You`re about to embark upon a strange and ludicrous adventure of inter-dimensional proportions. Sit tight; I`m going to ask you to absorb a lot of information from a really limited amount of words. I`ll try to be as brief and clear as possible.The reason that you`re getting this preface from me (Instead of Kalin himself, or another one of the staffers here) is that you and I are from the same dimension--or "path", as the nomenclature here has it.

I--like all of the readers here--am a Hytypican. The reason you don`t call our path "Hytypica" is, of course, because you don`t KNOW of any other paths. Scientists from our dimension haven`t yet found the technologies necessary to perform this neat little trans-dimensional trick yet, but there`s a way to breach something called "causality walls". What this means is that it`s possible to create a bridge--a tiny little shortcut a couple Planck spaces wide--to another dimension.

Okay. I`m not going to pretend to really know what I`m talking about here, but bear with me. For any quantum moment "Q" (defined by a length of Planck time) there are a set of action potentials "X". In the very very beginning, the set of action potentials were a limited set of options. Just after the big bang, though, the first branches split, turning the last former singularity from a consistent "universe" into a superpositioned "ontoverse". Q by X, minus any spaces that wouldn`t be hospitable or compatible to our life functions, equals the wide world of, well, many worlds.

I knew this intro wouldn`t help.

I`m supposed to be priming you on the quirks and history of transdimensional physics, but the reality of the thing is that it`s not going to help you. It`s not helping me, and I`m the one living this shit. Listen, the advantage to you and I being from the same dimension is that I know you`ll be okay with being as lost as I was when I first came to Ischarisla. You don`t need to know all this shit about IDOX and Gateway travel and a big atlas of paths or customs or any of that shit--not first. It`s going to be as meaningless to you as it was to me--until I EXPERIENCED it. Now, obviously you can`t quite experience it like I can--but that`s why I`m here.

All you really need to know is that Kalin`s path, Systemia, was a lot like yours and mine until sometime early in the 20th century, when the two paths took kinda different technological and geopolitical trajectories. I say all this because Kalin and you, the readers, share a lot of common earth history up until generally recently. Other paths like Aristo split from the earth you and I know around the Grecian golden age, while more exotic paths like Ischarisla deviated from our Earth`s history much much longer ago.

The point is, in the Ontoverse, we`re all generally connected by how much common history we share. The caveat to that is the following: no matter what similarities life might share from gate to gate, you never know what`s around the corner in a world where so many universes are connected.

Fauler Hoyt
Editor, Team Adriksehn