Mistress Nyxe 3

Finally able to leave her house for a long while without any worries, Ms. Merton had gone on a much-needed vacation with her children. After what Tiffany experienced, Ms. Merton had no problem trusting her to house-sit for her over the next two weeks. With the boots gone, Ms. Merton couldn't see any other major problems.

With Ms. Merton's house all to herself (except for occasional visits from the maid), Tiffany could also exercise her new power without worrying about being caught. She lounged on the couch in a satin robe drinking tea while a sexy maid’s outfit in white stockings and short black boots dusted furniture around the house. Yesterday Ms. Merton's maid had commented on Tiffany's cleanliness, mock-scolding her for leaving no work for her to do. Tiffany wondered what the maid would think if she knew that an empty maid outfit was doing her work for her. Tiffany still wasn’t quite sure of the mechanics of her power, and while she wanted to know more, she didn’t know how exactly to bring the subject up with her mother.

Across town, Cheryl was packing for a weekend business trip. She was oblivious to the events of the last couple of days despite one of her outfits running amok with Ms. Merton’s boots. Gwen’s mother Melissa had almost called her, but with no proof of what happened, Melissa was reluctant. After all, what was she going to tell Cheryl? That an outfit of Cheryl’s had brought her closet to life and had their way with her? Melissa figured she’d be locked up for sure. Cheryl threw her suitcase in the trunk and pulled out of the driveway. The house was silent now.

A light flashed behind Cheryl's bedroom door as Dark Cheryl came through a portal with a formidable army of clothing. She licked her lips as she turned to Cheryl's wardrobe. The doors swung open as Cheryl's clothing jumped to life and took her shapely form. She smacked a pair of tight-fitting jeans on the rear as they walked by. The jeans responded by bending over and presenting themselves. D-Cheryl laughed and allowed one of her velvet gloves to come to life. It sailed around to the front of the jeans and began stroking slowly between their legs. A tight fitting t-shirt inflated over the jeans, and D-Cheryl's other glove shot off of her arm and began caressing the front of the tee.

“Now, for my next trick...” D-Cheryl said to herself, watching the rest of the clothing in the room join the fun. Another gateway opened, and D-Cheryl began herding the clothing through the portal. On the other side, a shocked Melissa watched as outfit after outfit walked into her bedroom from the hallway. Empty sleeves pulled closet doors and bureaus open, flinging Melissa's clothes left and right. But before they landed, they took Melissa's shape and hovered freely. She watched in shock as her clothes came to life again.

When Dark Cheryl was certain she had enough clothing at her disposal, she stepped through the portal. It shut, leaving about half of Cheryl's wardrobe alive, flirtatious, and without any supervision. When Dark Cheryl found Melissa, she was already giving in to her clothing. A cashmere sweater and leather skirt outfit was prodding and playing with her from behind. A translucent stocking holding a shapely invisible leg was wrapped around her tightly, and the sleeves of the cashmere sweater were pointed at her chest and the top of her jeans. Manipulating the small, but well-shaped breasts behind her tight t-shirt, Melissa started giggling as her body gave in to the motions of her sweater-and-shirt outfit. She moaned as the invisible force dove into her jeans and beneath her panties, stroking her rhythmically.

“Guess my work's already done here,” she said quietly to herself. Melissa took no notice of her as Dark Cheryl walked past the bedroom. “Oh, I nearly forgot.” She waved her hand at another door, which opened to reveal Gwen's room. “Be sure to take care of Gwen when she gets home.” A dresser drawer opened, releasing a fleet of underwear. The articles filled out to Gwen's hips and giggled, hovering around the room. A PVC skirt trotted out of the closet with matching knee boots. A deep crimson pair of panties descended into the skirt and puffed up, augmenting the skirts' already impressive curves. A matching bra hovered above while a PVC jacket glided around invisible shoulders. The jacket struggled to button itself. Even after doing so, the jacket's top three buttons split open, exposing the bra.

“My my, Gwen—that's some outfit...I didn't know you had a wild streak.” D-Cheryl watched the outfit strut toward her. “Let's do something special with you.” D- Cheryl snapped and Gwen's nightstand flew open. A vibrator jumped out of the drawer and into D-Cheryl's hand. “Do you like toys?”

* * *

At Lisa's house, Jodi watched as the original Cheryl outfit picked itself up off the ground.

“What have you done with my boyfriend?” Jodi asked, approaching the enchanted clothes. The outfit's sleeve rose into the air. A strap-on floated out of Lisa's room and strapped itself to Cheryl's tan stockings.

