Mistress Nyxe 4

Gwen and Kyle slept in the aftermath of their orgasms, held weightless by Gwen's translucent copy to facilitate their rest. In the meantime, the fire-red translucent copy of Gwen wandered through the house. She curiously touched household objects, looked at pictures hung on the wall, played with the stray clothes moving by her.

"You're not like us," Melissa's translucent copy said. "Where did you come from?" Red turned to face Melissa's copy. As The bubble of Melissa approached, Red raised her hand. Melissa's copy flew into the air and gasped surprise. Red raised her other palm, and a cylindrical shape began forming from the center of it. A familiar shape--made of the same red substance as herself--popped off of the surface of her palm. It flew toward Melissa's copy, defining itself more clearly as it approached. Red dissipated into a crimson mist and floated out a window as Gwen's translucent copy entered the room. Melissa's copy was hovering about a foot off the ground,

already being penetrated by the cylindrical form that Red had produced.

"What are you doing?" Gwen's translucent copy asked. "You're supposed to take care of her!" The copy pointed to Melissa's room.

"There's--ahh-someone getting in the way of--ooh-- the Mistress' plans!" Gwen's translucent copy held a hand up, and the red cylinder pulled out of Melissa's copy. She hovered back down to the ground. Panting, the translucent shape calmed. "Ooh...thank you. She--she created that, and it went right for me. There was nothing I could do."

"She?" Asked Gwen's smoky copy.

"Yes--she had your form. She was like us, but different...she has something else within her. She was able to create that form with her own hands."

"We'll give it to the Mistress. She'll know what to do with it." The PVC skirt, jacket and knee-boots--the same outfit in which the copy had formed--entered the room. Gwen's copy popped herself into it. Melissa's copy did the same with the dominatrix outfit from earlier, and the ghostly outlines of the two faded, absorbing themselves completely into the outfits. "Gwen's dangerous with the male," Gwen's outfit said. "Her power might awaken anytime. I'm going to deliver him to the mistress when I bring her this toy. Can you handle the two women yourself?" The dominatrix cap nodded.

"Don't worry about them. I've got plenty of activities planned," The dominatrix outfit replied.

Back in Gwen's room, Gwen's PVC outfit appeared in the doorway. Kyle hovered away from the sleeping Gwen and floated out the door, following the outfit as it returned to the hall. A portal opened, and Gwen's PVC outfit, Kyle, and Red's toy all passed through the gate.

In Melissa's room, the dominatrix outfit hovered over Melissa's body, arousing her in sleep with soft, subtle caresses from the outfit's slick red latex gloves. 

* * *

Tiffany was having a blast at Ms. Merton's house. The curtains were closed while music played inside. Tiffany and two dozen or so of Ms. Merton's outfits were dancing in the living room. and had been doing so for most of the night. Lynn DeWitt was fed up. Anabel was never this loud, so there had to be another explanation for the noise coming from her house.

When the knock on the side door came, Tiffany didn't hear it over the music. One of the outfits dancing, however, sensed it better than any of the others. Lynn was about to knock again when the door swung open by itself. There was nothing behind it, just the dark entryway leading to the kitchen. Lynn stepped inside.

"Hello? Anabel? Christina?" There were no sign of Ms. Merton or her maid. It didn't surprise Lynn, seeing as Ana's car hadn't been in her driveway for the last few days. So who was here?

"Looking for someone, gorgeous?" Lynn heard her own voice behind her. She turned around just in time to see a pair of pantyhose kick the side door shut. Above the hose was a black skirt and a well-endowed red blouse. At the bottom of the hose, a pair of red ankle boots.

"These are--I mean, you're--"

"Yes, your outfit." The blouse put the ends of its sleeves together. "I know you've probably been wondering where we went, right?"

"I--I've been missing those boots for months! How did you--I mean--how are..." Lynn's outfit approached her. 

