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Posted on Tumblr at some point.

Dance for me

I believe this was a little thing I did on my own during a slow request night. A warlock making a little pack of leggings march on their own.

Moleskine 1-05 Pose Test

March 2012.

Moleskine 2-52 Dellalingus

Oct 2013.

Enchanted Kitchen 5

Posted to DeviantArt in 2008.

Moleskine 2-34 Djinn

Oct 2013.

Serve the Suit

DeviantArt no later than 2008.

Moleskine 2-07 Undressed

One of my favorite pieces from both Moleskines. August 2013.

Magic Boots (13)

Likely posted on Y!Groups, but I'm unsure when.

Eau D'Erica

Anonymous-69's shapeshifter character transforming into bathwater.
You can find his stuff on deviantArt and!

Easy Chores

I believe this was someone's inspecific idea on a stream about someone doing chores with telekinesis--but if I'm being totally honest I can't totally remember where this one came from either.

Moleskine 1-70 Enchanted Bondage

March 2012.

Dressing Themselves

Posted to DeviantArt no later than 2008.

Magic PVC 2

Published on DeviantArt no later than 2008.

Naughty Magic Gloves 5

Posted to Tumblr around 2013 or later.

Moleskine 2-29 Squirrel Girl Wins

vs. Sinister.
A request I got from someone on dA.