“It's me, Jodi,” A sleeve pointed to itself. The voice was feminine. “ I swear, it's still me--I just feel a little different...”

“I don't believe that,” Jodi said, watching the outfit as it began stroking the sex toy.

“You've got to believe it! She trapped me in this outfit, and--well...I feel mostly the same, but...” The other sleeve began moving up and down around the strap on as the shaft shook left and right in rhythm with it. “The things I can feel now—” the voice said as sleeve pointed at the chest of the blouse as invisible force rubbed and lifted the mounds, “—the sensations...you wouldn't believe it.” The feminine voice started to moan as the strap on seemed to pulsate. The outfit was now hovering a few inches off the ground. Between pants and moans, the voice continued, “I'd really like it...mmm...if you'd have some fun while I'm like this—ooh—but I won't force you. I have other options.”

While one sleeve stayed pointed at the enchanted strap-on, another waved its hand at both bedrooms. A pair of tight leotards came out of Lisa's room, sporting a deep camel-toe. Jodi's lingerie and stockings walked out of her room, inflating to her shape as they came out. The voice moaned harder as Lisa's leotard climbed atop the strap-on.

"H-how are you doing that?" Jodi asked, watching her underwear saunter around the living room. She looked up at Cheryl's outfit, now thrusting in and out from behind the leotard as it pounded away at the fabric.

"Mmm...I don't know," The feminine voice said, still fucking the leaotards. "Something happened when I was changed into this. I can feel all these other clothes coming to life. I can call to them, and it's like I can't stop. My body--or whatever I am--just wants...just wants to...Auggh!" Cheryl's outfit hopped up and down on the leotards, driving the strap-on deeply into them. Jodi watched how lifelike the leotards' buttocks looked when the tan stockings slammed against them; They quivered, tensed up, and held in place after each piercing thrust by the stockings and strap-on.

Jodi turned as a bra and thong set sat beside her on the couch. Her eyes widened when she saw the two round dimples in the couch cushion beneath the thong, contoured to the perfect invisible ass. One of the cups in the hovering bra showed indentations pushing, holding and squeezing the form. Jodi saw the front of the thong thrust itself to one side as the outfit and the dimples in the couch shifted back and forth excitedly.

Jodi reached out to grab one of the cups of the bra. As she did, the bra turned to her. Now Jodi felt her own chest being caressed by invisible hands, with soft fingers drifting slowly and seductively around her cleavage. She reached down to the thong and gasped. The area was wet, but from what? There was nothing inside. As she explored the space around the thong strap with her fingers, she ran along two plump vaginal lips—unseen to the eye but clear as day to her fingertips.

“Wh-what's that?” Jodi asked.

“That's my pussy, silly!” Her bra and panty set responded. “Want me to play with yours?” Before Jodi could answer, she felt a hand in her panties. She felt her lips being stroked, and now her tits were being manhandled by invisible force. She giggled when she noticed the familiar technique.

“Oh my god, Mike, is that really you?” Jodi began thrusting herself against empty space as she hovered into the air, joining the leotards that were now riding Cheryl's strap-on like a bull. She watched as a condom floated out of the bathroom. The wrapper tore open and flew away, leaving the little latex ring hovering in space. The condom started inflating like good bubblegum before forming an apparent phallic shape.

"I can do far more to you than I could before," The voice said, "But call me Michelle. I don't feel like a Mike anymore." Jodi recognized the shape filling out the condom and had no problem allowing it to approach her.

“Well, you may not feel like Mike anymore," Jodi responded, "but you still have some of his features." Jodi reached out and grabbed the floating translucent shape in front of her. The phallus perked up as she stroked it. She could feel herself getting moist. "I think I want you inside of me. Is that what you want?”

"Oh yeah," Michelle's voice echoed. The enchanted condom placed itself between her legs and teased at her wet cilt. It wasn't long before Jodi was dripping down its sides. Hovering a few feet off the ground now, Jodi lifted her legs and spread herself as the now-lubricated member inserted. “Oohhhhh!” Michelle's voice moaned, pushing the tightly filled latex deep inside her. “I can feel everything...you're like a fountain of power!” As the phallus shuddered, the furniture in the room shook. Now the living outfits in the room were starting to paw all over each other, reacting to the condensing sexuality in the air. As she was penetrated by the enchanted condom, she watched the invisible copies of herself in her clothing. Seeing her own clothes playing with each other only turned her on more, which fed the manifesting sexual energy around her. This drove the luscious forms around her even wilder.