"Miss Anabel's always wanted to spend some quality time with you--but she wasn't sure you were open to the idea, so she borrowed us instead." Lynn watched in awe as her own outfit stepped closer to her. She reached out to touch where she thought one of the arms should be, but passed right through it.

"Are you--real? How are you doing this?" Lynn's outfit walked past her.

"Ms. Tiffany is having a party. You should come in and join us." The outfit walked out of the entry and into the kitchen, heading toward the swinging door leading to the living room. Lynn could hear the muffled music behind the door. The door swung open, and Lynn's outfit walked into the living room. Lynn followed cautiously.

Lynn couldn't believe what she was seeing. Tiffany, Anabel's babysitter, was dancing along to club music being played on the radio. Around the room were other outfits, each with their own moves. Lynn gasped as her own outfit approached.

"We've got a visitor!" The outfit announced. Tiffany looked back at the door and saw Lynn. Tiffany gasped, and all of the clothes except Lynn's outfit fell to the ground.

"Ms. DeWitt? What are you doing here?" Lynn walked out slowly, looking at all the clothing that had crumpled to the ground. She turned to her outfit, standing in the corner of the room and still holding her shape.

"I--I came to see what all the noise was about...I guess the explanation was a little more than I expected." Lynn's voice was shaking as she watched her outfit in the corner. Tiffany followed her eyes and finally noticed the outfit that hadn't dropped.

"Oh, um..." Tiffany walked over to Lynn's outfit. "You didn't follow my command?" Lynn's outfit turned to her.

"Sorry, miss Tiffany, it's just been so long since I've been worn by someone. I thought if--" Lynn's eyes jumped back and forth from her empty outfit to Tiffany.

"This must be really strange for you. I can explain everything, but let's go sit down." Lynn's outfit led the way, sitting on the couch. Lynn sat on the opposite end, Tiffany in a chair. Tiffany explained her power to Ms. DeWitt, telling her that it was unlocked by an enchanted pair of Ms. Merton's boots, which had caused a lot of crazy things to happen--mainly clothes coming to life and doing things all on their own.

"So Anabel Merton is a witch," Lynn said. "I've heard some odd rumors about her from time to time, but you know how neighborhood people talk." Lynn's outfit slowly moved across the couch, getting closer to her every time it shifted its form. Lynn finally turned to the outfit. "So how do they talk?" Tiffany shrugged, looking over at the outfit.

"I've heard your voice," the outfit explained. "I've felt your body against me and inside me." The sleeves of the blouse ran themselves down the front of the shirt. "I know your shape and sound--I know your scent." The outfit's voice became softer, more sensuous. "I've missed you, Lynn. I want you to wear me." Lynn slid away from the outfit, avoiding it.

"Just a second!" Lynn shouted, standing up and backing away from the couch. "What's it trying to do to me?"

"Calm down," Tiffany said, moving over to the couch and rubbing the blouse on the back. "She just told you what she wanted, and she explained why. I know it might sound odd, but she has feelings too." 

"She?" Lynn asked in disbelief.

"Yes, she." Tiffany responded curtly. "It's okay," Tiffany said to Lynn's outfit. "She just doesn't understand."

"I guess I don't," Lynn said, folding her arms across her chest. "It's after midnight. I heard noise from this house all evening. When I come over to complain, not only do I see clothing moving around without anyone wearing it, but I find an outfit of mine, one that apparently thinks I should have no problem putting it on--despite the fact that there looks and sounds like there's something already occupying it." Lynn sighed. "I'm supposed to just accept all of this immediately?"

"You'd have a lot more fun if you did," said a voice coming down the stairs. It was one of Ms. Merton's cocktail dresses, wearing dark stockings and stiletto heels. It swished down the stairs slowly, exaggerating the movements of its phantom hips.

"Hello, darling!" Lynn's outfit stood up and walked over to the cocktail dress, wrapping its sleeves around the back. Ms. Merton's stocking raised one of their feet into the air in response. "You look great."

"So do you," Ms. Merton's voice replied. "Don't you think so, Lynn?" Lynn shook her head.

