Short fiction, one-act stories and the like.

reposted with permission from author Steven E. Wedel

There's a secret about the clothes we wear, known only to dry-cleaner/launderer Walt Higgins. When that secret reveals something sinister happening in the town, Walt takes action against it.

(V's Note: Doe and I have talked about this one for ages--some of us remember it from Y!Groups reposts long before MM or even A.CF existed, before I was doing any writing or illustration of my own. When I was gathering all our old author materials for the site redesign and regathering permissions for works that aren't mine, I found this short in my 'horror' stash, listed under "author unknown". With a little searching, I was able to find Steven's name in a literary compendium called Great Beginnings where Steven's opening line for A Change of Clothes was cited as a fantastic example of an opener that leaps right onto the back of a moving story. I was able to email Steven and ask his permission to repost this great short here, and he graciously approved. Visit his Amazon page for more of his work!)

by Darkside007

A collection of shorts where wardrobe choices are a little more physically compelling and/or permanent than usual. (F, Body control)

The Cheerleader Outfit
Rachel checks out a new shop at an outdoor mall and finds a costume she can't seem to resist. After trying it on, she finds herself overpowered by actions that aren't her own.

The Magic Panties
After Sarah finds a web page claiming to have real magic spells, she tries--half-intoxicated--to use a "simple desires" spell on a pair of her underwear.

The Mary Janes
"Change your shoes, change your life" takes on a whole new meaning.

The Red Shoes
Katie is given a pair of new shoes that come with special features.

The Robot Costume
The costume came in the mail, glistening and even better-fitting than she expected. She didn't realize that it came with it's own program.


By Paul Cwick

A man happens upon a invisible woman while he's at a bar. In total disbelief at first, later he encounters a mysterious woman at a diner, only to find he's run into his mystery woman again.


By TheLivingSocks

A loving boyfriend attempts to make sense out of the impossible even as it unfolds before his eyes. Desmond attempts to take in what he's witnessing while maintaining his relationship with Jessica, and wonders if the two can ever exist together...

By Paul Cwick

When George brings home a "disappearing cabinet", his wife Janet can't help but think he's joking--especially with all the junk he's already collected. When the gimmick works even better than intended, neither of them are very sure what to do about it, but the idea grows on Janet...


by JayHawk303

A man finds much more than he bargained for after his car breaks down in New England and he is taken in for the night by the caretaker of a lighthouse. What he hears from the caretaker is a story of sex, murder, and a haunted lighthouse, and later that night, can't resist investigating despite being told to stay away. 

LC shorts and CHYOA candidates by Vestiphile

by Edroe

A red-headed beauty with a penchant for tickling domination has the house all to herself after her recent divorce. Enjoy single life at first, Marie begins to get suspicious when strange things start happening. Soon a mysterious force seems to be causing the impossible, and before long, Marie finds herself the target of the same kind of delicious torture she used to dole out. The only difference is that this time, it's not another person doing the dominating...

by Calx86

A young widow moves to a beautiful gem of a home in Washington state. Its former owner has left a mirror that's more than just an imposing antique, and as Vanessa spends more time in the house, she learns the mysteries of its hauntingly spectral sexual effects.

By Paul Cwick

After an experiment, Jack has spent the last sox months invisible. Now that his reagent has arrived, he finally has his visible body back. But after a celebratory marital romp, his wife Flora has somehow contracted his invisible condition!


by IrishRogue

Sylvia's new winter clothes keep her nice and warm in ways she couldn't begin to imagine.