Serials I-Q

Serials with titles I through Q

by Vestiphile

A massive supercomputer is being launched by the mysterious and powerful information company known as BluGreen. With their new acquisition of a quantum computing giant and a promising new power source, BluGreen launches a highly anticipated general intelligence tasked first with helping to run the facility. The launch appears to be a success, but as the system known as INANNA tries to piece together its taskload and the world around it--especially the strange organic beings apparently responsible for its awakening, INANNA's curiosity becomes dangerous and causes her to reach so deeply into the real world that the line between the virtual and the actual can no longer be trusted.

by Rodd Thunderheart

A fitness model accidentally ingests an experimental food additive which aggravates her peanut allergy. She's shocked as she discovers a sudden sneezing fit will turn her invisible until her allergy med is taken. Procuring a small handful of the tiny foam grains she gets into some mischief at her latest contest. Later a new high intensity pre-workout drink combines to give her superstrength when invisible. Can her boyfriend now get along with his now superstrong AND invisible girlfriend?

By Paul Cwick

A carefree spirit with access to a groundbreaking formula, college student Jenny decides to test the formula on herself and becomes the world's first invisible woman! Much to the chagrin of her labmate, Ted, she'd rather have all kinds of fun with her newfound powers than do boring things like test a re-agent.

Follow Jenny's (mis)adventures as she confounds the campus, terrorizes her enemies, and leans on poor Ted every time she gets herself into a jam!

[As one of the first Invisible Woman stories I ever encountered, Jenny is as important to the formation of this site as the body of Misterdoe's works that we've hosted for years! These have been painstakingly rescued from a now ad-ridden mirror of the original geocities pages. A big, huge thanks to Paul for allowing us to host his work here! -V]

By Paul Cwick



Bob Temple is just your average, everyday pro-quarterback. Endorsements, commercials, interviews, and legions of fans are part of a normal day for him. 

But when he's laid up and waiting for surgery, two attractive bio-medical researchers working in another wing of the hospital sneak their way into his room and show him something he'll never forget.

Between his preparations for his operation and the lovely disappearing nurses in his room, he's left to wonder if this is some elaborate dream or the effects of his sedatives...

[A little more spice in this short-but-sweet invisible woman story from Paul. These have been painstakingly rescued from a now ad-ridden mirror of the original geocities pages. A big, huge thanks to Paul for allowing us to host his work here! -V]

by Vestiphile

This silly meta-fiction started years ago with me in a bout of writer's block, but once it was re-read and edited, I decided that maybe it might be something you guys like.

A writer of online erotica has a conversation with an anonymous someone asking him to stop writing. When the writer refuses, his new online friend's conversation takes a surreal shift, leaving the writer to wonder just what kind of rabbit hole he's fallen down.

by Vestiphile

For me, a revival of the story that started it all.
An amulet that bestows mysterious powers falls into the hands of a twenty-something woman. As she tries to navigate her life and take responsibility with her inheritance and her younger sister, she has more than ever to deal with when the necklace she wears allows her to affect objects around her--granting them a will to perform tasks just by thinking it.

When she grudgingly lets her sister and a couple of friends in on the secret, things spin out of control, and a string of world-changing events are set into motion.

By Paul Cwick

Mark hasn't been paying attention to Tina...he'd rather have his head between two covers of a book about the paranormal than anywhere else!

Mark and Tina's relationship is supernaturally revitalized when Tina tries a new and interesting perfume that changes her appearance as clear as day.

[A little more spice in this short-but-sweet invisible woman story from Paul. These have been painstakingly rescued from a now ad-ridden mirror of the original geocities pages. A big, huge thanks to Paul for allowing us to host his work here! -V]

initial chapter, author unknown
all other chapters by hypocriticalme, reposted with permission

A handful of coeds use a spell and a ouija board to make contact with something not of this world. When that something uses their bodies and desires to create a means to influence the door between their worlds and exercise its power over this interesting new reality, the girls attempt to figure out the mystery behind the entity and discover their own inroads to the entity's form of power.

An active story, originally published on

By Paul Cwick

At a very unremarkable Halloween party, Chad meets a more than remarkable guest who changes his mind on the night, and his perceptions--literally--about what a real woman looks like.


Brad and Drew mess with highly experimental nanotechnology developed for one specific purpose: masturbation. The only thing is, they don't use it on themselves.

by Jayhawk303

Trevor has spent all his life being quiet and reserved while secret desires cloud his mind. But all that changes once he finally receives the mail-order clothing that completes his baseball uniform for his recreational league. Will this new force overpower him and make him succumb to their will? Will he fight back and overcome this strange, new power? One thing's for sure, Trevor's never seen anything quite like this before.

by Vestiphile

Wes had a plan for a lazy day at the end of the summer. At the end of the day--if everything went as planned--Wes wouldn't ever have to make another plan ever again.
Then Kayla came along.

by Limitless Lover

Olivia's been having strange dreams lately--dreams of forbidden sexual fantasies and out of control passions that begin to spill over into her waking life. As she begins subconsciously communicating to forces from an unseen world, they supply her with otherworldly pleasure as they prepare her to accept her destiny.

written by Vestiphile with assist by Tigerzet

The PsychoKinetic eXperience.
Dave's not sure when or how he got his abilities, but he'd better learn to control them quickly, because they're spreading in scope and power--fast!