Not to be confused by the CHYOA story of the same name!

Misterdoe and I have talked about the possibility of many of his works being part of the same universe. He shed some light on the subject in a conversation, saying that in his mind, most of the works he writes happen within the same universe (with the caveat that said universe may have pocket universes either within or related to said universe). We came to this conclusion: Feminalia is a state, an idea, and an ideology all at once. It is a world, as Doe describes in "Please Do Not Fondle The Merchandise", where feminine sentience is spread like a stormcloud -- at first to things with feminine shapes like fembots, mannequins, and clothing -- but then to every object that 'wants to join' in this sentient revolution.

The origin of this spreading change is alluded to in "Please Do Not Fondle the Merchandise", but the precise motivations and paths of this spread are still wrapped in quite a lot of mystery. That mystery is explored through several stories, most of them authored by Misterdoe himself, others inspired and created by him, with contributions and collaboration from Vestiphile and other authors.

I leave it up to Misterdoe to decide on any particular answers to other hilarious meta-details which may or may not come up as we explore this universe. The point is that ALL THESE STORIES take place within the same universe, and if you'd like to submit your own story to Misterdoe's wonderous technogyny, let him know if you have any questions! New explorers are cautiously welcomed...just remember that your visit might not turn out exactly as you expect!

Because much of our work shares in the same spirit, I asked him if I could consider his universe to exist somewhere "within" the Ontoverse, and here's the answer: Known to IDOX as "Feminia", anything that happens in Doe's Feminalia is canon to the Ontoverse. This may not matter to the folks on Femenalia, which is powerful enough in its own right to be exempt from any intrigue happening outside Feminalia's prime reality. (But given Feminalia's scientific knowledge and resources, don't be surprised if you find their own influence spreading elsewhere!)


by Misterdoe

When it comes to noticing things — social cues, pretty girls, and whether one of your possibly-more-than-platonic friends is trying to get your attention — one man is a little surprised when his friend's belongings decide to speak up for her all by themselves. They give him a new way to look at everything…especially her clothes.

by Vestiphile

Greg's a charmer, but his game has finally run afoul of the wrong person. He's gotten used to being a wild-and-free bachelor for a while now, and he's going to learn what it's like to be...collected.Before he knows it, he's earned himself a one-way ticket to an otherworldly type of charm school.

by Vestiphile

After being captured by mysterious entities possessing his better-half's belongings, Derek tries to piece together the insane events of the last month. With the reasons for his kidnapping unclear, he can't determine if his actions in the last few weeks resulted in being taken away from the life he knows, or if the forces toying with him decided his fate from the beginning.

by Misterdoe

Bryan visits an office of his acquaintance to take care of a little order of business, only to find that his acquaintance's own staff (more precisely, their belongings) have taken it upon themselves to handle a little business of their own. Now Bryan finds himself involved, with or without his own volition.

by Misterdoe

As he's leaving work, a desk jockey encounters a presence that seems familiar, but isn't exactly who (or what) he expects. An entity taking the shape of his co-worker Shannon shows him more things that aren't what they seem--including one of his own suits flirting with another of his female co-workers. As he goes down the rabbit hole of confusion and sensation, he slowly learns about the strange new world he's somehow found himself in.

by Misterdoe

A man in a department store stumbles across a groundbreaking secret society after he gets a little too curious about a particularly life-like display mannequin. This is a Doe's restored version of his original story, which is the inspiration for Feminalia on CHYOA if you enjoy this, check that out! [Not too gush too much, but this Misterdoe story is a cornerstone of this site's work, a story that inspired a lot of my early fiction writing of this kind! -V]

Created by Misterdoe
Written by Misterdoe and Vestiphile

When the narrator gets a ride home from a lovely, but selectively-tangible new friend, he recounts the recent events of their introduction and the details of his journey to a strange new part of the world with entities he never knew existed.

Various other works inside the Feminalia universe.

Roadside Assistance (Misterdoe) - A man finds himself the guest of an unknown presence when he seeks help in a seemingly empty house after his car breaks down on the road.


by Misterdoe

Marla, a semi-retired spy who happens to be invisible, has to leave her significant other unattended when she\'s out on business. When her clothes come to life while she\'s away, it seems they have their own agenda...