Tied Up (Com)

First official paid commission I received on dA, years and years ago. I've come a long way, but this still stands up okay.

Sunny on the Couch

Misterdoe asked me to draw Sunny from Lilith, using her newly discovered abilities. Sunny has always been one of my favorite characters, she's also one of my oldest, and the quintessential bad girl in Lilith until Elise shows up.

Easy Chores

I believe this was someone's inspecific idea on a stream about someone doing chores with telekinesis--but if I'm being totally honest I can't totally remember where this one came from either.

Whap Whap

Again, I can't remember if this was a request or just something I drew. If it was yours, speak up! :D

Zero and the Balloon Nectar

Zero, fearless explorer of science and the places beyond classical limitations of body & mind, has either discovered or ordered some stuff called "Balloon Nectar". She's just dropped the MSDS sheets, so she's either thrown caution to the wind regardless of the possible dangers, or she's reviewed the sheets enough to know that any possible side-effects will be worth the data gained from today's experiment!