Digital Media

It all started with my little Wacom Bamboo. Once upon a time, I spent $60 on this tiny little tablet and had a taste of drawing on a slate that translated to my screen. Once I started I was hooked, and I began the long hard for a into trying to create the things I saw in my head. It wasn't easy to start — and just like playing guitar I gave up many times before I really started to get anywhere — but eventually, two years later, I sold my first our commission. Then another. And another!

Inflation Spell Oops

September 2015.
Inspired by AWittyName on DeviantArt.

Haunted Underwear

One of my many 15-minute sketches. Can't remember if this was an auto-select, or if it was drawn for someone.


Lissa breast expansion for ChaosEcho


ZeroConfidence's OC, transformed into a naga.

Sock Selfie


Zero and the Balloon Nectar

Zero, fearless explorer of science and the places beyond classical limitations of body & mind, has either discovered or ordered some stuff called "Balloon Nectar". She's just dropped the MSDS sheets, so she's either thrown caution to the wind regardless of the possible dangers, or she's reviewed the sheets enough to know that any possible side-effects will be worth the data gained from today's experiment!

Empowered Style

This one was thought up by Treforce, who envisioned a troup of lovely ladies' clothes from inside a boutique selecting an unwitting human from the street to model them.

Sunny on the Couch

Misterdoe asked me to draw Sunny from Lilith, using her newly discovered abilities. Sunny has always been one of my favorite characters, she's also one of my oldest, and the quintessential bad girl in Lilith until Elise shows up.

Mysterial Studies

OmegaSyntaX's sorceress Mysterial studies some ancient texts.

A Bit Lifted

A bodyinflation/lighter than air commission (I think this was a commission...) from OffloadedDeviant.