Lisa was jarred awake by the commotion in the room. Her apartment had turned into a clothing orgy, and various moaning sounds could be heard under Jodi and Michelle's passionate shouts. Lisa gasped as she saw her daughter being fucked by a ghostly, well-filled condom. Her eyes widened when she saw Cheryl's outfit—the one shipped through the mail—fucking a pair of her leotards with a strap on. A shout came from the hall and the apartment door burst open. A pair of lamé boots paired with a shiny red skirt and fishnet stockings appeared in front of the door.

“Oh, Lisa—we were wondering where you went. Come back to my room and let’s finish what we started...” Lisa looked to Jodi, who seemed oblivious to everything but the member gyrating expertly inside her and the feeling of weightlessness as she bounced up and down. Lisa's attention broke when a pair of black satin panties jumped onto her legs and wrapped themselves around her waist. As she tried to pull at the panties to get them off of her, she began hovering inches off the carpet. The boots and skirt turned around and headed to the neighbor's apartment with Lisa hovering after against her will. A few of Lisa's naughtier outfits followed behind.

Now Jodi's body flowed as if it were in water. She was turned upside-down with her legs gently curling behind her. The condom sliding in and out of her—slick with her—flowed gently with her motions. The other clothes in the room seemed to follow the same flow. As she approached orgasm, she felt something welling up inside her. Sparks of light jumped through Lisa's apartment as clothes, boots, and other things were being brought to life elsewhere in the building.

Bridget Lamont watched as a basket of finished laundry sitting in her hallway rose into the air. A pair of grey knee socks jumped out of the basket and streched to appear as if a pair of shapely calves and feet were inside them. As Bridget's cream-colored lace up ankle-boots walked out of her bedroom, she fainted. If not for her own clothes coming to life, she would have fallen over, but her socks and jeans walked her into her room and set her gently on the bed. The knee socks and ankle boots headed into her bedroom as the door shut behind them.

Stacie Roth had just finished shopping and turned the key to her apartment. Inside, she found her bathrobe lounging on her couch, looking as if it was being worn by a ghost with her shape.

“Oh, I didn’t realize you were going to be back so soon,” Stacie’s voice called from above the robe’s collar. Stacie just stood at the door, frozen. “Well, hurry up and come in before someone sees me like this!” Stacie didn’t say a word. She instinctually reacted to the command, pulling the door shut behind her as she stepped into her apartment.

“Wh-what’s happening here?” Stacie asked. A pair of Stacie’s jeans and a tight t-shirt walked out into the living room, standing near her bedroom door. Her eyes jumped from the robe to the outfit.

“Ooh, did you finally go bra shopping?" Her own voice said, coming from the outfit that just entered. Let’s see what you got!” One of the bags in Stacie’s hand started shuffling around, and she dropped it. It turned itself upside down, dumping its contents. A flutter of bras hovered around in the air as plastic tagholders snapped off and dropped to the ground. Stacie’s new purchases paraded themselves around her apartment as she watched, speechless. Her robe stood up, the hem swaying a foot over the floor. Stacie backed herself against the door as it approached.

“What’s the matter?” Stacie’s robe asked. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” As the robe walked toward her, she flinched and turned around, grabbing at the doorknob. When she finally opened it, she stepped away from the doorway. Just outside her apartment stood a black see-through bra hovering over a pair of tight black leather pants. At the bottoms of the pant legs were a pair of matching stilettos, one of them tapping menacingly against the floor. Stacie backed into her apartment as the bra, leather pants and stilettos walked in. The apartment door slammed shut and bolted itself.

"Hi there, Stace!" The outfit said. She recognized the voice as one of her friend's--a neighbor from down the hall who worked part-time as a dominatrix. Stacie gasped as her robe gently wrapped its sleeves around her.

Back in Lisa's apartment, Jodi was glowing with sweat and sexual ecstasy. She hungrily sucked on another latex-covered phantom cock, sliding in and out of her mouth as the other kept working on her pussy. She moaned while Michelle's invisible hands moved over her body, pressing against her tits and squeezing her firm ass. As the sensations took her ever higher, she started to become aware of what her sexual release was causing…

* * *

Melissa was sleeping, hovering on a cushion of air a few feet above her bed. Meanwhile, her clothes were still moving under their own power, either playing with each other, doing household chores, or just lounging around. Gwen’s attention-getting outfit seemed to be directing the outfits in the house. Thanks to Dark Cheryl’s help, the outfit was now imbued with the same markings as Ms. Merton’s dark boots.

