Digital Media

It all started with my little Wacom Bamboo. Once upon a time, I spent $60 on this tiny little tablet and had a taste of drawing on a slate that translated to my screen. Once I started I was hooked, and I began the long hard for a into trying to create the things I saw in my head. It wasn't easy to start — and just like playing guitar I gave up many times before I really started to get anywhere — but eventually, two years later, I sold my first our commission. Then another. And another!

Inflation Spell Oops

September 2015.
Inspired by AWittyName on DeviantArt.

The Darkest Capture

A dark fairy ensnares a guy with latex magic. For Tigerzet

Terra BE

Terra breast expansion for ChaosEcho

Fire Emblem Oboro

Oboro gets an enchanted boost. For ChaosEcho.

Laura, for Drekarys

For Drekarys, of their OC Laura. 

Dahlia's Dynamic Tension

In a request from Matthew250, Dahlia from Xenoblade riding a balloon while inflating another.

Worship Me

Gift art for a dA user who followed me. She did a few domme glamour sets, and I drew this for her.
Like my account, her account's long gone, else I'd link it.


This was inspired by some kind of catalog image of an intensely attractive woman in a golden one-piece. I added the really hot background and lighting effects to, like, add to the metaphor.
You get it? She's hot?

Lurad Catsuited

GoldLinaric's Lurad, pulled into an enchanted catsuit.

Denise's Magic Tank Top

For Misterdoe. Denise tentatively pokes her tank top come to life.