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Hello! Welcome to MagicMystique.com!


July 6 - New chapter on PatP from Vestiphile

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This site is primarily a home for fiction and art depicting themes like supernaturally or super-powered beings (usually women), strange things like sentient objects and disembodied intelligence, and surreal scenarios usually involving normal people thrown into bizarre or mind-bending situation. In terms of easy-to-digest keywords, we host works having to do with magical women, invisible women, living clothing/living clothes, body control, power play, and more--many of these works ranging from mildly titillating to explicitly erotic. This site contains content that is not appropriate for all audiences, which is why we have that little module pop up and ask if you're 18 or older!

This site originally started in 2005 as "Collapsing Fiction" a blogspot blog and a place to post my strange writing. Since then, we have had no less than 5 iterations of the site, culminating in what you see here! In addition to the writing of Vestiphile (AKA: Fauler Hoyt, TrippingEther), we have other authors with many works here including Misterdoe, Calx86, and Jayhawk303. In addition to our library of strange and interesting fiction, I also post an archive of my art here, including drawings, photomanipulations, and digital paintings.



The following is a quick rundown of what we have here:


FICTION - This is our collection of written material, either written by me, or other authors as listed. Everything here is property of the original author, and has been hosted here with explicit permission. Authors are linked to their sites as requested.

THE ONTOVERSE - The Ontoverse is my multiverse. Many of my major stories share this multiverse in one way or another, and while they may not directly intertwine, the 'rules' of these fictional worlds share space. The Ontoverse is explained in most detail and tied together mostly by the story Adriksehn:Skipper, which itself is a tale about interdimensional spies, smugglers and politics. Other stories like Sadie & Maddie, Mistress Nyxe and Household Magic take place in the Ontoverse, but usually don't go into detail about the nature of this multiverse.

FEMINALIA - Misterdoe and I have talked about the possibility of many of his works being part of the same universe. He shed some light on the subject in a conversation, saying that in his mind, most of the works he writes happen within the same universe (with the caveat that said universe may have pocket universes either within or related to said universe). We came to this conclusion: Feminalia is a state, an idea, and an ideology all at once. It is a world, as Doe describes in "Please Do Not Fondle The Merchandise", where feminine sentience is spread like a stormcloud -- at first to things with feminine shapes like fembots, mannequins, and clothing -- but then to every object that 'wants to join' in this sentient revolution.

OTHER SERIALS BY TITLE A-H / I-Q / R-Z - These are serial stories posted by title. Stories not authored by me (Vestiphile, Fauler Hoyt) are credited to their original author.

SHORTS - These are shorts or one-shot fiction that stand alone AND otherwise aren't related or tied into a larger world. Shorts or standalones by authors that take place within the worlds of other established listed serials will usually be listed with them. 


ARTWORK - At the moment, this work is primarily mine, but we may expand this area to include other artists in the future.

VESTIPHILE'S ARCHIVE - My work, split into Traditional Media, Photomanipulations, and Digital Media. Traditional Media includes 'real' medium works like physical sketches, drawings, paintings, or the like. Photomanipulations consist of photographs (usually the work of others) that have been transformed through extensive photo-editing (usually to make the main subject invisible, or depict other kinds of supernatural effect or transformation. Digital Media is a collection of my digitally created illustrations and paintings. Any traditional media sketch that is later transformed or appended digitally will usually go here as well.

DRAWINGS & ILLUSTRATIONS - For sketches, drawings, pin-ups, splashes, stand-alone art or unserialized single-page strips.

COMICS & VISUAL SERIALS - These are serial visual arts consisting of continuous pagination, or regular/semi-regular comics posted by title. 

PHOTOMANIPS & CAPTIONS - For works of others consisting of photomanipulations or manips which tell a story through a caption. I have to stress here that there MUST be some transformative element (photomanipulation) in a captioned photo. We do not repost raw photographic works that are not owned by the creator. Due to legal compliance and record-keeping standards, captions and photomanipulations which contain sex or nudity will not be permitted. (Sorry about that, gang, but there are plenty of places for such things--please understand this is a personally-hosted server! The legalities of adult content in created art are much different from the legalities of adult content containing real people.


NETWORK - This is a collection of links to my other homes on the net as well as links to related sites, servers, authors, and artists.


A big thank you to everyone who has had some hand in creating this world including early influences (Misterdoe, Shveek, RoddThunderheart, InvisibleDale, TMZCor, ThunderfoxJT), creative and encouraging friends (RootsOfJustice, Darkside007, TheWhiteRaven/UnfinishedSketch, Calx86, Invisiboy, Tigerzet, JayHawk303) all my earliest supporters (Bornox, TheCanadian), creators, and art writing acquaintances.

If you wish to know more about things you see on this site, you can send me a message on discord (Vestiphile#7777) or shoot an email to Vestiphile at Gmail. (Humans will not need a direct link, you can figure it out!)