“Gwen’s coming home!” Gwen’s lead outfit said, stomping a heel on the floor. The living clothing around the house started shuffling into Gwen and Melissa’s bedrooms as Kyle’s car pulled into their driveway. “Hopefully Gwen’s date will walk her to the door," Gwen's outfit said to one of Melissa's outfits. "Maybe we’ll have a chance at both of them.”

Gwen had gotten used to the sight of living clothing, but only around Tiffany. After stopping Ms. Merton’s rampaging magic boots a couple of days ago, Gwen had assumed that only Tiffany and Ms. Merton had retained their abilities. Now she was finishing a first date with Kyle, one of her co-workers. He was cute, but his utter shyness made Gwen reluctant to make any big moves. Quiet guys could be kind of touchy early on, so she was doing her best not to freak him out. Unfortunately her situation was about to make that impossible.

Kyle got out of his car as Gwen did. At the door, Kyle held a genuine smile and told Gwen what a good time he had.

”Me too,” Gwen said, leaning forward. “We should really do it again soon—maybe next week?” Just as Kyle was about to respond, the front door squeaked open. Gwen turned abruptly. “Mom? Is that you?” The door only opened a crack, and Gwen could just barely see the light emanating from the den.

“Are you going to introduce me, Gwen?” Melissa’s voice called out from behind the door. Gwen turned back to Kyle and smiled.

“I’m sorry,” Gwen whispered. “She promised to stop pulling this crap when I turned 18, but I still humor her every now and then. I promise she’s cool. You don’t mind just saying hi, do you?” Kyle broke a smile and nodded.

“Sure thing,” Kyle said. “Lead the way.” Gwen pushed the door open, but she didn’t see Melissa.

“Mom?” Gwen turned the corner into the den. “M—” She froze. At the desk in the den sat a red dominatrix outfit straight out of a BDSM club. Gwen gasped and slammed the den door before Kyle could see into the room. “Um, on second thought—maybe you should just go.” Kyle was confused.

“Are you sure? I really don’t mind saying hi. It’s cool.” Kyle looked at Gwen reassuringly as Gwen watched another living outfit pass behind him in the hallway. Kyle saw her eyes shift and turned around to see what she was focusing on. “What? What is it, Gwen?”

Gwen looked down at her boots. “It’s—kind of hard to explain. Like, REALLY hard to explain.” Gwen stepped closer to him. “I’m sorry, but I have to take care of something, and I can’t exactly explain it right now. I really like you and I want to go out again, so don’t take this as—” She watched as a pair of pocketless khaki pants and a crop top turned the corner in a motion that looked like dancing. Kyle turned around. Gwen took a deep breath.

“What--the--hell!?” Kyle stepped back and landed on Gwen's toes. He turned. “Oh my god, I'm sorry—I just—” Gwen smiled at him.

“No, it's okay--I'm sorry—but do me a favor and just calm down a second, ok?” Gwen grabbed his shoulders.

"Uh--I--Gwen, I don't--just--what in the name of..." Kyle trailed off, stuttering. Gwen looked him in the eyes and smiled.

“I know this is really crazy, but just look at me.” Kyle did. Gwen let out a laugh. “Um, I don't know how else to say this, but lately weird things have been happening to me and one of my friends.” Kyle started to turn his head.

“Weird things like—” he motioned to the outfit pumping its hips behind him.

“Yeah,” Gwen answered, “clothes coming to life. But these things get a little crazy, so maybe you should go for now while I deal with them.” Kyle shook his head.

“No...It—it's okay. I mean, this is really freaky, don't get me wrong...but I don't care if you're, like, a witch--or whatever.” Kyle paused. “Are you?” The outfit behind him tapped his shoulder. He slowly turned around and looked at the khaki pants and crop top. Down inside the waist of the pants, he could see a pair of striped cotton panties. The crop top shoved itself in front of him. He found himself staring down the collar at the empty space inside. The crop top's front was filled out to Gwen's shape. “Whoa. Is there something—in them?”

“I don't know, really. This has only happened to me once before, and my friend Tiffany understands more about it than I do.” The den door popped open. Kyle and Gwen turned to see the dominatrix outfit standing in the doorway.