"I'm not seeing this. My clothes are talking to my neighbor's wardrobe."

"Believe it," Ms. Merton's dress said. "And talking isn't all we're going to do." The black skirt on Lynn's enchanted outfit slowly rode up on the thighs of the stockings inside.

"Not now, Anabel--she hasn't gotten used to this yet." Lynn put a hand up to her mouth as she watched indentations form in the thighs of her living outfit's stockings. "Ooh, Anabel!" Lynn looked at Tiffany, who shrugged. Seeing Tiffany's indifference made Lynn feel less anxious and more curious.

"What do you mean--" Lynn did a mock shrug back at Tiffany. "Does this happen often?"

"For the most part, they listen to me," Tiffany said, "But if they feel really strongly about something, I find its best to let them do their own thing, so long as they aren't hurting anyone." Tiffany turned back to the outfits. Both women watched as the sleeve of Lynn's outfit moved down toward the hem of the cocktail dress. The hem flipped up as the sleeve slid up the front of the dress, exposing the top of the pantyhose and a pair of satin panties underneath. Ms. Merton's dress laughed and took a step back, looking at the real Lynn.

"Does this disturb you at all, Lynn?" Lynn watched the outfit sway slowly back and forth. She shook her head. "No? How about if we include you in our fun?" Lynn shot a nervous look at Tiffany.

"Wh-what kind of fun are we talking about?"

"This kind," Ms. Merton's outfit said as the front of the dress lifted up again. This time, the top of the panty hose stretched down, exposing the black satin panties beneath. Lynn watched as the panties seemed to rub themselves up and down against an invisible clitoris.

"But--" Lynn paused as the outfit continued teasing itself. "But you're just clothes, so I don't see how I can join the fun. I mean, what could you possibly do that--" The button on Lynn's jeans popped open.

"Whoa," Tiffany said. "You can't just go around doing that to people, remember? What would Anabel say to you?"

"I'm sorry, miss Tiffany." Ms. Merton's stockings slid back up and over unseen hips as the hem of the dress dropped back down. Lynn gasped as she watched her jeans button by themselves once more. "I'm sorry, Lynn--I overstepped. You should know, however, that Anabel has been watching you."

"What do you mean?" Asked Lynn as the outfit headed back toward the couch.

"We mean that Mistress Anabel doesn't identify sexual attraction through gender," Lynn's outfit responded, walking behind the couch. The blouses' sleeves floated up to the shoulder straps of the cocktail dress and made small sweeping motions. Lynn watched as her enchanted outfit seemingly gave Ms. Merton's outfit a backrub. "And since Mr. DeWitt is nothing but a bad memory--she knows that you're available. If you'll be with a woman, that is." Shocked, Lynn's heart fluttered a little bit.

"You mean she--"

"I told you," Lynn's outfit said. "When I mentioned 'quality time' earlier, what did you think I meant?" Her neighbor had a crush on her. Lynn blushed at the thought. Anabel was known for being a little eccentric, but Lynn had always believed there was an attractive quality about Anabel's personality. Even as rumors passed around the neighborhood about her, she was always warm and friendly. She was confident as well, which made her eccentricities all the more charming.

Lynn found herself spacing out, thinking about Anabel in the context of these living clothes. What exactly was Anabel Merton doing with her clothes? When she snapped out of it, she noticed her blouse had moved forward a bit. It was now massaging the perfect phantom breasts beneath the cocktail dress. Tiffany watched the two outfits intently. Lynn watched her reach her hand down toward her pants.

"Tiffany?" Lynn's interjection didn't stop Tiffany at all. She started rubbing between her jeans as she watched Lynn's blouse grope the front of Ms. Merton's dress. "Tiffany!" Tiffany looked over at Lynn and raised her other hand toward her. Lynn yelped as she was lifted into the air by her sleep pants and bathrobe.

