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Moleskine 2-55 Naughty FIs

Oct 2013.

Moleskine 2-58 Pussy Willow

Oct 2013.

Moleskine 2-15 Wanna Ride

Fairy Snatch! Not my best Willow.
August 2013.

Empowered Style

This one was thought up by Treforce, who envisioned a troup of lovely ladies' clothes from inside a boutique selecting an unwitting human from the street to model them.

Moleskine 1-55 Surprise

March 2012.

Magic Boots (10)

Likely posted on Y!Groups, but I'm unsure when.


Gift art for Meg: a drawn interpretation of Domina Nyx as a Technoauthority. She captures Meg with help from her little robot friends.

Naughty Magic Gloves

Posted to Tumblr around 2013 or later.

Tickling Leather

Tickling Leather gloves for Darkside007.

Haunted Bra

Posted to DeviantArt in 2008.

Invisible Girlfriend 6

DeviantArt no later than 2008.

Invisible Girl Crossing

DeviantArt no later than 2008.

Moleskine 1-42 Worship

March 2012.

Moleskine 1-41 Kidnapped

March 2012.

Gold Dress


Moleskine 2-01 Sexy Guffaw

August 2013.