Digital Media

It all started with my little Wacom Bamboo. Once upon a time, I spent $60 on this tiny little tablet and had a taste of drawing on a slate that translated to my screen. Once I started I was hooked, and I began the long hard for a into trying to create the things I saw in my head. It wasn't easy to start — and just like playing guitar I gave up many times before I really started to get anywhere — but eventually, two years later, I sold my first our commission. Then another. And another!

Inflation Spell Oops

September 2015.
Inspired by AWittyName on DeviantArt.


Lissa breast expansion for ChaosEcho

Sweater Grope

A woman enchants her sweater to play with her breasts.

Mysterial Studies

OmegaSyntaX's sorceress Mysterial studies some ancient texts.

Dance for me

I believe this was a little thing I did on my own during a slow request night. A warlock making a little pack of leggings march on their own.

Tickling Leather

Tickling Leather gloves for Darkside007.

Whap Whap

Again, I can't remember if this was a request or just something I drew. If it was yours, speak up! :D

Terra BE

Terra breast expansion for ChaosEcho

Dahlia's Dynamic Tension

In a request from Matthew250, Dahlia from Xenoblade riding a balloon while inflating another.

Possessed Boots

A request for Darkside007, of a woman controlled by her footwear--itself controlled by some kind of misty, ethereal mischief-maker.