"Ms. DeWitt, I don't mean to mean to be rude, but either get in on this, or get out and forget you ever saw any of it." Tiffany raised an eyebrow at her. "Which is it?" Lynn felt herself placed back on the ground. She took a deep breath.

"I'm--a little nervous. I've never--"

"A week ago I never knew how good it could feel for a pair of magic panties to get me off, Ms. DeWitt. In or out. I don't mind either way, and I'm trusting you to keep Anabel's secret. You've got one chance." Just as Lynn was about to answer, a breeze howled through the side door. Red mist flew in through the door, and Tiffany immediately assumed the worst. She hovered into the air and a flash of light surrounded her.

"What the f--" Lynn hovered up again, toward the vaulted ceiling and over the banister.

"Relax Ms. Dewitt, I'm putting you in Anabel's room. Something's happening!" Tiffany's flame-red latex suit became visible as the light died down. The red mist the entered the room took shape at her feet.

"Mistress Tiffany, I'm not going to hurt you," the red form said, bowing to her. It was Gwen's voice.

"Gwen?" Tiffany asked. The form stood up. It was in the shape of Gwen's naked body, just slightly see-through, the color of cherry gelatin.

"No, but I am of her, Mistress. The dark one has returned." Tiffany's jaw dropped.

"What? Where?" Tiffany asked. Lynn walked out of the master bedroom and stood at the banister, watching Tiffany talk to the red translucent form before her.

"Many places. She's acquired incredible amounts of power." Tiffany looked closely at the form.

"Who are you?"

"I am Red, a product of the union of Mistress Gweneth and the man called Kyle." Tiffany laughed.

"Wait--Kyle Stratton? Wow." Tiffany laughed again for a couple seconds and paused. "Wait, did Gwen create you?"

"I was summoned by the dark power, but my loyalty lies with Mistress Gweneth."

"Can you bring me to her?" Red nodded.

"But you alone. Not the others." Red looked at the other two outfits and then up at Ms. DeWitt.

"Fine," Tiffany said. She looked up at Lynn. "Ms. DeWitt, do you trust me?"

"What do you--"

"Like I said, yes or no. I'm offering you a gift, but you have to surrender yourself to the sensations in order to receive it." Lynn nodded. "You won't regret it, Ms. DeWitt--especially when Anabel comes back." Tiffany turned back to Red. "Let's go." Red put her hands up to Tiffany's. As the two became a cloud of haze, Tiffany's voice echoed as it traveled out of the room. "Take care of Ms. DeWitt, ladies."

The two outfits started up the stairs as Lynn's body lifted off the ground and into Anabel's room. After the door slammed shut, Lynn's laughter could be heard inside.

* * *

There seemed to be an endless stream of clothing through the halls of the 15th floor. Moans and laughter could be heard all over as sexual energy pulsed throughout the building. Jodi hadn't stopped at once or twice--by this time she'd had more than a half dozen orgasms. Now the energy was cascading through the building, affecting rooms on the floor below and above.

On the floor above, Bridget Lamont came to. She was hovering three feet off her bed, being caressed by fingers she couldn't see. Her laundry was putting itself away. She started to scream, but a pair of socks flew into her mouth. 

"Relax, would you?" Bridget tried to spit the socks out, but she couldn't."Hey, I'll stop as soon as you promise not to scream." Bridget stopped struggling. She nodded her head. The knotted pair of socks jumped out of her mouth and hung in the air. "I'm just putting your clothes away from you. You passed out when we came to life, so we figured you might like a little message.

"Who is we?" Bridget asked nervously.

"Your pajamas, Bridget." She felt a pinch on her butt. She gasped.

"M-my pajamas?" Bridget looked down at her pajama top, rippling slowly across her. The bottom button undid itself. 

"Well, along with the rest of your clothes," she heard her voice say from across the room. A pair of her jeans descended off a shelf in a closet. The pant leg hems dropped nearly to the floor while the pant legs inflated, taking a cylindrical shape at first, then toning out to a shapely pair of legs. "We didn't want you to hurt yourself, so we set you on the bed. Would you like to get dressed, or did you want to stay in your pajamas?"