“I was wondering when you were going to say hello,” The outfit said in Melissa's voice. There was a full red corset wrapped around empty space, a pair of red latex briefs attached by garters to red latex leggings, red stilettos and red wrist-length gloves bobbing at its sides. A latex military style cap hovered about a foot over the corset. Kyle's eyes were bulging, looking at the cups jutting out at the top of the corset. “Well Gwen, it looks like your boy-toy has an eye for the finer things,” the outfit said as it walked near him. Kyle's lips quivered. He'd always seen pictures of girls in this kind of gear, but never in real life. Now not only was there an it standing on its own in front of him, it was also filled out to impossible-to-achieve curves.

“Gw—gwen?” He looked back at her. She was gritting her teeth.

“Hey, leave him alone. He's my date. I've never seen her wear anything like this before, but if my mother comes out and sees you, she'll die of fright and embarrassment.” The outfit turned to Gwen.

“Honey, you don't know anything about her.” The invisible dominatrix turned back to Kyle. “So boy-toy, are you dominant or submissive?” Kyle gulped and looked from Gwen to the outfit.

“Um...submissive.” Kyle looked down.

“Good answer,” said the outfit as Kyle's pants unbuttoned. He gasped as he was lifted into the air. Gwen began hovering as well. “Gweneth is kind of dominant herself, so you'll make a good team.” Kyle looked at Gwen as his pants fell to the ground. A red latex glove dove down his shorts. He shuddered a bit before lifting his head and smiling at Gwen.

“Kyle! You're really—okay with this?” Gwen's shirt began shifting around on her. She tried to hold it back, but her arms were lifted into the air. Kyle was nodding vigorously at her as her shirt was lifted off. The latex glove had worked his manhood into a rigid pole now, and his shirt pulled off of him.

Kyle's pants had reformed themselves and walked down the hallway, entering Melissa's room. The clothing that had jumped back into hiding were out again, especially interested in Kyle's jeans. A group of formal blouses circled around the jeans as pantyhose and skirts followed closely behind. The feet of the pantyhose stayed off the ground as the outfits hovered around Kyle's jeans. Something shifted in the crotch, and the blouses' breasts became more defined. With no bras beneath, it looked like the the blouses were holding natural busty forms a size too large for them.

Kyle's jeans were sporting a tent now. Kyle's shirt flew in and took his shape above the jeans. Immediately, the four outfits around this outfit braced themselves and began smothering the area just above his outfit's collar. At the center, invisible walls in the shape of a head held the enormous breasts back. Now the blouses were using their sleeves to pull up Kyle's shirt and explore the empty space underneath. A pair of leather boots came out of Melissa's closet and slid themselves onto her feet. Still sleeping, she began writhing with pleasure as her outfits started molesting the invisible shape holding Kyle's outfit.

In the hall, Kyle was bent over empty space receiving punishment from a floating crop behind him. As it slapped against his bare ass, the red latex glove holding his erection kept stroking up and down. A few feet away, Gwen's tan satin panties moved themselves up and down against her clit. In the master bedroom, Melissa’s outfits ganged up on Kyle’s clothes and took turns riding the bulge in his tight jeans. Melissa started crying out in her sleep.

“Oh, you’re so young and hard—I want you to put it inside me.” Her outfits stepped back as Kyle’s outfit hovered into the air. The pants unbuttoned as Kyle’s wallet slid out of his back pocket. A condom flew out as the wallet discarded itself. The package ripped open, and the condom guided itself down to the unbuttoned pants. The condom began unrolling over a monstrous and invisible throbbing penis.

Now Kyle and Gwen were both being worked over by the dominatrix outfit in the hall. Each had a red latex glove petting and stroking them, one pulling on Kyle and the other rubbing on Gwen’s slick lips. Both were floating in the air and watching each other’s bodies manipulated and teased by the sensual latex gloves. Gwen’s pussy ached—she was done with being teased. She looked hungrily at Kyle’s amazing cock, being pulled left and right by the shiny glove.

“It’s time for you to give yourselves to each other,” the dominatrix outfit said. “but we’re going to do something interesting.” The gloves stroking Kyle and Gwen started moving more vigorously. As the pair moaned with delight, misty forms were taking shape next to them. They were translucent copies of Kyle and Gwen, looking like ghosts hovering in the hall. The gloves removed themselves from the two as their phantom copies each began exploring the other. Kyle’s phantom copy continued stroking Gwen while Gwen’s copy leaned down and began sucking Kyle’s cock. Kyle watched in amazement as this smoky copy of Gwen went down on him. Her ghostly body oriented itself upside-down, giving Kyle prime access to her phantom pussy.

