excellent," Cheryl's outfit replied as it directed Mike-as-Cheryl abruptly back to the livingroom. "Come along, my dear." Jodi's Capri outfit followed.

"What's in place?" M-Cheryl asked. "You mean there's more than THIS?"

"You have no idea," Cheryl's outfit responded. In the living room, Jodi and Lisa were both naked, held aloft by nothing more than the gloves stroking them. "Now if the three of you cooperate, I'll be on my way--I promise." The blouse unbuttoned itself and pulled off and the skirt followed. There was no doubt--the transformation had been a complete success. It was Cheryl's body. "Pity we can't leave you that way," the blouse said, now filled out to Cheryl's form again.


"What do you mean?" M-Cheryl said. "You're just going to change me back now?"

"Not at all," Cheryl's outfit whispered to M-Cheryl as Lisa's robe and teddy approached. "If I'm going to get back at that bitch Tiffany, I have to have my body back first. What better way than to give myself a corporeal form as her own mother?"

"Wait a minute," M-Cheryl asked. "That was your plan? This has got nothing to do with me! Leave me out of it!"

"Oh, I can't," Cheryl's outfit said. "You're in much too far now, my darling." M-Cheryl was worried now.

"But if you take this body, what happens to me?" M-Cheryl only heard laughter from the outfits and moaning from Jodi and Lisa. The strap-on unclipped itself from the robe outfit and attached itself to Cheryl's pantyhose. "Now what are you doing?"

"Don't you want to see how it feels?" Cheryl's outfit asked. "That new equipment down there...don't you want to see how it works?" M-Cheryl lifted into the air and hovered toward the outfit. Another pair of gloves produced themselves from Lisa's bedroom and began squeezing M-Cheryl's tits. Her eyes lit up from the never-experienced impulses rumbling through her as the strap-on teased her to wetness.

"Ooh...do it--stop teasing me and DO IT! I want it all!" Cheryl's outfit laughed. Now she had full surrender from Mike's form as Cheryl. She was now a step away from gaining not only her full power--but also a real BODY as well. Lisa and Jodi's relatively simple seductions assured her vengeance, and she'd have no problems exceeding Tiffany's power.

Jodi and Lisa shuddered as they felt waves of energy pass through the room. Between them, Mike-as-Cheryl was being driven into the air over and over again by the strap-on attached to Cheryl's living outfit. It happened faster and faster until...

It started as a spark and cascaded through Mike-as-Cheryl's entire body. As Jodi and Lisa came, Cheryl's body shifted horizontally and rose higher. Bolts of energy shot through Cheryl's outfit, Cheryl's body, and the two other women. The enrgy shot through the clothes in the apartment, gathering power as it surged.

When the energy in the room gathered to the center where Mike-as-Cheryl's body stood, The glow began to subside. Cheryl's body stood in the center of the room, dressed in a black hat, black velvet gloves, and shimmering black dress. Cheryl's hair was coal black, and now her eyes were a deep smoky brown. Her lips were a deep crimson red. She gave the room a sinister grin.

"I'm baaaaaaaack," she said, looking around at the room. Jodi was passed out on the couch. Lisa looked up at what appeared to be her sister.

"Cheryl? Is that you?" The black-haired Cheryl laughed.

"If you can figure out what happened to Jodi's little boyfriend," Dark Cheryl said, "you can ask him who I really am." As Cheryl snapped her fingers, a gateway opened before her. "Huh...I've never been able to do that before," she said, looking at Lisa and Jodi. "Well, thanks for the upgrade, ladies." Dark Cheryl smiled, turning to her former outfit crumpled on the floor. "And thank you, Mik--I mean, Michelle, for the nice young body. It was easy to shape it exactly as I needed."

Dark Cheryl snapped her fingers. "Well, come along my lovelies--we have a score to settle." Cheryl allowed most of the other living clothes in the room to walk out the gateway before her. As she stepped through, Lisa noticed a strange symbol on the back of her boots...