"How are you doing this--how are you making me float up here like this? How are you--talking to me?"

"Don't sweat the details, babe," The jeans said as Bridget's body rotated upright. Bridget gasped as her pajama bottoms flew off of her. "You've got such a nice booty," The jeans said, turning around and showing off. "How about you slide yourself in here, and we go party?" Bridget watched a thong hover out of one of her drawers and fill out to her shape. "Those go great with these," the jeans said. The thong slid up over Bridget's feet, up her thighs and around her curvy hips. "You're sooo hot--do you mind terribly if I--" Bridget squeaked as she felt something grab her ass again. "I'm sorry, babe--I can't help myself. That's just such a cute ass." Bridget felt little slaps on her rump. Before long, she felt her ass lift higher and higher into the air. Now there were big, whopping spankings landing on the cheeks. Bridget let out a telltale moan. "That's right, babe. Give in to us. We know what you like."

Two floors down, Stacie Roth was chained to her bed, grinning as she watched the haunted clothes standing over her.

"You're a good little, sub, Stacie. You know that?" Stacie nodded at the see through bra hovering over the tight leather pants. "Good little subs get rewarded." The bra leaned over, getting close to Stacie's face. "Now suck on me." One of the bra cups folded down over what looked like empty space. Stacie giggled a little.

"There's nothing there--it's just--" Stacie was muffled as the bra bent over further, sending an invisible nipple into her mouth. Restrained to the bed, Stacie could only explore the unseen orb with her mouth and tongue. It felt like a breast--a huge, soft, natural form, now slick with Stacie's saliva. She ran her tongue over the nipple.

"Mmmm..." The outfit replied. "That's good, baby. Keep going." Stacie sucked on the tit more and more vigorously. As she did, she noticed a pulse on her clit. She looked down, breaking from the form. "Leave that to me, honey...keep sucking my tits!" Stacie did, and her reward was a teasing from a possessed vibrator, danging just above her clit like a clock pendulum. As Stacie continued her pneumatic work on the billowy-soft breasts hanging over her, the sexual pressure running throughout the apartments kept building.

Jodi and Lisa's room was a disaster. As the growing orgy continued, there were outfits in the apartment that were fucking each other on the ceiling, in mid-air, sometimes using toys, other times simply gyrating against each other. Jodi was bent over in the center of the room, being fucked from behind by Michelle--the former Mike. There was a bright, shimmering form--the form of a goddess--inside of the outfit of Cheryl's that Mike had been trapped inside of. This was the manifestation of Michelle, gaining power from Jodi's seemingly endless stamina.

Every time Michelle slid the enchanted latex sheath into her, Jodi pushed her ass back against it, driving it deep inside her. She knew that clothes were coming to life two floors away. She knew she was responsible. It didn't matter now--she didn't want to stop, and she couldn't care less. This was good news for the Dark Queen.

* * *

At Cheryl's house, Dark Cheryl had heard the update from Gwen's copy. "Well done bringing the man here," Dark Cheryl said to Gwen's copy. "Now tell me about the other one."

"She formed from something else," Gwen's copy said. "She only left this behind." Gwen's copy held the red toy that had been teasing Melissa's copy.

"Oh!" Dark Cheryl said, grabbing the object. "This one is different." Dark Cheryl felt the pulsations of male energy flowing through her contact with the toy. "I believe, with him here, we can use this new development to our advantage." Dark Cheryl threw the phallic shape into the air, and it hovered in place, stretching and curving itself. Kyle's body rotated forward. The phallic shape had become a container now, a red-rubbery sheath, hollow on the inside. Dark Cheryl grinned, making a fist and pantomiming male masturbation. As she did, Kyle's flaccid cock began swinging back and forth. Kyle stated moaning, still asleep. Gwen's copy watched as Kyle's member grew into a monstrous rigid pole. She looked up at Dark Cheryl, who seemed to be savoring the moment.

