Inflation Spell Oops

September 2015.
Inspired by AWittyName on DeviantArt.

Blown-Up Beach Babe Widowmaker

Overwatch's Widowmaker inflates to capacity while at the beach. For OffloadedDeviant.

Fire Emblem Oboro

Oboro gets an enchanted boost. For ChaosEcho.


ZeroConfidence's OC, transformed into a naga.

The Darkest Capture

A dark fairy ensnares a guy with latex magic. For Tigerzet

Sally's Balloon Dance

Sally dancing with a latex balloon. For Matthew250.

Lurad & The Latex Trap

GoldLinaric's Lurad forced onto a latex balloon by a pushy catsuit.


A fairy helps a guy take flight.

Man-Eating God Eater Outfit

Alisa's outfit from God Eater dresses up a hapless guy. For Tigerzet.

Yoko's Balloon Ride

Gurren Lagann's Yoko Littner laying on an inflating balloon for Matthew250

Sweater Grope

A woman enchants her sweater to play with her breasts.