Digital Media

It all started with my little Wacom Bamboo. Once upon a time, I spent $60 on this tiny little tablet and had a taste of drawing on a slate that translated to my screen. Once I started I was hooked, and I began the long hard for a into trying to create the things I saw in my head. It wasn't easy to start — and just like playing guitar I gave up many times before I really started to get anywhere — but eventually, two years later, I sold my first our commission. Then another. And another!

Inflation Spell Oops

September 2015.
Inspired by AWittyName on DeviantArt.

Yoko's Balloon Ride

Gurren Lagann's Yoko Littner laying on an inflating balloon for Matthew250

Possessed Boots

A request for Darkside007, of a woman controlled by her footwear--itself controlled by some kind of misty, ethereal mischief-maker.

Tied Up (Com)

First official paid commission I received on dA, years and years ago. I've come a long way, but this still stands up okay.

Cursed Shoes Make Moves

Drawn for Darkside007, in a series of things for him involving sneaky sneakers.


Gift art for Meg: a drawn interpretation of Domina Nyx as a Technoauthority. She captures Meg with help from her little robot friends.

Denise's Magic Tank Top

For Misterdoe. Denise tentatively pokes her tank top come to life.

Empowered Style

This one was thought up by Treforce, who envisioned a troup of lovely ladies' clothes from inside a boutique selecting an unwitting human from the street to model them.

Dahlia's Dynamic Tension

In a request from Matthew250, Dahlia from Xenoblade riding a balloon while inflating another.


This was inspired by some kind of catalog image of an intensely attractive woman in a golden one-piece. I added the really hot background and lighting effects to, like, add to the metaphor.
You get it? She's hot?