"Mistress, may I--" Dark Cheryl nodded, already aware of her request. Gwen's copy hovered over to Kyle and licked her translucent lips before wrapping them around Kyle's bobbing shaft. Gwen's copy moaned, happily sucking on Kyle. Now Dark Cheryl turned her attention back to the floating red sheath.

"Coat yourself in me," Dark Cheryl told the toy. The hem of her shimmering black dress lifted, and her black panties pulled themselves down over her milky white thighs. The red sheath obediently rubbed itself against her lips. A shock wave of power ran through her and the sheath. "OooohhhHHHH!" The sheath pushed up and down as Dark Cheryl could feel dampness from deep within her. "Is this what a real pussy feels like?" Dark Cheryl cried out.

Kyle stirred. When he came to, Gwen's copy looked up at him, hungrily taking his cock inside her hazy mouth. Now aware of the sensations going on around his waist, he gently thrust to the rhythm of the copy's tongue. He watched Dark Cheryl across the room, looking down at the red cylinder pushing itself in and out of her. Dark Cheryl turned and locked eyes with him.

"Mmm...I've got plans for you, boy."

* * *

Melissa's arms and legs were wrapped around her own Domme outfit. Melissa was propped against a wall while a strap-on attached to the outfit sunk into her.

"Oh my god...tell me you're going to stay this time." Melissa's Domme outfit laughed as it pumped the strap on into Melissa's pink mound.

"As long as you want, baby..." The outfit replied. It lifted its legs and hovered higher, sliding Melissa up the wall.

"Yes--more! More!" Gwen's PVC outfit portaled in.

"Sorry to disturb, but we've got to take this party elsewhere." The portal widened. "Let's go. Bring her with you." As the Domme outfit leaned back, Melissa got into a riding position. She squealed with delight as the outfit bounced her up and down atop its strapon. The portal closed once all three were through.

Seconds later, a mist refilled the room. Tiffany and Gwen's crimson copy took shape once more.

"They're gone," the copy said. "But she isn't." The two wandered into Gwen's room to find her naked, hovering a couple feet from the ceiling of her room.

* * *

As Kyle fucked Dark Cheryl, he felt the red sheath tightening around his manhood. Sparks shot through the room. He realized that the sheath was doing all the thrusting, that it was pulling him into her. Drawers opened and closed. Objects leapt off sheves. Kyle could feel the energy pulsating through him. He felt a tingling sensation flowing down his shaft and into his hips. When he looked down, he realized the red sheath was coating him.

"Wh-What's--" Dark Cheryl kissed him before he could get the words out. Streaks of reddish lightning shot through him, and as Dark Cheryl swayed faster, he couldn't resist her rhythm. His body pulsed back, and as the red translucence coated him completely, Dark Cheryl screamed.

A peircing flash of light was followed by an earth-shattering scream. Cheryl pumped her hips. out of control of them. Cheryl's body had never reacted with such power.

The room was silent now except for Kyle, now a red-transparent copy of himself. 

"I feel different," Kyle said as his body faded into mist, which then dissapated further until it was invisible. "Wow--it's like--I can feel everything in the room." Dark Cheryl felt something squeeze her breasts together. She laughed.

"My, you're a bold one, aren't you?" Kyle's laugh echoed as the front of Cheryl's dress was manipulated by the very air. "Much as I'd like you to play with me, I have a job for you." Kyle recondensed into the red form again. 

"Anything," He said. Cheryl grinned. 

"There's a building I'd like you to visit in the city..."

* * *

"Ugh!" Gwen's crimson copy felt a jolt run through her.

"What is it?" Tiffany asked. "What did you feel?"

"I left something behind with them--something I hoped to use as a trace." Red paused.

"Well," Gwen asked, "what happened?"

"She's changed it into something else and sent it to the city. It's--in an apartment high rise." Tiffany gasped.

"Aunt Lisa's?"