Serials R-Z

Serials with titles R through Z

by Vestiphile

Lucas wanted proof. Gina wanted power. Felice just wanted something to do on a Saturday night...until she was part of the Ritual.

by Calx86

Kate finds a magic book and messes with an advanced class of spells that she can't keep control of. (Rebooted version of Enchanted Panties.)

by Calx86

A bored fairy gets her kicks by getting a little naughty and revealing herself to a human. Her new friend is surprised to find she's been given some intimate company in the form of her pussy--which now apparently has wants, needs, abilities, and a voice all its own.

by Calx86

Arianna the fairy has some competition when her evil counterpart, Celeste--has an idea to enchant a human pussy of her own. Unlike Arianna, though, Celeste's spell isn't going to be so much a gift to her host as it is calculated justice springing from the dark fairy's magic. 

by Calx86

Arianna finds a guy closing a clothing store and decides that he deserves an interesting enchanted evening with one of the shapely merchandising displays.

Thanks to a mischievous fae, Shaila's most sensitive parts now have a mind and plans all their own.

Kay has found her perfect match--the one to fulfill her potential. Now all she has to do to keep feeding her growing abilities is have her way with him--as much as possible, in as many ways as she can think of. 

by The Living Socks

Lexi, A nineteen year old student with the most unusual of fetishes, finds a way to make her dreams come true within a quaint little props shop. Thinking the spell she is casting would give her the power to animate the footwear she adores, Lexi ends up finding herself under their heel as their own pet. Lexi struggles with her own desires, and her condition, trying to think of a way to have her cake and eat it too, by discovering away to wrest control once again; all while those red striped knee highs work to transform her entire world. Forcing her to get used to being called Their Doll, and speaking of Them to the public while people look on, confused and certain Lexi has gone insane.

by Vestiphile

In a grand old house extravagantly built with strange proportions, odd parapets and exotic materials, roommates that discover a cosmic secret lying in wait for over a century.

concept by JayHawk303
written by JayHawk303 & Vestiphile

When a spirit jar is found on the Bascombe Farm, no one recognizes it until the force within it is unleashed. As everything on the property seems to gain a mind of its own, one young stable hand tries to reconcile this new bend in reality. Set upon by an unknown force with questionable intentions, at first, he fears for life and limb...but when it becomes clear what the force really wants, he soon finds himself torn between his modest midwest upbringing and forbidden--possibly dangerous--desire.

By Paul Cwick

Warren's better half, Camille, tries a new 'invisible concoction' at his suggestion. Once the effect takes place, the couple finds that this strange substance elicit more biological changes than meet the eye! The additional side-effects, though unexpected, are not at all unwelcome by Warren.


story by DreamTheNights

On a trip to a National Park, Victoria stumbles upon a strange outcropping of crystals. Unbeknownst to her at first, she's just exposed herself to a phenomenon that will give her an ability beyond her wildest dreams. There's only one problem: she can't control it.

by Calx86

April, a college-age witch with a lot to learn about magical control, gets over her head while tampering with animation spells that begin to effect her clothes--to embarrassing effect.