Gwen felt a tingling warmth on one of her nipples as Kyle’s ghost copy began sucking on her tits. One of his hands kept attention on her clit while the other cupped one of her tits. She watched the ghostly form move over her, electrifying every nerve as he passed over her skin. “This—is—amazing!” Gwen screamed out. Kyle watched his ghost-self play with Gwen as her see-through form sat up and smiled at him. She lifted her legs into the air pointing them beyond Kyle’s head. As Gwen’s real body hopped up and down, responding to the magic form playing with her, her copy became more and more aggressive.

With her legs on either side of his head, her ghostly form thrust itself at Kyle's face. He felt resistance as he wrapped his arms around the form, but he felt no weight, only the force of the ethereal pussy pushing itself against his nose and lips. The the touch, taste and scent sensations running through Kyle fell somewhere between silk, honey, and lilac.

Kyle’s phantom copy hovered behind Gwen, sliding the tip of his translucent member into her. As Gwen began riding Kyle’s copy, Gwen’s ghost straddled Kyle’s throbbing cock. The two watched each other as their ghostly copies did all the work.

Kyle's copy lifted Gwen Higher and higher until she reached out and clung to the ceiling. Kyle's ghostly copy thrust in and out at an almost vibrational speed. Through the misty presence of Gwen's copy, Kyle could see his cock being pushed and pulled by the walls of her translucent pussy. All of the sudden Gwen let go of the ceiling. She howled as her body shook from head to toe. She came hovering in the middle of the room. Her throes seemed to have a tranquilizing effect on Kyle's copy for a moment, but when it began vibrating again, the copy threw Gwen up and down like an angry bull before shooting its warmth inside of her. The copy's smiled in ecstasy as the hazy form collapsed and started drawing itself inside of Gwen. When Gwen came again, Kyle couldn't hold himself back. He exploded into her copy.

Gwen's copy let out a scream. Kyle's orgasm had triggered hers, and once she felt the raw seed of life flowing into her, she began changing. She understood herself and the room around her. She understood the power that she had just received. She understood that she was superior to the male panting with relief below her, but that she was subordinate to Gwen, in whose form she was created. Her translucent shape became an even shade of mostly-opaque red. She was smooth and slick to the touch, and watching this fiery, sexual form in the shape of Gwen still riding his cock, Kyle found himself experiencing his first multiple-orgasm.

In Melissa’s bedroom, Kyle’s shirt bobbed up and down as the well filled out condom beneath the shirt slid in and out of her pussy. Melissa’s clothes were stroking each other and themselves. Several instances of Melissa’s voice could be heard moaning and cooing around the room as sleeves explored panty hems and gloves investigated camel toes formed by tightly filled out pants and leggings. As the invisible cock plowed into her, she breathed faster and faster until finally releasing.

Melissa’s dominatrix outfit and Gwen’s outfit—the one that had been teased by Dark Cheryl earlier—were in Gwen’s room. The outfits were hovering across from each other as the rest of Gwen’s clothes went in a whirlwind around them. As Kyle and Gwen came, symbols etched themselves into the boots of both Gwen's and Melissa's outfits. This time, though, shiny translucent copies of both women became subtly visible inside the two outfits, looking like clear bubbles in the perfect shapes of Melissa and Gwen. The copies looked at each other, grinning. Gwen’s shiny copy spotted a pair of fishnet stockings sauntering around the room. With a pop, Gwen’s copy appeared in the stockings, leaving Gwen’s naughty outfit hovering in the middle of the room without a form again. Melissa's form did the same, jumping from outfit to outfit. Both of the shiny ghostly forms found they could teleport into any clothing they wanted. Once they teleported into an outfit, they could control it remotely.

Dark Cheryl walked into the room through a portal. Gwen and Melissa's ethereal copies turned to her.

"Ladies..." D-Cheryl grinned as she approached Melissa's copy. "You look phenomenal. I see you've benefitted from this power surge as well." D-Cheryl grabbed the front of the blouse Melissa's copy was occupying. The copy giggled, pushing itself into D-Cheryls hands. "I need you ladies to stay here and keep Gwen from telling Tiffany about any of this. I'm not ready to take her on yet. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress," Melissa and Gwen's translucent copies responded. Dark Cheryl winked at them and stepped back through the portal.

"Don't fail me, ladies."